tagNonHumanThe Big, Bad Blob That Ate Alice Ch. 03

The Big, Bad Blob That Ate Alice Ch. 03


Alice came down from her latest orgasm. A despairing gurgle, the only sound permitted to her saturated vocal cords, bubbled from her throat. The world was a blur; distorted by her sexual haze, panic, and the warm jelly encasing her body. Her panicked thrashings were as much rebellion at her protoplasmic violation as survival instinct.

"Help!" she thought, "Get off me! Oh God! I'm drowning! I'm going to be sick! No! What's this stuff doing?!! No! Stop!" The...Thing flowed in and out, penetrating her most intimate areas. Somehow it stimulated her clit; in ways, a tiny, grudging part of her mind admitted, that surpassed previous sexual encounters.

Earlier there was panic. The strange jelly had plunged down her throat; the smothering slime cutting off the air. Alice's lungs burned for lack of oxygen; dark spots appeared on the edges of her vision.

"I'm dying," she thought, "I'm drowning in living jello and there's no one around. This is it. This is Roy and Jane's fault!"

Then, just as she clawed for her last breath, oxygen flooded into her lungs, "?!! What?!" At first Alice thought the jelly had opened a passage for her nose. A quick glance revealed she was completely immersed in thick fluid. Furthermore, the sensation of breathing felt unnatural, as if she were breathing water instead of air.

Alice looked around in shock. The world was distorted by the creature's "body". The effect was akin to an underwater imprisonment. She flailed her arms wildly but stopped in frustration, "Darn! How do you fight jello?!"

Alice floated in protoplasm as the creature flowed in, out, and through her body. She was terrified, she'd seen the movie (the remake, not the original). Well, what's it waiting for?" she thought, "Hurry up and eat me, you freak!!"

She braced herself, anticipating searing pain as her skin, muscle, and bones dissolved in the Blob's fluid acid. Instead, she became aware of a different sensation. The feeling of being licked everywhere, inside and out; the dream of Roy made real. Only Alice's body was wide open to the liquid monster.

She tried to close her mouth, but the thick syrupy fluid congealed each time she brought her lips together. It was like trying to bite a thick tongue, slithering down her throat, and penetrating deep into her belly. Alice found herself working her throat muscles to accommodate the creature's flow. Her tongue moved as if wrestling with another. "I'm making out with a Blob?" she thought, "This is sick!"

Alice's innards tickled with Blob movement. The flow of protoplasm through the moist interiors of her stomach, intestines, and anus made her gurgle. The creature's activities upon her flesh and interior caused many more.

The Blob flowed over her flat belly, pooling in the navel, tickling and playing with her bellybutton. It tasted the skin and absorbed the sweat. Then it flowed up her body to the melon-shaped mounds. Alice, her skin made pale by the protoplasmic distortion, tingled, not with acidic digestion but the action of millions of tongues, working every hair, every cell. "I'm being licked to death," Alice thought.

Invisible tongues played over her mounds, licked and tickled her dark pink quarter dollars. Alice gurgled heatedly as her boobs were given a massage unlike any other. They bobbed and pulsed in the warm jelly. Alice's wide open amber eyes watched her tits stand at pencil point attention. "God! What is this thing doing? I've never felt anything like it!" Her gurgles increased with the frequency of her heaving breasts.

The liquid breasting was more than matched by the activity in her nethers. The Blob took cunnilingus to levels the usually imaginative Roy never conceived. Pleasure shocks raged through Alice's body. "Omigod! This thing has the best tongue in the world!" she gurgled.

The licking continued to the g-spot. The Blob pressed the button and Alice was done. A steady stream of tiny bubbles issued from her mouth. Her body bent backwards into a near u-shape. Her dark amber eyes went milk white as they rolled in their sockets. Her breasts pulsed and throbbed.

The Blob was just starting its play. Now that it had set the pattern, the creature began a constant flow in and out of the young woman. Alice was cleaned from the inside; all her bodily wastes, undigested food, and extraneous bacteria were cleared out and digested. The Blob did not want any distractions with its toy.

It concentrated most of its activities in two areas: her pussy and breasts. Protoplasm pumped and massaged her clit; floods of cum squirted into the jelly, to be instantly absorbed. Alice went into constant orgasm; dark amber eyes watched her pelvis, thighs, and belly pump and crunch. She tried to scream but could only gape, as bubbles rose slowly from her mouth, through the honey thick fluid. "Oh God! Help! I'm being fucked to death by a giant blob!" she thought.

Alice had no need to worry about dying. The Blob, at this stage, had complete control of her body, keeping her heart pumping through orgasms that would normally kill humans. It wanted to get as much out of her body as possible. It wouldn't do for its prey to die just yet.

The playful protoplasm got creative, performing tricks honed through decades of gastronomic amusement. Alice, nearing erotic insanity from the constant licking, became aware of increasing pressure in her womb. She watched in bemused horror as her belly began to expand like a water balloon.

The Blob bunched up in Alice's womb, washing against the walls, swirling and playing around her clit and g-spot, driving Alice into a maddening cycle of orgasm. She gaped at her pulsating belly, expanding, contracting, bellybutton popping out and in, in a sickening parody of pregnancy. Alice gurgled hysterically.

The Blob also played with her stomach. Along with orgasms, Alice experienced a massive binge and purge to exceed any bulimic dream. The Blob streamed through her rectum, big and small intestines, stomach and mouth, and then back again.

The riot of sensations overwhelmed the young woman. Her body warped and bloated; belly bloating to watermelon size one moment, flattening to classic curves the next. Her boobs rode up and down with each inflation/deflation.

The wondrous melons were not ignored by the Blob. It thickened itself around the mounds, tasting and feeling the soft flesh. It felt the fat within the globes and something else, something liquid. The Blob's protoplasm coursed through Alice's blood; a switch activated, a switch made of hormones.

Alice's pink tits, already conical and swollen with lust, plumped further and splurted white fluid. "?!Guuurrggh?!" she gurgled, agog; another wonder to process for her overloaded senses.

"Yum!" the Blob thought, pleasantly surprised at the new taste treat. The milk complimented the cum produced by the lust-throbbed girl. "More! I want more!" the Blob thought. It worked its plasm into Alice's breasts, pumping and squeezing.

Alice's boobs plumped to beach balls and deflated back to c-cups, only for the cycle to repeat. Her volcanic tits spewed cream with each pump, clouding the protoplasm briefly, before blending into the jelly.

Alice's head was spinning; a useless cliche to be sure but apt; nor could it be said that her mind had shut down, or that she went insane. No, Alice was fully aware. The experience was too far beyond belief for her mind to reject. No previous encounter, sexual or otherwise, even began to cover it.

"Fucked by jelly," she thought numbly. She slowly looked around. The lake, the forest and sky were in motion, distorted by the entrapping liquid. "Nobody's coming," she realized. The solitude that allowed Alice privacy and freedom, now doomed her to consumption by a giant amoeba. There was nothing she could do except cum and wait. "I'm fucked. Fucked and fucked" she gurgled.

To Be Concluded...

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