The Beverly Hillbillies


The next ten were going to be different

From a nearby cabinet I pull out a plastic spanking paddle. It is 14" long and 3" wide with holes in it. The paddle covers both her ass cheeks as I give her the first swift smack.

"Owwwww," she cries, "that stings somethin' awful!!

I don't acknowledge her cry. I just keep up with nine more hard whacks. Elly May screams out after each one. Her ass is now a glowing bright red.

By the time I am done, Elly May has tears pouring from her eyes. She is apologizing and telling me how sorry she is, but this gets no sympathy from me.

"Here come the last ten," I tell her. "As a country girl, you should be used to a hickory switch."

Elly looks over her shoulder, with fear in her teary eyes. "Oh no, not a switch, Mr. Mike. Please I'll be good," she says as I give her the first full swing of the switch across her sore red ass.

The switch makes a loud, Whooosh.....Shrrack.

"Owwwwwwwwwww," she cries. "Please stop. I'll be good."



"Oh Gawd, please stop, pleeeeease" she screams.



I keep up the switching count by count. By now, red welts are covering her ass. I am intentional to cause pain but careful though not to break the skin.

By the time I finish the ten-count, Elly May is wailing like a baby.

"Oh please, Mr. Mike," she cries, "I promise to be good. Please don't whup me no more."

I gently take her hand and stand her back up, facing me.

"Now, Elly May," as I look deep into her watery eyes, "you know that I only did this for your own good. I hope that you appreciate what I have done."

She nods her head up and down. "I know ya did, Mr. Mike. I shoulda done what ya said. I'm grateful to ya for caring about me," she says with a sad tearful face.

"Now I want you to show me your appreciation," I tell her.

"Get down on your knees and suck my cock. And this time, young lady, you had better get the whole thing down your throat."

Very obediently, Elly May drops to her knees and pulls down my pants and shorts. She tenderly begins sucking my cock and massaging my balls.

Afraid of getting another spanking, she concerns herself with getting my cock down her throat. After a few minutes her throat opens up, and my 8" of hard, throbbing cock is going farther and farther down.

By the time she has it all the way in, Elly looks up with her beautiful big blue eyes. The tears have gone and her eyes brighten up. She realizes that she is doing what I want and she can see the look of ecstasy on my face.

With almost childlike glee, she enthusiastically bobs her head up and down my cock. Feeling ready to burst, I grab the back of her head and shove her nose, hard into my pubic hair.

As I blow huge bursts of cum into her throat, Elly May swallows like there is no tomorrow. She has both hands squeezing my balls for every last drop.

Pulling her head off my cock, she looks up and says, "Thank you for everything ya do for me. I promise to be good and do things just like ya tell me to do. I'll do anything to keep from gettin' another whupping like that."

During the next two weeks, I never have to spank Elly May in that manner again.

Though she does seem to point out her mistakes sometimes and suggests that I give her a firm hand spanking, over my knee.

She even suggests that we both be naked when I spank her.

Every time I spank her now, she quickly gets on her knees after and gives me a terrific blowjob, out of appreciation.

It has now been just over three weeks that Elly May has been living with me.

This one day, I have been out on business calls until early evening. I get home just after 5pm and walk through the front door.

"Mr. Mike," says Elly, as she bursts from the kitchen, "I've missed ya so much today."

She is wearing a new outfit today. She has on a white pleated skirt and yellow tube top.

As she runs from the kitchen, her tits are almost bouncing out of the tube top. Her ass cheeks are barely showing from below her little skirt. She runs up to me and gives me a big hug and kiss.

"I'm getting vittles ready right now. Why don't ya come and relax in the family room. I'll get ya a cold beer and ya watch some television."

We both walk around the corner while I sit on the couch and take off my shoes.

Elly May comes happily into the room with a beer and places it on the table. She moves to the TV and turns it on. She bends over while changing the channels.

"Do ya see anything ya like?" she asks.

All I can see is that Elly May has decided not to wear any panties today.

She clearly sees where I'm looking as I respond, "I like what I'm looking at right now."

Elly giggles saying, "Ya'll being naughty," as she prances back into the kitchen to prepare food for dinner.

After I finish my beer, I walk to the kitchen to throw away the bottle. Elly May is at the sink cleaning vegetables.

I walk up behind her and wrap my arms around her tiny waist. Hugging her, I ask, "I sure have liked you being here. Have you enjoyed it too?"

She nods yes, "I've like being here a whole lot, Mr. Mike."

I start to rub her taunt stomach and waist while I hold her tight. My hands move up to her breasts as I massage them. Her tube top soon can't conceal her stiff hardening nipples.

"Your hard nipples tell me you like it here more than you're saying, Nasty Girl."

Elly snaps back, "I'm not a nasty girl, I'm a good girl."

I've now pulled her tube top down and I'm groping her tits all over. My right hand slides down to her pussy and reaches under her skirt.

