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The Big Swing


“That was an incredible dinner,” I said as Jody leaned over my left shoulder to take my empty plate. “You’re any incredible cook, Jody.”

Jody smiled and kissed the top of my head. “Why thank you, kind sir. I love having you visit. You’re a lot of fun.” Reaching past me to retrieve the plate, Jody’s perky medium-sized tits nearly brushed the side of my head. I couldn’t help but gaze at them with unveiled admiration. Like the rest of us, Jody was casually decked out in a pair of shorts and a loose tank top. My left hand slid up the back of her leg and I had to resist a strong urge to move it right up to her perfect ass, but at the last second, I slid it around the outside of her hip and innocently hugged her slim waist to my cheek.

“Yeah,” Kyle said, “you need to get up here more often, dude. Once or twice a year ain’t enough.” Kyle, Jody’s boyfriend, was my best friend since grade school. We’d moved off to different schools, different careers and different towns midway through college. However, our friendship was one of those that seems to pick up right where it left off, even when we haven’t seen each other in 6 months. Kyle still had the same body he had during the two years of college football we played together years ago. He was a linebacker, standing 6’2” tall, a lean and muscular 155 pounds. I, too, am 6’2” tall, but I played on the offensive line and my playing weight back then was a beefy 235 pounds. I’d put on few pounds since then. I’m a big burly guy, but you couldn’t say I’m fat.

I said, “Well, you can have us anytime you want, sugar. Wouldn’t want to deprive you of my witty banter and sparkling wit.”

She laughed and gave my head a sharp bump with her hip as she spun away, carrying two handfuls of plates into the kitchen. As she passed by Marlissa, my wife of 13 years, she bumped the same hip into Marlissa’s shoulder. “And it’s about time you brought your wife with you, asshole. I’ve been dying to meet her. She’s every bit as sexy and beautiful as you’ve always said.”

Marlissa, snorted and said, “Yeah, right.” But sexy was right. Marlissa was wearing mid-thigh length white shorts and a bright yellow tank top. Both the shorts and the top were loose enough not to be skin tight, but tight enough to clearly outline her tall, slender figure. Even after being together for 15 years, married for 13, it was still a pleasure to gaze at her tight body.

“No, seriously, Marlissa,” Jody shouted from the kitchen, “He talks about you like a high school boy in love. I thought those hormones were supposed to wear off with old age. However, now having met you, I can see what it is that makes his dick hard.”

“Hear, hear!” said Kyle, raising his glass of beer in a mock toast. Kyle has known Marlissa almost as long as I have, and he makes no attempt to hide the fact that he thinks she’s hot, even after all these years.

Marlissa glanced up at me, a rosy color rising in her cheeks. Marlissa is a fair-skinned beauty with thick, straight, reddish auburn hair with bright red highlights. Over the years she’s worn her hair in a variety of lengths, all of them very flattering to her heart-shaped face and delicate, sharply defined features. At this time, she’s wearing it cropped very short, in an almost boyish cut. I’ve always loved short hair on women, especially if they’ve got long, elegant necks and pretty faces. Marlissa is the picture of grace and elegance, maintaining her slim build, even after three children. She’s tall at 5’10”, still very athletic, maintaining most of her taught musculature from her volleyball days in college. Her porcelain skin, so typical of red-heads, clearly shows the slightest hint of blush, and right now, Marlissa was blushing.

“Well that’s very kind of you, Jody,” she said. “Kyle and Ian have always told me how beautiful you are.” And Jody was beautiful. About 5’ 8”, thick, lustrous brown waves of hair falling just past shoulder length, and penetrating green eyes surround by long thick black lashes. Her breasts were of medium size, quite a bit larger than Marlissa’s pert Acups, but still defying gravity. Jody’s hips were a bit fuller than Marlissa’s, but she had a trim waist and long slender legs. Where Marlissa’s skin was a soft milky white, Jody loved showing off her European ancestry by sporting a year-round tan. Both women were strikingly beautiful by any standards, much less for women in their late 30’s.

