tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Big Bang Theory - The New Drug Ch. 02

The Big Bang Theory - The New Drug Ch. 02


Bernadette wobbles up the stairs to Penny's apartment, having gotten a lot of stares on the way. People were just as in awe with her humongous tits as she first was.

"Getting used to these melons is going to take a while, they bounce around like they've got a mind of their own" She thought.

She arrived on Penny's floor dressed in a yellow dress with a simple plain cardigan, she no longer had any bras that fit so for now she was going without. She reached Penny's apartment and knocked on the door.

"I wonder how she will react?" She thought. Just then the door opened, and Penny appeared. Out of the girls in her friendship group, Penny was easily the hottest. Her tall frame matched with her slim figure meant she stood out more, and her nice round ass would stick out from her body, easily catching the eyes of most passers-by. It was only up close that the men would notice Bernadette, though that might change now. Penny was wearing skin tight jeans which hugged her big ass nicely, up top she was wearing a simple red top with short sleeves, which only covered her shoulders. Penny had big tits compared to most, but even before the drug Bernadette had her beat.

"Hey, I was beginning to wonder where you... WHAT THE FUCK!!" Penny shouted, her words and eyes giving away that she had noticed Bernadette's new change.

"What happened? Did you get a boob job?" She asked.

"Can I come in? I'll explain it, but just not in the hall." Bernadette replied. Penny moved over, never once taking her eyes of Bernadette's massive melons. She closed the door and followed Bernadette to the couch.

Bernadette sat down on the couch and removed her cardigan. She could hear Penny gasp next to her. When she was ready she turned to look at Penny.

"Right, first I haven't had a boob job. This only happened last night and the only reason for it is this." She said calmly while placing a small container on the coffee table.

"What is that?" Penny asked. Her voice starting to sound normal again.

"It's a new drug I've been working on at the lab. It was only supposed to make the recipient appear younger and make them more attractive, but obviously something went wrong." Bernadette explained.

"Well why did you take it, Leonard told me you guys have to do tests on it first or something?" Penny replied. She couldn't help but start to feel a tang of jealousy at her friend's impressive assets. Penny knew that Bernadette had bigger tits to begin with, but this took the biscuit. She looked down at her own tits, not huge but still bigger than most.

"Well the company wouldn't allow human testing but, I was positive it would work, so I may have smuggled it out of the lab and took it at home." Bernadette said.

"What did Howard say?" Penny asked.

"Well he reacted just like you did at first, then he remembered that he accidently took it as well." Penny reacted to this just like she did earlier.

"WHAT... Well what happened to him." She replied. Bernadette just took her hands and then held them about five inches apart, then she started to move them further apart. Penny watched in awe as her friend's hands went from five to six to eight to finally stopping at ten inches apart. She unconsciously licked her lips at the thought of such a large cock.

"I don't know what to say." She said

"Me neither, it's a lot to process I know." Bernadette replied. Both girls just staring at each other.

After several moments had passed, Penny's eyes wandered from Bernadette's eyes, to her buxom chest, to the small container sitting on the coffee table.

"I wonder if it would do the same for me" she thought.

"If I had tits even half Bernadette's size, then I would be a walking wet dream. Tits, ass, slim waist and blonde." Penny thought. She started getting hot just thinking about it.

Just then, Bernadette stood up and started walking round the couch.

"I need to use the bathroom, won't be long". She said. Penny watched as Bernadette crossed the room and made her way to her bedroom. Once she heard the click of the bathroom door she raced in to action. Grabbing the small container off the coffee table, she headed for the kitchen. She got a glass from the cupboard and quickly filled it with water. Turning around to the kitchen island and taking a pill from the container.

"I hope this works". She said to herself. Closing her eyes, she quickly took the pill and placed it in her mouth, before taking a sip of water to wash it down.

She stood there for several moments in anticipation of what would happen. After a while nothing did, she began to wonder if Bernadette was telling the truth. Just as she thought that Bernadette returned. She walked to the kitchen and saw the glass of half-drunk water and the open container.

"Did you take the drug?" She asked, the concern evident in her voice.

"Yeah, I want to have bigger tits too, imagine it me and you walking round town with huge racks, turning heads where ever we go." Penny said.

