tagLesbian SexThe Bet Ch. 04

The Bet Ch. 04


Part IV

"You want me to do what?" I asked, thinking I couldn't have possibly heard her right.

"You heard me," Cassie replied, quickly dispelling that notion, "I want you to seduce my mom."

I looked at her amazed. I really hadn't seen this one coming. "Are you serious?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm serious," she answered, "I want you to seduce her, I want you to fuck the shit out of her, and then I want you to come back here and tell me all about it."

I continued to stare at her dumbfounded. The idea of me fucking her mom was… well, I didn't know what it was. It was new, that's for sure. We are completely (okay, almost completely) open with one another about our sexual fantasies, and have talked openly about who we would like to have sex with, be it a real possibility or just pure fantasy(in fact, that's how this whole thing got started, with my fantasy of fucking my mom, which Cassie set out to make come true), but through all the people we've discussed, her mom's name never came up. Now she had the opportunity to make me do anything, or anyone, she wanted, and this is what she came up with. Interesting.

I thought about her mom for a second, wondering suddenly why her name never had come up before, when so many others had. It wasn't the taboo of incest, that's for sure. We both actively enjoyed erotic stories about incest, and had speculated more than once about members of our own families – my mom(obviously) and my aunt, her older brother and a couple of her cousins. And it's not like her mom was a bad looking woman. Obviously, she shared some of her daughter's good looks; but whereas my mother was still only 38 and single, Cassie's mom was in her mid-forties and had been a married housewife for twentysome years. Over time, she had let her body slip a little. I wouldn't call her fat, but she definitely had some extra pounds on her – although much of it was in the right places, her tits and her ass. All in all, not the typical woman I would think of having sex with, but it was Cassie's mom and the perversion of that made the idea quite intriguing, after all.

Cassie was looking at me expectantly, and I realized that I was supposed to have some kind of answer or something. "I, uh… your mom?" I asked again, just to make sure.

"Yes. My. Mom." she replied slowly, as if I were retarded. "I want you to seduce my mom. Just like I seduced your mom. I want you to fuck her and do all kinds of dirty things to her, just like I did to your mom. Now do you understand?"

"Yeah, it's just that…"

"Just that what?" she asked, raising one eyebrow like she had a way of doing. "Don't you try to get outta this. I won the bet, fair and square. Now you have to pay up."

Wow, she really did want me to do this. I was starting to get turned on by the idea, but I had just one reservation. "What about your dad?"

"What about him?" she laughed. "You could probably do it while he's at home in the other room. He wouldn't care. My parents haven't slept together in years, they don't even share a room. From what my mom tells me, he lost his sex drive a long time ago. In fact, he'd probably be grateful for keeping her from bugging him."

"Really," I said. Well, who knew. I guess I should pay more attention when she's talking about family stuff.

"Yup. So, now are you ready to accept the terms of my payment?"

I couldn't see any way out of it. And now that the thought had been planted, well, it was already starting to take off in my mind. Who knows, if I was successful, maybe in time there'd come a day when both of us would be fucking each other's mother, or maybe even our own mothers, at the same time. Now that would be something.

"Okay," I said, "I accept."

"Good," she purred, "Now let's go to bed, and you can tell me all about the nasty things that you're gonna do to my sweet old mom."

Cassie woke up the next morning pleasantly sore from all the sex the day before. She wanted nothing more than to remain cuddled up in bed all morning, but it was Monday, and that meant the gym. She got up, got dressed in her work-out gear and headed for the gym, leaving Jack still softly snoring in bed.

The gym was a couple miles away, so she had to drive there, but it was small and rarely busy, and that's why she liked it. Today was no exception, there only being four or five other people inside, and she went about her normal routine without anyone bothering her. She did a half hour of cardio, then moved on to weights. Some of the others had finished up, and now it was just her and two older guys, most likely retired and with nothing else to do, left. She was halfway through her second set of arm-curls when another girl, or should she say young woman, for she guessed her to be about 27 or 28, entered and took up one of the treadmills. She had seen the woman a couple times before, but had never really spoken to her before other than to say 'hello'.

