tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Bet Ch. 02: The Challenge

The Bet Ch. 02: The Challenge



She smiled at me.

"So tell me more EVA," I said, playfully emphasizing her name.

What would you like to hear about MICHAEL?" she said with the same playfulness emphasis.

I smile at her, "I want to know sexy stuff, talk dirty to me, tell me a fantasy. Tell me your best sexual experience."

"You don't ask for much do you?"

"You're the one who started this."

"True enough. But you haven't told me anything. I think it's your turn to talk."

I looked at her for a moment. Shrugging, I said, "Oooooorrrrrrrrrr I give you a full body massage as you tell me more about you." She sucked in her breath as she looked at me.

"Damn, you know I have a weakness for massage."

I grinned and raised my eyebrows at her.

"I hate you."

"Yeah I know, but it's a win-win for us. Cuz I get to molest you while pretending it's for a massage and I hear some sexy stories while you get the experience of my magic hands."

Raising her eyebrows, "Magic hands?" she said doubtfully.

"I'm not saying I'm spectacular at giving massages, but I will say I've never had a complaint."

She rolls her eyes so I hop up from the couch and went to get a towel and massage oil. On the way back, I adjusted the lighting to a dull glow, and then laid the towel out on the floor of my living room. I walked over to her and held out my hand. She looked up as she put her hand in mine. I gently pulled her up to a standing position. At 5' 7" she was a hand width below my six feet. For a moment we stood staring in each other's eyes.

"You ready?" I asked.

She nodded, "How do you want me?"

"Naked and moaning my name in pleasure."


"Huh, oh, nothing, I said take off the shirt and lay down on the towel."

She eyed me for a moment, "Yeah, I must be hearing things. I thought I heard something else."

Smiling innocently, "Nope."

She turned her back and quickly pulled off her white spaghetti strap tank top. With a quick glance over her shoulder, she laid down on the towel.

For a minute my eyes roamed over her, admiring her body, lingering on the curves and valleys. The soft light gave her tanned skin a golden glow. The only thing she was wearing was a white cotton thong, leaving her entire backside on display. She had impossibly long, well-toned, shapely legs. They reached the cutest little ass I'd ever seen. Firm and round, each cheek was beautifully defined, begging to be grasped while framed by the flare of her hips and the tight curve of her waist. There was a visible cleft between her cheeks and legs and her body had the musculature of someone who worked out hard and often.

Shaking my head, I couldn't believe my luck. She was one of the most gorgeous creatures I'd ever seen and she was half naked in my living room.

I thought back to when I first met her. It had been at a party thrown by my motorcycle club, I had waited to talk to her because I'd just gotten out of a bad relationship, plus every guy there was hounding after her, so it had been months later that we'd finally talked. It had been at a party during a Ronda Rousey fight and we had made a bet on the fight, things quickly escalated and in the end she'd lost and had to be my maid, complete with a sexy backless French maid outfit I'd bought her.

She cleared her throat, "You going to stare all day or are you going to massage me?"


"Yeah, I'll bet."

"Can you blame me for admiring the view? It's pretty incredible."

"Hmph, thank you," she said. "Now get to massaging if you want to hear any more stories from me."

"Yes ma'am."

I straddled her butt and poured some oil into my hands and spread it over her back. For a few minutes I worked in silence rubbing the oil into her skin. Her body was a strange mixture of hard muscle and soft skin, her muscles tight and rippled as I dug my fingers in. She moaned softly while I worked.

"I'll take that as an agreement of my 'magic hands.'"

"Mmmmm, okay okay, I admit, they're awesome, they're great, all hail your magic hands. Don't stop."

Laughing, I said, "As long as you keep talking."

"Fine, what do you want to hear next?" she asked.

"Tell me something crazy."

"This is between us right? You're not going to tell everyone are you?"

"Never, scout's honor."

"Okay, I guess I can trust you at this point. I'm something of an exhibitionist."


"Yes, I like to wear sheer summer dresses and bright thongs. I like it when guys walk behind me and see that I'm wearing a red or pink thong or whatever color I happen to have on. I've had a few comments on it and it always makes me laugh."

"What do they say?"

"Nothing crazy, mostly stuff like 'nice panties or something,' I'll look at them and wink, it's fun being naughty. I love showing off my ass," she said. "I like wearing very short skirts and flashing my panties when I sit down."

