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The Big Delimma


"Gawd! I am not ready for this shit!" Charlie shouted as she pinched the bridge of her nose trying to stop her tears as she shook her head at her three friends Lisa, Michelle and Terri. They had surprised her with a weekend at the Indian Trails Hotel and Spa for her birthday. They all had such a crazy few weeks on their jobs that they all needed time to relax and unwind. It just happened that Charlie's birthday fell upon a perfect weekend. However, little did she know that two of her friends Michelle and Terri planned to seduce her during their weekend.

Charlie had the dilemma of her friends liking her. She was not used to all of the sudden attention coming her way especially from those two. She was a lesbian and considered a stud. She was surprised when on separate occasions the two of them approached her about their desire for her.

Michelle was married but curious and had never been with a woman. But she wanted the whole thing the wining and dining, the romance and the love that she wanted with a woman. She told Charlie her desire to have a woman taste her and to taste a woman but she especially wanted a stud to take her from the back.

Terri on the other hand, had a few encounters several years back in her college days. Terri, the church girl, was always joking around and teasing Charlie, that she was not sure about her and it blew Charlie's mind when Terri said that liked pussy every once and a while. Lisa knew about the situation and thought that Charlie was cool people and remained strictly a friend. So with the four of them everything was always pretty much in the open.

Michelle and Terri talked about their desire for their friend and they couldn't put into words the specific thing that attracted them to Charlie. They both had the desire to kiss and suck on her lips especially her pouty upper lip. Terri told Michelle about how she wanted to suck on Charlie's breast. Charlie never knew that on one occasion when she spilled something on her shirt and had removed it to keep the stain from setting that Terri was surprised at the fact that she hid such succulent curves under men's clothing. She was enthralled with her tits ever since. One day she asked Charlie why she dressed the way that she did and she said that she didn't like her body.

From that conversation they asked Charlie about hooking up and she said that she could not do that because they were friends but if they weren't then she wouldn't have any problems. Terri said simply "How do you have a lasting relationship if you don't start out as friend first? Hell we could all use a friend and one with benefits doesn't hurt either!"

After that they all left it alone and went back to their silly banter and teasing without further comment.

"Ah hell you're such a punk! Look at your stud-ass crying like a baby!" Lisa said looking around the suite and picking one of the four bedrooms for herself.

"I needed this weekend. I can't wait to have someone's hands all over my body. I need to work some shit out!" Terri said eying Michelle. "I call first for the masseur!" She said swing her hat around like a cowgirl.

"Charlie I am going to leave your ass with this fool here. I'm going to check out the amenities and I get the first massage because I did all the damn driving! Even after you fuckers left me out of the loop for the surprise until the last minute. I'm outta of here."

"Oh well, that leaves more for us then!" Michelle said pulling out two bottles of Petron Tequila. Charlie shouted, "Oh shit! It's the good shit! Come to momma. A goo, a goo, a goo-goo boo-boo." She said cradling the one bottles like a baby and everyone fell out laughing. Terri broke out the shot glasses and they proceeded to get drunk.

"You guys we should go and try..Aw hell, what the hell have assholes done now without me! You bastards are drunk as hell!" Lisa said as she entered the room floating from her massage to find her three friend shit-faced laughing and laid out all over the furniture. "I wanted to go eat at the restaurant but y'all probably to fucked up to go and eat."

"I can go for that. I could use something on my stomach to soak up some of this alcohol." Charlie said. Michelle and Terri agreed, and they all went to eat.

They ate, drank, and were merry and needless to say were a little loud. So, they left the restaurant and went back to the room to shower and change into something more comfortable. They sat around the large living room area of the suite in t-shirts, tanks and shorts. They lit a fire in the fire place because it had gotten chilly.

Charlie sat between Terri's legs, in her sports bra and shorts, and was receiving a back rub. Michelle and Lisa were on the opposite side of the room playing cards. Lisa said she was tired and was off to bed. Michelle came over and sat by the fire and sat quietly.

Charlie fell asleep from the alcohol, the warmth of the fire and the rhythmic massage. She found herself dreaming. But then she was awakened by the feeling of soft kisses on her lips and without thinking she deepened the kiss. She found herself moaning to the feeling of a hand massaging her left breast and kneading her sensitive nipple. She opened her eyes when she heard moaning and saw a naked Michelle straddling her lap. Her honey-colored skin shone in the fire light making her look radiant and wanton in its glow. She had her head thrown back because Terri's nimble fingers were also massaging one of her breast.

Before Charlie could say anything Michelle rose up and put her breast to Charlie's mouth offering her the chocolate peaks to suck on while over her head Michelle and Terri tongue kissed. In her mind she said fuck it and grabbed a hold of Michelle's silky ass with one hand and with the other she slid her fingers along the juicy slit to her pussy. Pushing two fingers inside of her she felt Michelle start to buck her hips and ride her fingers.

