tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Best Present

The Best Present


I woke up this morning on mothers day and had the traditional cereal in bed from the kids. What a nice celebration for mothers day The kids went out to play and I got to enjoy silence. Now THAT is a great mothers day gift.

Since I was alone, I logged on to the computer to look at some movie clips and got very wet doing so. You know how wet watching movies of women playing with toys makes me. The other movies such as three somes which gives me pictures in my head of how I want you.

For example, the movies put a picture in my head of that female friend of ours lying on her back in my bed. Her legs are spread wide and I am bent over the bed. I have my feet on the floor and I have toy slid into her nice wet pussy. Do you notice how so very wet she is and can you hear the sound of wet actually filling the room actually? She is moaning and whimpering which turns me on so much.

In my mind's eye, you come up behind me and slide your cock into my wet pussy. You lean your body across my back so you can fuck me while watching me fuck her with a toy. We both watch her nipples harden and her legs spread wider. As we all get turned on more, you talk in my ear as you fuck my wet pussy.

"Look how wet she is" you tell me and "fuck her with that toy, baby and listen to her moan". We can both hear her pussy get ever wetter and in turn so does mine. I enjoy the feeling your body pressed against me and hearing how turned on you are, right in my ear.

This is the scene I see in my quiet time as I fuck myself with my favorite toy -- you know the one. I used it on our friend one of the times we were all together and she liked it. I think about that time and as I cum, I picture you continuing to fuck me. You do not stop at all but continue. I do my best to keep going with the toy for as long as I can.

Finally get up and dressed and about my business. But a few hours later, the phone rings and it is you. You just woke up and I can tell from the sound of your voice. That puts an instant image in my head of you in bed and knowing you sleep naked, I feel myself get very wet. I am also enjoying the half asleep sound of your voice, which is very sexy. The fact that you woke up and had me on your mind and picked up the phone makes me want you so badly.

It seems that I have an instant wet pussy and I start to tell you about the image in my head from earlier today. I enjoy getting you turned on by telling you how much I enjoy my toys. I also tell you how badly I wanted to try out what I fantasized about. To feel you as I fucked her with a toy.

As I tell you the scenerio, you begin to get excited which I can hear it in your voice. I know you are stroking as we talk. Although, phone sex has never really been my thing, I like nothing more than hearing your voice full of excitement on the telephone. I enjoy being able to focus on the sound and picture you in ways that I have seen in person before. Have you ever noticed how the mind is such a powerful sex toy.

You tell me you put your hand under the sheet and are touching your cock for me. I can picture this very vividly and am reminded of how much I enjoy watching you stroke. Being able to listen to you makes me so wet. I enjoy knowing that you are turned on because of our conversation. I can feel my pussy throb as you breathe harder and faster on the telephone. You further develop the fantasy I had earlier for me as you get more and more into the conversation.

As your voice becomes more excited, I take over the conversation. I tell you that in our fantasy, she turns and slides her hand between my legs while you fuck my ass. In doing this, you can feel her hands rubbing my pussy and your balls.

I can now hear your voice get even quicker and I can picture how sexy you look stroking for me. What I wouldn't give to be able to walk in the room and find you doing that. I would not stop you but would stand and watch you intently and you would be able to see my nipples harden as I watched.

Just then, I hear you cum and can see in my mind the way it looks as it squirts out of your cock. I have pictured in my mind how swollen and pink your cock is. Your nice strong hand wrapped around that gorgeous cock is so vivid as well as veins popping out and the way that your cum makes it glisten. What a hot image it puts in my head and how wet I am listening to you.

What a wonderful present. I am so turned on by listening to you cum. I can feel my pussy throb and I begin to softly touch my swollen pussy. We hang up as I think about the next time I can see you and watch you show me this scene in person. Looking forward to having you alone soon.

C K & L

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