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The Big Game


I woke up in the morning to my wife sucking on my cock. I usually wake up with a hard on and have to piss real badly but she got to it before I could get to the bathroom. She was really sucking hard on it trying to get me to come for her. Lately she had been just out of control horny all the time. She would come home straight from work and ask me if I wanted a blow job or a quickie. She was always disappointed if I said no.

I know most guys dream about having a situation like this but I was a little tired and the pressure to perform was getting to me. Usually I had been the aggressor but the tables had turned and neither one of us knew why. I sometimes felt bad because I knew she was frustrated but I just didn't have it in me at the time. So now here I was getting a blow job literally first thing in the morning.

She knew I was awake now and looked up at me with that glazed sex hungry look she gets. She began to really stroke the shaft and put her lips around the head of my cock. Her tongue did little circles on the tip and her hand picked up the pace. I felt my load begin to build and I knew she could too. With even more determination she began to suck harder and increased her tempo on my shaft. I came hard and shot streams of sticky cum into her mouth. She began to moan in a guttural satisfied way and she swallowed every drop. She pulled her mouth off of my cock and watched in fascination as she continued to stroke me. Every so often a small drop of cum would work its way to the tip of my cock and she lick it off.

We both knew I was done for a while. In my younger days this episode would have just been a warm up to some full on anything goes sex. I am older now and not what I used to be. It was ironic that I was now the one who couldn't keep up when she had been the one when we first got married over ten years ago that couldn't match my drive.

I got up and took a shower. Afterwards I went into the kitchen for breakfast and found my wife in thong panties and a small t-shirt making some eggs. As I walked by her to get a glass of juice she grabbed my cock and asked me if I wanted some real sex now. I told her it was too soon afterward and that maybe later. She tried to get me to commit to it but in the past I had done that and couldn't keep my word so I tried to avoid it. She looked a little disappointed and that was hard to take.

Today we had plans for some of my friends to come over and watch a football game on our new big screen TV. We had recently moved back to Phoenix after having lived in a small town back east for about ten years. I had joined the military after high school, met my wife and married her, then relocated to upstate New York. I was now finally back home and really enjoyed seeing my buddies after nearly twenty years away. We spent the rest of the morning getting the food ready for the grill and cleaning the pool.

Our neighbor Jim was the first over and asked if he could help out in any way. I was glad to have Jim as a neighbor. He and his wife Nicole were very nice people and we got a long very well. His wife was about the same size and weight of my wife but had brunette hair unlike my wife's blond hair. Our wives had become close friends and went out shopping together quite often. Jim said Nicole would be over later that she had some things to get done first.

My wife was wearing a two piece bathing suit that always helped me get in the mood. It had a bikini top but the bottom was of a short shorts type. Her nice round ass cheeks peaked out the bottom and the material clung to the rest of her very tightly. You could just see the outline of her cleanly shaven pussy through the front of her shorts. I didn't think I would like a fully shaved pussy but after seeing her parade around the house naked it began to be a turn on for me. Once she figured that out she kept it shaved and walked around naked nearly all the time. I noticed Jim admiring my wife's ass and pussy as she bent over and pulled bottles of soda from the bottom of the refrigerator. Seeing him eye my wife sent a chill up my spine and twinge in my cock. Suddenly I wanted to fuck my wife right then and there. I thought I should be getting angry but I was really getting turned on by it.

It wasn't long before Rob and Dave showed up. Back in high school we had been inseparable. Now we were all into our mid thirties with jobs and families. Dave had been divorced and was now on his second marriage and had a son. Rob never married but spent his time working on his hot rod or putting in overtime. I was looking forward to watching the game and reliving some of the glory days.

I grilled up some burgers and hot dogs and we all fixed us a plate. We heading into the living and turned on the big game. I had observed Rob and Dave notice my wife's outfit and I became even more aroused by it. I had also watched my wife place herself in view of the guys and give them ample time and opportunity to observe her. I don't think she thought I would notice but I did. I also noticed that her pussy lips were becoming more identifiable through her shorts and I even thought I noticed a little wetness.

As we tried to watch the game my wife would come in and offer snacks and replace our drinks. She would bend over the coffee the table and moon two of us while the others got a peek at her tits as they hung in her bikini top. She was non-stop. The last time she came in with beer she mooned Jim and I. It was indisputable now. Right in the center of her crotch was a noticeable wet spot. My wife's pussy was just flowing and she couldn't help it. I knew from experience that her body was now electric and any little thing could push her over the line. Jim lost sight of where he was and began to rub his erection before he came back out of his daze.

