tagIncest/TabooThe Big 21 Gun Salute

The Big 21 Gun Salute


It's a day for celebrating. She's finally 21 and can do anything she wants. No more "yes Daddy", and no more being forced to do things that she doesn't want to do.

She knows that she only has to get through this last day, this last party held in her honor by all of her family, and then she'll be free.

She waits for her Daddy to pick her up. He's going to drive her to a remote cabin deep in the woods where the party is supposed to take place.

When he picks her up she notices that he has a sly grin on his face and a glint in his eye that makes her quiver. She loves her Daddy and all the men in her family, but they are all so domineering. So much so that lately she has felt like a helpless mouse in a trap.

They arrive at the cabin and she is escorted to a clearing in the woods just behind the structure by her Uncle and Dad. The site that greets her innocent eyes makes her want to run for her life. They're all there. Every male member of her family, 21 of them to be exact, and they're all completely naked!

She turns to run but her Daddy and Uncle are quick to grab her. Her Daddy holds her tight while her uncle and grandpa start removing her clothes.

This is her birthday surprise. One by one all her male relatives, her Daddy first, are going to fuck her nubile virginal body. They take turns licking her pussy lips, slipping their tongues deeper and deeper in between those wet fuck lips diving deeper still to gather some of her juices to massage into her clit. They suck and nibble her clit until she has to be physically held down by all of them. She's so sensitive as each family member (daddy, uncle, grandpa, cousin, and brother) flick, suck, and tease her pussy, drinking in and tasting her sweet honey straight from the source until she cums on each and every member's tongue.

She thinks that she's going to go out of her mind because they won't let up...orgasm after orgasm, spasm after spasm, and yet they force yet another one out of her. She is barely given the chance to catch her breath. Until finally, a break... She is still being held down, big rough hands still grasping, holding, caressing, teasing as her body jerks in post-orgasmic pleasure.

Now her Daddy whispers in her ear, "Now that you're wet baby, now that your honey is dripping down to your dirty little rose bud and forming a puddle under your sweet ass, and now that your pink little cunt has become swollen with your desire and is craving more, we are all gonna take care of that need. That's right my sweet baby girl, we are all gonna take turns stroking that kitty of yours and filling it up with our special birthday cream, our present for you on your special day. We're gonna give you a big 21 gun salute. 21 guns are gonna fire off a round inside that hot little hole of yours."

"Ever since your momma left me and the rest of us two years ago I have been looking at you with new eyes. That's right, she used to be our little fuck toy and cum slut. We all decided that you would take her place. We even had a special party last year where all of us jacked off several times into that big bottle of bubble bath that grandpa gave you at Christmas so that all year you would be bathing in our seed, just like your hot little cunny is gonna be bathed in it now."

"Daddy is gonna take your cherry first. Since my seed made this sweet little body, I'm gonna be the first to plant my seed deep inside that tight wet cunny of yours. Then, for the rest of the day each one of your male relatives is gonna take their turn plowin' that pussy and plantin' their seed. MMMMMMMM...Daddy has been lookin' forward to this day for a long time. To see your little fuck hole plastered and over-flowing with the seed of all your male relatives....mmmmmmmmm...girl! That is gonna be somethin'!"

"Once we've all had a turn, then we're gonna gather up the buckets of cum that couldn't fit inside that tight little hole of yours and rub it all over you. This is how we are gonna mark you as ours. Our pussy to fuck. Our cunny to tickle and tease. Our cunt to lick and lap."

"Now I know that we all want to feel your sweet pink lips wrapped around our cream machines and watch your eyes while we fuck your pouty little mouth like it was a cunt but we also want to hear your moans and screams of incestuous pleasure. So...we have all decided that after we've all dipped our pussy splitters into that honey pot of yours, then we will take turns spewin' our load on that wet pink tongue. That way we can watch as each of our creamy loads drip down your face and chin and over your big luscious tits."

"MMMMMMMMM...You're gonna be good and fucked when the day is over. Yes sir...fucked real good."

"Now, I've taken it upon myself to pack a special bag for you. Once today's festivities are done, you will need to sleep undisturbed for a while because we plan on wearin' you out."

"After tomorrow, you will spend the entire day and night alone with each of us so that we can all get a real good taste of your sweet body. When you've given everybody one good day of fucking and sucking, then you'll come back to me and I will have you show me everything that you learned from each family member."

"We are videotaping today's party and your overnight visits will be taped too. I plan on reviewing each tape with you and I will show you how I would have fucked or sucked you so that you will know your Daddy well. I will expect you to memorize the specific moves that each of your masters have taught you so that anyone of us can demand that same move from you when we want. And yes...that's right...we are all your masters but I am the master of them all since you came from me. This gives me the right to have your body whenever and wherever I want."

"Okay baby girl...it's time to take that virginity. It's time to taste all the pleasures that this young sweet body can offer."

"Don't fight it baby girl...it was gonna happen one way or another. We are gonna make you become our beautiful cum slut."

"Happy birthday baby! Daddy loves you so very much!"

Reality begins to set in. She now knows that she'll never be free of her family. From this day forward she will always be their little cum slut.

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