The Bet Ch. 02


This story is about a young college coed who makes a bet with her longtime rival. She soon learns that her bitchy attitude and a stupid bet could cost more than a bit of humiliation. This chapter picks up where chapter one left off so I would suggest you read chapter 1 first. I welcome your comments and votes. I need to say that everyone depicted in this story is over the age of 18. And I must acknowledge Rose A Leigh for her help in editing this story.


Taylor stood cuffed to the flagpole for the next couple hours. She was gagged, bound, and naked except for the painted on bikini. Her mind was filled with everything she was going to do to Ky once she got out of this. But first she would pay off her bets. She had no choice. There was no way in HELL she was going to let Ky keep those pictures. This might be bad, but if those pictures got out, it would be ten times worse.

It was just after lunch when Ash and Nicole showed up. Both were giggling as they approached. Taylor knew they were laughing at her, but she had done the same when they lost a bet to her and she had humiliated them. They finally got to her and pulled the gag out of her mouth.

"Okay guys, you've had your laughs, this is serious. I think everyone on campus has seen me and you wouldn't believe the comments and taunts. I'm keeping track and I'm going to get each and every one of them back!" Taylor spat.

"Oh really, what did they say? Did they talk about your fat thighs? Or was it your fat ass?" Ash giggled.

"Fuck you sis, you just jumped to the top of my list." Taylor barked back. "Look, I'm dying of thirst. Can you get me something to drink? The sun is hot as hell. I'm burning up." Taylor asked her friend and sister.

Ash nodded and turned to head for the student center to buy a drink, when Taylor called out, "Oh some sunscreen too. Ky washed off what I put on this morning so the paint would take."

"Sure, Thunder!" Ash called back.

Taylor glared at her sister as she walked away, and then turned to Nicole, "The bitch, ragging on me when I'm helpless. I won't forget it either." She said.

"Hey Tay, remember when you won that bet and made her run from one end of campus to the other and back in that crop top and short skirt with 'spank me' on the ass? I think she's being pretty easy on you. At least no one is listening to her comments." Nicole answered.

"I don't care, I'm naked and tired. Besides, she's my sister." Taylor barked.

It was a few minutes later when Ash returned with a large bottle of cold water and a can of spray-on sunscreen. Taylor smiled when Nicole opened the bottle and put it to her lips. She raised the bottle and poured it into Taylor' mouth, but of course she poured in too much and the overflow ran down her chin and down her chest.

Taylor sputtered and choked, then shut her mouth, sending lots more water all over her naked and painted chest.


"Hey, Ky said it wouldn't run unless you get caught in a downpour. This little bit of water won't hurt." Nicole answered.

"What, you talked to Ky? You traitor. Are you helping her humiliate me? Now give me a drink but slower, bitch." Taylor spat.

"No, I'm not helping Ky, but if you're gonna cop an attitude I might." Nicole answered back. Not waiting for a response, she started to pour the water in Taylor's mouth again.

Taylor kept quiet as Nicole poured the entire large bottle down her throat. She never let her say anything and kept pouring until the bottle was empty.

Then it was Ash's turn. She opened the spray can of sunscreen and started to coat Taylor's body. She sprayed and sprayed again and again until her body glistened. Taylor didn't say a word; it wouldn't do any good, so she just closed her eyes and waited until Ash was done.

Finally when the can sputtered and quit spraying, Taylor opened her eyes and said "Thanks guys, I'm sorry I was a bitch, but this has been the worst day of my life."

Taylor looked at Ash and Nicole as they nodded in response. She was surprised when Ash blushed and a second later, Nicole put the gag back in her mouth. They told her they had to get to class and rushed off.

Taylor wondered why the rush, but decided to just close her eyes and wait for Ky to come back to free her hands. She dozed for a while until she heard lots of snickers and giggles. She opened her eyes and there were about twenty students looking at her, pointing and laughing. She looked down and gasped. Her painted bikini was running. There were long streaks of paint running down her belly and legs. She wasn't naked, but if it kept up, she soon would be.

Taylor was panicking, sure she had been naked and cuffed to the flagpole for a few hours, but the painted bikini had covered her nudity. Only if you looked very closely could you tell, and even then it was difficult to see. Now with the paint running, she would soon be exposed.

