tagGay MaleThe Best Party of The Year

The Best Party of The Year


Author's note: This story involves drinking and recreational drug use.


The only thing louder than the bass reverberating in my chest was the pounding of my head. I was drenched in sweat. The stupid-looking mesh shirt I wore shined with my own perspiration and with the alcohol spilled down my chest. In the sea of other sweaty college students, I could barely orient myself. All I knew was the flashing strobe light, the pounding beat, and the feeling of bodies brushing against my own. I felt like a shark that would die if it stopped moving, so I danced like I had never danced in my life.

It was the biggest party of the year, so naturally my friends and I had gone all out. I blew half my paycheck on poppers and molly, and I had long since lost count of the number of drinks I'd had. If someone had asked me how long I'd been dancing I would have absolutely no answer for them, but I knew I felt amazing. People's faces warped around me beneath the strobe lights, but thankfully they were all just as fucked up as I was. We exchanged half-lidded, horny smiles and rubbed against each other for moments before parting ways. This was where I thrived, nameless in a sea of other people just as lost as I was.

I felt a hand on my waist and my body responded with a slow churn of arousal. It was definitely a man's hand. I grabbed onto it and pressed my hips backwards, feeling his crotch grind forwards against me. "Hey baby," the man yelled (though he may as well have whispered it, with all the competing noise) in my ear. A shiver ran down my spine. I responded with a dumb smile, reaching back to feel his hip, his neck, anything I could get my hand on. The slick texture of his skin sent blood instantly to my crotch. His hand traveled up my body, unsticking my shirt from my sweaty stomach. His fingers found my nipple and I twitched under their pressure. I felt myself moan, but couldn't hear it over the music. He ran the palm of his hand over my chest, then firmly pinched my nipple between his fingertips. My legs nearly gave out under me, and I let myself melt further back against his body. My thoughts swam in his smell. His hands traveled the length of my torso, massaging my chest and stomach, pressing only slightly below the waist of my pants before running back over me again.

As the motion of this man's hands sent waves of pleasure through my body, I caught the flash of someone's eyes in the blacklight. He was across the room from me, disappearing sometimes behind the other dancers, but managed to keep his drunken gaze on me. Something about the whites of his eyes looked crazy in the blacklight, but I recognized the glossy look of someone just as fucked up as I was. He had this smile on his face, like somewhere under the intoxication he was watching his favorite show. I smiled back, messy and effortless, before letting myself slip back into the feeling of the man behind me pressing his lips against my neck. Everything was so easy: the way his neck angled to suck on my skin, the way my hips ground against his erection, the taste of sweat on my tongue when I licked my lips and looked again at the man across the room. He was dancing with others, but still managed to catch my eyes.

The man across the room grabbed one of the boys he was dancing with and kissed him. I watched his lips part and his tongue move against the other's mouth. His gaze flicked back and forth from my eyes to the boy he was kissing. I felt the man behind me run his hands down to the front of my hips again. He was gripping me firmly. The outline of his erection was clear against my ass, and the thought that I was making him so horny drove me into a sort of frenzied trance. I moved with the music. My eyes were either closed or open and unfocused, I couldn't tell anymore. Sweat dripped down my torso and I felt every drop of it. Across the room, the other man stopped making out and watched me. He palmed his crotch, then made a stumbling approach towards me.

In the strobe light, I could make out his catlike eyes, curved lips, a strong nose, and then he was kissing me. My lips buzzed. His tongue slipped into my mouth and cleared away the bloody taste of shallow sores from chewing at the inside of my cheeks. While his hand held firmly to the back of my head, the man behind me sucked at the skin on my shoulder. His teeth grazed me, making me twitch with pleasure. The man in front of me grabbed my hand and brought it to his waistband. I ran my palm over his crotch and felt his hot breath flood my mouth when I pushed down. Behind me, any regard for the song's tempo had been left behind, as the grinding directed itself solely towards pleasure. I was now sandwiched between the two men, moving my hips to be met with an erection on either side. The man in front of me wound his fingers in my hair and pulled. I gasped. His tongue was running over my face, but I wasn't thinking about it like that, all I could think about was the beauty of its wet pressure on my skin. I was shivering and sweating all at once.

I grabbed the ass of the man in front of me and pulled him even closer. His erection was now jammed firmly against my own. I moved between the two men. Their mouths latched onto me. I could smell their sweat and the alcohol on their breaths. I heard the man behind me say something, though I couldn't quite make it out, and grind himself more firmly against my ass. He lost his rhythm, increasing his pace and intensity. I relished this moment, letting pleasure bloom behind my eyes as I ground my hips into his. He thrusted against me. His teeth clamped down on my shoulder. I didn't feel the wet patch in his pants, but I knew it was there as his cock began to soften against my ass. His tongue traced a slow, flat line up the back of my neck. I bathed in his hot breath behind me until, with a squeeze of my ass, he was gone.

The man in front of me remained, having spent this time with his lips on my own, or on my neck, or my chest. His hands gripped and massaged my ass. When he pulled away from kissing me this time, a trail of drool followed him. It broke and lay across my chin. He wiped it away with his thumb, then pressed it against my lips. I sucked on his thumb, tasting the tang of his sweat and my own alcoholic saliva. It was delicious. He pulled his hand from my mouth and kissed my neck. I breathed in the smell of his hair. I was vaguely aware of one hand leaving my body, his hips pulling away from my own, and then returning. I reached down curiously and, sure enough, there was bare skin. His uncut cock now rubbed against the front of my pants.

He pulled away to look me in the eyes and slid his cock between my legs. His pupils were dilated completely and lazy with pleasure. I pressed my legs together for him, luxuriating in the feeling of him squeezing my ass and tracing over my sweaty shoulder blades. I wanted him to envelop me completely, skin on skin under the pulsing beat. I let my arms drape haphazardly around his torso, allowing him to guide my movements. His pace was slow, and his eyes fluttered with the sensations. I sucked on his neck, savoring his sweat, and traced my fingernails over his back. My full body was slumped against him, and he used the slot between my thighs as he wished. I loved the pressure of our chests together, and the moaning I could see but not hear when he picked up his pace. He reached one hand under my waistband, pushing inside and letting a finger brush over my asshole inquisitively. He rubbed over the sweat that had collected on my ass, then continued that firm pressure to the small of my back. He could touch me anywhere he wanted- I was happy to give up control.

His dick left my thighs and pressed forward, upright, against my crotch. We rubbed together, both flushed and sweating and hungry for more. He reached into my pants, tugging them harshly down, and pulled out my dick. With both of our cocks gripped firmly in his hand, he moved his hips steadily. My hand joined his and I watched our dicks rubbing together. It looked crazy under the blacklight. The way his foreskin rolled back under his hand had my heart racing, if it was possible for it to race any more than it already was. My body was utterly overtaken with the sensation. I gripped harder. He gripped harder. We thrusted against each other until I came and, with a forceful shudder and a tug of my hair, he came too. We brought our sticky hands to each other's faces and licked away the mess. I wanted to be covered in it; I had never tasted anything so sweet in my life.

Sweetness lingering on my tongue, I struggled to pull up my zipper, then turned and wrapped my arms around another man. There truly was nothing like the best party of the year.

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by Anonymous

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by 63lsmith03/24/19


I did enjoy reading this story. It ended to soon before any real action could take place.

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by Gybbs03/24/19

good boy!

Maybe this is how I should have spent my time in college instead of behaving

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by Muscleaddict03/24/19

Unbridled dance party

When I was young, making out and kissing at a dance party was daring. This author describes a contemporary event where reaching one's climax on the dance floor is not unusual. The way he writes about beingmore...

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