Jody burst back through the door with a beer for Marlissa in one hand and a fresh rum and coke for me. “Why, thank you darlin’”, she said to Marlissa. Ian,” she said to me, “I just love her to death. I could just eat her up.”

I knew that this was closer to the truth than Marlissa probably suspected. Kyle and I have been friends for many years, and there are very few secrets between us. He’d begun dating Jody about a year ago, and since then Kyle has been taken on a wild journey of sexual exploration and fulfillment. Kyle met Jody on a camping trip arranged by an online dating service last summer. After setting up his tent in the main camping area on the second night, he’d been walking in the woods along the river. Mixed in amongst the singing birds, chattering squirrels, and the myriad other natural forest sounds, Kyle heard the distinct sounds of a female moaning as if in pain. Kyle’s initial reaction was to assume that someone had fallen or twisted their ankle, so he dashed toward the sound. He could barely contain the excitement in his voice as he told me these details in a long distance phone call the day he got back from the trip. According to Kyle, he crashed through the bushes to find a young woman from his camping group, a 25 year old blonde aerobics instructor named Kyann, sitting on a large log, her legs spread wide and her shorts dangling from one of her outstretched ankles. Kneeling on the bed of pine needles in front of Kyann was another lady from the camping trip, her face buried in Kyann’s pussy. The two were so worked up that it took them several seconds to realize that their little tryst had been invaded. When she saw Kyle, Kyann shrieked and leaped off the log, pulling up the shorts dangling from her ankle, then scuttled off towards camp. The lady on her knees simply turned to Kyle and smiled, wiping Kyann’s pussy juice from her mouth with the back of her hand. “Well, you screwed that up, didn’t you.”

Kyle couldn’t speak, barely able to stammer out an apology. The beautiful brunette stood and buttoned her denim shirt, cutting off Kyle’s view of her ample tits. As Kyle shuffled and stammered, the lady walked up to Kyle and said, “Shut up, it’s okay. My name is Jody. What’s yours?”

“The rest”, Kyle would say every time he retold the story, “is history.”

Of course, Marlissa got the highly edited version of this story, learning only that Kyle had interrupted Jody in a “compromising position” with another female in the group. Jody is very open about her bisexuality, and I’d mentioned it several times to Marlissa. Still, Marlissa’s eyebrows raised and the color rose in her cheeks when Kyle told her the story at dinner. Ever since then, I’d been watching for any sign of change in Marlissa’s attitude towards Jody. From the first time they’d met earlier that morning, they’d been getting along famously, almost like old friends. I was certainly looking for signs of a negative reactions now, in the wake of Jody’s thinly veiled flirtation. Not only did I not see any sort of negative repercussions, I thought I saw a definite sparkle in Marlissa’s eyes. I think her curiosity was getting the better of her. I also caught her watching Jody’s ass a couple of times as she bent over, moving dishes and serving bowls around the table. Marlissa’s never shown any indications of bisexual curiosity before, and any time we’ve discussed it, or seen it on a porn video, she’s merely shrugged it off with some off hand comment like, “not going there, big fella”, or “Yeah, keep dreaming that fantasy, pal”. And let me tell you, I have. However, I’ve never expected it to become reality.

As the day wore on, we were all getting very chummy. The strong cocktails that Jody kept pouring me probably helped. I was having a great time. It had been years since Marlissa and I had been able to take any kind of vacation without the kids. But this week, the kids were at their grandparents being spoiled rotten. It took all of the 15 hour drive out here and all of today, but Marlissa was finally starting to unwind. Kyle’s always been a nut case, and between he and Jody’s outgoing personalities, it was hard not to have fun.

“Well, folks,” Jody said as she sat down in the chair next to Kyle, “what do you want to do now? Anyone up for some cards or a board game?”

“What kind of board games,” I asked.

“Well, we’ve got the usual line-up, Monopoly, Sorry, Scrabble, you name it. Trivial Pursuit if you want to exercise your brains a little.” Jody turned in her chair and opened the door of a credenza that ran along the wall near the dining table. Inside were a stack of rectangular boxes containing all the games she’d mentioned, plus a few more.