My wife walked by me as I sat on the couch and bent over for a kiss. I could see Rob and Dave eyeing my wife and I knew they had seen the wet spot too. The sexual tension in the air was unreal. My wife lips pressed hard onto mine and she forced her tongue into my mouth. She was getting out of control. The guys all shifted uncomfortably in their seats.

My wife and I watched porn on a fairly regular basis. During many of these movies the woman would wind up servicing two or more guys. My wife and I both admitted that this was a major turn on. Now here in my living room were three friends that desperately wanted to fuck my wife and I knew she was in no mood to refuse. I was also aware that the thought of everyone fucking my wife was making my cock as hard as stone.

When my wife came back from the kitchen she sat on the arm of the couch beside me. I decided to act on my urges and pulled her down on top of me. I began to kiss her hard and deep as my hands found my way onto her ass. She playfully resisted but I think only for a show. As I continued to kiss her gladly fell into my arms and began to respond. My hands found their way under her shorts and I grabbed hard on each of her ass cheeks. She pressed harder into me and I could feel her slightly rub her pussy on my hard cock through her shorts. In a determined effort I pulled her shorts to the side exposing her cleanly shaven cunt and buried two fingers deep into her pussy.

A gasp escaped from her lips as she vainly tried to pull away. It was no use and now she was beginning to grind her pussy onto my fingers. Her efforts to get away were half hearted at best. I think she just found it easier to justify her actions if she resisted a little. Her juices flowed out of her pussy and down my fingers. She started to really get into it and lost all sense of where she was. She broke our kiss and leaned back forcing my fingers even deeper into her pussy. I looked past her onto the other couch and could see Rob and Dave watching with fascination.

My wife tugged on my zipper and fumbled with my clothes until she at last freed my cock. I was bit uncomfortable with my cock hanging out in the open in front of my friends but when my wife bent down and inhaled my erection I lost all inhibitions. My wife was now bent over on the floor with her head furiously bobbing up and down on my cock.

Jim made the first move by leaning over and rubbing my wife's ass. A groan escaped her lips as his hand caressed her ass and made its way to her pussy. He said to me that my wife's pussy was begging to be fucked and asked if I would mind. My wife shot me a glance but then pretended to ignore the conversation. I told Jim to be my guest.

He quickly stripped and got behind my wife. He pulled her shorts down to her knees. The shorts were small and tight so they kept my wife's knees together and really spread her ass. I knew what Jim was in for. I fucked my wife in this position often and I knew her pussy would be very slick but very tight in this particular position. Jim wasted no time and in one stroke buried his cock balls deep into my wife's pussy.

His stroke caused my wife to remove her mouth from my cock and gasp with satisfaction. Once she got used to the feeling she began to suck on my cock again. She was just getting hotter now. She began to meet every one of Jim's strokes and was really getting into it. Jim didn't last very long and shot his load deep into my wife. My wife looked up at me in a sort of helpless sexually gratified way.

Dave had taken the opportunity to get behind my wife now and began to work his cock into her pussy. He was about an inch bigger than Jim and a bit thicker. My wife moaned with approval as the bigger cock began to fill her. My wife has several dildos with biggest being about five inches around and twelve inches long. On several occasions she has been able to take all of it and comes very hard. This is a huge turn on for me.

Dave took long deep strokes into my wife's pussy gradually building in tempo. He began to really drive his cock into her now forcing my cock deeper into her mouth with every stroke. She was in a dream world now as my balls began to ache with come. I started to concentrate on holding back. Dave's rhythm was quickening and he was soon forcing his cock as deeply as it would go as he came. At the same time I grabbed wife by the hair and forced my cock down her throat as huge spurts of come shot into her mouth and down into her belly.

I pulled my cock from her mouth with pop. She was on fire. She looked around in a bit of panic thinking it had all come to an end. I offered Rob my spot on the couch and he sat down. My wife began to move in to give him head the way she had me but I whispered into her ear to mount him. She climbed on top of him and worked his cock into her pussy. Soon she was rocking up and down on his cock. I watched in awe as his cock would disappear fully into wet swollen pussy.

My cock was hard again as I watched my wife. I stuck my middle finger in my mouth wetted it all the way to the hand. I pushed my finger deep into her asshole. She sort of froze for a moment but then relaxed and began to fuck Rob again. I began to work my finger in and out of her ass. I would fuck my wife in the ass weekly and many times I would stuff a dildo into her pussy as I fucked her ass. I knew she could take it but it would be the first time she had two people actively fucking each hole.

