The Big "3-0"


If I had felt as though I was close to a climax before, I felt like I had just stumbled into a whole new pleasure arena that could take a lot more pleasure before it would be filled to capacity. I could feel both of her fingers sliding deeper and deeper inside of me.

By the time the one in the front found its way back to my g-spot I became instantly aware that the finger inside my ass was as far in as it would be allowed to go by her hand. I had never taken anything so deep back there before and it didn't bother me, rather it felt as natural and pleasurable as any act I'd ever experienced.

At one point Kara asked my husband to pull out of her for a quick moment. Clearly it seemed she needed to reposition to get more comfortable. As he backed out of her, she got down a little lower by spreading her legs more. I could see she was sticking her wonderfully curvy ass out even further for him now. I'm not sure what thought was going through his mind, but I knew he was one lucky boy for sure.

She looked back towards him and told him to come back inside but to please put a little more lubricant on himself first. I was shocked at this as she had been extremely wet the short time earlier when I had tasted it myself. I reached down and rubbed myself almost absent-mindedly, feeling my own aroused lips and noticing just how wet everything was down there. I had been getting so used to the constant pleasure that even for those few short moments my aroused body parts were starting to feel a little neglected.

My husband applied more lubricant as he had been asked to do and positioned himself again behind Kara. As she looked back at him, she also reached back upon him seeming to be unsuccessful in re-entering her. She appeared to guide him with her hand back to where he belonged inside of her.

She told him to go slowly and as he did she began to moan in a new and different way than before. After a few moments she released her grip of him and to my delight she focused her attention and her hands back on me. I could not have been happier as I was about ready to take matters fully into my own hands and give myself the release I was practically dying to have.

I listened to the muffled moans of the woman between my legs and to the deep and uninhibited grunts of my husband and soon I began to moan now myself. I found myself getting totally lost in the moment again. The fingers that had only been wetted with her mouth previously were now lubricated from touching my husband's cock and quickly found their way back into my front and back simultaneously.

If it had felt good before, now it felt absolutely amazing. I knew I would only last a few more moments of this intense pleasure. I had never felt so stretched open and pleasured simultaneously at the same time before. I just wanted more of it, and as fast as I could get it. I looked up and saw my husband now taking Kara deep and hard and noticed that she was practically screaming into my body with her mouth while it still tried desperately to continue to pleasure me.

When Kara's mouth failed to take any further orders from her brain, she substituted licking my clit by slipping the 2nd finger out of the front and joining the other one in the ass while sliding her thumb up inside my pussy. It was a tighter squeeze in my ass but it felt amazing. The pressure was intense but so pleasurable at the same time and I could hear myself grunting in a guttural low pitch that I don't recall ever having done before.

I wanted to let this sensation last as long as I could hold off my orgasm in order to let me explore the incredibly intensity of this experience. It was then that I heard my husband blurt out what some call the dreaded "L-word". Yes, he said the word "love" with regards to another woman. Thankfully he did not say, "I love you Kara", he had said something far less romantic. In between a couple of choice expletives, he told Kara and likely any neighbors to our suite that he really thoroughly enjoyed anal sex with her.

All the pieces suddenly had fallen into place. Kara was one of "those" anal sex-loving women that the women's magazines talk about in those interesting yet likely embellished sex surveys. She had been taking my husband in her ass probably since the moment she had repositioned and had him re-enter her. I had to admit that I was not prepared for things to go to this extreme. I wasn't sure if I was more bothered that she was offering him something I had never offered him or that he was enjoying it so much that he told her he loved it.

I decided I needed to do something about this situation, even if it was a bit rash. Mind you, I was in the midst of the most mind-blowing sex of my 28 years, and I wasn't about to cause any wet blankets to fall onto our delightful tryst. I back away from Kara's grip of me, and got up from my position on the bed. I came around the side of her and came to face the same direction as Kara and my husband.

I bent my torso down and stuck my ass up into the air and rubbed more lubricant into myself from the bottle that my husband had discarded beside Kara. I was surprised how easily my finger slipped inside my back door. This was going to be a pure offering to the love of my life on his special birthday. In case my husband did not understand the gesture, I made sure to make my offer clear. I asked him if he wanted to now take his wife this way too.

From there, things became a bit blurry. I do remember at one point reaching back and sliding the condom off of him before I let him into me. I wanted him to enter me naturally as him and not with a thin veil of rubber on. He was certainly bigger and thicker than Kara's two fingers had been so it took a few moments for me to adjust to him.

