The Bet


The musky scent of wet thighs and dripping cock set the mood. Groaning laughter was the soundtrack of the night.

Couples draped across each other, hips thrusting, skin glistening. The room overflowed with naked bodies and the promise of a decadent evening.

A delicate coil tightened low in my belly, coaxing me to shed the tight black dress and arch my back in invitation.

Eyes roamed over the swell bursting from my low cut neckline. One flick of my brow and dozens would crawl to my side.

But it was one set of eyes that held my attention. Two solid, commanding hands that had my body trembling, and begging for his touch.

But I didn't beg. Mostly.

Luke watched me from the shadowed corner, a sea of dancing bodies between us. His dark eyes scorched across my skin and ignited a dangerous pulse between my thighs.

He pressed a glass to his lips, amber liquid swishing at the bottom before it disappeared down his throat. His pink tongue darted out, catching a stray drop and savoring the taste.

I flicked my tongue, mimicking the movement. I planned to enjoy every drop when I finally lowered to my knees and sucked him dry.

Sweat prickled my neck, and my heart beat an erratic rhythm. I rolled my tongue, imagining his salty taste. A moan tightened my throat.

Holding out was proving harder than I thought.

We had been playing this game for a week now, drawing the other in with heated glances and accidental touches. Pushing each other to the edge but refusing to be the first to jump.

It was a fun, playful bet. The prize a marathon session of fucking so hard I would be raw and aching for days. Losing would mean wrapping my lips around Luke's cock and milking him dry every hour on the hour for an entire weekend.

Loosing sounded as good as winning and almost tempted me to throw the bet. My knees trembled in anticipation.

But Luke was as confident as he was sexy and too used to getting his way. Not this time.

My fingers fluttered to the line of fabric stretched tight across my chest. Lace cut at the hard buds beneath.

I scratched a path across one swell and flicked. A spark shot to my belly, tightening the coil.

Luke's eyes flared and dropped to my chest.

My breath stuttered. I bit my lip and forced my body to turn. My unwilling eyes traced a lazy path across the crowded bar.

I would not give in first.

A familiar pair of brown eyes found mine and slid down my body in a careful, slow study. The corner of William's lips tugged up, and he blew out a breath.

The coil twisted and stroked from the inside, coaxing a sticky warmth to pool between my legs.

My body remembered Williams, but his touch wouldn't be enough to satisfy this craving for Luke.

"You need to stay away from William." Warm breath purred in my ear.

A shiver tickled my spine. I straightened my shoulders and kept my eyes locked on Williams. His lids lowered and eyes focused on mine. His enraptured stare reminded me of the way he pumped his cock in my face and watched his seed dribble off the tip of my nipple. "Afraid I will fuck him?"

Heat from Luke's body teased my back, so close I could almost touch him. "You'll forfeit if you do."

The rules. Fucking of any kind was an automatic loss.

His breath prickled the hairs on my neck. "Maybe I should let you."

My breast swelled and ached, a spark of need shot to my clit and soaked my panties.

Fingers slid into my hair, threaded through the strands and tugged. The burn forced a gasp from my parted lips. "I could watch William spread your legs and see that lovely pussy all hot and greedy."

Warmth boiled in my veins and flushed up my neck. I sucked in a breath and resisted the urge to grind my ass against Lukes' thighs.

He sensed my need and thrust his hips against my dress, nestling his solid cock between my cheeks. "But Williams cock isn't why your pussy is dripping. Is it?"

Two hands gripped my hips, anchoring my body. The sharp edge of metal scratched at my dress in long, deliberate strokes. "You're wet." He moaned against my shoulder. "I can smell it."

Pulses of electricity gripped my clit, the tiny bud swelling with each thrust. My eyes fluttered closed, breaking Williams stare. I focused on the hard cock rubbing a slow, teasing pace against me.

"Fuck." He growled.

I could feel my resistance slipping. I was going to give in. I was going to lose the bet.

My lips were going to stretch until they burned and I was going to gag on his fat cock. My head rolled back, thumping against his shoulder.

Lukes hand slid over my shoulder, dropped to my heaving chest and slipped beneath the fabric.

