tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Best Summer of My Life Ch. 02

The Best Summer of My Life Ch. 02


The overriding theme of all my stories is exhibitionism and voyeurism. Please be aware though, that I will touch a lot of other bases as well, as this story runs its course. If you are offended by explicit, overt sex, sex between family members, bi or lesbian sex, then maybe it's best you move on. Lastly, there are no characters under the age of 18 in this story. I say this to avoid having each the character declare his or her age in the dialogue. I have a number of chapters already written that I am currently revising, so you won't have to wait too long for new installments. I really had fun writing this story because it incorporates so many of my favourite reading topics and I really hope you enjoy it.


The following morning the pain had returned with a vengeance and I was in real agony as I got out of bed and limped to the shower. After breakfast, I went back over to Magda's to resume working at my regular time. I didn't want Magda to think I was pushing by getting there too early again.

Once in the basement, I began by moving and sorting boxes again. As I lifted one very large box, a pain shot from my lower back and my left buttock, straight down through my left leg. I whimpered like a wounded animal as I dropped the box, then I fell to the floor myself. As I propped myself up on my right side, I rubbed my leg and ass as hard as I could, trying to make the pain stop.

"Are you all right down there Rick?" Magda called down to me from upstairs.

"Oh yeah," I managed to get out, "just a little clumsy this morning."

She came partway down the stairs and she saw me on the floor.

"What's going on here," she shouted, as she ran the rest of the way down, "did you hurt yourself?"

"Oh I'll be fine Magda, I'm still a little sore and I just lost my balance."

"Don't move and just lie there. What happened and where does it hurt?" she said as she approached.

I told her what had happened as the look on her face she became even more serious. She helped me out of my shirt and began probing the muscles and bones. She hit a sensitive spot near the base of my spine and I recoiled in agony. She asked me if I was able to get up and then assisted me in climbing the stairs and limping to the wet therapy room.

I steadied myself against the tub as she got my shoes and socks off. Then she pulled down my shorts and underwear before helping me get in. She turned on the jets and told me to relax and the pain would get better soon. She was right, the pain subsided after about fifteen minutes and I began to relax.

"Well I hope we caught this in time," Magda said. "You could have sciatica from a pinched nerve or a herniated disc. I think, with the right therapy, you'll be fine though but I'm going to need x-rays right away. I'll also need to clear this with your parents before we continue. I'm afraid your work is done here for now my friend, you'll need to get treatment soon and for a while."

When I was done in the whirlpool, she helped me dress and get back home. After a long discussion with my mom they both agreed on a plan. The next day, Mom took me for x-rays and I brought them with me to Magda's right after. Magda reviewed them in her office and she concluded it was sciatica, as she had thought. With the problem now identified, she went over the next steps with me.

"I'm going to give you some intense therapy over the next week or two but I won't be able to give you my full attention. I have a business to run and I'm fully booked right now. That also means I'll have to work on you in between my other clients and there won't be much privacy for you if you're a bit shy."

I couldn't see why I'd object, so I just nodded my approval. We moved from the office to the therapy room where a young woman in a skintight gym outfit was working out on one of her machines. She looked up at me and smiled as we passed.

"OK, lets get you up on the table and we'll do some mild traction to start," Magda said.

I stripped off my tee shirt and was about to climb up on the table when Magda waved her finger at me, then pointed to my shorts. I was surprised and I gave her a questioning look but she just made a gesture of pushing down the shorts before walking over to the young woman. I was very embarrassed as I reluctantly hooked my thumbs in my shorts and took everything down in open view of both women.

The woman's eyes opened wider as my cock made its appearance. Magda noticed and followed her line of sight back to my crotch. She laughed softly as she stood and walked back over to me.

"Sorry, I only meant the shorts, not the underwear but if you're OK with it, we'll just keep you this way," she said, "working naked is always easier for me as we work through the different therapies. I'll be able to see and feel your progress far better like this. However, if you're at all uncomfortable, by all means put your underwear back on."

"No... no, I'll be fine this way, I think. I've never done anything like this before and to be truthful, the sensation is rather pleasant, very liberating. I think I'd to explore it some more." I said.