For some reason, Cassie found herself watching her. She was quite pretty, with thick dark hair pulled back in a ponytail, and a nice shapely ass. She had a bit of a stomach, although you couldn't tell from a casual glance, and nice full breasts that bounced enticingly as she began to pick up speed on the treadmill. Cassie wasn't sure why, but for some reason she got the distinct feeling that the woman was a relatively new mother, and here at the gym to work off the last of her pregnancy weight.

Cassie kept watching her on and off, trying not to be too obvious as she continued to do her reps. She finished her arm-curls and moved on to the next machine, placing her now almost directly behind the woman. Now she could watch with impunity, and she found her eyes locking onto that ass every time she looked up.

And what an ass it was, framed beautifully by the tight spandex shorts that clung snugly to its curves. Cassie began wondering what it would look like naked; she bet it would be perfect and smooth, with just a scarce dusting of delicate dark hair circling her anus. She thought about how it would feel, those firm white cheeks cupped in her hands, and pictured herself lowering her face down into that spread cleft, inhaling deeply of her musky scent, her tongue eagerly lapping at the girl's sweet nectar. As she watched, she could see a dark sweat stain beginning to form at the base of the woman's crack, and her twisted mind quickly had her thinking about licking that dark valley clean too.

She suddenly realized how aroused she had become, her pussy was wet and weeping into her panties, and it was all she could do to not touch herself. She squirmed about on her seat, seeking some relief but finding none. She couldn't get those thoughts out of her mind, and every time she looked up, there was that ass – beckoning to her. She wanted to go to the woman and grab her, to seduce her, to beg and plead with her, anything… to be able to be intimate with her right now. But she knew she couldn't, she didn't even know her name, she couldn't approach her like this, out of nowhere. She would have to come up with a plan, just like she had with Jack's mom. But for now, she had to get out of here.

She put down her weights, her set unfinished, and headed for the locker-room. There she quickly stripped down and ducked into the shower, hoping the water would cool her down – in more ways than one. Normally, she went straight home after her workout and showered there, but today she was going to make an exception. She adjusted the water temperature and began to lather up. She was tempted to pleasure herself right here, right now, while she was already worked up and the vision of that ass was fresh in her mind, but she would just die if someone were to come in and catch her.

Besides, she needed her pussy licked really, really bad, and since Jack was sure to be gone to work by now, she had just the person for the job. His mom's workplace was only two blocks from here; and by Cassie's estimation, it had to be just about her lunchtime.

"Hi, Cin. What's up?"

Cindy jumped unexpectedly at the sound of Cassie's voice, and nearly knocked over everything on her desk. She worked as a real estate agent for a mid-sized firm, making decent money but nothing special. But she did have her own desk.

"Oh, Cassie! Jesus Christ, I didn't hear you come in," she said, gathering her composure, "What are you doing here?" She tried to make it sound off-hand, but it came out kind of forced and almost accusatory, and her cheeks had already turned a bright red.

Cassie smiled, pleased. Apparently, Cindy remembered yesterday, and if Cassie's presence alone had this much effect on her, then there was no way Cassie was going home without having her needs tended to. "I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I would stop by and take you to lunch. My treat."

"Umm, that's nice of you, but, uh… well, you see, I've got a bunch of clients coming in later, and I've got to prepare a bunch of documents first, so uh, I'm actually going to have to skip lunch today. You know how it goes." Cindy's face reddened some more, and she was doing everything she could to not make any eye contact, as her hands fluttered nervously about her desk. It was quite obvious that she was lying through her teeth.

Well, Cassie had figured as much, which was why she had checked up front with the secretary (who was quite a hottie) on her way in. In truth, Cindy only had one meeting scheduled for today and that wasn't until after four o'clock. She moved to the corner of the desk and casually leaned up against it, sliding half her ass and one leg up onto its surface, her other leg remaining on the floor. She had changed into clean clothes after her shower, and was now wearing a light colored halter top and a loose skirt. Sitting as she was, the skirt was riding up a little exposing her long, smooth leg and part of her thigh. She watched, amused, as Cindy tried hard not to look.

"Really?" she said, "That's weird. I asked the girl up front and she said you were open 'til four." Cindy's face went even redder if possible at being caught in a lie, her cheeks were positively glowing now. "Are you sure you can't slip away just for a little bit?" Cassie continued, pouting, "I planned this really nice lunch for us as a way of saying thank you for going shopping with me yesterday, and it'd be a shame if you can't go. We can make it quick, I promise. The place is just around the corner. It's new."

