tagNonHumanThe Big, Bad Blob That Ate Alice Ch. 02

The Big, Bad Blob That Ate Alice Ch. 02


Alice's panicked gurgles ceased abruptly as the Blob covered her nose. All air was cut off as she smothered in the creature's liquid embrace. The world assumed a blurry, Daliesque surreality as the Blob's transparent body covered her eyes. Alice's futile struggles delayed the inevitable; black spots were already appearing in her vision. "I'm going to die," she thought. The Blob had other plans.

The "lick" that Alice felt was a preliminary taste. It was the creature's initial investigation of a potential meal. Now, having discovered three different openings on her body, the Blob saw an opportunity to taste Alice inside and out.

It filled her mouth, flowing over her perfect white teeth, swirling around her pink tongue. Even as she suffocated, Alice could taste the creature. It was a surprising taste; sweet and sour, like honeyed lemon. A memory of Roy's cock pierced her fading consciousness. He liked flavored lubricants; one brand tasted like this creature.

Alice opened her mouth wider in mnemotic response. The creature flowed down her throat. Alice's throat swallowed and rippled as her gag and cough reflexes went into overdrive. There was a battle: as the creature flowed into her, her body simultaneously tried to expel it. Her partially digested sandwich erupted out of her stomach into her esophagus.

The Blob stopped at the larynx, pausing briefly to consider the flap separating gullet and windpipe. It parted itself to enter both tunnels. One stream continued down her esophagus, picking up and absorbing bits and pieces of her sandwich. It merged her acids into itself as it flowed through her stomach.

The Blob felt very much at home. The stomach was dark, moist, and warm. It licked the moist walls, digesting the faint remnants of the tuna sandwich. "Delicious," it thought, "Fish with a hint of acid and mucus, yum!" The Blob was tempted to congeal here before eating the woman.

The walls throbbed and gyrated to the woman's gag reflex. The motion excited the creature. It played in the warm, gastronomic stew before continuing through the small intestine. The protoplasm streamed sinuously through the gray-purple maze to join its other self in the large intestine.

The other stream entered her vaginal-like voice box, slithering into her lungs. Alice desperately tried to scream but she had no air. The semi fluid creature saturated her vocal cords, reducing her sounds to faint gurgles.

Alice's struggles weakened; she was suffocating. "This will not do," the creature thought; food tastes better live. The Blob used a trick it discovered with other animals. It filled her lungs, engulfing the pulsating sacks of alveoli; enfolding her blood vessels, merging its cells with hers, it brought oxygen directly to her bloodstream. Alice's struggles eased as her body adjusted to its immersion. She felt as if she were trapped in a womb.

The Blob flowed into Alice's ass, snaking through her anus, and into the rectum. It was a reverse enema. Alice's sphincter reacted, spasming in a vain attempt to defecate the offending protoplasm. The experience stood out among the other sensations. Alice had engaged in anal sex with Roy, but semi fluid was different from a hard dick.

It didn't drill back and forth like Roy, but continued to flow forward. A ticklish feeling spasmed through her stomach and intestines. The feeling was uncomfortable but not unpleasurable either. She was tempted to giggle but the protoplasmic flow kept her mouth open. She managed a few "hurggh's!" between gulps.

The Blob did not find anything of interest in this area. Excrement was not part of the Blob's diet but a frequent presence in its feeding. Feces were nothing to the Blob as it could absorb anything. It's nature gave it the luxury of ignoring certain tastes while savoring others. Consequently Alice was cleaned out of all bodily waste while the Blob flowed through her digestive tract.

The Blob was having fun. So far the prey tasted delicious. Every part of her body, inside and out, was tasted simultaneously; but there was one area, with a taste so exquisite as to cause an explosion of ecstasy within the protoplasm.

An opening, just above the creature's anus. A space between the legs that radiated a low, moist heat. As the Blob enfolded the prey, the woman had opened her legs unconsciously, exposing a pink, wet slit. The Blob tasted the syrupy liquid within and received a jolt.

The liquid from the other creatures it consumed had tasted good, but nothing like this sweet nectar. Intrigued, the Blob flowed further inside, slurping the fluid on the moist walls. It came across a small, round, pulsing nub. Was this the source of the nectar?

The Blob swirled around the nub and flowed back and forth over it. The nub seemed to swell and the prey reacted. It thrashed and convulsed; gurgles streamed from her saturated throat. The stimulation had the desired effect. The space flooded with the strange nectar; the Blob almost drowned in liquid nirvana. Thirsty for more, the jellied abomination explored further into the prey's depths, stimulating the nub and slurping the nectar as it flowed forward.

To Be Continued…

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