"That's right, your mom told me, anthropology and philosophy are your favourite areas of study. I guess I shouldn't be surprised at how quickly you're adapting, it is what it is and that's is what you are." She said. "A smart person said something like that to me last week." She winked. "So if you're comfortable then, please stay naked. Besides, and I'll never admit to saying this, it'll be a bit of eye candy for Mona and me."

I was still a bit embarrassed as I lay down on the table facing up. The strangeness soon wore off though as Magda hooked me up to the machine and got it running. As I lay there I enjoyed the feeling of the cool air washing over me whenever Magda walked past.

The other young woman continued to work out on her machine. Occasionally, she would steal glances over in my direction. Soon she finished her workout and headed toward the room with all the water treatments. She stopped along side me as she passed and slowly looked me up then down examining the full length of my body.

"What's your sport?" she asked.

"I'm not an athlete," I said, "I do a lot of cycling and hiking but nothing else, I'm afraid. I hurt myself doing some work for Magda and she's agreed to help me get back on my feet again. My name's Rick by the way."

She smiled at me. "Yes, I know, Magda told me. I'm Mona," she said. "I guess we should introduce ourselves, since we will be seeing a lot of each other, literally. I do most of my therapy in the nude as well."

"Oh?" Was the only coherent response I could manage.

"Oh yeah, for sure," she said. "Athletes don't fret so much about nudity. With all the therapy and training we need, clothes can just get in the way. By the way, you have a nice lean body, like a runner, very nice."

She continued on to the other room and her tight ass swayed seductively as she walked. She paused in front of a large standing tub and turned to face me again. She pealed off her one-piece outfit revealing pert small breasts and another shaved pussy before climbing into the tub. She looked back at me with a casual smile then activated a treadmill submerged in the water.

Perhaps athletes were used to this but I sure wasn't. As my cock began to swell I felt exposed and embarrassed again. I lay prone on the table and my cock was now pointing up at the ceiling.

Magda entered the room and stopped as she walked by. "Better get used to it Rick; you're going to see a lot of skin while I get you fixed up." She peeked into the other room. Then, secure we weren't being watched; she reached over and wrapped her hand around my cock.

"Oo, a young man's cock is the best," she whispered leaning in to me, "and this one is a perfect specimen, so smooth and hard. Only young men get this hard," she said, as she crinkled up her nose in delight. "It just makes me shiver."

Then she let go and continued on to the other room to tend to Mona. I was going crazy now. I was beyond hard and my balls ached, I couldn't stand it. Magda returned in a few minutes and said it was time again for water therapy again as she unhooked me and helped me off the table.

We went into the other room where Mona was walking briskly in waist-high water. She smiled widely as she caught notice of my erection and kept her eyes glued to it. Her cute tits bounced slightly with each step and her nipples were hard and erect, just like my cock. I got into the whirlpool as Magda started up the jets. Then she leaned in to me and quietly asked me not to cum in the water if I could, she would help me with that later. I didn't need any more encouragement than that even though my balls still ached.

Pretty soon Mona was done as she exited the tank. She strolled over to my tub to talk as she toweled off in front of me.

"Almost done for the day?" she asked.

"I'm not sure, that will be up to Magda. You know I'm not used to seeing so much nudity, can I ask you a very personal question?"

A curious smile came over Mona's pretty face, "Sure, I guess."

"Why don't you or Magda have hair down there?" I blurted out.

"Gee, that's wasn't what I expected," she laughed, "well I don't know about Magda but I'm a swimmer and we shave everything possible to cut down on drag. Now that's the proper answer," she said, "but the real answer is, oral sex. It's so much better with a shaved pussy, it feels fantastic." She winked at me and then headed to the lockers to get dressed before leaving.

I knew about oral sex of course, like everything else, I had read about it in a text book about sexual behavior. I knew that with oral sex a woman would suck on a guy's cock and a guy would lick a girl's pussy. Licking, kissing and sucking on different areas and parts of the body supposedly felt amazing. Beyond that I was clueless but boy, did I ever want to try it out. When Magda returned to get me out of the tub I asked her point blank if she shaved her herself because of oral sex.

