The Big Show...


Jenna was having a ball. The ticket a friend gave her for her birthday had her right down in the front corner where the wrestlers entered the ring. She knew she had been on camera more than a few times with her location and the tight, low cut blouse didn't hurt either.

She watched John come out and rev up the crowd. She got to see Rob and Rey pounce Spike. She was repulsed when Bubba Ray came out and tried to grope her. Last match of the night was Luthor and the Big Show. The intro for the Big Show came on and the crowd erupted in screams. She smiled and cheered. She could barely see anything at the entrance but caught her breath when he appeared in front of her. He was gorgeous! Tall, strong, his hair shoulder length, and just huge! Her eyes traveled down his frame and was impressed by the bulges. She blushed when she looked back up and realized he was staring at her. Show's eyes slid from her and he entered the ring and proceeded to beat the crap out of Luthor.

Show faced Luthor and smiled at the toad. He wasn't smiling at the thought of injuring this man but rather of the redhead in white that had just given him a total appreciation of his body. That he liked very much. He grabbed Luthor and mashed his face into the mat, stood up, yelled and pulled off his shirt, revealing a very nice set of muscles. He did that just for her to look at him.

At one point he had tossed Luthor out of the ring and landed in front of the crowd. Show stepped out of the ring, leaned onto the security wall just an inch from her. Jenna was face to face with him. She could see his muscles, the sweat dripping of his body, and a faint scent of- sex? She was a tall woman herself but her head only came to his shoulder. He turned and smiled down at her. Well he smiled at her chest which stood out from the tight white shirt. She blushed deeply and her nipples tightened. She thought her heard a groan from him but the crowd was so loud she wasn't sure.

Show did growl low in his throat as he watched her blush all the way down her chest. At that point Luthor pounced him and pushed him back into the steps causing Show to fly backwards onto the mat. Jenna shrieked when the men flew past her.

Show stood up and shook his head clear. His face tightened as he grabbed Luthor by the throat and tossed him back into the ring. He was pissed off now! He never let the scum get the upperhand for the rest of the match and was rewarded with a three count for the win.

Jenna just stood there watching Show. She couldn't believe she had this kind of reaction to a big muscled guy. But he was powerful, talented and gorgeous! Her nipples hardened in her shirt which stood out painfully. Big Show grabbed a referee and told him something.

Show stepped out of the ring, and gave a passing glance to the redheaded woman in the white shirt. She was definitely a distraction to him tonight.

The ring announcer came out and closed the show. Everyone started making their way out, but Jenna decided to wait a bit before she tried to get through this crowd. A man tapped her shoulder and she turned to see an official beside her.

"Ma'am, please come with me, there is a matter that needs to be discussed immediately." The guy turned and walked away. Jenna followed him, totally confused as to why anyone would need her but went anyway. She walked through the crowded hallways, full of wrestlers, stage crew and who ever else and did her best to keep up with the guy.

"Excuse me sir? What is this all about?" She yelled at him.

"There was a disturbance involving you in the program tonight and one of the wrestlers wants to speak to you about it to straighten out the matter," the man said.

"I'm the disturbance? What did I do?" She asked.

"In here, Ma'am," the man said and opened a door. She stepped inside and he shut the door behind her. She looked around the room, not sure what to do. She heard water running from behind another door. It shut off and she heard someone moving around. Jenna walked around the small room. For a dressing room, this was really nice. Soft warm tones, big comfortable looking couch, soft lighting and a huge pair of boots in the corner of the room.

The door opened and out stepped a 7ft tall man, wrapped in nothing but a low slung towel with his hair dripping down his chest. Jenna stepped back, fell against the couch arm and simply stopped breathing. Dear God he was all man! And almost naked!

Paul smiled and stepped over to a chair, put on a robe and shed the towel, tossing it into the bathroom. He watched her out of the corner of his eye, she never moved. He turned and smiled at her and watched as a deep rosy flush spread across her face down her neck to her breasts that were moving slowly. He did enjoy a beautiful pair of breasts.

Jenna closed her eyes and shook her head. The smell of sex was still around him. She cleared her throat and stood up. "The guy said there was a disturbance of some kind involving me?" She asked him.

Her voice slid over his skin and he shivered just a bit. He stopped, smiled at her and shook his head. "No, there wasn't one, but I had to find an excuse to get you in my dressing room."

