The Best Vacation Ever


"Ooooh fuck yes, baby. Play with my tits. Grab them. Suck them. Ooooh I love it. You can do anything to me, Mark, I want you to use me. I want you to use my hot c-cunt like--ooooooh FUCK!--like the hot fucking slut I am, fuck me.... oooh fuck me little brother... that's it... fuck your big sister's hot cunt. Fuck that hot cunt! Ooooh fuck it! God you feel so fucking good in me, I love that fucking cock, I--Oooh!" She cried out sharply as I reached down and started to finger her clit. She was bouncing up and down on my cock wildly now. "Oooh fuck, Mark! Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck that feels so good! Mmmm, god, you're going to make me come, Mark! You're going to make your big sister come all over that hot cock! Is that what you w-want, baby? You want to feel this hot p-pussy come for you? Want to feel it squeeze you and c-come all over y-you? Ooooh fuck Mark, I... I'm so close..."

"Fuck, me too! I'm gonna come too, baby!"

"Mmm, yeah?" She grabbed my shoulders and flipped me over with surprising force, such that I was on top of her. "Then fuck me. Mmmm, god, fuck me little brother. Fuck this p-pussy and make it come... oooh god, fuck me, fuck me hard, that's it... oooooh fuck it's so good. You fuck your big sister so good baby... I'm... oooooh fuck I'm gonna come, Mark... god you're going to make me fucking come.... come with me baby... oooh fucking do it, Mark, fill me with that hot come... god I want it, I want it so bad, I want to feel your come filling me up while my hot cunt squeezes your cock as I come all over it.... oooooh! Oh fuck yes! Fuck yes here it comes baby! Ooooh fuck I'm coming! I'm coming! Come with me baby, please! Oooooh yes, I can feel it! Oh it feels so good. Got I'm coming so fucking hard, your come feels so hot in my pussy, f-f-FUUUUUUUUUCK! Oh god oh god oh god fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK!"

Her pussy clenched up completely, her body tensed, and her hips shot off the bed with enough force to lift me as she fell silent, completely lost in the throes of her orgasm. My cock was still throbbing in her soaking wet pussy, the last of my come mixing with hers as we both struggled to catch our breath.

"Ok you two, break it up."

We both jumped when we heard Kelly's voice coming from the doorway. "Don't scare us like that, you jerk!" yelled Amber, throwing a pillow at our sister.

"Eh," Kelly shrugged. "So what have you two been up to?"

"Oh, like you don't know," I said.

"I bet you were out there listening to us all along," said Amber.

"Well... maybe."

"Room for one more..." cooed Amber, patting the bed with her hand.

"Ooooh," Kelly sighed, clearly excited by the prospect. "Better not."

"Aww, come on," said Amber, breathily, as she slowly walked over to Kelly. She ran her hands over our young sister's tight body and kissed her on the lips. I was instantly hard again, despite having come twice already.

"Mmmm," moaned Kelly, breaking the kiss as she ran a hand over Amber's breast. "I wish I could. Mom and Dad are looking for you. They sent me to come get you."

"Hmmm... maybe later then," said Amber.

"Definitely," said Kelly with a wink.

We got dressed hurriedly and made our way back to the beach, where we tried to act normal for the rest of the day.


It wasn't easy. The day and night dragged on with a series of activities that, while normally quite enjoyable, did nothing to distract any of us from the curtain of lust that hung thick in the air: the beach all day, then dinner, then the boardwalk, then family board games, then a movie... by the time it was all over with, it was past midnight, and we had to get up at seven the following morning to leave. Despite that fact, I was taken aback when Amber said something very logical as we got back to our suite:

"Well, good night."


"Night," said Kelly, cheerfully. I stared at her blankly. "Oh sorry, did you need a pillow or something? It's your night on the couch."

"Uh, no, I just... you know..."

"It's really late, Mark," said Amber with a yawn. "Maybe after we get home."

"Yeah, you're right... I guess. Good night."

"Night," my sisters said in unison. They walked off into the bedroom and closed the door. I was disappointed, but they were right; it was late, and we were all tired. Oh well. I unfolded the bed from the couch and laid down on it. This was an unusually comfortable one, owing to the extra thick mattress inside. It really wasn't too bad at all, in fact. I rolled onto my side as I started to nod off.

I was pulled away from my state of half-sleep by the feel of a hand gently running up and down my arm. It was Amber.

"Hey Mark," she whispered. "We were talking in there, and we realized something: we forgot to kiss you goodnight."