Bernadette pictured it, she had never been popular growing up, her big tits were the only thing she liked about herself, as she felt she had something over the popular girls. She imagined her and Penny in a club, getting free drinks from all the guys trying to seduce them, but only to leave them hanging as she returned home to get fucked hard by her hung husband.

"It would be pretty fun actually". She said

"Exactly, how long did it take for them puppies to grow." Penny asked.

"I don't know exactly, I took the drug before going to bed and woke up with them". She replied.

Penny moved round the island and headed for the couch, Bernadette followed.

"My jeans feel tighter than before, and they were already tight." Penny said as she stood in the middle of the living room.

"OH MY GOD PENNY, YOUR ASS IT'S, IT'S GROWING." Bernadette shouted. Penny could feel her ass expanding and her jeans start to tear. She ran to the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. She watched as her ass grew, going from big to huge and round.

Bernadette appeared at the door and watched. She could just see Penny's lace underwear through the tears of her jeans, although with her new ass it looked more like a thong.

"OH MY GOD, MY ASS IT'S HUGE." Penny shouted. She reached round to touch it and it felt so big and juicy, she removed her hands and watched it jiggle.

She was in shock, as was Bernadette who had now just noticed Penny's thighs as well which looked muscular and toned.

"I supposed they had to be to support that ass" she thought. Penny turned to Bernadette.

"Are you okay? How do you feel?" Bernadette asked.

"Fine, like nothing happened." Penny replied.

"You're not upset then." She asked, Slightly hesitant at her response.

"Are you kidding me, look at this ass, I've never felt better. It's huge". Penny said excitedly. She walked passed Bernadette and back into her bedroom. She went to a draw and took out some new jeans. Penny then took off what remained off her ripped up jeans and removed her underwear, before then putting on the formally loose fitting new jeans which now hugged her ass nicely. Turning to Bernadette she said.

"Come on, I've got an idea." She then headed off to the kitchen.

Bernadette watched her friend move, her ass swaying hypnotically from side to side as she went. Once she reached the kitchen, she saw Penny taking the small container and head for the front door.

"What are you doing?" Bernadette asks.

"Going to spread the joy." Penny replies smiling as she goes. She opens the door and crosses the hall. Just as she was about to walk in to Leonard's apartment, she sees Howard climbing the stairs.

"Hey Howard, how's it hanging." She asks, not even trying to hide her gaze, as she openly stares at his crotch.

Howard looks up to see Penny standing there, staring at his crotch. He opens his mouth to reply but nothing comes out, as his eyes take in Penny's new juicy ass protruding out from her slim frame.

Penny giggles at Howard, and then turns and opens the door to Leonard's apartment.

(Meanwhile in Leonard's apartment)

Leonard was sat on the couch watching tv. He knew that at any moment his peace would be shattered by his annoying roommate, who was currently busy in his room with his toy trains.

Just then his front door swung open and his beautiful girlfriend came in. She caught him by surprise even though this wasn't the first time she came in unannounced. It never bothered him as he liked spending time with her, but it always put Sheldon in a sore mood.

Before he could say anything, she stood in front of him with a devilish grin on her face, like she had something planned.

"Hey sweetie." She said. Leonard recovering from her sudden entrance, was just about to reply, but before he could his eyes locked on to something. He stared at her legs and noticed something different.

"Hey Penny um, how are you?" He replied nervously.

"I swear her thighs have gotten bigger." He thought. While finally bringing his eyes up to meet hers. She was still smiling and looked like she knew something that he didn't.

"I'm good, terrific actually". She said, enjoying teasing him a little.

"That's great, do you mind if I ask why?" He said, his voice sounding more normal.

"Why don't I show you." She replied, and with that Penny turned around.

"OH MY GOD!" Was all she heard from behind her and she looked round to see the complete shock in Leonard's eyes. She couldn't help but giggle as she saw his reaction. He jumped out of his seat and ran across the living room, before disappearing around the corner to his room.

Penny looked out the front door, to see Howard in an almost trance like state. He just stood there in amazement staring at her ass. She slowly, and seductively walked up to him and stood within an inch of him. Howard couldn't bring himself to do anything but just stand there, he was at Penny's complete mercy.