"You like to show off your body, huh?"

"I work out too much and too hard not to show it off," she replied. "I also love wearing sexy panties. I like cute ones, sexy ones, sheer ones, I love saying the word 'panties' in conversation. Each has a different personality for when I wear them. I wear sheer ones with skirts so that if anyone catches a peek they may see my racing stripe. I like wearing thongs and low cut jeans so that when I bend over anybody to the side or behind me can see that I wearing a thong and what color it is. Sometimes I like bikini cut panties, they make me feel cute. I like wearing them with a white t-shirt or wife beater as I walk around my apartment. I like to wear the shirt tight, so that my nipples harden and poke out. I like to leave my curtains open a little, it turns me on a little to think I might get seen."

"Wow, that's sexy," I said. "Ever had somebody see you?"

"A few times, also there was one pizza guy ..." she trailed off.

"Sounds interesting, tell me more."

"God, I can't believe I'm telling you this story. It happened while I was still active in the Marine Corps. I was a sergeant and had my own apartment out in town."

At that moment I scooted down her legs and dug my hands into her ass. She gasped and tightened her cheeks as I worked my fingers into them. She let out another low moan. Smiling I continued to massage her butt. I was getting hard so I shifted and worked on her sides pushing my thumbs into her cheeks, her hips flexed ever so slightly in time with my ministrations and her breathing became ragged.

Seeing her caught up in the moment and wanting to test how much I could get away with I paused, reached for her waistband and without warning tugged her panties down to below her ass. I then resumed massaging as if I had done nothing out of the ordinary.

She froze for a second, but as I continued her massage she resumed her happy squirming and enjoyed herself. Beginning her story.

"So one day, I finished running a marathon. It was early spring and the first one I'd ever done so I was dog tired. On the way home I decided to get a pizza for lunch and stopped by a local place called Michelangelo's. I ordered a pepperoni and jalapeno and the cashier told me it would be 20 minutes. I was exhausted and really didn't feel like waiting."

"I asked him if he would deliver it to my house. The cashier kind of looked at me funny, he was six foot, dirty blonde, lean and good-looking."

"After a shrug, he told me no problem and I told him I'd see him in thirty."

"I winked at him as I left the store."

"I don't know what had gotten into me, but I was definitely in a mood. So I went home, stripped and hopped in the shower. When I got out I wrapped a towel around me and tried to decide what to wear. I wanted to tease him. I thought about answering the door naked, but was I worried that I might get raped that way," Eva laughed.

I agreed, "Yeah, I would have a hard time not raping you if you did that."

"I was thinking about how far I wanted to go. T-shirt and panties, bra and panties, a t-shirt, but I'm still in a towel and I guess I didn't notice the time because while I'm trying to decide the doorbell rings."

"I went and looked and it was him, so I decided to go with what I had on. It was a normal dark blue bath towel and when I pulled it tight and rolled the top it barely covered my butt."

"I opened the door and there he was with my pizza."

"I told him, 'Wait here, I'll get you a tip.'"

"I grabbed the pizza and as I walked away I practically felt his eyes on me, I made sure to bend over as I put the order on my counter and got money. He didn't know it but I saw his reflection in the window in my kitchen and he was staring the whole time. I felt the draft so I knew he had at least a partial view of my ass."

"It was a thrill knowing he was looking, it felt sexy and controlling. When I handed him the tip I was a little surprised he talked to me."

"He told me, 'By the way, I'm Rick and if you ever want another pizza delivered call me directly, here's my number.'"

"Then he handed me a paper with his number."

"You trusted him that quick?" I asked.

"He seemed to understand the game, he didn't act rash and he didn't try to touch, he just looked. Since I knew where he worked and he'd already been to my house it seemed safe," Eva said.

By this time I was on her side and rubbing her legs, I massaged her calves and she wiggled her butt a little.

"You going to pull my panties up or leave them like this all night?" Eva asked.

"Actually, I was going to pull them down," I laughed. Eyes wide, she quickly looked over her shoulder at me. "But I suppose if you'd prefer I'll pull them up."

I tugged her panties back into place on her hips, but I made a mental note that she'd made no move to grab them when I had said I was going to pull them down.

"Continue your story."

