tagGroup SexThe Best of Both Worlds

The Best of Both Worlds


Celia looked at Sam across the kitchen table. Her mind was reeling. She ran her fingers through her short blond hair. "How long have you known?"

Sam shrugged, his eyes firmly planted on the saltshaker. He couldn't stand to see the pain he was inflicting reflected in her bright blue eyes. "I suppose I've known for a long time but wouldn't admit it, even to myself."

"But how?" She covered her mouth. "How could you make love to me all those times... when...how could you?"

Sam finally looked up. "Because I knew it made you happy."

Celia's eyes welled up. "Do you... do you want a divorce?"

Sam shook his head. He loved her and their life together; the house they shared, the dogs, making breakfast together in the morning, watching television together at night. He couldn't imagine going through a day without her.

"But how?" How could they possibly go on? Obviously, something would have to change.

"I don't know, but you're my best friend. I don't want to lose you. I guess... it's up to you." Sam prayed that she wouldn't simply tell him to get out.

Celia's gripped Sam's hand as she stared into his eyes. Her husband was gay. She still loved him. "No, I don't want a divorce either. We'll figure something out."


Celia thought of that morning, three months earlier, as she held Sam's hand and looked around the Rio de Janeiro bar. It had been a real surprise in some ways, but somewhere deep inside; she realized she had always wondered. Sam had never been the one to initiate sex and he had always closed his eyes during it. She had told herself that he was just really into it. Now, she wondered whom he had been thinking of.

After that morning, they had coasted along for a month, just going through the motions, before they began to talk about what they needed and what might work. Celia thought that it wouldn't be fair to either of them to have to go without sex. Finally, Celia had come up with this plan. Sam had been surprised, to say the least, but willing.

They booked a vacation to Rio de Janeiro, far enough from home that they were unlikely to be recognized and someplace they had always both wanted to go anyway. They had made discreet inquiries about where to go and ended up in this bar.

They had ordered drinks and sat, holding hands as they surveyed the activity around them for nearly an hour. It was a bustling bar, filled with lively music and dark corners. The place was packed. Couples of every combination were around the bar, some groups too.

Celia didn't know how she would recognize a bisexual man but she certainly saw several that she considered gorgeous. It was exhilarating even though it was scary. This might be the most exciting thing she had ever done in her life. Even as she watched, a beautiful Latin man kissed his male companion deeply. A thrill went through Celia's body. The other man stood and left. Turning back to his drink, the first man caught Celia staring. He licked his lips, grinned and lifted his drink in a salute. Celia smiled shyly and tugged on Sam's hand.

When Sam turned around, Celia nodded toward the attractive man now watching them with curiosity. Sam met his eyes and smiled. The other man raised his glass again.

"What do you think?" Celia asked.

"He's certainly attractive," Sam replied. "Shall we give it a go?"

Celia nodded and they picked up their drinks. As they made their way toward the table where the man sat, he watched them with growing interest. His eyes raked over Celia's body, which was encased in a thin floral wrap around dress that molded to her body. His gaze turned to Sam and gave him the same treatment. Celia knew they made a golden couple, both tall and blond. By the time they got there the man had risen from his seat to greet them.

"Hola," Celia said. "May we join you?"

"Please do." The dark haired man gestured to the other chairs at the table.

Celia and Sam split up, each taking a seat to either side of him. "I'm Celia and this is Sam."

"I am Miguel." He waited until they were seated before resuming his own seat.

"Well, hello Miguel." Sam looked into Miguel's eyes. "Can we buy you a drink?"

They signaled the waitress and another round of drinks was ordered.

"Is this your first time in Rio?" Miguel asked.

"Yes," Celia replied. She reached down and laid a hand on Miguel's thigh. "We're hoping it will be a first time for... other things as well."

Miguel looked from Celia to Sam. "You are married, no?"

Sam nodded. "We like to share many things." Sam stared into Miguel's eyes as he took the plunge and laid his own hand on Miguel's other thigh.

