tagNovels and NovellasThe Bi-Product Ch. 22

The Bi-Product Ch. 22


Richard had finally finished going through his messages and making the necessary calls. He had also received a call from Hank, Lisa's boyfriend, and was not surprised, after talking to Deirdre, that he was no longer interested in buying the house. What did surprise Richard, was the hostility that Hank displayed on the phone.

It was clear that Hank didn't like black men by the time the call was finished and it wasn't just because Maurice and his friends were so much better equipped to take care of Lisa's insatiable appetites. Hank apparently, was a true son of the south.

Richard thanked Hank for the courtesy of the call and wished him well. What had she seen in that cracker anyway, Richard thought to himself, as he hung up...even if he was a rocket scientist! The only rockets Lisa appeared to be interested in were the pocket variety anyway, Richard mused to himself.

Looking up at the clock, Richard realized that the day had sped by quickly. As he thought about taking off a bit early, the phone rang again. Richard's assistant told him Villarreal was on the line and wanted to speak to him right away, that it sounded urgent.

The line went dead for a moment while Ms. Ames transferred the call. "Hello, Richard are you there?" said Villarreal impatiently.

"Yes, I'm here. I didn't expect to hear from you so..." said Richard as Villarreal cut him off.

"Look, I don't have much time. But I needed to talk to you before I leave. We're on our way to the airport. I'm headed back to the ranch in Baja for a at least a few days," said Villarreal quickly.

"What can I do for you?" asked Richard, sensing there was a problem.

"The business deal I told you about fell through. And I need to go back to the ranch and tend to some other business," said Villarreal pausing. "There were some unforeseen complications in closing the transaction and I need your assistance in representing three of my employees."

"Of course," replied Richard. "How can I get hold of them to set up an appointment. Can they come to my office tomorrow?"

"That won't be possible," said Villarreal as he continued to talk quickly into the phone. "They are currently in police custody. Actually, they are in the hospital up in Lancaster. Look, I have to go. I'll call you from the ranch tomorrow. You can look at the newspaper. It was on the front page today. You can't miss it. I'll call you tomorrow. I've got to go!" The line went dead.

As Richard hung up the phone, his face was completely drained of blood and he looked as though he had just seen a ghost. Closing his eyes and putting his head in his hands, he rested his elbows on the edge of the desk. Richard realized that his feet were firmly entrenched in a really big pile of it and that the smell was only likely to get much worse.

Richard's mind was racing now. What the fuck was he going to do? He knew Villarreal had the resources to run things down. He knew that there was a possibility that he might track down John. What did those three zeros have to do with Villarreal anyway? Did it have something to do with the titty bar? Christ! Did he or any of his men from LA know Deborah? Would they recognize her when they got to the ranch? Would she recognize them? The only photo he had given Villarreal originally was her driver's license ID, that John had gotten through one of his friends at the DMV, not the overly made-up, grotesquely wigged biker bitch from the titty bar!

Richard realized that all he had were questions...no answers. John was the only connection between him and the stooges...and Deborah, and he couldn't do anything about that now. Richard quickly decided that he needed to get John out of town. Picking up the phone, Richard quickly dialed John's cell phone.

"John! Richard here," said Richard urgently into the phone. "Can you talk? I need to speak to you privately."

"Yeah, sure," replied John, sensing something was up. "I just got home. Let me step out on the patio."

As Richard heard the sliding door close behind John he immediately began to speak, "Listen to me carefully," said Richard pausing for effect. "Those three idiots you rearranged...they work for one of my clients...and he has asked me to represent them. But that isn't the problem. The client isn't someone either you or I want to cross! He has a lot of juice and if he wants to find out who took his men apart, he has the means to get people to tell him what he wants to know. Do you understand me?"

"Yeah, I'm catching the drift," said John calmly.

"You need to get out of town," said Richard bluntly. "To be safe you both need to get out of town. My client is capable of using your wife to get to you. Understand?"

"Do you really think this is that serious?" asked John calmly.

"Yes, I think it might be," said Richard firmly. "And we can't take any chances. When I talked to him, he was getting the hell out of Dodge, so you must have opened a real can of worms. If we are lucky, this might blow over in a few days. Fortunately, he has asked me to represent those three bozos, so I may have some leverage, some control here. But I don't know what my client already knows...or what he might know soon," said Richard as he thought about Deborah and Villarreal, who would soon arrive in Baja.

