The Best Summer Job Ever Ch. 04


When she pushed my face away from her crotch, I knew it wasn't because she'd had enough. It was time to screw her now. Ellen looked up at me eagerly as I drew the foreskin back from the head of my cock in preparation. Stopping with my cock just outside her lips I let her hold it and run the tip through her outer lips to moisten it in her juices. I made the first stoke inside her a slow deep one and paused at the bottom to kiss her passionately. Clinging to me with her arms and legs, she held me there trading kisses back and forth.

The moment she released me with he legs I started pumping her with gentle, loving strokes. She kept her arms around my neck and continued to give me one mouthful of tongue after another. My pussy licking had brought her close to orgasm and now the deep penetration of my cock was doing the rest. Each deep shove of my cock inside her made her moan in delight but the slow pace prevented her from cumming. Over our summer of lust I'd learned to control myself when needed and could easily delay my own orgasm when we were screwing so slowly.

After ten or fifteen minutes of slow sex that had kept her just short of release, she took her arms from around me and I needed no other sign to tell me what she wanted. One sharp stroke caused her to cry out, but when I stopped at that to tease her she gave me a playful slap on the chest to get me moving again. Holding her by the hips I fucked her as hard as I could forcing her to cum within minutes. I kept hammering her incredible cunt as her body tensed beneath me cumming repeatedly. Ellen pulled me to a stop to recover when it became obvious I could go for a while yet.

"Oh Daniel," she sighed kissing me again. "I've never had a lover like you before. I couldn't dream of a better man to share my bed."

"I feel the same way Ellie. No other woman can compare to you," I said feeling the sadness over our doomed relationship creeping into my heart. "I can't lose you..."

"Shhhh... don't think about that," she said fighting back her own tears. "Everyday I curse myself for starting this..."

"I wouldn't trade this summer for anything," I said cutting her off for a change.

"I wouldn't either," she said smiling. "Lie down and let me clear your mind for you hon," she said kneeling up and taking my cock in hand.

A blowjob from Ellen was like having your cock wrapped in pure bliss. When she wanted me to cum, like she did now, then there was nothing I could do but enjoy it while I had the chance because it wasn't going to last long. She focused her effort on the head of my cock that was tingling in anticipation of orgasm. Every brush of her lips, every light nibble of her teeth, every flick of her tongue sent a shiver of joy up my spine. She didn't even start stroking me until I'd started cumming using a firm grip to coax every last drop of cum from my balls.

We had the whole day ahead of us yet. As we lay in bed our bodies pressed together beneath the blankets I told her about last night with Hannah. Ellen was furious, not that I'd slept with another woman, but that she had learned of our relationship and threatened to tell Jessica. I quickly told her how the night had ended and that there was nothing to worry about to sooth her. Seeing her reaction made me realize it was going to be virtually impossible to ever tell Jessica about us. When I had told her the whole story Ellen seemed somewhat relieved, but she still promised to talk with Hannah. From the way she said it I knew Hannah was going to regret using blackmail to force me into bed.

After showering we got dressed and went downstairs to have breakfast together. Her housekeeper Gloria was there and I could tell she was surprised to see me. She knew all about us and I thought she approved, but she gave me a cold look and left when Ellen kissed me in front of her. Shrugging it off as a bad day for her, I helped Ellen prepare breakfast. Ellen liked to cook and had never bothered to hire a full time chef. Gloria did cook a lot of her meals but Ellen was much in the kitchen and liked to cook when she wasn't too busy with work or me.

When the food was ready we ate outside on the deck that attached to the kitchen. It was going to be a hot, sunny day if the early morning heat was any indication. We sat close together laughing and kissing as we ate taking our time and enjoying the view of Ellen's picturesque property. She had always taken an interest in the garden so it was something besides the sex we had in common. I found myself recalling how much fun it had been reviewing the plans to update part of the property at the beginning of my summer job. After her incredible looks it was the second thing that had drawn me to her.

"Where are you going?" she asked when I stood up and kissed her on the cheek when we had finished eating.

"I've been away all week. There's a lot of work to catch on in the garden today," I said managing to keep from smiling.

"Like fuck you are," she said grabbing me by the hand.