Miguel's face flushed as he looked down at the hands on his legs. "It is a little warm in here. I have an apartment overlooking a garden, not far from here. It would be much more comfortable. Would you like to see it?"

The little threesome agreed on this plan of action and they made their way out into the night air.

As Miguel let them into his apartment, he turned on a light in the corner and a ceiling fan. It was a well-kept apartment, rather Spartan but in a nice district. Miguel opened the doors onto the balcony and Celia stepped out, taking in the fragrant night air from the garden.

Miguel offered drinks to his company. He turned on some quiet music and they sat out on the balcony, drinking and making polite conversation for a little while. Celia stood and went to the balcony to look down over. She felt Miguel's presence behind her before his hands slid over her hips. He leaned in and his lips found the tender flesh below her ear. She shivered.

"This will not bother your husband?" Miguel asked softly.

"Not as long as you pay equal attention to him," Celia replied.

"Excellente." Miguel took Celia's hand and turned to Sam. "Perhaps we should all retire to the bedroom?"

Sam rose and followed Miguel, who was leading Celia, to the bedroom. Inside the private sanctum, Miguel kissed Celia, cupping his hand under her jaw and exploring her mouth languidly. When the kiss broke, Miguel let his fingers play along the neckline of Celia's dress. "Why don't you undress, querida, and lie down on the bed while I pay a little attention to Sam?"

Celia began to unwrap her dress but stopped to watch as Miguel kissed Sam just as deeply as he had her a moment before. She felt a shiver run through her body as she watched Miguel's hand reach down between the two men to caress Sam's cock through the fabric of his pants. This was so hot. She almost wanted to just sit back and watch, but Miguel had wanted her to lie down on the bed, so she stripped and did so. She wasn't sure what he was planning but she had a feeling she would enjoy it.

Miguel opened Sam's shirt and pressed kisses over his chest. Sensing Sam's hesitancy, he kissed him lightly on the mouth and stroked his fingers over Sam's stomach. "Is this your first time with another man?"

Sam swallowed. "Yes."

Miguel pressed another kiss to Sam's mouth. "Don't worry. I am going to take very good care of both of you. I'm going to kneel between your wife's legs and pleasure her very thoroughly with my mouth. I would like it very much if you would fuck my ass while I do that. Would you like that?"

Sam nodded but there was uncertainty in his face. "I've never..."

Miguel kissed Sam once more then crossed to a little table, opened a drawer and returned with a condom and a tube of lube. "Don't worry, all you have to do is lube your cock up very thoroughly. It will be very tight but just go slow and we will both enjoy it very much, I promise." Miguel let his hands wander over Sam's chest, caressing and reassuring as he instructed him. "When you are done, I want you to put this condom on me and I will fuck your wife. Anything else you would like to do is fine. Would you like that?"

Sam looked at the handsome man before him and could do nothing but nod. His body was suffused with a heat he had never experienced before. Miguel began unbuttoning Sam's shorts. A long veiny cock sprang free and Miguel sighed as he caught it in his hand. He caressed it. "I will enjoy being speared on such a lovely piece of meat."

Sam was eager but unsure of what to do. Hesitantly, he reached out and began unbuttoning Miguel's shirt. Then he worked on Miguel's pants. Miguel took his own freed cock and rubbed it against Sam's throbbing erection, like two men crossing swords.

"I must taste you before we start," Miguel said. He stepped back and shed the rest of his clothes. Sam followed suit. Miguel took his hand and led Sam back to the bed where Celia was leisurely stroking her clit while she watched the delicious scene playing out before her. She hadn't expected to enjoy this part so much.

Miguel sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Sam in. He opened his mouth, gripped the base of Sam's cock and sucked half of it into his mouth.

Sam groaned at the hot warmth enveloping his cock. He looked down at the dark hair and strong features of the man eagerly sucking his cock. This may be the hottest moment of my entire sex life. My first male blow job.

Miguel used his strong tongue to work Sam's cock as he sucked on it and stroked the unsubmerged half with his fist. After a thorough tasting, he stopped and drew Sam's cock out of his mouth. "I want you to come in my ass, so I won't take you all the way."