"After that it became a thing, every few weeks I'd text him directly for a pizza and he'd deliver it."

"The next time I called for a delivery was a couple of weeks later, I put on a white t-shirt and a pair of white cotton thong panties with little red hearts all over them. My t-shirt was a midriff and barely came to my belly button."

"When I opened the door I played it cool like nothing out of the ordinary was happening. Then I did the same routine, grabbed the pizza and told him I'd go get his money. When I walked away I put a little extra sway in my hips and made sure to bend over when I put the pizza on the counter and grabbed the money. I stayed that way for a second then I looked back over my shoulder. 'I only have twenties, do you have change?' Sure enough, he was staring at me again but he just smiled when he saw I'd caught him."

"Uhmmm, what?"

"I said I only have a twenty, do you have change?"

"Yeah, uh, I think so."

"He reached for his pockets, I was smiling as I walked back to him. 'Never mind, keep the change, for the tip.'"

"I don't really need more of a tip ma'am."

"No ma'am's, at this point I think you can call me Eva."

"Eva it is."

"We never texted conversations or chatted by phone, but every few weeks I would ask if he was working and he tell me. If he was off or anything I would wait till the next time he was working."

"We had fun with it and I kept escalating my outfits."

"Like what?" I asked.

"One time I had a really thin and worn shirt, very see through, I'd tied a knot in it so it exposed my midriff and I played with my nipples right before I opened the door, they were nice and hard and poking out and I was wearing a tiny black string bikini panty that barely covered my ass."

"We chatted as I took the pizza and got the money. After the first time he didn't try to be clever, he would openly stare at me."

"'Love the shirt' was all he said when I gave him the money."

"How long did this go on?"

"About six months, I got creative with the outfits too. I cut a wife beater till it barely covered my nipples, it showed a lot of underboob and the smallest bit of brown areola below my nipples. That got his attention, he made a point to talk to me for a while as I stood in my doorway wearing pink thong panties and a shirt that barely passed as a dishrag. We talked a little bit more each time, I'd chat with him while he checked me out. I texted him once if he had a request, so the next time with my pizza was a small package, he told me to open it after he left, inside was a red silk midriff babydoll and g-string with a note to wear this next time."

"So I did, he g-string was sheer so I shaved completely smooth for him. He saw everything, it left nothing to the imagination, that time he took his time talking to me, we chatted for 30 minutes or longer, I managed to top it afterward though, I answered the door wearing a towel like I the first time except this time I was only holding it in front, because I'd came out of the shower. I told him to carry the pizza inside for me and put it on the table, and I turned around to lead him so my bare back and ass were on display. That really got his attention, when I went to give him the money, he refused, said he'd been tipped enough."

"I'll bet. Why did it end?"

"Like I said, each time we'd chat a few minutes and he found out I was military. One time I texted him to see when he could deliver again. He replied, "I have a confession, I haven't worked there the last two times you've ordered, I go pick up a pizza and bring it to you. I leave for boot camp on Monday, so this is my last free weekend."

"Is this is my last delivery?"

"Sorry, but yes, be proud though, you've inspired me to join the Marines."

"I am proud. So do you have any last requests?"

"Aren't last requests whatever the person wants?"


"I want you to wear a pair of black fishnet stockings and a garter belt."

"What else?"


"Oh really? I don't know about that."

"It is a last request."

"We'll see. I can't guarantee, but I can promise you won't be disappointed."

"What did you do?" I asked.

"I gave him his last request. When I opened the door the only thing I was wearing were black thigh high stockings and a garter belt. His eyes almost popped out of his head. I invited him in, and when he put the pizza on the counter and turned around I attacked him."


"Yep, I told him, 'Since it's your last night before your life changes forever I'm going to give you a night to remember.'"

"After that... we'll say he left in the morning worn out and doing the walk of shame," she laughed.

"Wow, what'd you do to him?" I asked.

"More like what I let him do to me, and it was everything. I let him do whatever he wanted, missionary to start, I left some scratches on his back for that, then I let him take me hard, doggy style as he pulled my hair, after that it was nice and slow as I rode him like a cowgirl, and then we took a shower together. I gave him a blowjob while in the shower, and when we finally got out of the bathroom we passed out. He woke me up in the morning by giving me oral and that really got me going so I rolled over and did sixty-nine with him. I mean really? Is there a better way to wake up?"

