The Best Summer Job Ever Ch. 04


When it was time to go for our swim she surprised me with a bathrobe I could wear to hide my nakedness on the way down to the pool. I thanked her for it and she admitted buying it weeks ago but had no reason to give it to me until now. She laughed when I promised not to wear it too often then and gave me a look that said she'd hold me to my word. Until she put her own robe on over her naked body I still didn't believe we were going to do it. Holding hands we walked down to the main floor of her mansion and out to the pool deck.

Looking around nervously I feared we'd be seen. Ellen told me to relax and dropped her own robe as she spoke to accent her point. Walking naked around the pool and bending down to dip her foot in the water she managed to look just a little more beautiful. When she noticed that I still hadn't taken my own robe off she frowned at me and told me to stop worrying. I threw the robe off and the smile that brightened her face made me put it back on so I could see that look time and time again. Still testing the water with her foot she made the mistake of turning her back on me. Running up behind I pushed her in and jumped in after her.

Ellen squealed in a high-pitched voice as we splashed into water. She tried to look angry with me but failed miserably and kissed me generously when I pulled her close. It took only a few minutes to get used to the water that had warmed in the summer heat. Diving under the water I stared up at her from below and then floated in the water to let her do the same. My cock grew hard and she certainly noticed it giving me a gentle stroke each time she swam by. Floating on my back I kicked in circles around her as she spun in place leaning in to kiss my hard cock that jutted up from the water. Ellen looked amazing with water beading on her tanned skin and could see the desire in my eyes.

Frolicking in the water with her was exciting but tiring. She admitted how much it turned her on to watch me swim naked, so I went through lap after lap showing her the different strokes I knew. When she sat up on the edge and drew me in with a wave of her arm I knew what she wanted. I buried my face between her legs and made her sigh in delight. Running her fingers through my wet hair she held my head but didn't try to guide my movements. Her voice grew loud and shrill as I tongued her sweet lips giving her the pleasure I never tired of providing. There was no doubt that we'd been heard by anyone who was close but I was with her and no one else in the world mattered right now.

Placing a hand on my chest she pushed me back until she could slip into the water in front of me. She motioned for me to sit where she'd been moments ago. I had her trapped between me and the side of the pool though so it was easy to lift her up onto my cock. Ellen put up a brief halfhearted struggle but as my cock found its way inside her she stopped insisting I get my own round of oral sex on the deck. As we fucked we spun often taking turns at being on the outside where we could dictate the pace. The water splashed all around us and the sex was incredible as always.

Screwing like that was tiring and on top of all the swimming we soon needed a breather. Ellen smiled when she finally got her way and inhaled my cock the second I was seated on the pool deck with my legs dangling in the water. As she sucked me closer and closer to orgasm her right hand vanished down under the edge of the pool and no doubt found her pussy to play with. I was happy to lie there with my eyes closed in the bright sun and let her do all the work to bring us both to the brink.

My eyes stayed closed until she stopped giving me a blowjob and got out of the pool. I was very close to cumming and knew she was just about there too. At first she seemed prepared to fuck me there on the spot, but she realized tiled pool deck was far too hard to be comfortable. Turning away from me, she walked over to one of her tanning beds that was much better to fuck on. She didn't bother to look back knowing I'd follow on her heels. Kneeling on all fours so I could give her a proper fucking she grunted as I slammed into her moments after she'd positioned herself. I came a short time later but managed to last long enough for her to cum too.

It felt great to lie in the sun next to her as our skin dried. Ellen always had an ample supply of tanning lotion around the pool deck and was quick to retrieve some for us. What started as organized spreading of the lotion on each other quickly dissolved into two slick bodies writhing together on the narrow sun bed. When we stopped I was confident we were both completely protected from the rays. She didn't need any work on her tan but I could certainly use the sun especially on the places that normally stayed covered. We weren't supposed to fall asleep but Ellen let me doze off and woke me with a kiss when it was time to get ready for our date.