"I need to do it Ellie it's what you hired me to do," I said.

"Well you're fired then," she said with a smile. "Ray will be back next week anyway so consider this your pink slip," she added spreading her panty free legs beneath her sundress to show me her sweet pussy.

"Here?" I asked looking around.

The only reply she gave me was to pull her dress up past her waist and lean over the table sticking her ass out. Well if she wasn't worried about being seen, I wasn't going to sweat it either. Crouching behind her I licked her pussy a few times but found it was already wet enough for sex. My cock was ready too so I dropped my shorts to slip it inside her cunt and started fucking her hard and fast right away. I could see her biting her lip to keep from crying out. With her head pillowed on her arms, she lifted her ass to meet each thrust of my cock inside her. Soon her pussy was squeezing my cock each time I penetrated her though I knew she wasn't cumming yet. As she tired, she stopped lifting to meet each thrust so I threw one of her legs up on the table to keep her cunt spread wide for me.

I was sweating from effort and breathing hard but continued to slam into her. She'd stopped worrying about being heard and was screaming loudly each time I gave her a taste of my cock. The volume of her cries told me she was close so I forced myself to give her one last burst of speed and staggered back into a chair sitting down with a sigh. As my breathing returned to normal and Ellen's moans subsided the garden grew eerily quiet. I found myself wondering jut how far away we might have been heard.

There wasn't time to think about it for long though. Ellen eyed my cock with hunger and held her dress out of the way as she mounted up facing me. Gritting her teeth in effort she rode me hard lifting her body and letting herself drop down again and again. Her ass slapped against my thighs loudly and chair started creaking alarmingly, though I knew Ellen wouldn't care if we destroyed the furniture to have good sex. Cradling her ass in my hands I helped lift her up and she leaned forward to bury my face into her cleavage.

Bending her lips down to my neck she sucked on it never breaking the momentum of her fucking. When she stopped to nibble my ear and started pleading to me in whispers to cum for her I knew the end was near. Her dirty talk always drove me absolutely wild and she was fully aware of what it was going to do to me. Closing my eyes I turned my head away from her taunting words. She laughed and rode me harder, massaging my cock by flexing her incredible cunt. With that it became too much to resist and I groaned spilling my load deep inside her as she sat down on my cock and kissed all over my face.

"So am I still fired?" I asked smiling at her.

"Yes," she said kissing the confused expression from my face. "Ray really is coming back next week, he left a message for me while we were gone. You can still work in the garden if you want to but I figured you'd rather spend all your time with me."

"What garden?" I said kissing her, anxious for more sex again already.

"You're so sexy and always horny," she sighed. "Take me back to bed where we can really let loose," she said. I wondered what more she expected.

"I left all that mail in your office for you," Gloria said as we entered the kitchen again. Even if our appearance hadn't been a dead give away, I was sure she must have heard what we'd been doing. She gave me another cold look that made me turn away.

"Is there a problem here Gloria?" Ellen asked when she noticed it too.

"No Ms. Swanson," she said meekly.

"Good," Ellen said to her. "I don't want to be disturbed so take a message if anyone calls today. I may want to go for a swim later so tell the gardeners to stay away from the pool. Come with me Daniel," she said taking my hand.

"What's with her today?" I whispered as we walked up the stairs.

"I'm not sure hon, but I'll sit her down for a long talk if she insists on acting like that towards you," she said. "Don't worry about it. My sex life is none of her concern."

Back in her master bedroom we stripped out of our clothes in the front chamber and sat together on the sofa transfixed in studying each other with our eyes. Ellen suggested a movie as we regained our sexual appetite and let me choose from the huge library of DVDs she has stored in rack that slid out of the wall next to the TV at the touch of a button. I chose a love story that I knew would have her cuddling into me the whole time. She gave me a knowing smile and pulled a blanket over up as we settled in to watch. During the movie she gave me a tortuously slow hand job, keeping me ready for action and aching for a taste of her cunt again. When I tried to reach between her legs she wouldn't open them for me, knowing I'd tease her mercilessly too given the chance so I was forced to play with her breasts instead.