"OK, where did you get that from?" she thought for a second. "Mona... I'll bet it was Mona, the little slut. Well, the answer is yes, I do it because I love oral sex more than anything on earth and a bald pussy makes it just that much better."

"I've never done that," I admitted. "Although I have read about it."

"Read about it eh. From what you've told me so far, I'd have been surprised if you had tried it," she responded.

"Yeah, I guess I'm like that old joke about experts," I said, "I may know fifty ways to make love, but I don't know any women."

"That's cute but you're forgetting, you do know a woman now. Fifty ways eh?" Magda smirked.

"No not really," I answered her, "but I AM a very quick study."

"OK, enough of all that for now, we have half an hour before my next two clients arrive. Why don't we head back over to the table and I'll work on you some more."

With our flirting and all the talk about oral sex, I was still hard when we got back to the table. I slowly got up and lay down on my back as my cock stood up straight at attention once more.

"Oo," she cooed again and she was on my stiff in a second, stroking me up and down as her left hand rested on my chest pinching my nipples. "So hard, so nice, I just can't resist it." She sighed.

I moaned as she expertly stroked my cock and I closed my eyes to concentrate on the sensation but then it changed. It became something entirely different, something warm, wet and soft. I reopened my eyes and saw my cock disappear into Magda's mouth.

She held her stance for an instant and I could feel her tongue bathing my shaft as she moved her head around a bit. She raised her head upward again and exposed my shaft to the cool air, as only the head remained in her mouth. Now I could really feel her tongue go to work, as it seemed to seek out all the supersensitive spots. I'd never known feelings like these and my blood was beginning to boil.

I came, fast and hard, almost without warning, as my cock pumped stream after stream of cum into her mouth. She was unprepared and made loud muffled screeching sounds as she unsuccessfully tried to swallow my entire pent-up load. The overflow spilled out past her lips and down my shaft as she finally got on top of the flow. As I finished, she raised her head off my cock and looked at me as her mouth and chin dripped with my cum.

"Oh my god, I forgot how much cum a young man can generate," she laughed as she wiped her mouth and chin. "It's wonderful and you taste so sweet, I'm going to want a lot more of this."

"I usually cum a lot but when I don't masturbate for a whole day, there's much more," I said. "I could stop masturbating at home if you want."

She let out a belly laugh at how naïve I was, then bent down and licked up all the spillage before sending me off to the shower. After a nice long rinse I emerged, looking forward to more attention from my therapist. Once again I had full erection as I walked back through the wet treatment room, on my way to the main area.

I had completely forgotten about the two clients that Magda was expecting as I re-entered the room in the buff, sporting a full erection. Magda was talking with to two women, both wearing danskin, the sheer body stocking kind of thing that dancers wear. I knew about it because my sister would wear hers around the house when she took ballet lessons.

Both women were almost flat chested, with mounds the size of a half peach that pushed against the fabric. Their hair was short and pixie-like and they were both quite attractive.

As I entered, Magda looked over at me in surprise. "Oh no Rick, I'm with clients now, please wait for me in the wet room and I'll be with you shortly."

I did an about-face and headed back through the doorway. As I sat in a chair close to the door, I could hear them as they continued their conversation.

"Sorry ladies," Magda said, "I'm afraid you'll see a lot of that as you continue with your program, you might as well get used to it. This facility deals mainly with sports injuries and focused training for athletes."

"We understand," one of them said, "I believe our mother chose you to help us with all of that in mind. This doesn't mean you'll want us to be naked as well, does it?"

"No, of course not," Magda said. "Although many athletes train in the nude, you don't have to, unless it's what you need and you're OK with it."

"Oh, our mother loves that approach," the other one said, "she's always telling us stories about when she was young and trained in Russia. Everyone trained in the nude there. We just don't know if we want to do that though, after all, we're not professional athletes. We only agreed to do this to bring us all closer together.

"But when I think of it though," she continued, "we probably do need it as well. We've been neglecting ourselves physically for a time now and that needs to change. I think we're both pretty tired of how pudgy and out of shape we look next to our mother."