Once I did get used to his size though, I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience of real anal sex and made sure to let everyone know about it. I remember being much more vocal that I normally was and even caught myself off guard as I threw a few expletives in.

My husband took turns on each of us, going for about a minute in each before switching to the other. I knew full well the risks of unprotected sex, particularly sharing bacteria between people while having sex this way but in that moment I didn't even think twice. Thank goodness that nobody had any unusual medical irregularities afterwards, at least none that I was aware of.

Kara used her fingers on my pussy every time my husband had re-entered me. My clit by that point was telling me that my pleasure peak was rapidly coming near. My husband told me afterwards that having anal sex with two women at the same time was not even on his fantasy radar. If I was honest with him, it hadn't even crossed my mind what it would be like for him while it was going on.

He explained that it was as close to an out of body experience as he'd ever had. He said he tried not to think too much at all and to just enjoy it while doing his best to make it last as long as he could. He said taking turns with his wife and this curvy stranger was wilder than he had ever imagined. He mentioned how the contrasts of our two completely different feminine bodies made everything that much better.

He told me that he was really thankful for having to take it slowly to enter me because it gave his mind and body time to focus on the task at hand. He also admitted that having anal sex with a stranger was extremely hot, but having his wife there allowing it, and then joining in on it made it the best birthday present he could have ever had.

I'm actually not really sure who came first, but it was either me or my husband. When he did cum I felt him spasm three times before he flooded me with every drop of hot cum that was still in his body. I was at a level of intense pleasure so beyond anything I'd ever experienced that I was only vaguely aware of who was doing what to whom and what was being done to me. I came harder and louder than I ever had in my life, to the delight of both Kara and my husband.

Since my husband had already climaxed and I was essentially a quivering mess, Kara got onto her back and asked if he wouldn't mind helping her have her full release. I became a mere spectator as he got down between her legs and licked her while his fingers pleasured her. She was grunting a long drawn-out and powerful orgasm in a very short while as she pulled his face into her hips and made was would never have been misinterpreted as a shout out to a higher power in a religious way.

He told me afterwards how surprised he was when she was practically begging him to slide multiple fingers into her ass. Apparently I shocked him quite a bit more when I mentioned quite casually that it wasn't until I felt Kara doing that to me that I knew I wanted to take his big cock back there in me.

I thought perhaps we were done as all three of us had achieved our climaxes but apparently Kara and my husband had other ideas. I tried my best to stay attentive — it was a birthday present after all and I pride myself on being a courteous hostess — but soon I started to feel a little tired thanks to all of the recent sexual and emotional exertion that had happened combined with the two and a half glasses of wine I had consumed during the fun. W

hen I glanced at the clock, I was shocked to see that we had been having sex for over two hours. I had no idea that sex could be so long. As my husband and Kara continued to enjoy and pleasure each other I realized, with some alarm, that they were both probably more sexual than I was. I liked it plenty, but I was also satiable. They were polite and both my husband and Kara separately made sure that it was OK that they kept going. For my part I was completely done and I encouraged them to ravage each other.

Finally, they tired themselves out, but not until they had tried what appeared to be every way they could think of pleasuring each other. While they tried out the bed, the couch, the work desk, and several areas of the floor, I had used the bathroom, took a long shower, and had made an 8 o'clock dinner reservation at a restaurant nearby that my husband and I both enjoyed.

I don't know all the details of what they did together but somewhere between my shower and me retrieving my hair brush from my suitcase I saw that Kara was not afraid to lick women or men back there. I watched in bemused shock as she even slid a finger inside of him while giving him yet another slow and wet blowjob. I wasn't sure that was a form of pleasure-giving that I was soon to adopt.

There was a sweet moment at the very end when the three of us lay naked together under the covers, with the birthday boy in the middle. He was beaming. When I placed my hand near his cock to see if he had anything left in reserve he quickly shifted my hand away and told me he was too sore for any more fun. I knew that I had done my job and had also picked the right woman for us to share this fantasy with.

Kara seemed very pleased, too. She e-mailed me several times later that night and she mentioned her surprise by how erotic she found the whole experience, especially being with me. I was flattered to have converted her. I myself had discovered that I was much more bi-sexual than I had previously thought. I had always felt that there might be something else out there, but now I knew what I had been missing.

One of her e-mails suggested that she would like a repeat performance. I thought about how amazing it would be to re-create the fun we had shared sometime in the near future but then it dawned on me that my own birthday was coming up. I think maybe I wouldn't mind having that swap deal played out after all.

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