tagBDSMThe Big Bottomed Slave Girl

The Big Bottomed Slave Girl


My name is Gjin, I live in the paradise known as Viche, and I am a big bottomed slave girl. This is my story.

My name was Emily when I grew up in a town called Windy Praire, on the Eastern edge of Viche, and I began developing the large hips and big bottom of a slave girl at an early age. Many of the boys and some of the girls would tease me about the large size of my bottom, but it is a truth that everyone has a place and a destiny in beautiful Viche, and as a young girl I wondered if my big bottom and pretty face meant that I might become a female slave girl. Anything is possible in Viche.

I received my answer in the Vichean year of 2233 when I was captured, at the age of 18, by a cheerful breed of Vichean merchant men known as Hargs, who search for young, beautiful girls with slender waists and exceptionally large hips, to become permanent female slaves.

The short, stocky, elf-like Hargs, passing through Windy Praire, noticed my thick red hair, slender figure, and big backside, so I was tied up and locked in a wooden cage, placed on a horse cart and taken to the small town of Maghalla. There I was caged in a slave kennel by the Harg merchants and fed Pygian root daily, which is known to cause a woman's bottom to grow to enormous proportions, while making her waist and shoulders slender and delicate. All Vicheans like their slave girls with slender waists and huge butts.

I was kept in my cell, surrounded by iron bars, for two months, eating nothing but Pygian root. My waist was small, but my rear end was becoming huge, and jiggled with the slightest movements I made in my kennel cage. The Harg merchants would laugh as they chained my wrists to the wall of my cage and measured my large, and growing bottom every morning. I would be spanked each evening as well and then fed more root until my butt reached its current huge size and I was deemed fit to become a slave.

I quickly learned that, the bigger my butt became, the more I ached for it to be touched. Much to my surprise, I quickly began to long for my spankings each evening and I melted at the merchants' playful comments about the enormous size of my bottom and the way it jiggled. I found myself wiggling my big butt for the pleasure of the Hargs, without thinking.

"Stand up, slave, and show us your big butt," a short, round, black haired Harg merchant said one day. Obediently, I stood up in my cage and turned my back to the Harg to expose every inch of my huge bottom. He laughed as he gently patted the fullest part of my big butt. "You have the biggest ass I have ever seen on a slave," he said playfully, as he continued to lightly pat my rear end. "It is time for you to be collared and begin your life as a female slave, sold in the free markets of Viche."

The dark haired Harg clicked a thin iron collar around my neck and quickly attached a leash to the ring in front. I was led out of my cage, my enormous, jiggling bottom bouncing in the daylight for the first time. I remember it was a strange sensation feeling the mounds of flesh on my big butt shaking and jiggling as I was led by my leash. I moaned softly. The Harg laughed, as they often do, and gave my huge ass a good spank as he chained my leash to a large wooden post planted in the middle of the town square of Maghalla. He proceeded to shackle my wrists above my head and attach them to an iron ring high on the post. I stood there, chained and helpless, as the Harg wandered off.

People were milling about and enjoying their day, which is the primary occupation in all the peaceful, happy towns in the country of Viche. It was no surprise for the citizens to see a large bottomed slave girl chained to a wooden post as they went about their business. Only a certain number of beautiful women become Vichean slaves, but it is quite acceptable to see one.

"Good Lord, that slave girl has a huge ass," I heard a young woman say, and I felt her hand lightly caress my enormous rump. "That is a big, beautiful bottom, so large and fat," she added, laughing.

She went on her way and I stood quietly in my chains for some time, when I suddenly felt a sharp smack on my big butt. I gasped and moaned loudly as I felt another smack.

"Go ahead and spank the slave's big bottom, Timdo," an older woman's voice said.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see a young man of about 19, with pale skin and sandy hair raise his hand and bring it down firmly on my huge, jiggling backside. Smack! To my embarrassment and insidious delight, he was spanking me right here in the town square! Smack! His hand landed again and again.

"Good for you, Timdo," the woman's voice said. "You should always give a slave girl's big, heavy rump a good spanking when she is chained to the post." I was gasping and breathing heavily as they walked away, my big butt sill jiggling from my spanking.

The dark haired Harg returned and I could hear him talking to someone behind me.

"We have received word that she needs to be taken, in chains and on a leash, about 100 miles to the town of Sangea to be sold as a slave. There is only a path through the Gray Forest, so you will have to walk it. Of course you will have to keep her leashed and shackled at all times."