"Well, we've been wanting to take a Mexican cruise and..." said John as Richard cut him off.

"Fuck no! Anywhere but Mexico. Go on an Alaskan cruise. Hell, go on a Scandinavian cruise, go anywhere else, but for Christ's sake, don't go anywhere near Mexico! Understand!"

"Yeah, I get the picture. You know, this is going to be expensive and..." John began to say as Richard cut him off again.

"I'll transfer some money into your expense account immediately, but have your asses on a plane tonight! Got it!" said Richard emphatically and urgently.

"But what am I going to tell my wife? She has school tomorrow," said John.

"You know her, tell her whatever you have to, but personally, my advise would be to lie like hell!" said Richard as he was about to hang up. "And whatever you do, don't tell anyone where you are going...no one!"

Richard put the phone back on the cradle and sat back in his chair for a moment, taking a few deep breaths and trying to slow his heart rate down as he gathered his thoughts. Richard decided to go ahead and head home early. There wasn't anything more he could do now. And beside, he thought, he needed to get into the office first thing in the morning and be there when Villarreal called back.

Darkly, Richard also thought, he didn't want to be home with the girls in the morning, if Villarreal sent some of his men looking for him.


Deirdre was rushing to finish up, so she could start home early. She had already seen Heather, Jana 2.0 she corrected herself, off to the airport and had told her about the new jewelry she was about to receive. Eager to know what it would look like, Deirdre opened her blouse and lifted her skirt for 2.0 to take a good look, as Tom also took a long hard and admiring look.

"Those are some stunning rocks on your rocks," said Tom approvingly as he smiled at Deirdre and they headed toward the van and then the airport...and hand in hand, Deirdre noticed.

Heading back into her office, Deirdre was happy that Melisent didn't have any more messages for her. Returning to her desk, Deirdre had one last call to make. Lisa picked up on the second ring this time.

"Lisa," asked Deirdre, "can you talk?"

"Yeah," replied Lisa affirmatively, "if my tongue still works."

"Where's Rebekah?" asked Deirdre.

"Our little kitten is taking a cat nap, thank God!" replied Lisa, exasperated.

"Good," said Deirdre earnestly, "I wanted to talk to you before I headed home."

"What about?" asked Lisa curiously, sensing a serious tone in her co-wife's voice.

"Hank was here this morning," started Deirdre, "before I got here." Deirdre paused for a moment. "He dropped your extra set of car keys off with Melisent."

"Yeah," said Lisa with sadness in her voice, "I knew we were all over last night. But I don't care, not as long as I have you!"

"You do!" said Deirdre in her most convincing tone of voice. He also left your things, or at least a lot of your things in your car when he dropped the keys off...that's why I'm calling you. Do you want me to drive your car home, so you can go through them?"

"There's really nothing I need right away," Lisa started to say, "but, oh wait, my jewelry is probably in there. We could let Rebekah wear my set. I'm sure she would like that. Don't you?"

"Yes, I'm sure she would. Especially since they are yours. She really seems to be forming a special attachment to you," said Deirdre trying to boost Lisa's morale. "I'll drive your car home!"

"OK. Good, when are you leaving?" asked Lisa.

"Now!" replied Deirdre as she put down the phone and picked up Lisa's car keys, heading for the door.


As Richard made his way home he was stuck in the afternoon traffic on the 101 as he approached the Cahuenga Pass. Richard decided to take a long shot and call an acquaintance at LAPD. After being transferred several times his friend finally came on the line.

"Bob," said Richard, "Richard Saunders here. Sorry to bother you, but I thought perhaps you could be of some help."

"What's up counselor?" asked his friend, suspiciously.

"I've been retained to represent those three idiots the sheriffs arrested up in Lancaster this morning," began Richard.

"And?" asked Bob, suspiciously.

"Well, I don't know anyone at the substation up there," continued Richard, "I was hoping, perhaps, you had a name, someone I could talk to who would fill me in on the charges."

"Spencer is the chief detective. I think his first name is Ron. But that may not do you any good. I hear the DEA and FBI have hijacked the case, so good luck. It looks like it was more than their peckers that got them into trouble," said Bob laughing.

"Thanks," said Richard, "I'll give him a call. Give my best to Sara."

"Will do...I'd wish you luck to, but those three scum bags need to go away for a long time," said Bob as he hung up.