Before showering Ellen called for a dinner reservation. We had to avoid any of her favorite restaurants so she wasn't guaranteed to get a table when she gave them her name, but she did get us a reservation with her very first call. A friend of hers had mentioned the place to her and she'd wanted to try it for a while though the off chance her friend might be made her a little nervous. We cleaned up without any sex but lots of touching. Ellen kicked me out of the inner chamber with a suit to put on as soon as I was dried. She always liked to surprise me with her outfit and I couldn't wait to see she looked like tonight.

"Are you ready to go hon?" she asked as she came into the front chamber where I was flicking channels.

"You look so beautiful Ellie," I said rising from my seat to hug and kiss her. She wore a breezy looking light blue dress that was my favorite color on her and a matching pair of heels. Aside from the necklace I'd given her she wore a simple gold watch and earrings. When she saw me staring at it the necklace she fingered it and gave me her cutest smile.

"You're going to be hot in that suit jacket," she said. "But bring it just in case they say you need one inside."

"Sure," I said slipping it off and flicking it over my shoulder as I offered my arm.

"You can drive tonight honey. We'll take whatever car you want," she said leading me out the door. "Anything but that big stupid Hummer," she said reading my mind when she saw me smiling eagerly.

Ellen had a garage full of cars to choose from. From SUVs she and Jessica drove in the winter to a rainbow of luxury sedans and sports cars. There were enough that Ellen could probably pick the car to match her outfit I realized and with that in mind I chose the closest in color to her dress, a metallic blue Mercedes. I pointed to it and she got the keys from a rack on the wall bringing them to me. Opening her door for her I got in on the driver side and grinned as she leaned into me with a hand on my leg.

Revving the engine as we pulled out of the garage I marveled at the power and handling of the car. At the end of her driveway I paused to gaze at her. Tilting her head up with a hand on her chin I kissed her with a kiss that could leave no doubt that it was her and not the car or her fortune I wanted. Sometimes I thought about how much easier things might have been if she was a working class woman and nothing to offer but her body and her company. But working class women didn't hire gardeners so I guess everything happened for a reason. She knew my feelings for her were pure and that's all that mattered. If there came a day when others learned of our relationship then let them think what they wanted. I would have been more than happy to endure a lifetime of whispers over my reasons for being with her if it was spent at her side.

In Mexico we'd been truly free for a week. When we arrived at the restaurant I could tell things were different right away. Ellen and I walked inside holding hands and drew obvious stares the moment we stepped though the doors. The man who asked our names could barely restrain the look of shock on his face. My beautiful date wasn't about to put up with his questioning stare and asked if there was a problem she should discuss with the manager in her businesswoman's voice. He snapped back to a courteous, jovial host so quickly that I started to hide my smile with my hand before deciding to let it show.

Our waiter was better mannered or had been told what to expect, but either way he made us feel welcomed. Looking around the room I spotted three couples where the man had to be twice the age of the woman with him and couldn't help but find the double standard unfair. The man who greeted us as we entered wouldn't have dared to gawk at these men as they entered. A touch of Ellen's hand brought me out of foul mood.

"Let it go hon," she said reading my thoughts again. She was getting better at that the longer we were together.

"You don't deserve to be looked at like that Ellie," I said.

"If only that was the worst we'd have to suffer to be together," she said with a tear in her eye.

"Don't worry about any of that tonight," I said kissing her hand. "We should enjoy dinner and if you need to think about anything else, then think about later tonight."

That made her smile and the rest of our night out was perfect. We shared a wonderful meal taking about our trip to Mexico. When the topic turned to her daughter we planned how to spend as much time together as possible when she got back. Ellen brought up a visit to see Gwen before I left for school and I agreed with the idea. I didn't mind going to see Gwen with her but it was the day together it would allow us that made me happy. At the end of dinner Ellen gave me a disgusted look when I tried to pay and we shared a laugh over it.