She leaned down and kissed me on the lips, probing my mouth with her tongue. After a second or two, I started to kiss her back, but she pulled away.; Her mouth was quickly replaced with Kelly's, who planted her lips firmly on mine before kissing me hard and passionately. She stiffened her tongue, which was incredibly sexy. I let my hands roam her body as we made out, feeling her small tits and her tight ass. When she finally broke off the kiss, I turned on the lamp next to the couch and looked them over. Kelly was wearing a sexy red satin slip that jutted out just slightly where her tiny nipples poked through and which barely covered her ass. Amber was wearing a bra and panties, both smooth black lace, and her ample cleavage was practically spilling over the top of her bra. They both looked incredibly hot.

"Hey guys," I said, "I thought you were tired."

"Oh come on, Mark, you didn't really believe that, did you?" asked Kelly.

"Yeah, you didn't really think we'd be able to sleep with our hot brother out here, ripe for the taking?" Amber added.

"We were so horny we could barely wait for you to fall asleep so we could surprise you," said Kelly.

"The question is," said Amber, "now that we're here, what should we do next?"

"Hmm... he still seems kind of sleepy," said Kelly in her most girlish voice. "I say we ease him into it nice and slow."

"I think you're right," said Amber, running her nails down my sides. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of my boxer shorts and slowly slid them off, exposing my hard cock. She started pumping me slowly with her hand, up and down, as she looked at me with those gorgeous green eyes. Kelly, meanwhile, sidled up next to her and started kissing her neck and nibbling on her earlobe as she ran her nails over my balls.

"Ooooh," I moaned. "Mmm, that's so hot."

"I think he likes it," Kelly breathed in Amber's ear. Then she turned to face me as she removed her hand from my balls and used it to grope one of Amber's big tits through her bra. "Do you like this? Do you like your two slutty sisters? Does it turn you on, knowing that we're your own flesh and blood and we're here willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy you? Mmm, we'll do anything for you, big brother. And I do mean anything... look at her, Mark. Look at your big sister. Isn't she pretty? I think she just has the prettiest face, don't you? I love those big green eyes, that sexy mouth... but there's more than that, of course. Look at that rack of hers. I mean, really look at it. Isn't it amazing? Those big, round tits, just hanging there, spilling out of her bra... mmm, they look so good, don't they? I bet you loved fucking them, right? Amber told me all about it. She told me you fucked them hard and fast and came all over them... mmm, I got so wet when she was telling me about it, Mark. I'm wet now, too. Do you want to see?"

She reached hand down and dipped a finger into her tight, wet hole, then held it up for me to see before smearing it on the underside of my cock. Amber was jerking me off in earnest now. "Amber likes it when my little pussy gets wet, Mark. She likes the way I taste. But you know, she hasn't eaten me out yet? It's true! She's tasted me on my fingers, and on her fingers, but she's never eaten me out. I've eaten her sweet pussy, but she hasn't returned the favor. Isn't that rude? Mmm, but I digress. I think it's time for her to taste me again, but this time I think she should taste me on your cock. Do you like that idea, Mark?"

I nodded, too stunned and flabbergasted to answer in words.

"Mmm, good. Then suck his cock, Amber!" And like that, Amber moved in close and plunged my cock into her mouth, completely engulfing me. She sucked me hard and fast, bobbing her mouth in my lap so forcefully that her breasts were shaking enticingly.

"Oooh fuck," I groaned.

"Mmm, yeah, does that feel good?" moaned Kelly. She was fingering her tight pussy under her slip now, fucking a finger in and out hard and fast. "Suck that cock, Amber! Suck your brother's nasty dick! Mmmm, fuck, doesn't that look good, Mark? Doesn't that pretty face look amazing going down on you, with those nice full l-lips wrapped around that hard cock? Mmm, fuck... I could watch all day, if I didn't want to suck it so bad myself." She playfully grabbed Amber's hair and lifted her head off of my cock, then immediately swallowed it herself. Amber pouted for a second before a wicked smile overtook her face. She grabbed Kelly's hair and pushed her head further down on my dick.

"You want that cock, you fucking little slut?" She said. "Take it! Mark, I want you to fuck her mouth. Fuck it hard and fast. That's it, baby. Fuck your sister's little whore mouth. You better make it nice and tight for him, you slut! Suck it hard! Mmm yeah, fuck his dick good with that hot little mouth." She reached a hand down and slid a finger into Kelly's pussy. I felt Kelly moan around my cock and move her head harder and faster as I thrust my cock into her throat.