Damn! Thought Richard as he continued to be stuck in traffic, banging his hands on the steering wheel, causing the horn to go off. Richard was red faced and frustrated, and didn't notice the motorists on each side of him, giving him a dirty look.

The DE fucking A and the FB fucking I, it just keeps getting better and better, thought Richard! God damn it John, Richard thought to himself! You may have dug both of our graves with that goddamn shovel!


"It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!" squealed Rebekah as Lisa finished between Rebekah's outstretched legs, as she sat on the bathroom counter. Danielle was hovering over her as she applied moist towels to her now tender nipples, soaking up the last few drops of blood.

Passing Rebekah two other towels with ice wrapped inside Deirdre said, "here kitten, hold these on top. It will help the swelling go down."

As Lisa slipped the lower piece of jewelry into the freshly pierced hole on Rebekah's pussy, she immediately began to clean the wound.

"Ouch, that stings," cried Rebekah as Lisa applied a bit of alcohol mixed with distilled water to the freshly pierced flesh.

"It's OK, it's all over now," said Lisa soothingly, as she kissed Rebekah's inner thigh before dabbing the blood away with another moist towel. With both Rebekah's hands occupied on her breasts, Lisa applied the fresh towel full of ice to Rebekah's pussy herself as Rebekah lurched from the ice being applied between her legs. "The ice will reduce the swelling, so be patient. I'll sit here with you for awhile until it goes down. OK cupcake?"

"Yeah, I guess. Can I see?" said Rebekah as she looked up at Danielle questioningly.

"Of course kitten," said Danielle smoothly as she picked up the silver hand mirror and held it up so Rebekah could see her freshly decorated breasts.

As Rebekah removed the ice pack for a moment, her eyes got wide as she looked down at the beautiful and exotic jewelry that decorated her nipples. Now she looked just like Lisa and Danielle, she thought.

"They look so beautiful," said Danielle as she stroked Rebekah's cheek. "Don't you think so kitten?"

"Yes," said Rebekah enthusiastically, but still in pain, as she reapplied the compresses to her swollen nipples.

"Well, you girls keep the ice on for awhile, while I go make a couple of phone calls," said Danielle. "When I am through, we can all go shopping. How would you like a new wardrobe kitten? It will be your pre-birthday present!"

Rebekah looked up excitedly at Danielle as she continued to cover her swollen nipples with the compresses, "Wow, that would be great. I... I've never had anything other than my school uniforms. At least not for as long as I can remember. Isn't that great Lisa?"

"Yes cupcake. I'm so happy for you! We'll have a lot of fun together helping you pick out new clothes. Won't we Danielle?" asked Lisa as she looked up at Danielle with a sly grin.


Trying to call Deirdre at the office on her private line, there was no answer. Richard concluded that she must still be busy in the studio and he would just talk to her when she got home. He would be there before she was anyway, he concluded as he got off the freeway. Richard decided to stop by his favorite market before he headed up the hill and treat himself to the bottle of single-malt he had seen on his last visit. Richard suspected he would need plenty of Dutch courage before this was all over.


"Here, you can wear this," said Danielle as she slipped a shear white blouse onto Rebekah's outstretched arms.

"But you can see right though," protested Rebekah in alarm.

"Nonsense cupcake!" said Lisa as she pulled the short pink leather skirt up over Rebekah's thighs to her waist, tucking in the blouse before Danielle zipped it from behind.

"That's right," added Danielle, "next week you are going to be stark naked in front of dozen's of men, with hopefully millions more watching you on the internet. You'd best get over your shyness now."

"Danielle is right cupcake," contributed Lisa. "You need to get used to a lot of people seeing your beautiful body."

As Lisa smoothed out the skirt, running her hands down Rebekah's ass and hips, she could feel the young girl's muscles tightening as she started to realize the full implications of what she had agreed to in her exhausted and aroused state during the middle of the night.

Rebekah trembled slightly as she contemplated what was going to happen to her on her birthday, now only a week away. Lisa had joined Danielle, standing on her other side, as the women wrapped their arms around her waist and led her to the mirror.

As they stood in front of the full length mirror, Rebekah looked at herself and the two incredibly beautiful women on either side of her. They were all dressed the same, in leather skirts that just barely covered their asses and shear blouses that showed off their supple breasts and the jewelry that was attached to them.