She just moved her head next to his and whispered something in his ear, before turning around and pushing her ass into his rock-hard cock, she grinded back against him and then pushed him with her ass so that he stumbled backwards and collided with her apartment door. He just managed to catch a glimpse of her huge ass, as it disappeared behind Leonard's door.

(Meanwhile in Leonard's room)

Leonard was in his room, sat on his bed. He'd just spent the best part of a minute looking for his inhaler. He sat there as his breathing slowly returned to normal.

"What the fuck". He thought, "What happened to Penny's ass to make it so huge".

He stood up and started to pace across his room.

"Did she get some kind of surgery or something, and why didn't she tell me".

Leonard knew that there was only one way to find out. He loved Penny and of course if she wanted a new huge ass, he wasn't going to complain. But still he thought she would talk to him about it first.

With his inhaler in his hand, he marched to his bedroom door.

(Back in the Living room)

Penny strolled over to the kitchen, her face beaming with excitement at the prospect of what was to come. She had enjoyed teasing Howard, but now it was time for some real fun. She placed the container on the kitchen island and walked round to one of the cupboards, where she removed a glass and filled it with water. She then walked back round the island and took out one pill. She placed the drug next to the glass and waited.

She couldn't help but think about the incredible morning she had so far. She thought about Bernadette's huge rack, Howard's big hard cock pressed against her new bubble butt and, then she thought about Leonard. Her sweet, little lover who always looked out for and wanted the best for her. She thought about what this magical new drug might do to him. After all, she was proof that it seemed to effect people differently.

Just then, she heard a door open down the hall, this was followed shortly by footsteps.

Leonard walked back in to the living room, red faced and still slightly out of breath. She decided to face completely straight on with him, so that they'd be able to talk without any distractions.

"Hey." She said, this time not smiling.

"Hey." Leonard replied, looking her dead in the eyes.

"Do you want to talk." She asked. Leonard sighed and started to approach her.

"Yes, yes definitely but first my head feels a little painful, so I'm just going to grab some aspirin." He said.

Penny just smiled.

"Here you go I thought you might need one after the shock you've just had." She reached behind her and took the small white pill in to her hand and passed it too him.

"Thanks." Leonard said, before placing the drug in his mouth and washing it down with the glass of water.

He then put the glass down and went to sit on the couch. Penny followed, taking a seat next to him.

"So, where do you want to start." She said.

"How about with why you did this." He replied calmly, his eyes constantly flicking between hers and her incredibly muscular thighs.

"It was a sort of spur of the moment thing, I just saw Bernadette and thought I want to be like her". She answered.

"What do you mean, Bernadette hasn't got a huge ass." He said, slightly more confused.

"Well no, she doesn't but that's not why I did it, I did it too get huge tits like hers."

"So, you wanted a boob job to get tits like Bernadette's. But that doesn't explain why

your ass is so big."

"That's because of the drug she made." She replied, smiling as she could start to see the cogs turning in her man's head.

"YOU TOOK A DRUG... What drug?" Leonard said, the anxiety returning to his voice.

"Oh, just the drug she made in her lab to help aging, the same drug that made her big tits grow in to massive melons". Penny held her hands in front of her to show Bernadette's new bust.

"The same drug that turned Howard's small stick into a towering trunk". Again, describing Howard's new size with her hands.

"The same drug that turned this peach of an ass in to a huge bubble booty". This time, she got up turned around and bent over to really show off her new ass.

"The same drug that you took a couple of minutes ago". She finally finished as she looked round to see Leonard, mouth agape and staring at her huge bubble butt.

"Come on Leonard touch it, you know you want too, you've been dying to sink your fingers in to this titanic ass since I first showed it to you". She teased him. Her Pussy was so wet, and she couldn't wait for the drug to take effect on Leonard.

Leonard started to shake, he was now rock hard, and he just wanted to grab Penny's incredible ass with both hands. He finally calmed down enough to lift his hands up, and with one swift motion plunged them in to the soft juicy flesh of Penny's ass. He couldn't believe his luck and hated himself for not doing this sooner.

"That's it sweetie, squeeze my big ass. It feels so good doesn't it?" She said, encouraging him more.