While we watched the movie she would kiss me whenever the couple kissed. When there was a love scene she stroked my cock quickly during it, but stopped soon as it was over. I could even feel her tense up whenever there was a conflict between the actors on the screen as if their problems made her fret over our own looming crisis. The movie had a happy ending though and I couldn't help but see that as a good omen.

The moment the credits started to roll she threw our blanket aside. My cock felt raw from the constant stroking she'd given it. She let out a little gasp when she saw its red irritated color. It looked far worse than it was and I assured her I was ok with a soft kiss on the lips that eased her concern. Just to be safe she made me sit still as she covered my cock in moisturizing cream and worked it in with an incredibly gentle touch. When she was done I was even harder than when she started but she kept starring at it and moving it to from side to side trying to determine if I was ready for more sex.

"I'll be fine," I said with a smile. Her concern for me was sweet, but I really was fine other than a little tenderness.

"Are you sure?" she asked looking skeptical.

"Definitely," I assured her. "Two or three weeks and I should be ready for sex again," I added, watching for her reaction.

"Weeks?" she said as if she were going to be sick. The look of horror on her face was absolutely priceless. I couldn't help but start laughing when she appeared to be on the verge of tears. "That wasn't very nice," she said slapping me on the leg in annoyance. She started to laugh too, though it was full of nervous relief.

"I couldn't resist. You should have seen your face," I said as she glared at me.

"Why didn't you say something?" she said still sounding mad with me.

"I didn't know with the blanket covering us," I explained. "I'm ok, really I am. It looks a lot worse than it is. It's a little tender that's all."

"So we can do it again soon then?" she asked cutting right to the point.

"All I need is a kiss to make it better," I said smiling as she narrowed her eyes at me.

"I don't think you deserve it, but if you think it will help," she said playing along as she knelt on the sofa and bent over my cock.

It had all been part of playful sex talk for me, but it did feel good when she started giving me head. Ellen bathed my cock in gentle licks and kisses that were as soothing as they were arousing. Gathering up a mouthful of saliva she spit on my cock and worked the moisture in, reminding of the night she dressed up as a hooker and came to see me at home. She repeated that often making sure to keep my cock nice a wet the whole time. When I commented on it she told me she had somewhere even wetter for me to put my cock and turned around offering me a rearview of her beautiful pussy.

Running my hands up her long legs I touched her lips and found her literally dripping with juices. I couldn't resist sticking my face between her legs for a taste that sent a shiver through her body. Kissing the cheeks of her ass I made loud smacking sounds. I kept doing it until she was screaming and laughing beneath me having fallen to the sofa breathlessly. Turning on her hip she reached up to pull me close for a kiss but I was already moving in with parted lips. Laughing together as we kissed, she twisted all the way onto her back and spread her legs. With my hands occupied with her breasts I probed blindly with my cock until it found its way inside her.

Ellen welcomed me inside her by increasing the passion of her kisses. Holding my ass in her hands she guided me through slow steady strokes inside her though I didn't need her touch to know how she wanted it. Each time I pushed all the way inside her I gave her another kiss on the lips. In no time she anticipated them and gave me a pout that caused me to snicker when I missed one so I gave her two on the next stroke. Slowly the pace quickened and though I knew she wanted me to keep the tempo up by the moans that escaped her lips she kept trying to slow me down. With a squeeze of her legs or a tightening of her arms around my neck she continued to dictate the pace. Her warm body and soft breasts felt wonderful pressed against me but I wanted to speed things up.

"Take it easy hon," she said in a fretting voice with hands holding my arms.

"C'mon Ellie I want to fuck you hard," I pleaded.

"I don't want you hurting yourself any worse than it is already. I feel so bad," she said looking incredibly guilty. It made me feel horrible to see her like that.

"I'm perfectly ok. I was only saying that stuff to tease you. Please don't feel bad about it there's nothing wrong with me at all," I said kissing her.

"Alright you can have your way with me then," she said releasing me from her clutches.

