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The Best Sperm Bank


This is a parody... It is not real

Kathie Lee Gifford had been going to medical school part time for years. She finally graduated and decided to open The Best Sperm Bank. Simple name and fun job, for her and her nurses. Dr Gifford took great pride in her semen extraction abilities and now she could finally make it a job. She was in her office looking through her long patient list and their sperm counts. She always recommended at least one visit per week for her patients, to keep on top of it. They always had a great time, so repeat business was never a problem. One of her best nurses, Tyra Banks, called her and requested her help with a patient. "I'll be right there baby, hold on to your big titties." Kathie Lee felt hers. She looked awesome in her white doctor coat and gray button down blouse, very short and tight, red mini skirt and red heels.

Dr Gifford made her way to exam room 1, where Tyra had a Mr Harold Mills. He was 75. He was there mainly to cum, it was the easiest way for him, at his age. He wasn't too concerned with his sperm count. "Yes Nurse Tyra, what exactly is the problem?" Kathie Lee looked at Harold's soft 13 inch cock and smiled. He was old, but he had a massive cock. She rubbed it slowly, as she talked to Tyra.

"Well Doctor, I've been working on Mr Mills' cock for 45 minutes, but it won't stay hard or cum. I've tried everything. Her big chocolate tits were out of her very tight and short nurses dress. Her nipples were rock hard and leaking milk. Kathie Lee walked over and sucked each big, chocolate tit clean, sucking up and swallowing any milk that leaked out. Tyra moaned and Harold watched, stroking his massive cock. Kathie Lee reached back and stroked it for him.

"Mr Mills, we do that for you here." She stroked it, tickling the underside of his very thick head. She kept sucking Tyra's big tits and jerking off Harold. Tyra played with Kathie Lee's gorgeous 60 plus year old tits, through her blouse, moaning loudly, as Kathie Lee sucked out and swallowed her tasty milk. She moved Tyra in front of Harold and squirted her tit milk all over his massive old cock. She shot some into his open mouth and he swallowed it. Kathie Lee bent over and sucked his huge cock head hard and fast, tickling the underside with her talented tongue. She sucked like crazy and fingered his wrinkled ass. She looked up at him and winked. She deepthroated his entire 13 inch thick cock. She held it deep in her throat, as she fingered his old ass, as fast as she could. His cock was now rock hard and buried deep in her throat.

Dr Gifford slowly let Harold's massive old cock slide out of her mouth and pulled her white thong off. She gave it to him. "Here baby, it's a present just for you. Use it later to jerk off into and send me a picture." She kissed him and climbed into his lap, facing away from him. She spit on her hand and rubbed it into his massive cock. She slid his entire 13 thick inches up her well used ass and ride him hard. "You see Nurse Tyra, Mmmmmmmmm, he needs a warm dark place to cum. FUCK ME DADDYYYYYYYY!!" She told Harold, as she rode him and rubbed her gorgeous pussy with blazing speed. Tyra sucked his huge balls and fingered Dr Gifford's pussy. Kathie Lee screamed in ecstasy and squirted all over Nurse Tyra's fingers. Tyra pulled them out of Kathie Lee's pussy and sucked them clean.

Harold tore open Kathie Lee's blouse and ripped her bra open. It opened in the front. He groped her gorgeous tits and came deep up Kathie Lee's very talented ass. Her tit milk squirted out as Harold roughly groped her perfect tits. She moaned and let him molest her tits, as he finished cumming deep in her ass. Tyra pulled his huge cock out of Dr Gifford's ass and sucked it clean, swallowing a mouthful. He came a lot.

Kathie Lee got off of his cock and walked to the counter. She got a specimen cup and squatted. She pushed the cum out of her ass, into the cup. Tyra licked her ass clean, sucking out the last drop of cum. "Damn Mr Mills, you have some tasty cum baby." Tyra told him, smiling and licking her perfect, luscious, red lips. Kathie Lee looked closely at the cum in the cup.

"Hmmmmmm, Mr Mills, it looks like your sperm count is just fine, but I need to perform another test." She put the cup to her beautiful red lips and drank it all down slowly, letting him watch. She swallowed every drop and licked the cup totally clean. "Oops, I drank it all. It does indeed taste fine and very tasty daddy. Nurse Tyra you need to fuck another load out in your ass. Try not to drink it all... At least until you get a specimen... then you can swallow as much as you want baby." She told Tyra and winked.

"Yes doctor, I think I may need to draw several loads out of him, to be sure I did it right." She winked back at Kathie Lee. She got on Harold's Dick and rode him like Kathie Lee did.

"OK baby, see you next time Harold. Remember to send me that picture. I'll send you a very sexy one back. Have fun you too." Kathie Lee left and shut the door.

Kathie Lee got a call about an interview her good friend Katie Couric was doing on her Sperm Bank. Katie wanted to come over in a hour and do it. "OK baby, but wear something slutty. I know you know what I mean. I want you looking very fuckable bitch." Kathie Lee laughed. Katie agreed and hung up.

Dr Gifford went through a few rooms while she waited for Katie. She sucked off two patients and spit their jizz in a cup. She let them both piss in her mouth to make up for not swallowing their jizz. She swallowed all of the piss and sucked them clean. She gave them both her number and told them to send her dirty pictures of them cumming and she would send them pictures of her swallowing cum. They both agreed. Dr Gifford let another patient fuck her pussy from behind and cum in it. She got another celebrity nurse, Chelsea Handler to suck it out of her pussy and spit it in the glass. She drank it though. Chelsea sucked him off three times before she kept a sperm sample. She swallowed the rest. She let the nerdy patient fuck her tight ass and cum in it. Kathie Lee sucked his cum out of Chelsea's ass and swallowed it herself. They both fucked the 19 year old twice and swallowed four loads of this thick jizz.