Taylor tried to hide, but with her hands behind her back it wasn't possible. She looked back at her body and realized the streaks had stopped, but her struggling caused her to start sweating and that made the paint start running again. Now she was really trapped. If she struggled and sweat, the paint would run faster. If she stood still, it would run anyways, though much slower. She closed her eyes and prayed for Ky to return.

Taylor stood there in the hot sun. The water she drank only gave her body the hydration needed to sweat more, plus she had to piss now. 'Oh god, can this get any worse? How long can I hold it?' She thought.

Suddenly the sun was gone. Taylor looked up and a cloud was blowing by. She breathed a sigh of relief as she saw more clouds behind it. 'At least the sun is gone so I won't sweat as much now.' Went through her mind.

Taylor waited and stood still, doing everything she could to not sweat. The clouds helped, but when she looked up again she gasped. Off in the distance there was a massive black cloud coming this way. 'Fuck, it's going to rain. I'll be naked if I can't get out. Fuck, I'm so fucked!' She thought.

Taylor looked around. The crowd saw the oncoming storm and scattered. She prayed that Ky would show up and let her out. Taylor watched as the clouds moved closer. Then she heard a rumble of thunder and now it was serious. She was cuffed to a long metal flagpole and, with lightning and thunder, her life was in danger. The closer the storm the more scared she was. It started to sprinkle and she figured this was the end.

Taylor didn't see Ky walk up behind her. When she felt a touch on her shoulder, she just about jumped out of her skin.

"Ky! Thank god you're here! Let me go, I'm cuffed to a big lightning rod. You have to let me go!" She begged as tears ran down her cheeks.

"So, you give up?" Ky gushed. "I can't wait to open the envelope." She announced.

"God Ky, I could be killed! And even if I'm not, the rain will wash away the paint. I can't be left out here naked." Taylor argued.

"Not my problem. You said you would stay out here cuffed to the flagpole in a bikini all day. I can't help it if it storms." Ky had the advantage and was going to use it.

"Please Ky, I'm begging you! I completed the bet, and I'll dress as you want tomorrow, just let me go." Taylor was really begging now as it started to rain harder.

"If I let you go, I get the pictures. Unless you want to earn them back..." Ky offered.

"What, earn them back? How?" Taylor seized the lifeline.

"You will agree to do ten tasks for me, one for each picture. You do a task you get a pic. It's that simple. If you don't, I keep the picture, plus I get to take another one. All you have to do is complete ten tasks and you're free." Ky explained.

"What sort of tasks? What would I have to do?" Taylor asked. With it raining harder, she knew she only had a few minutes before she would be naked.

"Whatever I tell you, no questions asked. You have about a minute before I walk away and I'm guessing about two minutes before you're naked." Ky turned up the pressure.

"There's no way I can agree to that. I need to know what I'm expected to do! Tell me what I'll be doing." Taylor was trying to bargain, but time was running out.

"Sorry, no time, you'll just have to endure the storm." Ky said and started to walk away.

"WAIT! Please Ky, this isn't fair! Just let me go and we can negotiate the terms." Taylor was pleading now.

"You either agree to the terms or ride out the storm." Ky demanded and turned to walk away again. This time she got about twenty feet away before Taylor screamed.


Ky smiled and turned back to Taylor. She pointed her phone towards Taylor and said "Say it again in detail, bitch."

"I'll do the tasks, one task for each picture. If I fail a task, you get to keep the picture and also take another one." Taylor said, her voice weak and defeated.

Ky smiled and stepped behind Taylor and unlocked a cuff, but before Taylor could move, she reattached the cuff on the other side of the flagpole. Taylor was free from the pole, but still helpless with her hands trapped behind her. Ky reached around her captive and grabbed the leash. She jerked it and pulled Taylor over to a bus shelter.

Taylor was just happy to get out of the rain. Her painted suit was rapidly disappearing and any shelter was better than out in the rain.

"Thank you, Ky." Taylor said quietly.

"Oh don't thank me yet," Ky said as she pushed Taylor's body against the glass walls of the shelter. Her painted tits pushed against the wall, leaving a smudge on the glass. Before Taylor could react, Ky knelt down behind her and snapped a set of cuffs on each ankle. Suddenly Taylor wasn't just cuffed, she was shackled. She started to complain when Ky held up the gag.