"Oh," was all she said.

He just lifted an eyebrow and walked to the minibar in the corner of the room. He pulled out two bottles of cold tea and shook them both. Jenna watched his huge hands shake the bottles.

"Sit, please," he said and gestured to the couch. He waited for her to sit down and settled himself beside her. Suddenly he was pressed next to her. She could feel the heat from him. It made her senses reel.

"I'm Jenna," she said extending her hand.

"Paul," he replied and shook her hand. Hers was soft, warm, and a bit calloused. His was firm, muscled and hot. They watched their hands and he noticed how nice it felt to hold her hand in his. He was used to dwarfing people and normally very conscious of it, especially with women, but she didn't seem to mind. Jenna's curiosity took over and she drew her finger tips over his palm, sunrise at the tough hot skin. She looked up at him and smiled. Paul cleared his throat. He had to adjust his robe or something would have been seen.

Jenna had to admit to herself that the man was very sexual. She was turned on by merely sitting with him, touching his hand. She wanted him. It was not in her nature to bed strangers but she could make an exception to this one. Paul took her drink and opened it for her.

"I don't normally do this but I just had to see you. I couldn't help but notice that you were feeling the same way," he murmured. His voice was deep and it rolled through her, making her relax a bit.

"How did you-" she caught herself and smiled. "Well I guess the nipples were a positive sign huh? They do seem to have a mind of their own, usually."

Paul laughed at her comment and she shivered. His voice resonating deep in her body, twisting her sex tight, dampening her jeans.

"How did you like the program?" He asked, leaning back into the couch. Even sitting he was still taller than her. She liked that.

"It was awesome, I think the camera men definitely liked the girls."

"The girls?" He asked, lifting an eyebrow. He took a swallow from the bottle, and Jenna watched his lips wrap around the bottle neck and his throat move as he drank. She shivered from just the thought of the power those lips had when used in the right places.

She cleared her throat. "The girls, my breasts, you could say."

He glanced down and up again. "Yes, they are definitely girls. I would hate to see them in drag." Jenna burst out laughing. He was funny too. Oooooh.

She listened to the cd player. "Heaven Can Wait, Dean Martin."

He smiled at her. "Most people wouldn't know that. How do you know?"

"My grandfather listened to all of those guys, Martin was his favorite. I grew up on it and can sing most of the lyrics by heart," she replied.

"He's one of my favorites," he said as he leaned a bit closer to her.

"Show? You ok? We're leaving," a voice yelled from the other side of the door. Jenna jumped but Paul leaned forward and yelled back, "Yeah I'm fine, Charlie. See ya later man."

Jenna looked back and her face was only in an inch away from his. She had an old fashioned look to her. Classic face, red lips, pale skin. She licked her lips unconsciously which made him suck in air. God he wanted to kiss her, he wanted to touch her, taste her skin, taste her sex, make her scream his name. He felt himself swell and he shifted to hide his cock standing at full salute. Her jeans dampened and she sighed in frustration. Never had she been this attracted to a man. But he was definitely more than a man, he was primal, he was male. He pulled her close. Her hair framing her face, his face to hers. He smelled so good. Her hands splayed across his chest. She could feel his muscles ripple as he wrapped a hand around her.

For a moment they just looked at each other. Paul moved his hand to her neck and slowly pulled her to him. They kissed and Jenna couldn't help but moan softly. His lips were full, warm, and hungry. His hand stayed on her neck, his fingers playing with her hair. His other hand stayed around her and massaged her back. Jenna shivered at the contact and wrapped her arms around his neck, running her fingers through his hair. She pulled one hand down and caressed his shoulder, sending a groan through him. He prodded her mouth open with his tongue and she opened up to him, tasting him. He groaned and pulled her against him. He shook as he tasted her for the first time , holding her to him easily. He was sunrise at how well they fit together. Their hips were almost even and he could still kiss her. Oh, he had to have her now!

He pulled back and tried to speak, clearing his throat. "Yes!" She whispered. Her body was screaming for his hands, his cock. A yes was all he needed. She could feel her jeans were soaked. Yes, she wanted him, she wanted him to take her, take her body, make her moan, scream in ecstacy.