Leonard couldn't speak, he was too occupied by the size and feel of Penny's humungous ass.

However, after only a few of seconds of squeezing the biggest ass he'd ever seen, he started to feel dizzy. His head started to throb, before then falling backwards against the couch and passing out.

"Leonard, Leonard sweetie wake up." Leonard could hear the soft, soothing voice of Penny, calling him to wake.

"What, what happened? Did I faint?" He asked, as he sat up from the couch.

"Yes, what do you remember?" She asked while staring intently at his eyes.

"Um, I remember you coming over and..." He paused to look at her. His eyes locking on to her huge peach of an ass.

"And I remember that." He said. Penny smiled at him.

"Anything else?"

"No, I don't think so." He replied. He watched as Penny stood up and walked to the kitchen. He couldn't help but get hard just looking at her. He watched as her big, round ass swayed as she walked. She didn't even have to try.

"What about these? Do you remember them?" She said, holding up a small container.

"Are those?" He started to say, but before he could he felt a strain in his trousers. He knew he was hard, but this was different. Looking down he saw that the bulge in his trousers was a lot bigger than normal.

"Um, Penny." He said.

Penny was already looking, she bit her lip in anticipation.

"Fucking hell that looks big." She thought. She placed the container back down and walked back to Leonard. She got down on to her knees and knelt between his legs.

"It worked." She said. Slowly reaching her hand out, she grabbed the zipper on Leonard's trousers. She heard him gasp a little as she did, she pulled the zipper down, never taking her eyes off the object of her desire. It wasn't easy for her to pull the zipper down over the huge bulge, but eventually it came down. She then reached up and undid the button at the top and his trousers came loose.

They both were breathing heavily now, their hearts racing. Penny pulled Leonard's trousers down and then dug her fingers into the top of his boxers. She looked him in the eyes and caught his gaze. She smiled at him and in one quick motion released his new cock into the open.

Leonard's cock flew back, smacking his stomach before swinging back upright.

Penny just stared at it, she was in complete awe of the massive pillar of man meat before her. Her smile had gone replaced by a face of complete shock. She knew he would be big but looking at it now. It still surpassed anything she had imagined.

"OH MY GOD, IT'S FUCKING HUGE." She finally said.

"I know. Did, did the drug do this to me." Leonard said, breaking her gaze.

"Yeah, definitely." She replied. Before tentatively reaching a hand out to grasp his cock. Her hand couldn't get around it. The drug had increased his girth as well.

"How big do you think it is?" She asked. Bringing her other hand up to help hold it steady.

"Um, it looks about twelve inches long." He replied. His face starting to say that he was enjoying what Penny was doing. She was now running her hands up and down his length.

"Twelve inches isn't that like a foot long." She asked. She brought her hands up to the tip of his new cock and started to gently jerk it.

"Mmm, yeah twelve inches is a foot." He said. He said watching his girlfriend jerk his cock slowly.

"Is that what you wanted, a boyfriend with a foot-long cock?" He said.

"Once I found out what it did to Howard I did." She said and started to increase her pace by pumping his cock faster. She also reached below his cock and only then did she notice something else.

"HOLY FUCK!" She shouted, looking on in surprise.

"What?" Leonard said, a little scared.

"Your balls, they've grown too." She said whilst reaching for them. She hefted one of the balls up with both hands.

"Woah, its heavy." She said. Just one of Leonard's balls was the size of a coconut. Penny played with his balls now entranced by their weight and size. She finally regained some composure and looked Leonard in the eyes.

"Let's have some fun sweetie." And with that she got to work. She grabbed the bottom of her top and quickly pulled it over head. Leonard looked at her large tits encased in her lace bra. Although not for long as Penny quickly released them. Confident now that she was ok to continue without the possibility of ruining her nice clothes.

Leaning forward Penny ran her tongue over every inch of Leonard's cock. It took her a few minutes but once she was done, his whole cock was slick with her saliva. She didn't stop there though. She immediately dove for his humungous balls and started to lather them. She felt her arm muscles flexing just lifting them up.

"It looks like you've got a lot of cum stored up in there, do you mind if I have some." She asked while gently pumping his cock. She loved to tease people, it gave her a sense of superiority over her victim.

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