tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Big Scary Meany Man

The Big Scary Meany Man


Daddy wasn't gonna be home til tomorrow but last week he gave me a key cause I'd been such a good girl and 'cause he knows I miss him so much when he's gone. Daddy told me to be sure to feed the fish every day after work, and that I could sleep here or at my house, but he wanted me here tomorrow morning when he got home. I carefully opened the front door and went inside. "Just for a minute." I told myself while I kicked off my shoes, "I'll feed the fish and maybe draw him a pretty picture before I go."

I've been his babygirl for... wow seems like forever, seems like just yesterday. We met shortly after I graduated so it must be about 5 years now. My Daddy's the most awesomest Daddy a babygirl could ask for and I'm very glad he found me. I've been a good girl while he's been away making sure to diddle my lil pussy while I dream of sucking his big cock every night, keeping myself soft and smooth for when he comes back, and always wearing my prettiest panties to remind me of him all day long.

I turned on some hentai, then got myself a cookie and a glass of milk before settling on his bed with my favourite blankie. Some cartoons and Daddy's pillow were the perfect cure for my lonelys, and soon I drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up it was dark, but I wasn't scared. I'd been here a million times at night and knew just where everything was. I carefully washed the milk glass and put it away before double checking there were no crumbs in the sheets and crawling back into bed.

My hands started to slide under the sheets and a little smile crept on my face. I slowly slipped my panties off under my skirt and ran my hands over my legs. Just thinking about playing with my pussy in Daddy's bed got me so wet I could feel it squishing around as I wiggled lower to get comfy. I tickled the outside of my pussy gently with my fingertips just to get a little tingle going. I love taking it slow sometimes, breathing in the smell of Daddy's bed, and letting the dreams of his cock be the thing that tips the scales.

I heard a lock in the front door open and with a big smile called out "I'm here in your bed Daddy". It was odd that he was back already but I was really glad cause it meant I could probably suck his cock instead of just dreaming about it. I threw off the sheets and spread my legs big so he could see me play with my pussy when he came in. It was a minute or two later before I heard movement in the hall.

"Now what do we have here?" asked a low strange voice.

I was confused. Did Daddy bring a friend?

A man in a ski mask and doctor gloves came in the door and i scrambled to cover up with my short skirt and the sheet. That was NOT Daddy. He had brown eyes and I could smell his gross cologne across the room.

"Now, now little one, don't stop on my account. I'll be seeing plenty of that pussy before the night is out."

"I don't think so Mister. My big strong Daddy's gonna be home soon and you'll be sorry."

He took three big steps to the bed and ripped off the sheet. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me close so he could whisper, "I made sure your precious 'daddy' won't be back for a long time. Tonight, you are all mine, and I plan to make good use of the time we have together."

He threw me back down on the bed and I whimpered as he climbed over me. The mean man held both my wrists in one of his hands over my head and started undoing my shirt with his free hand. I tried to squirm away but he was too big and strong.

"Lemme go Mister! You can't do this. I'm not allowed without Daddy's say so and it's not nice to play so rough. Lemme Go!" I twisted real hard and almost broke loose when he smacked me right across the face.

I was so surprised I stopped and stared at him as tears started to fall. He pulled a big shiny knife off his belt and ran the tip along my cheek where the tears had left little wet trails. It was cold and sharp and very scary.

"Now you're going to stop yelling, or I'm going to shove your cute little panties down your throat. Understand?"

I was too scared to talk and I couldn't nod with the knife on my face...

"Speak slut! You are not allowed to scream. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mister. I won't scream, I promise," I closed my eyes and cried, "just please don't hurt me."

He chuckled low in his chest before replying, "Oh don't worry little girl, I will."

- - -

Pinned down on the bed, scared, and without my Daddy to protect me. This is not where I wanted to be.

"Mister please, my Daddy only lets me play with others when he's there to keep me safe. Please just come back later and talk to Daddy. He likes to watch so you can probably do whatever, just please not now. Not like this. I'm going to be in so much trouble."

The scary man didn't even answer. Still pinning both my hands above my head with his one hand, he lifted the knife off my cheek and slowly moved it toward my chest. I had been breathing heavy but the knife so close made me scared to breathe too deep cause my little titties might bump it and get cut.

One at a time the rest of the buttons on my shirt went flying pop – pop – pop as he cut them open with the big sharp knife. He used the knife to push aside the fabric of my blouse and stared hungrily at my titties.

Tracing spirals around my nipples with the tip of the knife, the scary mean man said, "Your little titties are to die for my dear. I may just cut them off and take them with me when we're done."