Rebekah wobbled between the two women as they held her up, trying to balance herself on the stiletto heals that Lisa had fetched from her car.

"Wow!" said Rebekah finally. We look like sisters, don't we?

"Yes we do," said Lisa, as she pecked Rebekah on the cheek. "With the youngest and most beautiful one in the middle. Don't you think so Danielle"

"I'm sure of it," said Danielle as she pecked Rebekah on the other cheek.

As the two women released their hands from Rebekah's waist, they stepped back to let her take herself all in. As Rebekah focused on herself in the mirror, she was pleased that her long curly blonde hair was hiding her exposed breasts, even if only slightly.

As Danielle looked on, she was pleased with Rebekah's continuing metamorphosis. "Now turn around kitten, and let's get the whole view. Careful on those heels!"

As Rebekah awkwardly turned in the heels, both women were pleased with their handiwork.

"Time to shop!" announced Danielle.

"Until we drop!" added Lisa as she gave Rebekah a playful smack on her leather encased ass.

Rebekah wobbled slightly and both women caught her before she fell. All three laughed as they headed out the bedroom door and down the hallway toward the kitchen and garage.

"What a vision of loveliness," said Richard, surprised, as he came in the door from the garage, startling all three women, since they weren't expecting him so soon.

"You're home early," said Danielle. "I wasn't expecting you for at least another hour."

"I got through early and decided to come home," said Richard. "It was such a long night last night," added Richard with his wicked grin.

"Well, we're going shopping and to get young Rebekah a proper wardrobe," said Danielle. "We shouldn't be gone for more than an hour or two. Is that all right?"

"Of course," said Richard warmly. "A couple of hours for dinner Beatrice?"

"Yes, oh yes of course," said Beatrice from across the kitchen. "What would the young lady like for dessert?"

"Something chocolate?" asked Rebekah brightly, looking at everyone for approval.

"Chocolate it is then," answered Richard for everyone. "Now go have fun shopping ladies!"

"We'll see you in a little while," said Danielle, leaning forward to kiss Richard.

"Here, why don't you take my car. Lisa's seems to be full of stuff," said Richard handing Danielle the keys.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Thanks! Bye!" said Danielle as the ladies headed out the door.

As the women paraded by, Richard stood and watched them as he drank in their beauty, his gorgeous wive Danielle in her lavender colored blouse and black leather skirt; his delectable new wife Lisa in her flesh colored blouse and her brown leather skirt; and last, but not least, the virginal Rebekah in her pristine white blouse and girlish pink leather skirt. Richard was fully erect just looking at them.

"Take good care of that, and we'll see what we can do about it when we get home," said Lisa looking directly at the bulge in Richards pants as she winked at him and closed the garage door.


Rebekah was wide-eyed as Danielle drove down into the parking structure of the Sherman Oaks Galleria, as the imposing structure gleaned in the late afternoon sun, it disappeared from view in the windshield in front of her. Soon they were in the elevator making the ascent to the top floor so they could shop their way back down to the bottom.

They don't have anything like this in Hesperia, Rebekah thought to herself, as she looked wide-eyed into the window of every shop they passed. Deirdre seemed to know exactly where she was going as Lisa and Rebekah tagged along behind her, with Rebekah periodically having to regain her balance as she still struggled with the stiletto heels.

Rebekah was self-conscious about the fact that every man they passed stopped to leer at them and look them up from head to toe, always stopping at their breasts. She was also conscious of the dirty looks they were getting from virtually every woman or girl they passed over the age of fourteen.

Danielle turned and opened the door to a brightly lit shop near the end of the corridor. As Rebekah looked in the display window she noticed that most of the clothing was of the revealing variety that seemed to be Danielle's preference.

"Fabricio, I have a new customer for you," said Danielle loudly to the handsome man at the back of the shop, shaking his finger at a young man who appeared to be getting a tongue lashing. "As a matter of fact, I have two new customers for you."

"Miss Danielle, it is so nice to see you," gushed Fabricio. "Pardon me, I'm trying to train a new clerk. You know how hard it is to find good help these days. Dio mio!"

"I need you to outfit this beautiful young lady with a proper ensemble. Rebekah, please meet Fabricio who is going to work his magic for you and turn you from a little duckling into a beautiful swan," said Danielle. "Aren't you Fabricio?"

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