Cassie waited, having used her best little-girl voice and effectively shot down all of Cindy's arguments already, while Cindy looked at some post-it notes on her desk, pretending to think about whether or not she could spare the time. Cassie was pretty sure she was actually trying to come up with another logical excuse not to go, but evidently she failed, because she finally sighed and said, "Yeah, I guess I can sneak out for just a little, as long as we're back fairly quickly."

"No problem, we will be," Cassie replied, standing up, "And trust me, lunch is going to be just wonderful. You're going to love it."

They left the building and got into Cassie's car. She took them down a couple blocks, made a left and then a right, and pulled into a parking garage. She took one of the automated slips and started down to the second level.

"What are we doing here?" Cindy asked, "Isn't this the parking garage for the hospital?"

"Yep." It was. Or one of the outlying buildings to the hospital anyway, used mostly by the hospital staff and also by the workers of the surrounding businesses. Cassie found and open space and pulled in, shutting off the car.

"Why are we parking here? There's nowhere to go around here."

"You're right," Cassie replied, turning to face her, "But we're not going any farther. I got everything we need right here."

Understanding slowly began to dawn in Cindy's eyes. "That's right," Cassie cooed, turning her body sideways and leaning back against her door, "I've got your lunch for you right here." She spread her legs wide, hooking her right behind Cindy's seat. Her skirt slid up and puddled around her waist, exposing her wet, gleaming sex. Of course, she had chosen not to wear panties. "I hope you're hungry."

Cindy was staring at her, mouth agape, clearly shocked. It looked like she was trying to say something, but nothing came out. Her eyes flicked to Cassie's spread pussy, and then locked there involuntarily.

Cassie grinned, enjoying this new found power she had over her boyfriend's mom. She reached down and slid a finger up her slit, spreading her lips, displaying her bright pink inside to Cindy's gaze. She was already aroused and her finger slid smoothly, even trailing behind a sticky string of fluid as she pulled it away. She pushed her finger into her mouth and sucked it clean, making 'mmm' sounds as she did, but Cindy's eyes never left her pussy.

"Oh, that's good," Cassie said, "really, you should try some. I prepared it especially for you."

Cassie couldn't believe her own behavior. She really couldn't believe that she was doing this. If told yesterday even that she would be in this position, acting like she was, she would have laughed. But indeed, here she was, being a brazen whore, seducing her boyfriend's mother, and leading her down a path of depravity. This just wasn't like her. She had always liked girls, and she had been with more than a couple, but those had always been part of a threesome or more with Jack. She had never really picked up a girl on her own, had never been the one pushing the issue. But now she had, and it felt awesome! She had seduced this sexy older woman, and now she was the one in control. She was loving it, and had no intentions of stopping any time soon.

"C'mon Cin, better come and eat your lunch before it gets cold," she urged.

Cindy was no longer staring at her pussy, she was too busy swiveling her head around, looking this way and that, trying to see if anyone was approaching from either direction. "Fine Cassie, I'll … do what you want," (even now she couldn't say 'eat your pussy') "but can we just get out of here and go somewhere more private. We can go to your apartment."

"Nah, we don't have time for that, remember? We have to get you back for all your important meetings."

"It's okay," Cindy answered, completely missing the sarcasm in Cassie's voice she was so panicked, "I can spare a little more time, most of that stuff isn't that important."

"No, I'd rather just do it now," Cassie said firmly, leaving no more room for argument, "Besides, what would Jack think walking in and seeing his mother on her knees sucking his girlfriend's cunt right there in his own living room?"

That got her attention. Her head snapped into place, and her eyes locked onto Cassie's, growing big as that thought penetrated her brain. Cassie had to fight hard not to laugh. She just loved throwing out those kind of comments. She made them sound off-hand, but she knew exactly what she was doing. They were meant to shock Cindy, keep her off balance, but also they implanted little thoughts deep into her mind. By mentioning Jack's name, she was innorexably tying him to all these amazing sex acts that were occurring, making him a piece of the puzzle. Eventually, she planned on him being a whole lot more. But for now, she was enjoying herself and her new found power.