Jim and Dave were both hard again and looked on in envy as they knew I was going to be fucking my wife in the ass. I push her slightly forward onto Rob as I positioned myself behind her. I pressed the head of my cock directly onto her asshole and began to apply pressure. It took some time because with Rob's cock buried in her the resistance was more than what I was used to. Finally I gave a determined thrust and the head of my cock pushed into her ass. She began to shake a little and cried out "Oh Shit". I slowly began to work my cock into her ass a little deeper with every stroke. She began to relax and soon she taking my entire cock. Rob began to work his cock too. I could feel his cock thrusting into her pussy as I pulled back. We worked her alternately like this until she screamed out as she came. A flood of juices flowed from her pussy as her body would spasm in orgasm.

When she had recovered I began to quicken my pace. I didn't care if this was my wife anymore. I need to come and I wanted to fuck this ass hard. I worked furiously pounding my cock deep into her ass. With every stroke I forced myself deeper and with more force. My wife was screaming but unbelievably it was in pleasure. The fog began to clear just before I came into her ass I was aware that she was begging me to fuck her ass harder.

Jim and Dave and climbed onto the couch on either side of her. She was stoking their cocks with each hand and alternately sucking them off when she was able to stop screaming. I was really rocking her ass and Rob was still forcing his cock deep into her pussy. She seemed to be actually holding on by Dave and Jim's cocks. My cock was on fire as I drove deeper and harder into her ass. With three savage strokes I came into her ass. I don't think I ever came that hard before. I slowly pulled my cock from her ass. There was an audible pop as my cock finally pulled free.

To my shock Nicole whispered into my ear "That was so hot". She had apparently entered our home without anyone noticing. Jim positioned himself behind my wife and took over fucking her ass. Nicole got onto her knees and began to deep throat my cock. There is something so remarkable about a woman who can inhale an entire cock. I remembered thinking how strange to have the neighbor sucking my cock that had just been inside my wife's ass. Nicole didn't seem to mind and was an expert at giving head. She sucked slowly and deeply. It wasn't long until her nose was pushing on my stomach as my cock was buried down her throat.

Soon I heard Rob come and wife moan in approval as he shot his cum deep into her pussy as Jim continued to fuck her ass. Dave had his cock in wife's mouth and as Rob came my wife must have too. She sucked harder and stroked Dave's cock faster. Soon she was swallowing another load of cum. Rob slid out from under my wife leaving Jim to fuck her ass in the doggy position.

Nicole pulled my cock out her mouth and whispered into Jim's ear. Jim buried his cock deep up my wife's ass and then picked her and sat on the couch. Now he was sitting on the couch and my wife was spread wide open for everyone to see. She was on top and rode his cock deep into her ass. Nicole grabbed my cock and led me over to my wife and Jim. She whispered in my ear to fuck her and then got down on all fours. She crawled over between Jim and my wife's legs and began to alternately lick Jim's balls and lap up the come that oozed out of my wife's pussy. I pushed my cock into Nicole's pussy and began to fuck her. My wife made eye contact with me and we kept it for a long time. She came over and over as Jim continued to fuck her ass. She later told me that she got so hot watching me fuck Nicole and that having Nicole lick her pussy clean was a real treat.

My wife is not into sex with other women but in this particular case it was a real turn on. Nicole seemed to be relaxed and just enjoying the whole experience. A strange urge came over me then as I watched my cock going in and out of Nicole's pussy. As my cock backed out her tiny rosebud would sort of wink at me. The urge wasn't so much to fuck Nicole's ass but more of an urge to make Nicole scream. She had maintained control when the rest of us couldn't and I resented that. Without warning and in stride, I forced my cock up her ass in one brutal stroke. She screamed and tried to move away. I grabbed her by the hair and forced her mouth onto my wife's swollen and dripping pussy. It muffled the sound and Jim didn't get alarmed. I continued to fuck Nicole's ass and soon her pain turned to pleasure.

Nicole began to buck furiously against my cock as my balls slapped against her pussy lips. Jim came into my wife's ass and removed himself. My wife slid over to the side of the couch as Nicole began to buck and exclaim that she was coming. I pounded my cock into her ass and with one last push came deep into her. Nicole was started to collapse in exhaustion. I grabbed her hips and held her up in the doggy position.

I slowly pulled my cock from her ass and began to back away. As I did so, Rob moved behind her to take over and Dave forced his cock into her mouth. Nicole was finally was able to remove Dave's cock from her mouth and in broken sentences as Rob rammed her from behind told Jim she had had enough and asked him to make them stop. Jim calmly told her that it would not be fair and it would be rude if she didn't comply. Jim asked her is a mocked tone, " Don't you want to be a good neighbor"? Dave forced his cock back into her mouth and Nicole resigned herself to being a fuck toy until everyone was exhausted. We all recovered and continued to fuck away the rest of the afternoon. I never did see who won the game.

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