tagRomanceThe Best of Friends

The Best of Friends


Fenny looked at her reflection in the mirror. She looked awful. She was too short, only 5'6", her tits were too big at 36D, and now her ass was starting to look fat – no wonder since the scales were now close to hitting 130 lbs. Pretty soon she was bound to have huge thighs, floppy arms and a fat belly. No wonder she was still single at the age of 26. She brushed her shoulder length blonde hair and applied some makeup to bring out her emerald green eyes. Were those wrinkles that she was starting to get? She was doomed to stay single for the rest of her life.

Maybe she shouldn't have left Ian. Sure, he'd been a complete asshole and he'd abused her, but at least she'd had a man. She'd been Ian's fiancée. She hadn't been Fenny-she's-single-don't-you-know. Now it felt as though the whole world looked at her as if she were some kind of a freak. What was wrong with this girl who was still single at the ripe old age of 26?

A knock on the door woke Fenny from her daydreams.

"Are you ready, Fen?" called her brother. "People will start arriving any minute now."

At the age of 30 Fenny's brother Phil was a playboy. He owned a fantastic apartment, he'd made a small fortune in banking and he had a different girlfriend every week. Nobody ever questioned why he was still single. It was different for guys. They weren't seen as failures or over-the-hill if they hadn't nailed themselves a wife by the time they were 25. Almost every weekend he threw lavish parties and this was the first time he'd managed to persuade Fenny to come since she walked out on Ian. She slipped into a little black dress that showed off every curve in her body and prayed that Phil would turn the lights down low so that nobody could see how fat her ass was getting, or her big tits. She was dreading this. Why had she agreed to come tonight? It was going to be Phil's single friends, who all knew that she was no longer engaged, and a lot of women who were probably both younger and prettier than she was.

The party started as badly as she'd expected. People came up to her and commiserated with her on her broken engagement. They all assumed that she'd been the one who was dumped. After all, why would she – a mere teacher – dump a successful corporate lawyer? A lawyer who'd been seen with several new girls since their break-up two months earlier. Fenny on the other hand had retreated into her own shell and bought herself a rundown property to renovate. Only her brothers knew the full story. Only her brothers knew how Ian had raped her and forced her to fuck other men. Only her brothers knew that the baby she'd lost after Ian had beaten her had not been Ian's, but the product of her fiancé making another guy fuck her without a condom. Only Ian knew whether there'd been any permanent damage when Fenny's brothers beat him to a pulp the night after they helped her move all her stuff out of his house. This thought made Fenny smile and she looked straight into the eyes of Andy.

"It's good to see you smile, Fen," said Andy and kissed her cheek before sitting down next to her.

"Hi Andy! I didn't know you were coming tonight!" Fenny's face lit up as she started talking with Phil's best friend. Phil and Andy had been best friends as long as Fenny could remember and when she was a teenager she'd had a massive crush on him. Unfortunately they'd never been single at the same time, not that Andy had ever shown any interest in her. Now he was living with his girlfriend. "Is Celeste here tonight?"

"No," was Andy's short answer.

"Is something the matter," asked Fenny, feeling the tension in the body next to hers on the couch.

Andy sighed. "I guess you'll find out sooner or later. Celeste dumped me."

The stupid bitch! She didn't know what a good thing she had in Andy. "Oh, I'm so sorry. When did that happen?"

"Last weekend. It was the second anniversary of our first date and the first anniversary of her moving in with me. I thought it would be romantic as hell to propose to her. She took one look at the engagement ring, laughed in my face and took off. Monday night when I came home from work, she'd cleared out all her stuff. I guess I wasn't good enough for her."

"Not good enough for her?" Fenny couldn't believe her ears. "You're tall, fit and good-looking. You run your own company and last time I heard you were really successful. How can you not be good enough for her?"

Andy smiled and his blue eyes beamed into Fenny's green. "I need to hire you as my personal PR assistant."

"I'm only telling the truth."

"Oh, sweet innocent Fenny. Love, devotion and a promise to provide for her to the best of my abilities isn't enough for every woman. Celeste's sister is married to Lord Something-or-other. Celeste herself used to date the heir of some billionaire businessman before she met me. She was just slumming it with me and I was foolish enough to think that she would actually consider spending the rest of her life with me."

