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The Best Orgasm


First you should know that my wife is the best lover. She is the sexiest kind of woman; the kind that doesn't realize just how hot she is. It's not just one thing, it's the combination of beautiful face, her perfect breast, the way her body moves when she walks, and well you know just her every movement. Out sex life was good but family problems and work had taken its toll on our energy. We wanted to spice up our sex life. It started simply enough; we each took a month and came up with an ideas to enhance our sexual experience. It worked great and our sex life had a new energy. But then we got busy with work and family and those ideas went away. When my wife decided on a trip to visit our kids, I couldn't go; I decided when she got home we would had to restart our sex life. So a few days before she left I told her to get out her little friend. I love for her to orgasm first. As she turned her friend on I began to play between her legs and inserted my finger in as though it was having sex with her. Then I got on my knees and put my cock in her mouth. It was as though she was having sex with someone else and giving me a head at the same time. I felt her excitement and starting telling her a fantasy.

I said "Does it feel like someone is taking you while you go down on me." She shook her head yes and never stopped sucking. I watched as her mouth worked my penis. I loved looking at her doing that and I was hot. She began to get wetter. I said "That's good baby do him and keep sucking me, do us both baby." She moaned and sucked harder and I worked my finger in and out of her faster until she came with a great shutter.

"Wow," she said, "that was great." She got on top of me and road me until I had an equally great orgasm. All the time I kept telling her how great she was having someone in her and doing me too.

When I came, she rolled over and started her friend again. She had another great orgasm. She said, "Two big orgasms in the same night, it was great."

After she went away I began to think about that night. She did have two of the biggest orgasms she had ever had. I knew that she like the fantasy. I hoped that this would be the kick start of our sexual adventure and fun like we have had before. She must have really like the fantasy and the sensation of having been entered between her legs and in her mouth at the same time.

The question now is how I could build on this fantasy to make it a little different but equally as sexy so she could enjoy it again. I began to wonder if she had a fantasy about being taken and giving for real. So I worked a plan.

I called the Kuma Sutra and asked if there were any shops that sell sexy apparel that women could try on. They told me yes. The hostess asked why. She sensed my hesitation and told me not to be embarrassed, everyone who came to their club either lived out or watched the fantasies they had. So I told her the story and said I want to make our sex life great but how do I make it interesting without actually making the fantasy become real. There must be a way.

She asked me how my wife felt about this and I told her I hadn't talked with her I just wanted to surprise her with a very hot night. But again, I wasn't sure either of us wanted to make the fantasy real. She asked me if there was someone on TV she liked and I said yes. When I described him, the woman said that sounds like my husband. She asked if I could email her a picture of my wife. I did that while we talked on the phone. When she got the picture she said "Wow you're right your wife is hot."

She said that she would arrange for a way for me to make my wife's night special and as hot as my wife was. She told me to bring my wife to the sexy shop she told me about on Friday and leave everything up to them. I asked, "But can I trust you?"

She said isn't that half of the excitement. Not knowing what will happen. "You can trust us, but that little bit of doubt will add such sexual tension that both you and your wife will have the best orgasms of your lives."

When my wife came home I told her I had found a wonderful sexy shop that we could go to and buy her some new sexy outfits. I told her that they have a special section where she could give me a show modeling the outfits or we could have someone else do the modeling. She asked if anyone else could see her. I said no, or maybe. I hoped this unknown would add to her sexual tension. We had the best sex one weekend when we had this kind of tension.

She said, "What are you up to? I think we should someone else do the modeling."

I didn't tell what I was up to and told her she would have to wait until Friday when we went to the shop. I told her I would pick out the clothes she would wear on Friday and she said only if she could pick out mine.

When Friday came, she went down to take her shower. When she came back, she saw on the bed her business suit which was a black skirt and jacket, her half bra, and panties that were split in the middle and nothing else. She looked at me.

I just said, "Bare legs are sexy".

"Okay," she said, "Two can play at this game." She laid out a nice pair of slacks, her favorite green shirt of mine, and the sexy underwear she had bought me. She knew I was in a sexy mood which made her feel sexy. As I said my wife has a beautiful body with very sexy breast, lips, and eyes. In they outfit I laid out, she looked stunning. Since we both knew her breast were exposed under the jacket and that her beautiful shave pussy was exposed made the sexual tension began to grow.

We drove up to the shop; a very nice looking place that had a very upscale classy look inside. It was both sexy and inviting. This was perfect. Behind the desk was a woman in a blue dress. I was told that she would know we are coming and would take care of us. I just had to give her my name and say we had an appointment. I did and she showed us to the room where the modeling was done. She also knew that we wanted others to model the clothes.