Her hands wrapped in his hair and she moaned into his mouth. She slid her hands under the robe sliding her palms across his tight muscle bound skin. She broke the kiss and ran her lips down to his neck and kissed him softly, running her tongue and lips across his collarbone. He leaned his head back and let her roam across his neck. She moved across him to slide her tongue up to his jaw. He moved his head back down and captured her lips with his. He couldn't take it anymore or he would explode. Jenna wrapped her arms around his neck. Paul yanked her shirt off, pleasantly sunrise by bare breasts and buried his face in them and sucked on her skin gently. She tasted good. Her head dropped back and Jenna sighed as he sucked on her. He sucked one into his mouth, pulling a whimper from her as her arms tightened around his neck.

Paul groaned and sucked the other one into his mouth, his tongue dancing across it. Jenna whimpered louder, her hands sliding to his robe, pulling it apart. She pushed his robe open and Paul let go of her long enough to slide if off his shoulders.

"I wanted to taste every part of you, but I can't wait Jenna," he growled through lust.

"Neither can I," she whispered quickly. She stood up to unbutton her jeans.

"Let me," he said as his hands unsnapped them and he rode her jeans down her ass, thighs to land at her feet. He smiled as his gaze traveled up her body. She wanted him, he could tell. She was wet and he could smell it. Something inside him snapped. Lust and desire poured through him for this woman.

Jenna watched as he undressed her. His cock stood proudly out in front of him and he was huge! Oh, God, yes. Her breath deepened with her desire. He picked her up and she straddled his legs to sit right on top of his cock. He slid his thumb down her stomach to her clit, making her shiver and groan with lust. He pushed his thumb down the wet slit, then lifted his finger to his mouth and tasted her juices. His tongue finally tasting her sex, her lust and he growled low in his throat.

"Oh Paul, please!" Jenna gasped as her back arched and her hips closed around his legs. She was on fire. She needed this man to slide into her. Pound her hard. She needed to lose control, and now!

Paul growled, his cock stretched tight and slid up her body. He was amazed once again at how good she fit him. He barely had to lower his head to see her face. She gazed at him through lust filled eyes. He held back at the entrance to her sex, once more making sure it was ok.

Jenna kissed him deeply. Paul shoved himself deep into her and they both groaned loudly into each other. For a moment he didn't move. God she was so hot and tight! He started slowly, enjoying the feeling of her muscles gripping him tight, sucking him inside.

Jenna pressed her legs to his hips giving him total access to her. She lifted just a bit and whimpered. She craved him. She felt so damn good, there was no stopping now. Not that he could anyway.

He wrapped his hands around her hips and lifted her up till just the tip of his cock was inside her and slammed her down onto him. She moaned into his mouth and arched her back. He pulled away from her and whispered, "look at me."

"Yes," Jenna whispered and opened her eyes. They were glazed over with lust, unfocused and full of happiness.

"That's what I needed to see," he growled and kissed her gently.

"Paul, take all of me, please," she whispered through swollen kissed lips. He only groaned, gripped her hips a bit tighter and proceeded to pound into her. Her head pulled back and she gasped for air as she felt his body shake under hers. She couldn't believe she was riding this man. Paul, The Big Show.

Her hands gripped his hair tight as she gasped and exploded around his cock. He could feel her squeeze his swollen cock but held on himself as tight as he could, fucking her. She rode wave after wave of orgasm, shivering uncontrollably, forgetting to breathe. His lips found hers again and he kissed her hard, giving into the animal lust they shared. Paul growled into her mouth and shoved into her at lightning speed, jackhammering her as he let himself go. Jenna could feel him grind into her. She wanted to climax with him so she shifted her hips and gripped his cock tight with her muscles.

Paul roared as he felt her sex tighten even more and shook as he lost control and exploded inside her, driving into her hard, grinding his hips as he emptied himself. He heard her groan loudly and knew she had climaxed one last time. He couldn't tell who was shaking more. He finally slowed a bit as he breathed heavily against her neck. Jenna lay collapsed on top of him, not able to move at all. He lifted his head off her shoulder and kissed her gently.

"Jenna....," his voice trailed off, raspy from breathing hard.

"Paul...," she replied.

He held onto her as he laid his head back onto the couch. He felt her relax and knew she was completely spent. He couldn't move much himself and was content to simply rub her arms. He drifted off to sleep as he felt her relax. Yes, there would definitely be more later.

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