Fenny and Andy spent the next few hours on the couch, talking about everything under the sun. The topics of Ian and Celeste were off limits, but other than that they shared everything. Despite having known each other for over 20 years they realised that they hadn't known each other all that well, but now they discovered how much they had in common. They loved the same movies, they read the same books, they even listened to the same music (apart from Andy's fascination with 70's pop music, which was a bit embarrassing, but he didn't hold the fact that Fenny was quite happy to relax with a bowl of popcorn in front of a mushy romantic movie against her). He made her laugh like she hadn't laughed for a long time and he was genuinely interested when she told him little anecdotes from her life as a third grade teacher.

Before she knew what had happened the apartment seemed empty and she was feeling rather tipsy. She looked around and all the guests seemed gone, apart from the redhead her brother was making out with in the corner.

"Do you want another drink?" Andy asked and Fenny realised that she'd had far too much already. Andy had kept topping up her glass and she'd lost count of how much she'd had.

"No, thanks," she replied. "I think I've had enough. What time is it?"

"It's just after 2 a.m." Andy replied. "I guess that's why the place is so empty. I totally lost track of time."

"Me too," Fenny smiled at him. "I've really enjoyed myself tonight. I'm glad I came."

"So am I," Andy said. "I wasn't going to, but Phil talked me into it."

"Same here."

"Did anyone say my name?" Phil walked up to Andy and Fenny with the redhead in tow. "You kids have fun and don't forget to turn off the lights. You can sleep on the couch if you don't want to get a cab, Andy. Emily and I are off to bed."

"My name is Emma!" the redhead corrected him.

"Of course it is!" Phil kissed her and groped her ass, making her giggle as she headed towards his bedroom. Phil turned around to the pair on the couch and mouthed 'whatever'.

As the door closed behind Phil and they heard the thud of two bodies landing on the bed, Fenny and Andy looked at each other and laughed embarrassedly.

"I can't believe he did that in front of you," said Andy and shook his head.

"He knows that I know what he's like," she replied and bit her lip. "I guess I should be heading to bed too. I'm in the guest bedroom. Will you be sleeping on the couch?"

"Yeah... I've drunk too much to drive home and I don't fancy having to come back tomorrow to get my car."

Fenny went to the bathroom and cleaned off her makeup and brushed her teeth. She then changed into one of Phil's old t-shirts that she was using as a nightgown and was about to get into bed when there was a knock on the door. It was Andy.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, but I could do with some sheets and a pillow for the couch and they're in here."

"Oh, yeah. I should've thought of that before I closed the door." Fenny stood back and watched Andy get what he needed from the closets.

"I really enjoyed our chat tonight," he said and looked at her, making her feel self-conscious since she wasn't wearing a bra. "Well, goodnight then."

"Goodnight," she replied and angled her face for Andy's kiss on her cheek.

Andy's lips rested on her cheek a bit longer than normal and he slowly pulled away. Fenny turned her face and they stood there, lips an inch apart, until Andy closed in on her lips, softly caressing them with his. He threw the pillow on the floor and wrapped his arms around Fenny, pulling her up on her toes to better match his height of 6'2". His tongue parted her lips and invaded her mouth where her tongue welcomed it with playful activity.

Fenny's hands trawled across Andy's back, feeling his muscles and holding on to him as if her life depended on it. His hands moved down to her ass, which he caressed and squeezed lightly. He then broke his lips free from hers and started kissing her neck, nibbling behind her ear and making her emit high-pitched sounds of pure pleasure. Slowly he moved his head further down, kissing her throat while his hands cupped and caressed her full-sized tits with his thumbs resting on the now hard nipples.

As Andy slowly moved away from Fenny, the only sound in the room was the sound of their heavy breathing. They stood and looked at each other for a few minutes. Fenny felt the juices escaping her pussy and dripping into her panties and proof of Andy's excitement was a highly visible bulge in his slacks. Fenny looked into Andy's cool blue eyes where there was a fire burning tonight. He wanted her. She wanted him. Neither wanted to speak a word. They both realised the possibly embarrassing consequences to what they were contemplating doing. Fenny felt another tingle in her pussy. She didn't care anymore. This might be her only chance and she knew that she'd always wonder 'what if' if she didn't go ahead tonight.

