The Bet Ch. 2


The Bet II: Simone

I sat at the chair of my desk in my bedroom watching my friend Bonnie. She was sitting on my bed in shortie white pajamas brushing her long blonde hair. She was beautiful. She looked so innocent sitting there on my bed, she was nervous thinking about what she was going to do and I couldn't blame her. We'd had a bet about a couple on a soap opera that we watch. I won. I got to ask Bonnie to do whatever I wanted and I had asked her to fuck my older brother Peter. I had been tempted to ask her to let me eat her out, but Peter was going back to university in a month, I had plenty of time to try to seduce Bonnie later. Right now I wanted her to fuck Peter.

I guess it sounds really strange, me wanting my friend to have sex with my brother. It wasn't a pity thing, I wasn't trying to help a geeky older brother lose his virginity. Peter was very good looking and I'm sure he'd had plenty of experience when it came to sex. I wanted Bonnie to have sex with Peter because I couldn't. I wanted my older brother. I'd wanted him for years. When I was 13, just starting to become attracted to boys, I accidentally walked in on Peter when he was getting out of the shower. I was shocked and quickly left the bathroom but the image of him standing naked and wet in the bathroom wouldn't leave my mind. I thought about Peter all the time after that. I would surreptitiously watch him around the house all the time, my biggest thrills were to see my brother without his shirt on, or catch him walking around in a towel. It made me constantly wet wet wet! Not long after that I put my hand to my hot wet aching pussy and discovered the joys of masturbation. I'd been masturbating ever since, graduating from fingers to oblong objects that I found around the house to vibrators. I always thought of Peter when I put my fingers or toys in my hot pussy late at night and gave myself orgasm after orgasm.

When he came home from being away at university he was even better looking than before, more mature, his body was stronger... I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. When Bonnie and I started that bet I knew that I had to ask her to fuck Peter if she won, I also knew that I had to watch her when she did it. I looked at Bonnie as she sat on my bed and told her that it was time. I could tell that she was nervous but I knew that she would go through with it, she was in too deep now.

I left my room and went outside, on the way out I grabbed a vibrator that I'd hidden in the kitchen. I went into the backyard and out to the bushes that were outside Peter's window. Bonnie and I had hidden a stepstool between the bushes and the house. If I sat on the top of the stepstool I would be able to see into Peter's room.

I sat on the stool and looked into Peter's room. He was lying in bed with all of the lights off except for a bedside lamp and he was reading. It's a nightly routine for him and we'd planned on Bonnie 'attacking' him when he was reading. She was supposed to make sure that the bedside lamp stayed on so that I would be able to watch. I looked at Peter, he was propped up in bed wearing a t-shirt and boxers, all of his attention was focused on his book. His soft blonde hair fell over his forehead and the gentle light of the lamp shone on his tanned cheek. He'd become such an obsession for me that I got wet just looking at him, but now, knowing that Bonnie was about to fuck him my heart was racing and my pussy was tingling. I sat on the stepstool waiting anxiously for Bonnie to enter his room.

It seemed to take forever but finally Peter lifted his head from his book and said something. The house is air-conditioned so I couldn't hear anything that was going on. The door opened and Bonnie entered the room, I was surprised by how calm and determined she looked, she was controlling her nervousness well. I could see Peter saying something to her but she didn't answer. Instead she closed the door and locked it, then turned and looked at Peter for a moment. She slowly lifted her hands and removed her top, she looked so beautiful in the lacy white bra that we'd chosen, her blonde hair cascading over her shoulders.

She walked to Peter's bed, pushed his book off onto the floor and then climbed onto the bed, kneeling beside him. She said something to him, her every word was planned but I was so excited that I couldn't remember what she was supposed to say, I just watched her beautiful pink lips moving as she talked. While she was talking her hand started rubbing his stomach. My own stomach clenched and my hand itched to rub my brother's stomach. I let out a sigh of frustration and slid my hand down my shorts to begin stroking my pussy. I gently rubbed the outside of my pussy lips, I knew that I had to be gentle, I was so aroused that anything else was going to push me over the edge.

On the bed Bonnie was straddling Peter. I knew that she was saying something about it being okay that she was young, the she wanted him to fuck her. As Bonnie spoke the words that we'd planned I saw a change in her. Her body relaxed and she tossed her head, shaking her hair over her shoulders. She was getting carried away by her own performance, I could tell that she was turned on and it was making her look so much sexier. As I watched she suddenly slid back a little and began grinding her pussy against Peter - against his cock! He must have a hard-on!