Marlissa was on that side of the table, so she had a clear view of the boxes, whereas I didn’t. “What’s ‘Big Swing’”, she asked.

Jody and Kyle both snorted laughter, Kyle nearly spewing a mouthful of beer onto the table. “Oh, you don’t want to play that one. At least I’m guessing that you don’t. From what Ian has told us, it’s probably not your style.”

Marlissa turned a curious head towards me, arching one eyebrow that I recognized as her “Oh yeah?” look. “And what, Mr. Smart Guy, is my ‘style’, exactly?”

“Hey,” I said, holding my hand out in front of me, palms out in surrender, “don’t ask me, I don’t have a clue what ‘Big Swing’ is, so I don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.”

Marlissa shot me a malicious smile and narrowed her eyes at me, giving me that “You just watch it, bub” look. I gave her back my most innocent look. I don’t think she bought it.

“So, what is it? Some sort of sex game?”

Jody turned and smiled at Kyle, then at me, then at Marlissa. “Well, yeah, I guess. For swingers. It’s great for breaking the ice with couples or groups that are new to the lifestyle.”

Marlissa’s jaw dropped, then she asked, “So, what, it’s like a beginner’s guide to swinging?”

“Well, sort of. It’s actually kind of fun. It’s a simple die-rolling and piece-moving game, where the player lands on one of four colors of squares. Each color corresponds to a pile of instruction cards in the center of the board. Each colored square has a number on it representing the time in minutes the player must execute the instruction written on the card. The card will indicate which other player you’re to perform the instruction upon. However, the instructions are fairly vague and you’re allowed to interpret them as mildly or extremely as you want. No pressure.”

“Holy shit,” Marlissa said, “I can’t believe they actually have a game to help people have group sex!”

“Oh, baby,” Jody said with a chuckle, “There’s a lot worse games than this one out there. Some of them leave the player with no doubt what’s supposed to take place. Like, ‘suck cock for 2 minutes.’ I don’t like those. I like to play things more by ear, with more creative interpretation.”

Marlissa looked at me with her mouth still hanging open with a “can you believe this shit?” look on her face. I merely shrugged. But then her look of incredulity slowly transformed into one of clear suspicion. “So, Ian,” Marlissa said to me, “have you played this game before? And if so, with whom?”

“Oooooh, no, darlin’, not this guy. You’re the only sex game in my toy chest, baby.”

“Uh huh,” she said, not entirely convinced. Turning towards Jody, she said, “Here. Hand it to me. I gotta see this.”

Jody shrugged and handed the cardboard box to Marlissa. Kyle and I exchanged worried glances. Marlissa swept her eyes across the cover of the box, then slid the cover off. Inside, there was a cardboard playing surface folded in half, a single die, a timer, and four stacks of instruction cards. Marlissa pulled a card at random from one of the stacks and read it. “It says ‘Across’, at the top,” she said. “Then it says, “Trace your fingers lightly upon any bare skin area of the upper torso.”

Jody explained, “Suppose you rolled the die and landed on that color square and the number on the square said, ‘3’. That means three minutes. The card is telling you to perform that action on the person ‘across’ from you. It’s either the person across from you, to the left of you, or to the right of you.”

“What if the person to your left or across from you is the same gender, what would…..” and then she stopped, the obvious answer suddenly dawning on her even before she got the question out. “This is for bisexual swingers, isn’t it?”

“Yes it is,” Jody said without a trace of embarrassment or self consciousness.

“So this card, ‘trace your fingers lightly’, I’m assuming that means on the person’s tits or nipples, right?”

“Not necessarily,” Kyle interjected tentatively. “Like Jody said, the person can interpret it any way they want. I’ve been in games where there was no major contact with any genitalia, primary or secondary. However, it was one of the most sensual and erotic experiences I’ve had. Lots of touching and sensory stimulation, but nothing overtly sexual. Oh, it was hot, but there wasn’t any sex out on the floor during the game. As I recall, after the game all the couples retired to their respective chambers and engaged in the hot monkey love of their choice in private. But no swapping or group action took place. But it was hot, I can tell you.”