"Of course," I heard a deeper voice say, "I will be happy to take the female slave to Sangea, for a percentage, naturally."

"Naturally," the Harg responded, as he mindlessly gave my enormous ass a good slap.

"We will cage her for the evening and start first thing in the morning," the deeper voice said.

"As you wish," said the Harg. He unchained my wrists, took hold of my leash and led me to a small cage at the edge of the town square. He placed me in the cage, on all fours, and attached my leash to the front of the small kennel, so I was bent over a bit on my hands and knees. My big ass barely fit in the back of the cage, and I could feel the iron bars just touching my exposed rump. I was told to remain in that position for a moment.

Suddenly, I gasped loudly as a long, cold, steel rod was slid between my giant, jiggling ass cheeks and pushed deep inside my large butt. When the cold rod could be pushed no further, and my gasping and moaning quieted down a bit, I could feel the rod being locked in place by chains around my waist, and locked in place outside the cage. The rod inside my giant butt would keep me on all fours. I could feel every inch of the penetrating rod as I moved and shuffled in my cage. The huge mounds of fat on my big bottom jiggled around the rod as I tried to get more comfortable, so I was made to feel it inside me, and I continued to gasp and moan involuntarily.

The cage was locked and I maneuvered my giant rump , though my leash gave me very little space to get into a sleeping position. I got as comfortable as I could, breathing heavily and shaking with my big bottom filled so intrusively. I slept as well as possible in my little cage.

Throughout the night, I could hear the wonderful people of Viche wandering about and laughing. Viche truly is a paradise, I thought to myself as my big butt got used to the rod inside it and I drifted off peacefully, content and naked in my collar and cage.

The dawn was barely breaking when I heard the deep voice say, "Wake up, slave, it is time to go." I felt his hand reaching through the bars of my cage and caressing my large rump. He was tall, thin, with long straight black hair, and somewhat older than the Harg. He had the darker red skin of the people from the Valley of the Dancing Sun, and he wore a headband indicating he was a resident of the Valley.

"Get your big butt out of the cage," he said as he unlocked my leash, "and show me that huge ass of yours. You'll need a good spanking before we get going, just to remind you that you are an obedient slave." I blushed as the rod was removed and I crawled out of my cage and showed the man my large, jiggling backside to be spanked. The tall man sat down on a bench, grabbed my leash, and pulled me over his lap. He held my leash with one hand as his other hand rested a moment on my enormous, vulnerable butt. Quickly, I felt the tingling sting of his warm hand as it smacked my big rump over and over again. I shrieked and gasped loudly as he said, "You are to be an obedient slave girl at all times. Do not forget that." With each slap, the jiggling of my large backside caused me to gasp and whimper.

"Yes, Master," I responded in a gasping but submissive voice, as the Vichean slave girls must do.

He finished spanking me and stood me up, my leash still in his left hand.

He picked up a tiny silk garment from his backpack and showed me what I would be wearing on the trip through the forest. I glanced down to see a tiny, thin, silk garment of deep red which he held in his hand. He told me to bend over a bit so he could put it on me. There was a tiny bit of silk connected to the front of my collar, lightly covering my breasts, and a thin silk tie that slid between my enormous ass cheeks and connected to the back of my collar. I felt more exposed than if I were naked. My huge butt was bare and completely exposed.

"Come, slave," he said as he took hold of my leash, chaining my wrists together in front of me, while taking a length of chain and attaching it to shackles on my ankles, and we began walking toward the Gray Forest.

"I was told that you are called 'Gjin'," the tall man said, "now that you are a slave anyway."

"Yes, Master," I responded, "I was named Gjin by the Hargs after I was captured and made into a big bottomed slave girl. My name used to be Emily."

"My name is Dakomo," the tall man said, quietly.

"Yes Master," I said demurely, as he pulled on my leash to keep us moving. The huge mounds of fat on my big butt bounced around the thin silk tie threaded through my large bottom, tickling me as we walked.

"Walk ahead of me on this portion of the path, Gjin, so I can keep an eye on you," Dakomo said as I moved ahead of him as far as my leash would allow. My rump felt enormous in my slave outfit. It tingled with each step I took. I could feel Dakomo's eyes on my huge ass as I walked. My ankle chains prevented long strides, so I was forced to take smaller steps, my big butt jiggling with each movement of my wide hips. We passed a few people on the small path, and I could feel them turning their heads to look at my huge butt in my little outfit as they walked by. Vicheans adore a really big rump on a female slave.