"Do I have to gag you too?" She asked.

Taylor didn't want that and shook her head no. They stood in the glass bus shelter and waited for the summer storm to pass. About twenty minutes later, the rain slowed down and stopped. Ky pulled on Taylor's leash and they crossed the campus, Ky fully dressed, and Taylor almost naked with paint streaks all over her body, cuffed and shackled in stripper heels. Taylor had trouble keeping up with Ky, the short chain between her ankles limiting her severely. She was practically jogging with short, tiny steps. Ky kept turning around and laughing at how ridiculous she looked.

They finally arrived back at Ky's dorm room and Taylor was able to breathe again. She stood just inside the door and waited. She wasn't sure what to do. For the moment, the strong confident woman from this morning was gone and replaced with a submissive, naked, and painted slave.

Taylor wanted to get away as quickly as possible but, with her hands and feet restrained, there was no way she could leave. Ky pulled out the envelope and opened it. The SD card fell out on her desk. She turned to Taylor and smiled as she pushed the card into an adapter and connected it to her computer. She made a big scene as she downloaded the pictures to her hard drive and a flash drive or two. Ky then turned to Taylor and said, "So, here is the deal. Tomorrow you will show up here just like you did this morning. I will give you your outfit for the day. You will wear only what I give you until 5 PM, at which point you can come back and change back into your own clothes."

Taylor nodded.

"The next day, I will give you a task. Sometimes I will be there to watch you, other times you will bring back video evidence of completing it. I will give you a time limit for each task. If you complete the task, I will let you watch me delete one picture from my hard drive, SD card, and these two flash drives. If you don't complete the task within the time limit, I have the choice to keep the pics of you attempting that task or a previous one, or you will pose in any way I wish so as to add to my collection. You have to complete ten tasks to get all the original pics back. Plus additional tasks for any you previously failed to complete."

Taylor started to complain but thought better of it. She knew she was in no position to barter.

"Oh, and one other thing, the tasks are totally up to me, no discussions, and no negotiations. You either do the task or fail." Ky said with a note of finality in her voice.

Taylor again nodded as Ky stood up and released her cuffs and shackles. Taylor stood waiting until Ky asked, "Well, what are you waiting on?"

"My clothes," Taylor answered quietly.

"Oh, they're down the hall in the other room, just go down and knock." Ky said and pushed Taylor out the door.

Taylor stood in the hallway for a second. She was naked, her body streaked in paint, and standing in a dorm hallway. Looking up and down the hall, she didn't see anyone. She quickly took off running towards the room of the man who painted her bikini. She rushed to the door and knocked, waiting for a couple seconds. There was no answer. Taylor knocked louder and felt a flash of fear rush through her body. Again there wasn't an answer, now she was panicking. She looked back down the hall and saw there were several students entering from the stairs at the far end. "Shit," she mumbled, that way was Ky's room. Now it was serious. Classes must have ended and soon there would be students everywhere. 'Fuck where is he?' She asked herself. This time she pounded on the door, praying he was just sleeping and not gone. She was just about to run down the hall to the other stairs when the knob turned and a groggy man opened the door.

"What the fuck do you want?" He barked, and then his eyes focused and saw Taylor standing there in all her painted glory.

"Oh it's you, did it rain that hard?" He asked.

Taylor didn't answer but pushed past him and into his room.

"I need my clothes and I need them now!" She demanded.

'Okay, okay! They're over in the corner." He answered and pointed towards the corner by the dresser.

Taylor rushed to her clothes and quickly put them on. It was then that she realized that Ky hadn't removed the collar from around her neck. She reached up to undo the clasp, but couldn't unbuckle the collar.

"Get this off me!" She barked at him. He walked behind her and moved her hair then laughed.

"Sorry, there's a lock and I don't have the key. Go back to Ky and have her take it off." Taylor was pissed as the collar was tight around her neck and there was no way to hide it. She stormed out of the man's room and back to Ky's. On the way down the hall she passed several other students and each one laughed or snickered. She blushed as she knew they had all seen her cuffed to the pole. When she got to Ky's room, there was a note addressed to her. She pulled it off the door and opened it.