"Oh my god," Amber cried out. "You're such a little whore! I can't even believe what a slut you are! Your pussy is so fucking wet, Kelly... mmm, fuck, it's wet and hot and tight... I can feel it squeezing my finger... pulling it in.... mmm, fuck, here you are, sucking your own brother's cock, and you're totally getting off on it! Oooh, I can tell you like that, huh? You like hearing me talk about what a nasty fucking slut you are, sucking your own brother's cock while your sister finger-fucks your tight little cunt? Oh wow, are you... oh my god, are you coming? You are! You're coming with your own brother's dick in your mouth, you fucking tramp! Mark, she's coming right now. Her pussy is creaming all over my finger..." she pulled her finger out, and it was covered in our sister's thick come. "Mmm," she moaned as she slowly slid it in and out of her mouth, sucking the cream off. "She's right about one thing: I do love the taste of her pussy. I think maybe I should lick her after all, Mark, what do you think? Would you like to watch that? You can, you know. You can do whatever you want with us; we're your sluts. We'll do anything for you, like this little whore said.

"But first, you have to do something for me, Mark. You have to fuck her face. Ride her fucking mouth hard and fast, use it, just use it to get off. That's what it's for, baby. Mmm, that's it. Fuck that hot little mouth. Fuck your sister's cute little face until you come for us!"

"Ooooh fuck, I'm... oooooooooooh..." I moaned. Kelly pulled her face off of my cock and started jerking me off furiously.

"Come, baby," she coaxed me. "Give us that come. Ooooh come on, fucking come for us, we want it so bad. I want to feel your cock throb as it shoots it hot load onto us. I want you to come... see those tits? Look at Amber's big tits, Mark. The tits you fucked once already today. I want you to come all over them, baby. Can you do that for me? Please? I want you to come all over your big sister's tits, so I can lick it off. I want--OOOOOOH!" without warning, a blast of come shot out of my cock and splattered across my baby sister's cute face. She aimed my cock at Amber's rack and continued to jerk me while I spewed my hot load all over my sister's giant tits, coating them in hot, sticky, white come. I came even more than before, maybe more than ever, and by the time I was done, Amber was covered in it; her face, her hair, and her stomach all had white streaks of come running across them, and her big tits in that sexy lace bra were absolutely drenched in come.

"Wow," said Kelly. "Well... I guess those are going to have to come off." She peeled off Amber's underwear and through them in the corner, then they started to lick the come off of each others' faces. "Your come tastes so good, Mark," said Kelly as she pushed Amber down onto the bed. Amber laid down on her back and Kelly resumed cleaning her, sucking a gob of come off of her neck. She licked up a puddle that had formed in Amber's cleavage, then began sucking on her big sister's tits. First she sucked the come off of the tops of them, then she moved down to the nipples. She alternated between them, flicking her tongue across the tips and eliciting gentle moans from Amber. Watching from the other corner of the bed, I was hard again already.

After spending a few minutes working on Amber's tits, Kelly finally moved downward. There was a streak of come that ran from Amber's breasts all the way down to her hips, and Kelly slowly ran her tongue along it, eager not to miss a drop. When she finally reached the end and had licked up all of my come, she kept going, kissing down past Amber's hips, all the way to her pussy. Amber arched her back and moaned when she felt Kelly's hot tongue make contact with her clit. Kelly lapped up and down her big sister's dripping wet slit, slowly at first, flicking her tongue over the clit when she got to the end. Amber was writhing and moaning and grabbing at Kelly's hair to egg her on. The scene was so hot: my gorgeous older sister laid out flat on her back, amazing tits pointing into the air, with our hot younger sister between her legs, eating her out on her knees and elbows with her sexy ass pointing upwards.

An idea struck me; Amber made eye contact with me and I could tell that the same thing had occurred to her simultaneously. I crept up behind Kelly and very quickly grabbed her hips and pushed my cock all the way into her pussy. She was so incredibly tight that it took a few seconds even though I was pushing as hard as I could.

"Mmmmmfffffffff," she moaned into Amber's pussy before pulling away. "Yes! Oh fuck yes! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy Mark ooooh fuck yemffff," her voice was muffled again as Amber pushed her faced back into her pussy.

"Mmm, I think she likes it, Mark," said Amber, grinding her wet cunt on our little sister's face. "Keep fucking her. Mmm, god she's eating me so good. Like a good little slut, while she takes her brother's--mmmmm--hard cock." Kelly was bucking her hips like mad now, fucking me hard as I pounded into her. "Do you like it, Mark? Do you like fucking your little sister?"

"Mmm, yeah," I moaned in reply. "I love it. Ooooh, I love fucking this tight little cunt while she eats you."