We were reaching the very edge of the town of Maghalla, just before entering the Gray Forest, when Dakomo ordered me to stop. I could just see a small wooden house behind some thin black Firk trees. I could see an iron post in front of the house, with a set of chains and shackles hanging from it. Perfect for a female slave, I thought.

A very beautiful, older woman stepped out onto the porch of the house and smiled at Dakomo. Dakomo walked in front of me, placed a hand on the biggest portion of my huge butt and proceeded to give me a soft but firm kiss, as I nearly melted in surprise and pleasure.

"I am going to visit a moment with this charming woman standing on her porch," Dakomo said, "so I will need to shackle you to the slave post out front." I was led to the pole, where he placed my already chained wrists into the hanging shackles, and locked them with a firm click, so I was chained helplessly to the post.

"Your slave has quite a big butt," the beautiful woman said, smiling.

"I am taking her to Sangea, Miss Joge" Dakomo answered, "but yes, her bottom is unusually large, even for a female slave." The two walked into the house laughing as I was left chained outside.

I stood out there for quite a while, my wrists chained over my head, while Dakomo and Miss Joge enjoyed themselves in the house. I could hear people in the distance, talking and laughing occasionally, but mostly it was quiet this close to the forest.

A young couple, giggling playfully and walking along the path, saw me chained to the slave post, my huge butt exposed and jiggling, and came walking over to get a better look.

"Look how big her butt is," exclaimed the young woman. She placed her little hand on my enormous backside and said, "My gosh, her bottom is so big!"

"Well, she is a female slave," the young man explained. "Vichean slave girls have huge backsides. But I agree, her bottom is even bigger than most." He patted my big butt to show how large it was.

"Yes, only a female Vichean slave could have a rear end so big and fat," the young lady went on. "What is your name, slave,?" she asked.

"I am called Gjin, Miss'" I said softly, my chains clinking lightly as I moved.

She laughed. "Well Gjin," she said, slapping my enormous rump a few times, "you certainly have a huge ass." I blushed.

"Perhaps when we get settled in our house, we will buy a big bottomed slave like this one and keep her in a little cage for our enjoyment," the man said, running his hand up and down my back. I arched my back and thrust out my big rump in delight.

"Oh, that might be fun," the pretty young lady said as she caressed my bottom, and just as quickly the young couple ran off, holding hands and laughing.

It was some time before Dakomo came back out onto the porch with Miss Joge, but they were laughing and hugging as they finally appeared, each one having a drink in their hands.

"Good Heavens, did that slave's ass get even bigger while we were in the house,?" Miss Joge said, and they both laughed. They gave each other one last hug and the two came toward me.

Miss Joge walked behind me and placed her soft, feminine hand on my giant backside. She caressed my big bottom with gentle sensitivity, occasionally giving it a few soft pats.

"You certainly have a huge butt, slave, " she said earnestly. "Now you know to be obedient and submissive at all times? You are a slave and you will live your life in chains, and leashes, offering your huge butt for the pleasure of all Vichean citizens." She continued to caress my giant rump with her soft, loving touch.

"May I spank her, Dakomo?'" she asked sweetly.

"Of course," Dakomo quickly answered.

Miss Joge pulled her soft hand back and began to spank my massive rear end with firm but gentle slaps. A warm, delicious feeling ran through me with each slap, and I felt she was teaching me how to become a complete slave. She had a loving, but confident way about her, and I adored being spanked by her.

"Good girl," she said when she had finished, and she gave my big bottom a few more gentle pats. "Well, have a nice journey, Dakomo," she said happily, but I must run into town for a bit. Stay as long as you'd like of course." She walked briskly off down the path, and Dakomo and I were alone.

"I've had a bit too much to drink, slave," Dakomo said. I could tell by his voice he was a little drunk. "My God, I can't get enough of your huge butt, Gjin," he said as he gave my giant bottom a good slap and placed a Vichean ball gag into my mouth and locked it in place. I moaned softly. "Your bottom is enormous, slave," he said as he gave me another slap. I moaned again without thinking. He proceeded to give me a good spanking as I wriggled in my chains and moaned. Smacking my big butt again and again, I could hear him breathing heavily and enjoying himself.