"That's right," she said, reaching out to softly brush Cindy's cheek, "Now let's just get you some lunch." She slid her hand past Cindy's cheek and to the back of her neck, where she gently began to pull her forward.

Cindy's eyes flicked to the left and right again, searching out the surrounding area. "But what if anyone comes by here?" she whined.

"Then they'll see the back of your head buried in my crotch and your ass waving in the air," Cassie replied, continuing to guide Cindy forward, forcing her to scramble up onto her hands and knees. She was now stretched across the center console, her hands on Cassie's seat, her knees on her own, as Cassie forced her head down between her thighs. "Now stop talking and start licking."

'Oh god, oh god, I can't believe I'm doing this,' Cindy thought, as her face came to rest directly in front of Cassie's spread pussy, 'I can't believe I'm letting her do this to me. What is wrong with me? How can I let this happen? For Christ's sake, she's young enough to be my daughter. Shit, soon enough, she will be my daughter-in-law. Why am I not stopping this?' Because she didn't want to, she realized. She didn't want to at all. From the first moment yesterday that her tongue had touched Cassie's pussy, she had been addicted. She didn't know why, but she knew that it was true. She had never been with a girl before, never even kissed a girl more than friendly. She supposed that she had thought of girls sexually once or twice when it had come up in conversation, but she had never seriously thought about herself with another woman, not even fantasized about it. But yesterday, when Cassie had rubbed her young pussy across her nose and then told her to lick it, she had done it. And then when she had tasted it, she had been hooked. Her own pussy had gotten so wet and excited, she hadn't been able to control herself. She couldn't ever remember having been so turned on, and then when she'd came – oh god, it had been like an eruption. She had never came like that.

Now here she was again, Cassie spread before her, urging her on, and once again her pussy was on fire. Her body was so sexually charged it was like someone had wired a high voltage wire through her. There was no way she couldn't do this. She knew it was wrong, but she didn't care.

She stuck her tongue out and licked Cassie's already wet slit. An unbidden moan escaped her lips as the taste of ripe, juicy pussy flooded her mouth, and she knew there was no going back – now, or ever. The taste of Cassie's young cunt in her mouth was ambrosia, and she began to lap it hungrily, sucking in its juices and savoring them as they rolled down her throat. She was no longer worried about what was happening outside of the car, all such thoughts had disappeared. Her only concern now was the sweet, slick pussy in front of her.

She worked up and down those beautiful pink lips, licking, kissing, sucking, working every sensitive area of Cassie's young pussy, occasionally driving her tongue in deep to pull out a mouthful of delicious girl-juice, reveling in its taste like it was fine champagne. She was still new to pussy licking, but she did what she herself enjoyed, licking Cassie softly, teasingly, up and down, blowing gently into her wet folds, only occasionally making contact with her protruding clit. She wanted so badly to please her, to please this little girl that had introduced these new desires into her life; she wanted only to make her feel good. Her own pleasure would come as a result of that; she would feel ecstasy by making Cassie feel ecstasy, her only goal to make Cassie come.

Not that she needed to worry about that, Cassie could already feel her climax beginning to build deep inside of her. "Oh yeah, that's it baby," she purred, "that's it, right there, yeah just like that. Mmmmmm." Cassie spread her legs even wider, and buried her hands in Cindy's hair, guiding her face where she wanted her to go. "Oh Cin, oh yeah, right there, baby. Right there. Oh god, keep it up, just like that. Lick me Cin, lick me slut. Oh, mmmm, oh god you're such a good little cunt-licker!"

That wasn't quite true, Cassie thought. It wasn't that Cindy was an incredible pussy-licker like her son, her technique definitely still needed a bit of work, but just being able to look down between her spread thighs and being able to see Cindy's face there, to see her tongue sliding up and down her wet gash, to see her on hands and knees, her ass waving in the air… all of it, it was just amazing. Knowing that she had made this happen on her own, that she had seduced this older straight woman, and turned her into a cunt-licking slut. That was what was turning her on – the mental aspect of it all, the control and domination that she now held over her boyfriend's mom. She felt like a goddess, and that Cindy was a disciple, worshipping her through the altar of her pussy.

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