A little later Dr Gifford was answering Katie's questions while they watched Kathie Lee's ebony pornstar nurse, Rachel Raxxx, suck off an 83 year old patient with the biggest cock any of them had ever seen. It was 16 inches long and as thick as Kathie Lee's wrist. Rachel was titfucking him with her massive 34K natural tits, and still sucking several inches down her throat. Rachel is so beautiful, and those massive chocolate tits make her stand out anywhere, anytime. He came down her throat twice. She loved the taste, so she just swallowed it all. Kathie Lee was drooling over that cock and she climbed on it, facing away from the old man and ride it in her ass, while talking to Katie.

Katie looked so fucking sexy, with a very tight black leather mini skirt and black latex top, with no Brown. She had on knee high black latex boots and had her shoulder length hair braided in corn rows. "So Dr Gifford, do you let all of your patients fuck you or only special ones." She smiled, as Rachel sucked the old man's giant balls and reached back, rubbing Katie's pussy. She wasn't wearing panties either.

"I fuck them all Katie. I give them all my special treatment and care. FCUKKKKK MEEEEEEEE!!" Kathie Lee screamed as the old man plowed her ass hard. He came up her ass, filling it with his watery seed. Rachel pulled his massive cock out of Kathie Lee's ass and sucked it clean. Kathie Lee shoved it back up her ass and rode him for an hour. She squirted in Rachel's mouth three times and took two big loads of jizz in her beautiful, soft ass. Rachel licked it all out and let it hang off of her sexy tongue. She licked it all up into her hungry mouth and swallowed every drop, smiling big the whole time. Rachel let the old man plow her tight ass relentlessly for 20 minutes. She squirted into Dr Gifford's mouth twice, as she ate Rachel's gorgeous, well trimmed, chocolate pussy. The old man filled Rachel's ass both times and Kathie Lee sucked it out and swallowed it all, smacking her sexy lips loud.

"OK Katie get up on this fucking massive cock and ride it slut." Katie smiled that beautiful Katie Couric smile and jumped up on that old cock. She rode him for an hour, squirting 6 times all over his cock and the floor. She sucked him off four times. The old man had amazing stamina. She swallowed every fucking drop of watery, but tasty jizz of his. He fucked Katie's ass wildly, as she squirted two more times, all over the floor. Rachel licked her pussy and ass clean. The old man tit fucked Rachel for an hour, cumming on her massive black tits three times. Kathie Lee and Katie licked her tits totally clean, swallowing every drop. All three ladies moved from room to room fucking every guy in every room.

They fucked each other with a strapon and swallowed 10 loads of cum. Rachel let every guy fuck her giant tits and she licked them clean, swallowing every drop of cum. Kathie Lee kept answering Katie's questions while guys fucked all her holes mercilessly. Katie sucked off every guy too. She's a cum freak and swallowed it all. Katie got her sweet milf ass fucked a ton too. The guys came up it and Kathie Lee sucked it all out, swallowing every fucking drop. Katie kissed her each time and tasted it all. They 69'ed and ate each other's pussies. They ate out all the sperm in there and made each other squirt in their mouths, swallowing it all down.

Every guy pissed in Kathie Lee's mouth and Rachel's too. Katie filmed it and sucked off her cameraman twice also. Her cameraman fucked Rachel in her thick ass, while Kathie Lee sucked the cum from the old guys out of her pussy. They all came back and fucked all three women. It was a full blown orgy. Four guys fucked Kathie Lee. Rachel sucked off three guys, while three more fucked her ass, at the same time. She loves triple anal. Katie got fucked by every guy there twice. She sucked them all off three times too. They collected 25 sperm samples and swallowed the rest. Tyra even came in and let every guy fuck her big tits and cum all over them. Kathie Lee sucked it all down. Tyra swallowed four loads of thick jizz too. She took three more loads in her beautiful, bad pussy.

Katie took her cameraman and Kathie Lee back to Dr Gifford's office and they fucked for an hour. They both sucked him off and spit the cum in each other's mouths. He came in Kathie Lee's ass and Katie's pussy. He filmed every second of it for later. He was gonna fuck Katie while they watched it. It was a normal day for Dr Gifford and her staff. They fuck and suck everyday, collecting sperm samples and swallowing it too. Dr Gifford always takes very special care of her horny patients. She's three best in the biz and her patients love her. She sends every one of them naughty pictures of her in the nude and doing all kinds of kinky things. They love it. She gives one lucky patient a day her panties and one, even luckier patient, very special, private treatment in her office. Kathie Lee was very happy with her new profession. She has... The Best Sperm Bank.

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by Anonymous

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by DickThePimp08/12/18

Andrea Mitchell

I've written two stories with Andrea Mitchell. I will probably write more, I just have a lot of ideas with a lot of women so some are used less regularly than others. I'll write a lot more stories so I'mmore...

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More Andrea Mitchell please!!!

I love your Kathy Lee stories she is a favorite of mine. But I need you to tell me you have more Andrea Mitchell stuff lined up especially with youngguys !!! also Hoda and other leggy babes like Condoleezamore...

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Qi might do that idea with my Sex Time Machine series I could travelto the 90's on forward I have a lot of ideas and a lot of stories out there so sequels will take a little time but I'll write them eventuallymore...

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by Anonymous08/11/18

another fine outing, waiting on pins and needles for a sequeal.

ever read MarshAlien's Living Dolls?

would love a story how a KLG fan finds one and proceeds to call up each era (from 1991 - to 2018)more...

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