"Only nasty girls don't wear panties. Now tell me you're a nasty girl."

I start to rub her pussy faster. Her clit is getting harder and I am giving it quite a workout.

"Are you sure you're not a nasty girl? If you're not, I can stop doing this," I say teasing her.

"Oh yes, Mr. Mike," she moans, "I'm a nasty girl. I'm a real nasty girl."

As Elly May is getting hotter and hotter, I tell her, "Do you know what you need, nasty girl?"

Elly moans again, "Unh, uh."

Still furiously rubbing her swollen clit, I answer, "A good ass fucking. That's what you need, nasty girl."

I grab her around the waist and pull her away from the sink. I push her shoulders down so her arms support her on the edge of the sink.

"Now let's see those sweet little honey buns of yours." As I lift up her pleated white skirt, the sight of her little pink rosebud makes my cock grow hard as steel. I can see exactly where I need to drive my tool in.

I reach up to the counter and grab a bottle of vegetable cooking oil. I pour some into my hand and rub it all up inside her ass crack.

Slipping one finger up her ass makes Elly May squeal.

"Ohhhh, I like that!"

I get another finger past her tight asshole and keep driving them in and out. As a third finger goes in Elly is moaning loudly. "Oh please," she begs, "take your fingers out and fuck me with your big cock."

I pull my fingers out after a while and rub some oil on my hard cock. I force the head of my cock into her ass. She likes the feeling until I begin to push it in a few more inches.


I ignore her plea and slowly keep up a rhythm pace moving one inch more up her ass at a time.

"PLEASE STOP," she cries again, "THIS REALLY HURTS!"

This doesn't stop me. I drive in even further.

"OW, OW, OW," she groans, "Ow, Ow, oh, ooh, oooh, OOOOOOH. Wait don't stop. Please don't stop. FUCK MY NASTY ASS!! FUCK IT GOOD!!"

Her ass opens up and I'm driving 8" of slick cock in and out of her tight little butt hole. I've got her by the hips and slamming my cock into her until my balls spank her reddening ass.

Elly May is grinding her ass back into me and screaming out for me to fuck her harder and harder.

After a while, I can't contain myself anymore as I blow my load of cum into the depths of her bowels.

As I pull my cock out of her ass, Elly May straightens up and smiles at me.

"I like being a nasty girl. I like it a bunch. Kin I be your nasty girl all the time, Mr. Mike?"

After 30 days, I call Jed Clampett to give him a progress report.

"Mr. Clampett, I'm proud to say that Elly May has learned to be a lady. I will be bringing her home tomorrow."

The next day I drive Elly through the gates of a huge mansion with vast grounds.

Elly has her hair all done up nicely and she is wearing a very nice dress that shows her figure very well. She has on stockings and is wearing high heels.

I knock on the door and Jed soon answers it.

As the door opens, he says, "Well howdy, Mr. Mike."

He looks over my shoulder and right past his daughter.

"Where Elly May?" he asks. "I thought ya was bringing her home."

I smile as I bring Elly forward. "This is Elly May, Mr. Clampett."

Jed looks totally amazed, "Weeeeell doggies," he says smiling, "is that really you, Elly May?"

She gives a big smile, "It shur is Pa."

The whole family comes out and can't believe their eyes. They comment on what a wonderful job I have done. Even Granny says she looks real 'purdy'.

Jed goes right to his checkbook and makes his second payment to me.

As he hands it to me, I tell him, "Thank you for the payment. Mr. Clampett. I would also like to ask your permission to court Elly May."

Jed looks to his daughter, "How bout it, Elly. Ya'll want Mr. Mike here to court ya?"

Elly smiles seductively, "I shur would Pa!!"

On our first date I tell Elly May that we must follow proper courting procedures. We have no physical contact except for holding hands.

After a few dates, we are back at her home one evening, sitting in her parlor. I see Granny poking her head through the curtains.

I give Elly May a kiss on the lips and fall to one knee to ask for her hand in marriage, and she says yes.

"Jed, Jed, Jed," Granny screams, "come quick!! Ya got a new son-in-law."

Everyone comes running into the parlor and is jumping for joy that Elly May is finally gonna get hitched.

As the days go by and we are all planning the wedding, Jed comes up to me.

"I'm as proud as the dickens, to have ya in the family, son," and he hands me an envelope.

"I've always promised Elly May an equal share of what I own."

I open the envelope to find a stock certificate made out to Elly and me. It is a certificate for 25% ownership in the Clampett Oil Company.

My mind slowly accepts the fact that I am now worth 16 million dollars and going to be married to a beautiful and obedient 17-year-old young lady.

The first thing that pops into my head is, "I think I just might retire now."

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She Was A Nice Girl

Donna Douglas played her beautifully in the original TV series. She was a nice girl but quite sexually inquisitive. Her naivete is what made her so desireable.

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