I forgot to take off your collar but that's okay. You can wear it until tomorrow, or complete your first task and get a picture back. If you don't want to give me an additional picture for my collection, then here is what you must do. I know you are wearing a zip up sweatshirt. Do not zip it up but leave it open. I want everyone to see your slut tattoo and your semi-painted tits. Your task is to visit the library, the student center, and Mickey "D's". You will have someone take a picture at each location, as well as the walk between each place. Go to each place in order. I will check the data in the picture files and will know if you did as ordered. Make sure I can identify where you are. No pics from the bathrooms or in some unknown room. Do not hold the sweatshirt closed or you fail. Again, I will know as there will be someone watching you on your adventure. The final stop is the girl's locker room, and in locker 125 will be the key. It's your choice, do the task and get a pic deleted, or don't and I get another one. Have fun, Thunder.


Taylor groaned. The library was on the opposite side of the campus from the student center, and Mickey D's was all the way back again. Plus, the girl's locker room was at least a half mile from Mickey D's. She would have to cover the entire campus with her tits exposed and slut clearly visible. She stood there for a few moments deciding what to do. If she didn't do this, Ky would get another picture. If she did it, she would be humiliated all over again. She sighed in resignation and unzipped her sweatshirt, pulling it open. She hadn't thought this day could get any worse, but now instead of Ky humiliating her, she was doing it to herself.

The walk to the library was almost a ¼ mile from Ky's dorm. The path passed by almost all the classrooms and was always busy. Taylor kept her head down and tried not to look at anyone as she walked past, but she couldn't help but hear almost all of their comments.

"Hey, she was cuffed to the flagpole."

"Look her tits are out!"

"I love the slut on her chest!"

"Hey babe, nice suit."

"I heard someone call her thunder thighs!"

With each comment Taylor wanted to scream and put them all down. But right now she needed someone to take a picture. The problem was not only to find someone to take it, but where, so Ky would be able to recognize the place.

About halfway there, Taylor walked up to a statue with a fountain of one of the founders of Hampton. It was the perfect place to get a picture, now she had to find someone to take it. She looked around and off to the side on a bench was a lone student, his nose buried in a book. She didn't recognize him and that was perfect. Taylor walked up to him and asked, "Do you mind taking my picture?" She said in her best sexy voice.

The man looked up at her, his black rimmed glasses down his nose with tape holding the frame together. His mouth dropped and his eyes locked on her chest. Taylor wanted to scream at him to look up at her face, but she needed him to take the picture, so she pulled the sweatshirt open a bit more.

"Please, I'm in the middle of a dare and I need this to complete it." She asked.

The nerd nodded his head and jumped up, dumping his books all over the ground. Taylor groused as he was drawing attention to them and barked, "Jesus, just take the picture already."

She was suddenly surprised when the geeky nerd suddenly grew some balls and barked back. "I saw you earlier in front of the student center. You're doing more than a dare. Take off the sweatshirt and go stand in the fountain around the statue." He demanded.

Taylor was taken aback at his response.

"No way am I standing in the fountain. Forget it jerk." She barked back at him.

"Then fuck off slut, and find someone else." He said and sat back down.

Taylor looked around and although there were others around, she knew at least a few of them, and all were in groups. The nerd was the only person alone. She could obey his demands or ask a group to take the picture.

"Okay, I'll do it but please be quick." She said and handed him her phone.

The geek smiled and held out his hand. It was obvious what he wanted. Taylor looked around and no one seemed to be watching, so she slipped her sweatshirt off her shoulders and handed it to him. He dropped her sweatshirt on his books and pointed at the fountain. Taylor crossed her arms and stepped in to it. She walked into the calf-high water and moved close to the statue. She watched as he fumbled with her phone and called out, "Take it already."

Just as he brought up the camera, the fountain came alive and started to spray water everywhere. Taylor squealed at the cold water soaking her body just as he took the picture. She jumped out of the fountain and noticed almost everyone in the area looking at her half naked. She was glad she still had the painted bikini as she grabbed the phone from his hands. She quickly checked to see if he took the picture and groaned as it caught her with a spray directly hitting her tits and her mouth wide open as she screamed. It was too late to do another so she ran to her shirt, slipped it on, and ran down the path.

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