"Well, neither of you could be called pudgy, as far as I'm concerned but stick to my program and I promise things will change," Magda assured them. "Now if it's OK with you both I'll call Rick back in now, I need to move him along with his therapy."

Both women shrugged their response and she called me back into the room. I reentered still in the buff but with my erection greatly diminished. I was not only getting used to public nudity, I was beginning to enjoy it very much indeed. I walked straight over to Magda and stood flanked by a woman on either side.

"Yes Magda," I said, "ready for me now?"

"I will be in another minute," she said, "forgive me but I just wanted Eva and Beata here to meet you and see that you have no problem being naked around them."

"Absolutely not," I said. "Good to meet you." I looked and smiled at each of them.

"Please wait for me over by the table and I'll get the ladies going on the equipment," Magda said.

I walked away and sat up on the table as I kept my legs spread to afford the best possible view; this was becoming fun. Both women seemed transfixed on my crotch and their attention caused my member to swell back to its full glory. Magda noticed them both glaring at me.

"One more thing," Magda said, "it seems almost anything can trigger a man's erection and if there's one thing I've learned, staring at a man's penis will usually get him hard. If that's what you like, then go ahead, men rarely mind the attention. On the other hand if it bothers you, don't stare at it," she said.

She finished getting the women set up then walked over to me. She performed some hamstring stretches on my left leg and then she hooked me up for more traction.

The afternoon went by quickly and around four thirty the women's mother arrived to check up on them. She entered the room as if she were royalty, as she seemed to look down upon virtually everything. She noticed me lying on the table and had no qualms about coming closer and looking me over very carefully. She was a stunning beauty, tall, lean and healthy looking. It was hard to believe she was the mother of these women; she looked more like an older sister.

"It's nice to see some shops still work people in the nude Magda, good," she said. "I like that, I loved training that way when I was young."

She walked over to the two sisters and I couldn't make out what they were saying but they all chuckled for a second. Then she went over to Magda and spoke to her. "So how is it going? Are they almost done for the day? I thought we could all go out for an early dinner but I see you still have a client."

"Thank you for the offer," Magda said, "As for Eva and Beata, it's only their first day, Anya. I've laid out an aggressive program for them though and they'll be trim and buffed again in no time. By the way, you're looking amazing as always, you must work out constantly."

"Old habits do die hard you my dear," Anya responded, "how nice of you to notice."

"Come on now girls," she called out to her daughters, "get those skins off and get dressed. I've made early reservations at The Rosewater, your favourite raw food restaurant."

One of the women went to change in the washroom while the other, nonchalantly peeled off her danskin in clear view of the rest of the room. The way she was moving so slowly, it seemed she was almost prolonging her exposure.

"Very good Beata," Anya called out, "nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of here."

"Same time day after tomorrow?" Beata asked Magda as her sister returned to the room.

Magda nodded her approval and the three of them strutted out the door in grand procession.

"Wow, what's their story," I asked.

Magda rolled her eyes. "Anya is an Olympic legend in gymnastics from Russia and as you saw, she lords over her poor daughters constantly. She wants them to be proper reflections of herself so she arranged for me to tone them up. It's not what I do here but who can say no to the great Anya Petrova, she still has considerable influence in the sports world."

Magda disconnected me from the machine for the last time that day and told me to go take a ten-minute soak before I left. Then she changed her mind and said to take a shower instead. Once in the shower I relished the warmth as the hard hot spray covered me from head to toe. Then the curtain opened behind me and in walked Magda.

"Let's kill two birds with one stone shall we?" She said. "We'll get you cleaned up and loose and I'll check you over plus anything else I can think of."

We rubbed soap all over each other making sure to get every little nook and cranny nice and clean. I had never touched a woman all over, without any restriction. I all but swooned at the opportunity. It was as if I were blind and seeing for the first time but with my hands.

"Oh my god," Magda moaned, "I can't remember the last time someone felt me up like this, your hands are shaking. Oh Rick, you're making me feel so sexy and desirable again. Go on, touch everything, explore everything, yes, that's it, oh God."

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