Instead of going straight back to her home afterwards I drove around with her all over me. She nibbled my ear and sucked at my neck as we drove through the city. We'd both lived here all our lives but being restricted to her bedroom most of the time it was our first chance to share some of our favorite places with each other. The small chance of someone we knew seeing us was more than worth it in my mind. When we both started talking at the same time about an old-fashioned ice cream parlor as we passed it I looked at her and pulled into the lot. She waited in the car while I ran inside and bought us a nice big sundae to share since she passed on dessert after dinner. Ellen held it and fed some to me as I drove, making sure to get as much on my lips as in my mouth. Whenever we stopped at a red light she turned me towards her for a kiss and licked my face clean with a smile.

By the time we got back to her home I was mad with desire for her. The car was going to be awkward to screw in but I was willing to try. My lips were all over hers and she kissed me back passionately. With one hand I slid the strap of her dress off her shoulder and pulled one breast out of her bra. She moaned lustily as I sucked on it hard as I could. Her hands found my belt and she unfastened it with deft fingers, bringing my hard cock out in one smooth motion. The steering wheel was in the way, preventing me from pulling her onto my cock but Ellen was a step ahead of me and tilted her seat back as far as it would go spreading her legs as she went.

Knowing what Ellen was like on our dates I would have been more surprised if she had been wearing panties when I saw her glistening cunt. She might have had a pair on at the start of the night but would have taken them off while I was getting us ice cream either way. I was trying to figure out a way to lick her pussy without bending my cock on the seat or console between us when Ellen tugged at my shirt collar urging me to get on top of her. The seat back was slightly angled so she hooked her legs around my waist as soon as my cock was inside her and pulled herself up to meet each thrust. Together we made sure she got nice deep penetration on every single stroke.

Our lips remained pressed together in a sloppy kiss and parted only when we needed to draw ragged breaths. Her one breast still hung out in the open allowing me to grope it pinching the nipple as we screwed. There was so little room in the car that I found myself regretting my choice. If I'd taken one of the SUVs we could be stretched out comfortably in the back seat. As Ellen tired she started meeting every second stroke and then every third. She was so horny and wanted my cock so bad she was literally shaking in frustration. I hammered her hard with a series of deep trusts that made her grunt but I was getting tired from the position I was forced to hold myself in too.

Finally I opened the door and stumbled out with my pants tangled around my ankles. She thought I wanted to take her to bed and made for the doorway that led inside from the garage. Before she could take a second step I caught her hand and spun her around to the front of the car. In the time it took me to kick my shoes and pants off she had doubled over the hood of the car and hiked the dress up over her hips. Now that we were free of restraint I started out fucking her at top speed. Hearing her bounce off the car with loud bangs I stopped right away and kissed her neck ready to take her to bed where we could screw in comfort.

Ellen shoved my face away from her neck in annoyance and ordered me to fuck her like a man. Marveling at her resolve, I shook my head and went back to pummeling her pussy but kept my weight from crashing down on her. Holding her hips and pulling her back on each thrust I had her sliding back and forth on the car instead of bouncing on it. Hearing her moans change to a whimper I ran my right hand under her body to caress her abdomen, which was clenched tight signaling that she was close. One last burst of speed coupled with a squeeze of her clit made her scream in ecstasy her voice echoing in the cavernous garage.

I stumbled back a step when she stood up suddenly. Turning around she sat on the car and pulled me towards her by the cock. There was a look of determination on her face and I knew she was going to make me cum too now. Tucking her hair behind her ear she fed my cock into her mouth and raised her eyes to look at my face. I smiled and she stopped a moment to smile back before kissing me on the abdomen and engulfing my cock again. The blowjob she gave me was extra wet and the sight of her saliva dripping from her chin to the garage floor made me harder still. She became engrossed with her cock sucking mumbling around my cock as she pleasured me. Several minutes went by before I could feel the tingle of an oncoming orgasm. Ellen batted my hands aside when I tried to control her pace and finished me off. Standing as she slipped her breast back inside her dress, she kissed me before starting towards to door again with the end of my tie in her hand.

"Wait let me put my pants on," I said.

"Hurry up and get them then," she said as she came to a stop. "Don't bother to put them on there's no one here to see you besides me."