The idea of my friend pressing her cunt against my brother's cock was too much for me. My fingers dug into my pussy, attacking my clit, rubbing it hard and fast. I quickly had an orgasm, my legs shaking violently against the stepstool, cum soaking my hand and the panties and shorts that I still wore. I took a few deep breaths trying to regain control of myself. I hadn't planned on bringing myself to orgasm this early on, but obviously I wasn't going to be able to control myself. I decided that playing with my clit was okay, but until Peter put his cock in Bonnie's virgin hole I was going to keep my fingers away from my own hole. I stood up and removed my drenched panties and shorts.

When I looked back at the bed Bonnie's bra was off and Peter's hands were kneading her breasts. I began fondling my own breasts, twisting and pinching my nipples hard that way that I liked best. Peter pulled Bonnie down on top of him and they started kissing. Bonnie changed her kneeling position, moving her legs until she was lying on top of Peter. Peter's hands soon moved to Bonnie ass and kneaded her young flesh. I could see that he was pressing her pussy down against his cock as he raised his hips up to grind into her. I ground the palm of my hand against my pussy. I was filled with lust and jealousy. I wanted to be the one lying on top of my brother! I took my anger out on my pussy, my palm and fingers pressing hard circles around my clit and lips.

Peter rolled Bonnie over on the bed and began licking and sucking her breasts. I moaned and brought my cum-sticky fingers up to circle my nipples, pretending they were a wet tongue. Peter's hand was opening up Bonnie's thighs and caressing them, I brought my other hand down to my thighs, copying Peter's movements. I watched Peter's hand slip up inside Bonnie's shorts and I moved my fingers to my dripping pussy, wondering what my brother's fingers would feel like there. Peter removed Bonnie's shorts and panties and trailed his mouth from her breasts to her pussy. I looked intensely at the blonde bush that he had exposed, next to fucking my brother I really wanted to eat out a girl. As Peter lowered his mouth into Bonnie I was seeing two of my favorite fantasies: eating Bonnie's pussy and my brother eating pussy.

I moved the hand that had been playing with my breasts down to my pussy and brought my other hand, soaked with my juices, up to my mouth. I sucked on my fingers and frigged my clit with my other hand as I watched Bonnie's slim body arching up, pushing her pussy into my brother's mouth. My legs began to shake and I had another orgasm, almost falling off the stepstool as it rocked through me. I could hear Bonnie's screams as she had an orgasm of her own.

I watched breathlessly as my brother moved to lay on top of Bonnie. His hands were spreading her thighs wide and positioning his cock at the opening of her pussy. I reached down and grabbed my vibrator, dipping the tip of it into my own opening. Peter began to slowly move into Bonnie pussy and I slowly pushed the vibrator up inside of me, never taking my eyes off of the place where Peter's cock met Bonnie's pussy. Peter began ramming his cock in and out of Bonnie and Bonnie's cries of pleasure again became loud enough for me to hear them outside. I turned the vibrator on and began to slide it in and out of my pussy. I started shaking so badly I knew that I was no longer going to be able to stay on the stepstool. I took one last look at my brother fucking Bonnie on the bed and removed the vibrator from my cunt. I stood up and quickly pushed through the bushes behind me, throwing myself down on the dew-damp grass of the backyard.

I opened my legs wide, turned my vibrator on high and rammed it hard into my pussy, closing my eyes and picturing my brother's cock ramming into Bonnie's virgin pussy. I fucked myself hard, ramming the vibrator into my pussy again and again with all of the force that I could muster. I moaned and thrashed on the lawn, rolling to my side, getting up on my knees in a doggy position, rolling back onto my back, forever changing positions. I was wild, all that I cared about was the vibrator that was pounding into me. I had orgasm after orgasm. Small ones that allowed me enough control to continue pounding my pussy with the vibrator. Big ones where I had to lie down and let them scream through me, taking time to come to my senses afterwards, but never letting that vibrator leave my cunt. As soon as I regained control I would start pounding away again. Finally I was exhausted. I lay panting on the grass for what seemed like forever. Then I pulled myself up and walked slowly into the house to my bedroom. I fell into bed wearing only the sweaty t-shirt that I'd neglected to remove, my pussy and ass covered with cum and my whole body covered with flecks of grass. I knew that Bonnie probably wouldn't be leaving Peter's bedroom that night but I was too tired to be jealous.

All I knew was that I was going to do everything in my power to get my brother's cock into my cunt.

To Be Continued...

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