Placing my hands behind her knees I pushed her legs back to give me leverage and started giving her a thorough fucking. Ellen craved and encouraged what the other women I'd been with couldn't take. Before beginning a sexual relationship with her I'd never found a woman who liked it so hard and could always handle just a little more. Her eyes were closed as she screamed in a high voice from my hard strokes. I placed her hand on her clit and she opened her eyes and gave me a beautiful smile. We both knew she didn't need the added stimulation, but the sight of her playing with herself as we screwed always turned me on. When her fingers were wet she tickled my balls and kept rubbing at them with fresh juices from her cunt. Grabbing her hand I sucked her fingers clean then offered her the next taste. Based on her reaction it was hard to say who liked the taste of her pussy more. Pumping her with a barrage of powerful thrusts until she came, I let her pull me down on top of her for a kiss.

After a few moments of rest she started to squirm beneath me so I sat up to let her free. She knelt on the floor between my legs and took my hard cock deep into her throat. It was still liberally coated in her juices and she licked her lips as she enjoyed another taste of herself. The sex with Ellen was unbelievable and I found myself craving it even more the more we did it. She was such a selfless lover that I knew she'd give me head whenever I wanted it, or let me screw her anyway I liked. The best part was the more willing she was to cater to my every desire, the more I wanted to give her what she craved in bed. I managed to get so caught up in thinking about how good a lover she was that she startled me when she tugged at my hand ready to lead me from the sofa to her bed.

Ellen's huge canopied bed was the most comfortable bed I'd even slept in. She slithered onto the bed in front of me and arched her back showing off her long legs and slightly parted pussy lips that begged for more cock. Joining her on the bed, I jammed my cock back inside her at full force. Seeing her bracing herself with her arms I fucked her hard as I could. She wasn't close to cumming again yet so I started varying my strokes inside her to make sure my cock rubbed all around the walls of her cunt. When I hit the sweet spot she reached back to grab my wrist and I knew instantly I wasn't to leave that spot until she released me. Her grasp of my wrist tightened almost painfully as she came.

Releasing me she fell to the bed and I let her rest, kissing from her feet up to her lips before lying next to her. She gave me a dreamy smile and held my hand in hers kissing it. I felt an overwhelming sense of pride at having given her such obvious joy. My cock remained rock hard as she regained her composure but just to be sure she took it in her had and stroked it gingerly. Soon after that she turned her body to give me a brief blowjob, sucking the head of my cock gently.

Standing over me she lowered herself onto my cock facing me. She let me sit up and kiss her again before shoving me onto my back so she could ride me in earnest. Ellen rode me as hard as she could over short stints and stopped for more head between each change in position. It seemed as if she could go on fucking me forever some days and I knew she'd keep going as long as I stayed hard. I touched her lightly on the arm when she was about to stop her most recent blowjob so she knew I wanted to cum. Ready for a break she was happy to suck me for a few more minutes until I came for her.

"We can't fall asleep hon. We need to make the most of the day," she said lying next to me on top of her blankets. "But I think we could both use some rest," she laughed.

"There's lots of time yet," I said looking at the clock that read quarter past one.

"Did you want to take a swim? I'll take that smile as a yes," she said. "What should we do for dinner then? I'll cook whatever you want."

"I want to go out. That was my favorite part of our trip, besides all the sex of course," I told her. "Being able to go out with you made me feel like I was in a normal relationship even if it only lasted a few days."

"I don't know," she said looking nervous.

"Please?" I said giving her my best sad puppy face. I knew she was powerless to resist when she smiled and kissed me.

"Ok we'll go out then. If we had more time we could drive somewhere miles away, but we'll find a place," she said. I could tell she was looking forward to going out on a date now too. "That won't leave a whole lot of time after," she said. I could see the craving for more sex in her eyes already.

"Sure it will. I'm not going home tonight unless you throw me out of this bed," I said.

"Kick you out? I'm more tempted to tie you to it," she smiled kissing me again.

For the next hour we lay in bed together. It was impossible for us to resist kissing and caressing each other. Being next to her in bed like that always gave me this incredible relaxed feeling. Over the summer I'd become so comfortable with her that lying around naked between the rounds of sex felt natural, it felt right. That alone was enough for me to know I wanted this to last forever. I couldn't imagine ever finding this feeling with another woman. Ellen grew quiet during that hour and I could tell she was struggling with her own emotions again. Hurting her was the only thing that made me doubt our relationship. Seeing the pain on her face I hugged her close. Though she didn't say anything she knew what it was for and took comfort from my tender embrace.

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