"Fuck, you look so hot, Mark. I love watching you fuck her. And she's eating me so--mmmmm, so fucking good! My pussy is sooo w-wet, it's... mmmm, it's amazing. I'm drenching our baby sister's face right now. Have you thought about this before, Mark? Thought about fucking your little sister's tight hot--nnng--c-cunt while she gets me off with her hot m-mmmmouth? Mmmm, it's so hot, isn't it? Or did you not even think we could be so--oooooooh--so s-slutty? Well, we a-are. For you we are, baby. Mmmm, we love being hot little sluts for you. Fuck that pussy, baby. Fuck your sister's little whore pussy. Isn't it amazing that she can take your cock at all? Her pussy is so s-small... so tight... mmm, I love it. I love fingering that pussy, and I know I'm going to love licking it after you fuck her. Ooooh! She's licking me harder now, M-Mark... I think she likes that--ooooh--idea. Fuck her harder, baby. Really p-pound that fucking cock into her tight hole. The harder you f-fuck her little cunt, the b-better she--OOOOH! Ooooh fuck yes, that's it! Mmmm, you must be fucking her really good now, baby! She's licking my clit like c-crazy! Oooooh, and she's pumping two of her little fingers in and out of my cunt... it feels so fucking g-good Mark... mmmm, that's it... eat me baby... oooh fuck her! Fuck her good, baby, I'm getting close! Oooh she's going to make me come, Mark! Our baby sister is going to make my hot pussy come! Oh god, almost there... ooooooooooh here it comes, baby, I--oh! Oh my god! Oh fuck, I'm coming! Ooooh I'm coming so hard! She's getting me off so good, Mark! Mmm, fuck!"

Kelly pulled her face away from Amber's pussy, though she kept pumping her fingers in and out of it. "Fuck! Keep fucking me, baby! I'm coming toooooo!" She started bucking against me even more wildly as she came. "Ooooh I can feel you getting close too baby! Is my pussy good for you? Is your little--fuck!--sister's tight little cunt a good fuck for that hard cock? Ooooh fucking come for me, baby. Fill me up with that hot come. I want it so bad... come in me. God it feels so good. I love your come, Mark. Fill me up with it. Please? Fill me up with your come so this hot slut can eat it out of my little pussy! Ooooh, yeah, that's it. Give it to me! I can feel it... ooh I feel your cock throbbing in me... I can feel your come filling me up... ooooh it feels so good in my pussy, baby... that's it... give it all to me... oooooh fuck it feels so good.... mmm, I love that come so much..."

I slowly pulled out of Kelly's pussy, and she flipped onto her back. As promised, Amber moved between her legs and immediately began licking my come out of her tiny hole.

"Oh! Oooooh, that feels so good!" moaned Kelly, her hips already rubbing her pussy into Amber's face. "Mmmm, yeah, lick that pussy. Eat our brother's hot come out of my pussy... oooh god that feels so good.... mmm, on my clit, baby... lick my clit... ooooh fuck yes. Mmm... god your tongue feels amazing. Oh! Ooooooh fuck... turn around, baby... Mmm I want to eat you... get on top of me... mmmmfffff..." Just like that, my two hot sisters were sixty-nining right before my eyes. They each lapped at the other's pussy with increasing gusto, as the more turned on they got from the other's efforts, the more they gave in return. It was a positive feedback loop that quickly had them each on the verge of orgasm, and that, amazingly, had me hard yet again.\

"Mmm, bring that cock over here, baby," said Kelly, rubbing Amber's clit to make up for pulling away her tongue. "This slut's about to come, and I want to watch her take her brother's cock as she does." Amber did look like she was on the verge; she was practically fucking Kelly's face with her clit, and her whole body was shaking as she moaned into her pussy. "Hurry up," said Kelly. "I don't think sh-shhhhhhhhI don't think either of us is going to last much l-longerrrr..." I quickly moved to Kelly's face and squatted over it, lining my dick up at the entrance to Amber's dripping cunt. Kelly started to lick and suck my balls as I eased the head of my cock into Amber's pussy. Then, I shoved myself all the way in.

"Mmmmmmffffff!" I heard Amber scream from between Kelly's legs. I instantly felt my older sister's pussy squeeze me tight and flood with come as it convulsed around my hard cock. I was barely moving, but she was fucking back against me hard, shaking her body and thrusting her hips as she came on my dick.

Kelly took her mouth off of my balls. "Ooooh god, you guys look so fucking hot!" she moaned. "I can see your dick going into her, Mark... oooooh I can see it going in and out of that hot pussy while it squeezes you and comes all over you. God, what a hot fuck you both are. And--ooooooh!--Amber you're eating me so good baby. Don't stop... ooooh keep eating that little pussy... god, you're going to make me come... you're going to make your little sister's hot little cunt c-come all over that hot toooongue... ooooh fuck don't stop... almost there... oh god, oh god I'm coming! Oooh fuck Amber I'm coming!" Kelly kept fingering Amber's clit as her whole body shook with her orgasm. When they both collapsed, my dick slid out of Amber's pussy and I was seemingly forgotten about as they struggled to catch their breath.

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