Miguel let go of Sam's cock and turned over on the bed. He grinned at Celia as he crawled forward to kneel between her legs and take in her already glistening and shaved pussy. Miguel leaned forward, raising his ass in presentation to Sam, and pushed Celia's fingers aside to let his tongue taste her now. His tongue traced delicate trails over her sex, teasing as his fingers stroked her inner thighs. He worked slowly, waiting for the pleasure of Sam's first penetration. Finally he felt Sam's hands on his buttocks, massaging and spreading him open. He felt Sam's cock bump against his anus and smiled. He dipped his tongue into Celia's pussy and wiggled it.

Celia watched Sam's face in anticipation as he approached Miguel's ass. He looked nervous, the poor dear, but that changed as he clearly began to penetrate. He looked ecstatic.

Sam pushed the head of his cock against Miguel's anus and was surprised at how easily the head went in. Oh, the pressure was magnificent. He pushed further and encountered resistance. He continued to push slowly but steadily and was soon rewarded with the embrace of Miguel's ass around the first third of his cock. He realized Miguel must do it a lot to be so easily opened. Thoughts of groups of naked men filled Sam's head, their cocks erect and ready to play. He pushed forward again with a gasp. It felt so good. This was one of the things he had been missing. He was with a man for the first time in his life.

Miguel relished the intrusion of Sam's cock into his ass. He was so glad to be Sam's first. Miguel slid a finger then two into Celia's center. He stroked her, keeping the pace slow and steady, massaging the inside of her tunnel as he let the greater part of his senses enjoy Sam's plunging cock.

Sam pushed forward with a grunt, fully penetrating Miguel. It was perfect. Miguel sucking his cock had been one kind of pleasure, this was another. The sheer animal rutting instinct of fucking this man's ass was beautiful. Sam pulled out a little and thrust in.

"Oh, yes, Sam, fuck my ass! It feels so good," Miguel encouraged him.

Sam did as he was bid, fucking with abandon, pumping steadily into the other man's ass and finally spilling his load. He let his cock slide back out and watched the semen trickle from Miguel's ass. There was something else he wanted, before he put that condom on Miguel, he wanted to taste his cock. He'd never tasted another man's cock.

With the condom in one hand, Sam turned and slithered under Miguel, between his legs until his mouth was even with the other man's cock. It was a lovely cock, thick and solid. Sam sucked the head of Miguel's cock into his mouth, with a sigh of contentment.

Miguel looked down between his legs and grinned. He carefully thrust into Sam's mouth a couple times. He'd love to outright fuck this man's mouth, but he had to take care of both of them. He returned his attention to Celia's pussy and redoubled his ministrations, seeking out the little bump and sucking as he plunged his fingers into her.

After such a slow build up and the pleasure of watching the other two men together, Celia felt her orgasm burst free at the added attention. She sighed and moaned as her body shuddered in release.

"Quickly now, the condom," Miguel instructed Sam.

Reluctantly, Sam let Miguel's cock out of his mouth and rolled the condom onto the delightful cock.

Miguel moved forward, off of Sam's face and thrust quickly into Celia's pussy, fucking her in a punishing thrust and grind that built on her first orgasm. He wanted to take her over the edge.

Celia's eyes refused to focus as she felt the cock that had plunged into her, straining her wide, fucking her more enthusiastically than she could ever remember. Fingers gripped her hips as she bucked back, moaning. She pinched and squeezed her own nipples. Her body shook as she came again and again.. Wave after wave rose and crashed through her body then came back in smaller and smaller ripples.

Miguel cried out and thrust as his orgasm rolled through his own body, through his latex encased cock, buried deep in this stranger's womb. He thrust again and again as each spurt pulsed from him. He had done his part and was being amply rewarded with pleasure. Finally, slowing to a stop, he pulled back out and eased down onto his right side, breathing heavily. Miguel reached up and took Sam's hand, pulling him down behind him so that he was sandwiched between the two American's.

"Welcome to Rio de Janeiro," he laughed.

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