In one quick motion, I felt the thin string of silk running through my huge butt being unattached from my collar and removed, and just as quickly, I felt Dakomo entering my giant, jiggling bottom deeply. I gasped and yelped loudly as I had trouble drawing breath. I felt Dakomo sliding himself deeply in and out of my enormous rump repeatedly, and I felt pain mixed with enormous pleasure coursing through my entire body. I thrust my huge, shaking bottom back and forth toward Dakomo to swallow him deeply inside my giant and inviting rear end. My chains were clinking on the post as I wiggled and writhed and I made muffled shrieks through my gag. Suddenly Dakomo screamed,"Oh Tritian!," and he thrust himself forcefully and deeply inside of me, giving my giant, sweating butt a good hard smack, which was extremely loud. I exploded in joy and an eruption of pleasure as I let out a muffled scream. I hung exhausted, shackled to the post, and breathing hard.

Dakomo caressed my big ass as he slowly caught his breath. "Well we best get going if we are going to make camp before nightfall," Dakomo said after some time, still breathing heavily, "otherwise I will be tempted to enter that enormous ass of yours again right here and pleasure myself again right now." I gasped and before I could think or stop myself, I thrust my giant bottom out toward Dakomo for his pleasure. He laughed, and said, "Not right now Gjin, but that is how a good slave girl shows a man her huge ass." I blushed with embarrassment.

Dakomo left the gag in my mouth, chained my wrists and ankles, and again took hold of my leash as we entered the Gray Forest.

The forest is always covered with thick clouds and a misty fog. It is a thick and lush forest, but the cloud cover and mist make it quite gray and moody in appearance. It is the Gray Forest.

We walked quietly for a while, and I could see Dakomo was amused that I was walking as if he were still inside me. In truth I could still feel the delicious pain and pleasure of Dakomo deeply inside my giant, jiggling backside, and I have no doubt I was walking strangely on the end of my leash.

The Gray Forest is quite large, so it is scattered with Camps for weary travelers to stop for the night. They can also serve as social places to converse with other Vicheans.We reached the first Camp just as the sun was beginning to dip beneath the horizon. There were already a dozen people setting up their camps.

Dakomo led me to a thick iron spike driven deep into the ground, well within the Camp. I could feel the other people staring at my huge, jiggling bottom as I was walked on my leash. Dakomo chained my wrists right to my collar, locked my ankles together, and ordered me to sit down near the iron spike. He locked my leash to the spike, so I was chained tightly and gagged, unable to move much at all.

I watched as Dakomo introduced himself to the other travelers and shared a drink or two with them as he set up camp. I could hear them laughing and telling stories and commenting on the enormous size of my hips and butt. I remained shackled, gagged, and leashed to the iron spike.

Eventually Dakomo and the others sat down around a small fire and ate some fresh meat one of the trappers had just caught, and they passed around a bottle, laughing and talking. After a while, Dakomo walked over to me, removed my gag and placed a bowl of food and water next to me. He left me chained as I was, so I ate right out of the bowl, bent over on all fours, my huge ass stuck up in the air.

"God, that is a huge butt!," a man said as I ate, and they all laughed.

"Make her jiggle that giant bottom for us," another man said. They all agreed that was a good idea.

Dakomo came over, unlocked my leash and pulled me up by my hair. Quickly, he chained me, standing up and facing a big wooden slave post, with my huge rump facing the campers at the fire. "Now, make the fat on your huge bottom jiggle for our pleasure, slave," Dakomo said firmly.

Chained as I was, it was difficult to move at all, but it didn't take much to make such a big ass jiggle, so I just shifted my weight from side to side and I could feel my enormous ass cheeks jiggling with each movement. The people cheered and passed around the bottle.

"Keep jiggling that huge butt, slave!, "I heard one man yell.

"That ass is as big as the moon!," another hollered.

I heard a female voice giggle and say, "That is a beautiful sight, watching a slave's giant bottom shake and jiggle like that!"

I began to enjoy the pleasure I was giving them, and I felt a nice tingle as I shifted my weight, again and again, and made the huge mounds of fat on my backside jiggle over and over for them. I continued jiggling as they cheered, laughed, drank, told stories, and enjoyed the evening. I jiggled my big butt for what felt like hours. Little by little the people began to disperse from the fire and make their way to their tents. I was a slave, so I continued to jiggle my huge rump.

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