"Here are the books. You pick out what you want and I will have the models show you the products."

My wife made her list for me and I made out hers. I took them to the lady and returned. When I did I kissed my wife hard and unbuttoned the top button of her jacket. This did not expose her breast but made the jacket open a little when she moved and you could see the tops of her breast and almost see her nipple. We sat down to wait for the models. As we did my wife reached over and rubbed my cock. It started to grow a little and you could see its outline in my pants.

My wife said, "What's good for the goose."

Just then the first model came out wearing a hot black top low cut and almost transparent, with split in the middle panties and black garter belt and thigh high nylons. I could tell by the description on the phone that this was the lady for Kuma Sutra. She walked to the seat in front of us turned and stood by my wife so she could see the outfit. Then out came the man that I only guessed was the woman's husband. He only had on very sexy see through men's briefs and that was all.

My wife said, "Now that's more like it." She smiled at me that devilish smile of tension and passion.

The lady in the blue dress came in with a box and handed it to the woman doing the modeling. The woman put the box on a table and turned to my wife and said, "Your husband picked out a few other things that he thought you might like. Don't worry you're not required to buy these and we only provide what you want."

The chairs we were sitting in were shaped so that you were partially reclined but that your legs could hang over the side. They had a small padded arm rest somewhat like an office chair. They were comfortable but slightly turned up at the legs so that your thighs were slightly elevated.

The woman model opened the box and took out a small vibrator. It had a different shape. "This", said the woman model "is the best on the market. It moves in such a way that you can use it while your husband is inside you." I could tell my wife liked that. Then the woman took out two pairs of satin hand restraints. She told me wife that these were soft and easy to use. To show her she put on my wife's right wrist and secured it to the chair. Then she did the other arm. Next out of the box was a blindfold. The woman said I guess your husband wants you to have a little mystery in your life. My wife looked at me and smiled.

Next the woman brought out a strap on penis about the size of my penis. "Oh don't worry", the woman said, "this is for me." With that the model put the blindfold on my wife. My wife called my name and I said don't worry I'm here. With that I went over and kissed her on the lips and neck. I kissed her again. Her tension was great but so was her passion. I slightly moved the top of her jacket and kissed the tops of her breast. We kissed until my wife almost forgot that there were others in the room. I knew when she was really hot because she started to French kiss me.

The woman model said to my wife, "I know you can't see but you will now have to guess who is where and what they will do".

With that said I whispered in my wife's ear, "The only thing for sure is that I will be the only one kissing your lips or entering your mouth." With that I felt my wife relax a little. I started kissing her again. This time I unbuttoned all the buttons in her jacket a pulled it open exposing her breast. I sucked and kissed them moving my hand between her legs and up her dress.

"No," my wife said, "my husband might be home any second." My wife was now part of the fantasy.

I spread her legs and rubbed her thighs. Then I stood up and unzipped my pants. I pulled out my cock and put it in my wife's mouth. She sucked not know if anyone was still there. I reached down and pulled up her skirt and fingered her down there I moved my finger in and out while keeping my cock in her mouth. I then pulled my finger out. A second later my wife felt a finger in her again with my cock still in her mouth. My wife wanted to reach out and hold my cock but her hands were tied down. The finger in her was removed and the vibrator was turned on and place against her. My wife could not tell who was holding the vibrator against her clit. And after a few minutes she didn't care it felt great.

My wife then felt both my hands on her head and knew someone else was holding the vibrator in place. My wife squirmed with tension and passion. She then felt something pushing at her pussy entrance and moaned as it entered her. The vibrator was still being held against her. She had something or someone in her pussy and her husband in her mouth. With both my hands still on her she felt a pair of lips on her one breast and a hand on her other.

The orgasm that she had rocked her whole body. She raised her back and took as much of my cock in her mouth as she could. The lips were still on her breast, something was still in her pussy and a hand was still on her breast. I took off the blindfold in the middle of her orgasm so she could see the woman model had entered her with the strap on and was kissing her breast. The male model was playing with her breast and holding the vibrator against her. The male model had removed his briefs and had a full erection clothed in a condom. My wife came harder and I pulled out and came on my wife's breast.

My wife looked as sexy as I had ever seen her. She was still clothed but naked. Her jacket opened her skirt up around her waist and total satisfaction on her face. I told her I had planned her first orgasm, she would have to plan her second.

My wife looked at the woman who still was in her with the strap on and the man whose penis was only 10 inches from her face. How did she choose the second orgasm? She'll have to tell you that.

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