She pulled the t-shirt over her head, exposing her luscious curves and big tits to the cool air. She then pulled her panties down, giving Andy first sight of her shaved pussy. Nobody still spoke a word as she stood naked before him. His eyes took in every detail of her body. They moved from her feet, up her legs, past her soft thighs and her naked pussy to her flat tummy and then those generous breasts. They finally came to rest on her vividly green eyes. He smiled an enigmatic smile and, without releasing eye contact, he unbuttoned his shirt. He then kicked off his shoes and undid his belt. His trousers hit the floor and he stepped out of them. His only garment now were his boxers. He nodded at Fenny and she moved up to him, kneeled in front of him and pulled his shorts off.

Andy's cock shot to full attention in front of Fenny's face as she pulled his boxers down and off his feet. She looked at the magnificent tool in front of her. It was close to 8 inches with generous girth. It was so smooth, with a few veins breaking out. At the end the thick head that shone with precum had broken out from the shaft, promising pleasure for a tight and wet pussy like Fenny's. She slowly licked her lips as she looked up into Andy's eyes and saw the encouraging smile on his face.

She kissed his cock head and wrapped her lips around it. With her tongue she lapped up the precum and teased the little hole where it was leaking from. She wrapped her soft hand around the powerful shaft and another hand around his balls. She started moving her hand up and down his shaft, slowly and methodically. The big, throbbing head was still in her mouth, being mercilessly teased by her tongue while her hand worked up and down the shaft that was so thick she couldn't reach completely around it. Back and forth, she moved her hand, from the head to the blonde curls and back to the head again.

Fenny sucked Andy's cock deeper and deeper and she smiled inwardly as she heard his gasps. He was enjoying this. His hands came to rest softly on her head, not forcing himself deeper down her throat, but encouraging her to take more of him into her mouth. Fenny kept sucking and teasing. The wonderful shaft in her mouth was sliding in and out across her lips. She could hear words of encouragement from Andy. She guessed that he probably didn't have far to go so she made a decision. As his cock slid inside her mouth again she deep-throated him and was rewarded with a loud moan. She let him go and then deep-throated him again.

"Fenny, baby," Andy panted, "I'm gonna cum."

She knew that he'd warned her so that she could let go, but she kept sucking. She wanted to taste his cum. She wanted him to cum in her hungry mouth so she didn't let go. She felt his cock twitching on her tongue as he finally released his load and she lapped up his juice and kept sucking until he'd run dry.

He pulled her up and kissed her deeply. For what felt like several minutes, they stood there, her breasts pressed against his chest, lips against lips, tongues playfully exploring each other's mouths.

"Oh, Fenny," Andy moaned against her lips. "Let me taste you like you tasted me."

Fenny walked up to the bed and sat on it. Andy smiled as he followed her. He took her back into his arms and soon they lay in each other's arms, hands exploring each other's bodies and mouths devouring each other. It wasn't long before Andy had her pinned down on her back as he concentrated his attention on her tits. He cupped them with his hands and started kneading them. He kissed each nipple. He sucked on her nipples. He bit her nipples.

Each new action that Andy made on her tits made Fenny sigh with pleasure. With one tit in his mouth and his hand taking care of the other he made Fenny cum for the first time. Andy's lips trawled further south. He teased her bellybutton with his tongue and soon his lips were on the naked lips of Fenny's pussy. He teased the insides of her thighs with his fingers and slowly parted her legs as wide as possible. He showered her with kisses as her pussy opened up before him like sweet, pink rose petals.

Fenny gasped audibly as she finally felt Andy's lips on her clit. He teased her little nub with his tongue and then he sucked on it. Then his mouth moved to her moist hole and he slowly entered it with his tongue. Fenny squirmed with pleasure underneath him. Her breathing was getting out of control. The pleasure was so intense that it was almost painful. Once again she felt his lips on her clit as his fingers started slipping inside her tight cunt, one by one. She started kneading her own tits. She wanted to wrap her legs around Andy's head, but the position of his body stopped her from moving her hips and thighs. She was at his mercy and it was the most exquisite feeling she'd ever experienced.

By now he had three fingers pumping her and his hand was covered in her juices. He kept sucking her clit, teasing it with his tongue and sucking some more. She pinched her nipples hard.

"Mmmmmmmmmm... Annnndy," she moaned. "I'm cumming..."

Her body convulsed in pleasure and her cunt contracted around his fingers. Her back arched and her toes curled as the waves of pleasure took control over her body. It wasn't until her body had relaxed again and Fenny's breathing calmed down that Andy pulled his fingers out, let go of her clit and slowly made the journey back up to face her. He stopped to kiss her sensitised nipples and then he lay next to her, his arms wrapped around her as he kissed her.