Heat exploded up my neck and moisture evaporated from my mouth. My body slumped against him, drinking in the smooth slide of his skin on mine.

His palm engulfed my tit and squeezed, squashing the plump skin between his fingers. My nipples hardened, and his thumb flicked, scratching the sensitive tip and sending a quiver down my spine.

My lips parted, and a moan ripped up my throat.

Luke pushed himself away, empty air filling the space between us.

"You need to leave." His words barely left his lips before my wrist was in his grip. He dragged me toward the exit.

The door cracked against the wall and we burst into the night. My breath misted in the cold, evening air.

Luke raised his arm into traffic.

A yellow cab pulled up beside us and I yanked my wrist free. "What the hell is happening here?"

Luke turned to me, hands shoving between the shaggy mess on his hair. "You're driving me crazy."

My bottom lip dropped, and my eyes widened, taking in his flushed cheeks and panting breath. "Are you about to give in?"

Green sparked in his eyes. "I don't chase girls. They chase me."

My lips curved into a sly smirk. "Not this one."

Luke's arms caged around me, pressing against the cold metal door. Heat from his chest burned my skin, so close I couldn't tell if he was touching me or not. Was Luke going kiss me? Was he going to admit defeat and lick my cunt until I cried out?

My clit twitched. I pressed my thighs together, and rubbed, trying to ease the ache.

Luke shoved himself away from the cab. "You're a minx, and I'm going to enjoy watching those big blue eyes water as I ram my cock so far down your throat you won't be able to breathe."

Moisture pooled in my mouth as the image bombarded me.

I sucked in a breath and reached between my legs. One finger slid across my thigh, coating the tip in my juices.

I lifted the damp finger to Luke, hovering it just in front of his mouth. "Don't you want a taste?"

His nostrils flared.

I grinned and shoved the finger into my mouth, dragging it between my lips and out with a pop.

The musky taste burst on my tongue and I bit back the moan. I had to leave before I stripped off my dress and begged Luke to fuck me on the sidewalk.

My fingers curled around the handle and clicked the door open. I scrambled onto the seat.

Luke sucked in a breath and closed his eyes like he was trying to regain control of himself.

They snapped open and snaked to me, fluorescent green and scorching my skin. His dark hair leaned into the passenger window and he handed a $100 bill to the driver. "1421 4th Ave West. Walk her to the door."

The cab driver nodded, his eyes finding mine in the review mirror as he pulled away.

I slumped back into the seat.

My thighs ached like I needed to run for miles, but that wouldn't help. I squeezed them together, the friction fueling the fire already raging.

I shoved both hands into my hair and blew out a breath. A wild recklessness begged me to give in, to drop to my knees and swallow every drop of his salty taste just to ease this ache. I know Luke wanted me, I could feel it in his touch, see it in his eyes. Luke Reynolds, the guy who never chased women, was almost at the point of begging me to fuck him. That was almost enough to send me over the edge and would make my climax so much sweeter.

Giddiness bubbled in my chest.

Would he fuck me at his place or mine? On the bed or against a wall?

Alone, or with another?

Luke's question about William rushed to my thoughts. Would he fuck me at the same time as William?

Would he want my ass or my cunt?

My thighs ached. I was getting desperate.

I shifted on the seat, and my eyes darted to the front of the cab. The driver was looking forward, focused on the traffic, oblivious to the heat pulsing from my body.

I licked my lips and pressed a palm to the fabric dipping between my thighs, my fingers played with the edge. Could I do it?

Luke and I both agreed that touching of any kind was forfeit. My fingers stroked the line of skin just beneath the dress. It had been over a week since an orgasm had wracked through my body.

Had Luke touched himself? Had he pictured my lips and tugged at his cock until it burst?

My throat bobbed, and my fingers shifted higher.

I blew out a slow, uneven breath. My stomach twisted, and my chest fluttered. How would Luke know?

I parted my legs slowly, keeping focused on the driver's attention. He wouldn't. I could fuck myself in the back of this cab and Luke would never know.

I blew out a breath. I couldn't lie like that.

The tips of my fingers curled beneath the black jersey fabric. Nails lightly scratched the tender flesh of my inner thighs. An ache throbbed inches from my fingers. I would have to tell him.