While she fingered Michelle, Charlie still felt Terri's hands massaging her nipples and suddenly her sports bra was being lifted off of her. She felt soft licks and kisses down the back and sides of her neck. Charlie gently pushed Michelle backwards rising up following her down trailing kisses between her breasts before pulling a sensitive nipple in her mouth. Terri followed suit.

As she rose up Terri trailed licks and kisses down Charlie's back pulling her shorts off in the process. She bit her right above the swells of her ass cheeks as her hand found Charlie's juicy folds and began rubbing light circles around her clit. She spread Charlie's cheeks and licked her pussy from the back. Terri turned over so that Charlie was hovering over her face and she slid her tongue into her hot hole deeply and created a vacuum of suction over her clit. Charlie rode Terri's face crying out, "Damn that shit feels so good!" She ground her hips over the talented tongue. Terri could feel Charlie about to cum and she slid from underneath her because she wanted to prolong the pleasure as long as possible.

As she was being serviced, at the same time Charlie continued to lick her way down Michelle's stomach making her way down to her shaven pussy. She was so creamy sweet and Charlie was rewarded with a moan of pleasure and fingers curled in her hair as her tongue found Michelle's center.

Her tongue glided over and over Michelle's clit. Licked and pulled at it with her lips and teeth. She stuck her tongue deep into her and twirling her tongue in her core. She felt the tremors in Michelle's thighs and knew that she was about to cum.

Terri smacked Charlie's ass and then rubbed light circles to soothe the sting. She reached off to the side and pulled out a harness with a condom covered eight inch thick black dildo attached and began strapping it onto Charlie.

Charlie quickly slipped her cock into Michelle at the same time she slipped her tongue into Michelle's mouth swallowing her scream as she climaxed. Charlie raised Michelle's legs up and over her shoulders and began pounding away at her pussy. She felt Terri spread her cheeks as she slid a well lubed vibe around and in to her ass. The sensation was driving her crazy as Terri put a second vibe against her clit. She felt Terri lick and bite her ass cheeks as she fucked her ass with the vibe.

"Aw fuck!" Charlie moaned as she came.

She responded in kind in Michelle's pussy, after Terri removed the vibes; and her enthusiasm caused Michelle cum a second and third time.

"Yeah, Charlie baby fuck me hard. Mmmmm! Charlie flipped her over and fucked her doggie style working Michelle's hips back onto her cock with a vengeance cumming hard herself a second time, as Michelle did again too.

Both Charlie and Michelle were spent. Michelle lay faced down quivering, and Charlie lay on her back catching her breath. Terri crawled over to her and straddled Charlie's face. She softly licked at the juicy pussy and began stabbing her tongue at the hard clit the protruded from Terri's swollen lips. She could not believe how incredibly wet she was and how sweet. Terri dropped her head forward and began cumming. She then crawled backwards down Charlie's body and began kissing her deeply sliding the soft velvet of her tongue in and around her mouth tasting herself and licking Charlie clean of her own juice.

Terri worked her way down to sucking on Charlie's caramel-colored nipples, pushing both her tits together so she could work them both at the same time. She began trailing licks and kisses down her stomach and spread her legs moving the harness to the side so she could lick the cream from Charlie's pussy. Charlie bucked and came again when her sensitive clit was lightly licked and Terri slid a vibe in and out of her pussy.

Terri was so fucking hot. She needed release again. She grabbed a nine inch dildo and condom, and switched out the one on the strap-on and lubed it up.

"Charlie fuck me. I want to feel you in my ass." Terri said kissing her again.

She straddled Charlie's cock in reverse cowgirl and slid the cock into her ass. She began to ride and Charlie held Terri's large breast in her hands pinching and pulling on her nipples. Michelle joined the two with another strap-on. Michelle started licking Terri's pussy and sucked her clit.

"Oh shit that feels so good Michelle. Baby don't stop I'm cumming!"

Terri took the cue from Michelle lying on her back with her cock in the air. She switched positions and sat on the fat nine inch dildo that Michelle strapped on and Charlie came up behind her and slid back into her ass. They found a rhythm and began to fuck the shit out of Terri. "Yes! Yes! Aw shit! Fuck meeeeee!" she screamed as multiple-orgasms over took her. Charlie and Terri fell to the side so they did not squash Michelle and all lay there giggling.

"Well I guess we finally worked some shit out then?" Michelle said.

Suddenly Lisa's door opened. "All right mutha fuckers! Y'all making too much god damn noise out here! Y'all fucked now go the fuck to sleep. Damn!" She said slamming the door.

They fell out laughing. "Damn that shit was good! So now what?" Terri said.

"Fuck if I know?" Charlie said. "Let's go take a shower and go to bed."

They all got into the large shower made for four and cleansed and played with one another for a while. The trio dried each other off and crawled into the master bedroom's California king-sized bed and spooned with Charlie in the middle holding Michelle in her arms and Terri spooned against her back.

All she could think about was what she was going to do now that she had sex with them both. She went from having platonic friends to having a bigger dilemma now that she had tasted the goods and she had two more days with these two.

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