"I went to the kitchen wearing a shirt to get us some cereal for breakfast, when he came in the room I bent over the counter showing him my butt to tease him, he grabbed me and took me right there against my kitchen counter. That was the last one, after that he had to go. "

"Did you guys ever talk again?"

"No, the only thing I ever got was a letter, it had a picture of him after graduating boot camp, on the back it said 'You're my motivation.' I still have that picture in a drawer with some other photos. Thinking of him always makes me smile."

"You ever find another pizza guy?"

"No, it was a one-time kind of thing, we happened to understand each other and everything clicked like it should. It wouldn't be as fun or the same if I ever did it again. Plus in the weirdest sort of way I'd feel like I was cheating on him if I ever did that with someone else."

"That story is very sexy."

"You don't think it's bad?"

"Hell no, I'm a freak, I love stuff like that," I said. "If you were my girl I'd love for you to tease and show off and flash people. I'd take you to a topless beach and have you wearing only a thong bottom."

"Really?" she asked.

"Yes, I love it when the girl I'm with shows off her body."

"Most girls like it you know, look at all the websites out there. I don't mean porn, I mean showing off sites, the Chive, me-in-my-place, tapiture, Tumblr, and dozens of others. How many thousands of girls send in pics of themselves in their underwear? We like to feel cute and sexy and wanted."

"How could you ever not feel sexy and wanted?"

"Here's a tip for you. No matter how hot she is, every girl feels insecure about something and we all have our moments when we think we're hideous cows."

"I'll remember that," I told her.

We were silent for the next few minutes as I concentrated on massaging her body. I'd finished her legs while she was talking and now was working her back.

With her eyes closed and her body relaxed, my hands pressed gently but firmly on her. Each hand separated, as I stroked up to her neck and down to the top of her thong panties, the only covering of her nakedness. Then I slid my hands across her back from side to side to her small groans and moans of pleasure.

Finally she spoke, "I've been telling you everything and you've told me nothing."

"What do you want to know?" I asked.

"What's your favorite kind of sex?"

Barely pausing to think, "My favorite position is doggy style and I like to dominate."

"Dominate?" she asked. "How do you mean?"

"My absolute favorite thing is to tie a girl down and make her mine."

"Oh, so there's a little Fifty Shades of Grey in you, huh?"

"Oh yeah, more than a little."

"Tell me."

"Okay, to begin with I'm not into latex or whips or anything, but I do like to tie a girl up. Either spread eagle to a bed or hogtied or even tied to a chair."

"Sounds sexy."

"I think so, once she's tied, I like to dominate. I like to give oral until she begs for mercy. I want her to know she's all mine. I want her to beg me to take her." As I talked I'd massaged her butt and I noticed she shifted slightly again as I talked about tying a girl up.

Playing a hunch, "Have you ever been tied up?" I asked.

"A few times," she replied.

"Did you like it?"

"I like the idea, but I don't think the person that did it really knew what he was doing. The first time I was tied it was too tight and I lost circulation pretty fast. The next time it was too loose and I knew I could get free and that ruined the effect. The third time was somebody else and it was just right, but all he did was tie me up and then fuck me. No foreplay or teasing or anything. The whole incident lasted less than ten minutes."

"They were idiots. I promise if I tied you up it wouldn't be too hard or soft and it would last longer than ten minutes."

Looking over her shoulder, she smiled at me, "I do admit to having a seriously kinky fantasy about being tied up."

"Really?" I asked trying to keep my voice casual. "Tell me about it."

"I want to be tied up by somebody who doesn't have the right to tie me up."

"Not sure I follow that."

"For example, if we dated and had sex and you tied me up that would be okay, I'd let you, but in my fantasy I want to be tied up by somebody that I didn't let or agree to tie me up."

"Like a rape fantasy?" I asked.

"Like that, but I don't want to be raped. I want a cute sexy guy to tie me up and strip me naked. Maybe somebody I met at a bar or something."

"But you don't want to be raped?"

"Nope, only admired, I want to be helpless as he takes my clothes off. I want to feel as my panties are slowly lowered down my legs and I'm struggling but I can't do anything to stop it."

"That's pretty hot."

"I want to be on display, he can molest me a little but I don't want to be mauled. I want sexy touching."

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