"You tasted so wonderful, Fenny," he whispered in her ear and kissed her.

"It was wonderful for me too," Fenny smiled and felt oddly shy, considering what they'd just done.

"I want more of you," Andy pressed his erection against her.

"Please," Fenny turned to face him. "Take me, Andy. I'm yours."

Andy kissed her and told her not to move. He disappeared to the bathroom and came back with a smile on his face and a foil wrapped package in his hand. He slipped the condom on his erect penis and kneeled between Fenny's legs. He bent over and kissed her deeply. He caressed her tits and her waist. Soon his hands were back at her naked pussy and he touched her softly. Fenny's gasp for breath told him that she wanted this as much as he did.

She parted her legs wide and Andy leaned on his strong arms, a hand placed on either side of her chest. She reached down and guided Andy to her warm hole and they both moaned with pleasure as he buried his cock deep inside her tight, wet hole. He stayed there for what seemed like an eternity. He rested his weight on his elbows as he kissed her neck, her ears, her face and finally her mouth. Fenny wrapped her legs around him, angling her hips to feel him deeper inside. They kissed, ravaging each other with their tongues. Andy's chest felt strong and hard against Fenny's soft tits.

Then he started rocking. Slowly they built up a rhythm where his thrusts were met by her willing hips. With each of his thrusts he buried his cock deep inside her hungry cunt. With each thrust he felt himself deeper and Fenny made a sweet gasp as his pubic bone put pressure against her clit.

They rolled over and suddenly Fenny was on top, forcing herself down on his thick and juicy cock. Then they rolled over again and once more Andy impaled her on his hard shaft. Ever so often they heard a thump from the bedroom next door, but it didn't bother them. They kept kissing and rocking. Neither of them wanted to cum yet. Neither of them wanted this to be over. But the pleasure was so great that not even the fact that they'd already made each other cum with their mouths previously was able to stop them now.

Fenny's breaths got shorter and more intense. Andy's pace had picked up significantly. He raised his body, leaning on his arms to be able to fuck her harder and faster. Their wet union echoed in the room. Finally Fenny let out a high pitched moan as her body writhed under his and this was what sent him beyond the point of no return. As her tight cunt squeezed him even harder he made a final thrust inside her and his cock twitched as he shot his load.

Andy collapsed on top of Fenny and kissed her deeply as he pulled himself out of her. Then he rolled over on his back and they soon fell asleep in each other's arms. At some point during the night Andy woke up and was cold. He pulled the cover over him and his best friend's sister and slept again.

"Fenny, do you know when..." Phil walked into his guest bedroom to talk to his sister and the sight of the two bodies in the bed stopped him in his strides. "Andy!"

Fenny slowly woke up and smiled as she remembered last night. She looked over at the clock and it was already 11. She heard Andy's voice as she turned over to look at her brother who'd just spoken.

"Oh, Phil, uhmmmm, hi," Andy said, trying to keep the young woman in his arms covered. ""I know how this must look to you..."

"I'll tell you what it looks like. My best friend shagged my little sister." Phil laughed. "Don't worry, mate, I couldn't think of a better guy for my little sis. You of all people know what happens to guys who hurt her."

Fenny and Andy looked at each other as Phil started roaring with laughter at his own joke. "OK, now that I know where you both are, get yourself decent while I whip up a good hangover breakfast."

Early in the afternoon Andy knew that he had to get back home and he offered Fenny a lift. They sat in silence in the car until they got out on the motorway.

"I really enjoyed last night," he said to Fenny. "I hope you don't think it was a mistake."

"Oh no," she smiled back. "I just... Well... I don't want to be your rebound girl. You wanted to marry Celeste, you must have had strong feelings for her."

"Are you over Ian yet?" Andy asked. "Phil's told me a lot about what happened."

"I'm over him," she confirmed. "But I don't know if I'm ready to trust another guy again."

"You can always trust me."

"I wouldn't have been able to sleep with you last night if I didn't trust you. But it's a big step to go from sleeping with each other and having a relationship. I don't want someone to have sex with. I'm looking for a ring on my finger. I want love, marriage and children. Right now I'm still a bit vulnerable, and you need time to get over Celeste."

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