My hand dipped beneath dress and slid down my inner thigh, settling at the wet heat between. The memory of Luke's breath hot on my neck, his dick pressed against my ass haunted me. My insides coiled tight like I was hanging on the edge, ready to ignite with one flick.

I didn't care if I forfeited. I needed to cum.

Tremors rippled down my legs, and my eyes rolled. I squeezed my lips together and pressed them to my shoulder, trying to muffle the groan.

I could smell Luke on my skin, scotch and aftershave. My mouth watered.

My fingers pushed aside the elastic, exposing my swollen lips to the cold night air. I flicked and stroked, sliding between the wet, sticky heat then plunged. Two fingers shoved inside, and I convulsed, muscles spasming and clenching, greedy for more.

My nipples peddled until they hurt. One hand reached up, ripped the lace to the side and let the cool night air sooth them.

My fingers squelched deep inside. The coil tugged tighter, pressure building, threatening to burst in an exquisite release. I wasn't going to last long.

Leather creaked, and air hissed. I looked up and into two full glistening eyes staring at me through the rearview mirror.

Heat ripped up my neck, and a panic gasped choked my lungs.

My hand stilled. I yanked my fingers, trying to pull them free. The movement flicked my nails across my clit and caused my thighs to spasm.

My mouth dropped open, and a moan pushed up my throat. I should stop. But I couldn't.

My fingers slid down and pushed, slipping past the ripple of muscle and shoving into my impatient cunt.

My head dropped back my eyes closed, picturing Luke's green eyes. I wanted to fuck him, taste him.

My wrist worked an uneven rhythm, thrusting my fingers in and out. Juices pooled in my palm and dripped down my legs.

I reached up and pinched an aching nipple. The burn shot straight to my core and the wall of muscle gripped my fingers sucking them even tighter. Would Luke's cock be smooth or ribbed?

Heat prickled every inch of my skin. White dots blurred my vision. I pinched and pushed, sending a coil of lust twisting into an uncontrollable frenzy. The back of my head pressed harder into the seat. I couldn't hold back the moan this time.

A deeper, raspier moan filled the small space. My eyes flutter open as my body convulsed.

The driver's eyes hooded and trained on my thighs. Lips parted, chest heaving. One set of knuckles whitened against the steering wheel. The other gripped the small dick jutting out of his open fly. Skin slapped against skin. He tugged harder and faster, the mushroom head swelling and turning a darker shade of purple.

The driver threw his head back and groaned. Streams of white shoot from his dick, spilling onto the steering wheel and the dashboard.

My fingers curled looking for that sweet spot and rubbed. Sparks exploded, and my body jerked, a groan ripped from my parted lips.

My head lolled from side to side, as a wave of relief washed over me.

The cab driver slumped over the steering wheel, his back rising with each shaky breath.

I blew out a puff of air, Luke's sexy smirk breaking into my moment of bliss. I broke the rules and forfeited the win.

My lips curled into a lazy grin. It was worth it.

I pulled out my phone and snapped a photo of my fingers glistening between my thighs.

I opened up a new text to Luke but noticed an unopened one waiting for me.

His swollen cock engulfed the screen, fist curled around it and cum dripping from the tip. I need you.

It was time stamped 10 minutes ago.

Luke forfeited the bet first.

My stomach flipped, and I resisted the urge to squeal.

I hit reply and forwarded my picture. My apartment. One hour.

My mouth watered. It didn't matter that I won, I planned on tasting Lukes cock every hour for the rest of the night.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous07/29/17

No bet

Wife and I play these games. We like to tease until one can't stand it. Love the story. Waiting for another tease story.

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by celticlady07/12/17


is such a strong aphrodisiac! I want to place a similar wager!

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by JJMemaw062307/12/17


What an incredible slide into an orgasm!! Awesome writing skill describing the experience she had and the agony of trying to wait to win the bet. I know the joys of giving a great blowjob. I love how hotmore...

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by Anonymous07/06/17


That was incredibly hot - please post the next installment soon!

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by Anonymous07/05/17

What a ride

Great story - Thank you. Keep them teasing

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