"But you straightened your dress," I argued.

"Relax honey," she said crossing her arms and pulling the dress over her head. She tossed it to me then took of her bra and sent it sailing though the air to bounce off my chest. "Is that better?" she asked wearing nothing but her heels.

"Much better," I said pushing her up against the door with arms full of our clothing kissing her.

"Take me to bed," she said when our lips finally parted.

In her bedroom she kicked her heels off and crawled under the covers. I dropped our clothes and took off my shirt and tie. Joining her in bed we curled up together hugging and kissing. For hours I held her kissing her over and over. Ellen reached between my legs to check my cock often and whenever it grew hard she guided it inside her. Sometimes she urged me to fuck her hard but for the most part we made love gently or lay there kissing with my cock resting inside her. If it was to be our last full night together then we certainly made sure not a moment was wasted.

Ellen kissed me goodnight when we were done and rolled over so her back was to me. The bed was big enough to stretch out comfortably in but I pressed myself close to her back wrapping an arm around her as we spooned. I kept kissing her neck and shoulders, the touch of my lips growing softer as she sighed tiredly and drifted off into a peaceful sleep. It felt so good to hold her as she slept and I knew this was where I belonged. I would have quit school tomorrow if it meant staying with Ellen, but she insisted I finish. In two years time she was going to need a new excuse to push me away.

The next morning I woke up alone in her bed. I knew she wouldn't have left to pick up Jessica without waking me first. When I checked the clock I saw it was just after nine giving us hours until Jessica would be home. After relieving myself I went looking for Ellen. I didn't have to go far, she was in the adjoining room watching the morning news and drinking a cup of coffee. She was wearing her robe but I still took a moment to admire her beauty before saying anything.

"You always look beautiful in the morning," I said from the doorway unconcerned over my nakedness.

"Good morning Daniel, I didn't want to wake you up," she said with a warm smile. "Come have some breakfast hon," she said glancing at the tray on the table.

"I'd rather have some Ellie," I said taking the cup of coffee from her hands and setting in on the table. Kissing her I pulled her legs towards me ready to spread them and taste her pussy.

"Stop it," she giggled. "Eat something first there's lots of time yet."

Normally I had to force myself to eat slowly when sharing a meal with Ellen, but she'd already eaten and I was eager to take her back to bed. She laughed as she drank her coffee watching me inhale my breakfast like I would at home. After a nights sleep I was so horny that I could barely wait to screw her again. The fact that she was naked under her robe and kept flashing me her pussy didn't help any, though she was checking out my stiff cock just as much as I studied her. I thanked her for the breakfast with a kiss and happily jumped up to follow her when she ran off to her bed.

Ellen lay down on her side and smoothed the sheets next to her, inviting me to join her. Soon as I got on the bed with her I tried to give her a real kiss but she stopped me after a brief peck on the lips and went straight for my cock. She sucked my cock into her mouth and swung her leg across my body so her pussy filled my view. I started licking her leg, running up one leg to the very edge of her outer lips before hoping to the other side. Repeating this over and over as she treated me to wonderful blowjob I could feel her body tense in anticipation each time only to be let down again. I was surprised Ellen kept sucking away on my cock despite my teasing. Normally she would have stopped and waited for me to give her what she wanted before I'd get any more head but other than a little writhing of her hips it was as if nothing was amiss. I decided to see just how eager she was and ran my tongue through her lips at last smiling as she quivered and moaned. Using my tongue sparingly, each long lick that started near her clit drove my lover wild. It wasn't until the first fleeting caress of her clit that she'd finally had enough of my little game.

Palming my balls in her hand she gave me a little squeeze that got my attention. Crossing one of her feet over my neck she flexed her leg, pushing her lower shin into my throat and cut off my airflow. Keeping the pressure across my neck firm she twisted my nuts to the brink of pain then gave them a little extra pressure. She never stopped sucking my cock while putting me in my place. When she lifted her leg to let me breathe she released my balls at the same time. After sucking in a few deep breaths I hugged her around the waist and pulled her needy pussy to my face.

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