I closed my eyes tight and whimpered. The worst part about all this was that even though I was scared to pieces, my nipples were rock hard and begging to be sucked. It wasn't fair! My pussy was fighting against me too. It was wet and aching like when I was getting kisses from Daddy on my shoulders.

The knife left my skin and I opened my eyes to see him putting it back on his belt. I started to breathe easier till he took a pair of handcuffs from his back pocket. Quickly and smoothly he flipped me over on my belly and cuffed my hands to the headboard. My skirt was up around my waist showing off my bare bum and I was so embarrassed. Somehow, being half dressed made me feel more exposed.

He walked around the bed, looking at me from every angle but he wasn't touching me so I stayed very still hoping he just wanted to look. After a little bit he announced, "Now, I'm going to beat that sweet round ass."

"No. No. Please don't! Only my Daddy spanks my bum."

"And what does he spank your naughty little ass with?"


"Yes you little slut! WHAT does he spank you with?"

"His hand. He spanks my bum with his hand Mister."

"And do you like when he spanks you?"

"Umm, well no not really. I mean if I'm getting a spanking it means I disappointed him, and I like to make my Daddy happy."

"Well this isn't a spanking sweet cheeks. I'm just beating your ass for the fun of it; and to make that point clear, I'm using my belt."

"What?!" I screamed as I pulled my legs up trying to get into a tiny ball, "Please no, no, no that's going to hurt so bad, please no."

A scary smile curled across his lips as he said, "That's the idea"

- - -

Struggling to get out of the handcuffs I watched as the big scary mean man took off his black leather belt and placed it at the foot of the bed. He took the sheet I had tried to cover up with and twisted it into a rope. I was almost able to wiggle one hand free but he surprised me by grabbing my feet and just yanking them toward the bottom of the bed. He pulled so hard and so fast I was in the air a second before I crashed back to the bed, face down and crying. He quickly tied my ankles wide apart to the foot of the bed with the twisted sheet making sure everything was tight, then flipped my skirt back up so he could see my bum.

"Now you can't squirm away."

"Please Mister don't." I pleaded one last time and less than a second later I yelped as the leather of his belt bit into my bum. There was a pause after the first stroke and I could feel my bum warming already as the second fell. Three, four, ten? I lost track as the belt kept falling. Each one wasn't too hard, but they piled up and hurt more and more as the belt hit spots it had been before. I buried my face in the pillow so I didn't scream and make him mad. It hurt so bad but I knew whatever happened, my Daddy would be home soon and he'd take care of me. Just that thought made everything change. The scary man was still hitting my bum with his belt but the stings weren't so stingy, and the warmness started to spread from my bum to my pussy. Some how it started to feel good, really good. I found my hips grinding into the bed and my pussy tightening at every stroke.

"Looks like this dirty little slut likes being beat." the man said with a chuckle in his voice, "Lets ramp it up a bit."

I whimpered as he started hitting harder and faster. It still hurt but it hurt good and that idea kinda scared me. I could feel an orgasm building up fast and started whispering to myself, "I'm a good girl, I don't like mean stuff. I'm a good girl, I can wait for Daddy. I'm a good girl, oh god I'm so close. I'm a good girl, I'm a good girl, I'm a good girl..."

Suddenly **CRACK** the belt hit square on my tender little pussy and lightning traveled through every nerve in my body sparking an orgasm that shook me in my confinement with wave after wave of pleasure stronger than I had ever known.

As the twitching stopped and my head started to clear I realized I was untied, and I was crying. I'm not a good girl. I'm a dirty slut who likes pain. I must be going crazy.

"Hush my babygirl." Daddy whispered, "I'm proud of you."

"Great, now I'm hearing things too?"

I looked at the foot of the bed and sitting there quietly was the big scary meany man. He took off his mask and it was...


I was so happy to see Him. I scrambled over and gave Him a big hug before it all clicked. I flopped down on the bed and winced as my bum flared up with pain again.

"You're the scary man? But Daddy why? What did I do? I don't want You disappointed in me... and how did you make your eyes brown?"

"My love, my darling, my babygirl, you did nothing wrong. I love you very much and I'm proud to call you mine. I went away this week to learn this type of game for you. I could always tell your body enjoyed your punishments even if your mind was in the right place. I love everything about you, including this... and to answer your other question; simple coloured contacts." He smiled and hugged me close, "So what do you say? Should the big scary meany man come visit occasionally?"

I nodded with a shy smile. "Yes please Daddy."

"Good," he said starting to strip off his clothes, "now go run us a bath; this cologne reeks."

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