“He’s right, it was very erotic.”

“So,” Marlissa asked, “I could interpret this to mean lightly touching someone’s shoulder, or back? No erotic contact?”

“Exactly,” Jody said, “but make no mistake, Marlissa, when you’re engaging in intimate contact with another person’s skin, in front of all the other people, it’s electric. Don’t underestimate the arousal potential. It’s still foreplay.”

Marlissa looked at Jody and held her gaze for what seemed like a very long moment. Kyle and I exchanged another tension-riddled glance and waited for whatever might come next. Honestly, I thought it could go either way. She would either toss it aside totally disgusted, probably offending Jody and Kyle in the process, or shrug it off without a thought and we’d be okay.

Then Marlissa said to Kyle, “Come here, lean over here.” Kyle scooted his chair closer, within arm’s reach of Marlissa. Marlissa reached out and brushed her fingers along an area of Kyle’s neck between the strap of his tank top and his ear. Marlissa, tentatively at first, brushed the side of Kyle’s neck, drawing lazy circles and lines up and down Kyle’s neck. After about a minute, Kyle moaned slightly and closed his eyes. Marlissa looked at Kyle’s face with open curiosity and amazement, but kept brushing her fingers along his neck. After two minutes, I noticed Marlissa’s breathing had grown slightly shallow and her lips were slightly parted. Suddenly, she snatched her hand away as if Kyle’s neck had suddenly grown too hot to touch. “Damn. Wow. That’s really, really interesting.” She looked at me and smiled. I held her gaze for a few long seconds then raised my eyebrows in a silent question. Obviously struggling with words, she finally just stood up, grabbed the box off the table and started walking into the living room. “C’mon, folks. Let’s do it.”

“Alright!” Jody shouted. “Whoohoo, girlfriend!” Kyle and I high-fived and grabbed our drinks.

We all laughed and took our drinks into the plush carpeted living room. Marlissa was already sitting cross-legged in the middle of the floor, arranging the board and stacks of instruction cards. I sat down next to Marlissa, Kyle plopped down to my left, and Jody sat down on her heels across from me between Kyle and Marlissa.

Marlissa reached out her hand and touched my arm. “Do you really want to play this?” she asked. “I mean, I can’t even imagine you touching another woman, much less another man. Would you really do it?”

I thought about it a moment before I spoke. “I don’t know, touching another woman would be weird. But if you were with me and were okay with it, I’d give it a try. You know me, I’m pretty adventurous. I’ll try just about anything once, twice if it doesn’t kill me.” I grinned. “As for touching another man, I never really thought about it. I’ve never really been presented with the opportunity, if you know what I mean.” I turned to Kyle. “What about you, buddy, have you played this game with other men before?

“Sure,” he shrugged, “no big deal. Playing a game, touching another guy, even sucking his cock, doesn’t mean anything monumental. It’s all just good dirty fun.” He winked at me.

“You’ve sucked another guy’s cock?” I asked incredulously.

“Yeppers!” he said with a big smile on his face. “Like I’ve told you, I’ve done some pretty wild things since I’ve been with this woman here,” he said, nodding at Jody and smiling. “Ian, you’re the one that’s always saying ‘experimentation is good’, right?”

He had me there. I’m not sure I’d ever thought about THIS kind of experimentation, but the thought was beginning to appeal to me. “Fine, let’s give it a go.” I turned to Marlissa, “I’m game if you are.”

She swallowed hard, glanced at Kyle, then at Jody and finally said, “Why not?”

Looking at the board, there were probably a half dozen red, green, blue, and yellow squares on each of the four sides running around the edge of the board. However, on each side, there was one purple square in the middle of the row.

“What’s with the purple square?” Marlissa asked.

“Okay, there’s a couple other facets to this game,” Jody explained with a mischievous grin. “First, if a player lands on a purple square, they don’t draw a new card. Rather, they can recall any instruction that’s been previously acted out, and can choose anyone in the game as their partner. It’s called ‘Player’s Choice’. But it has to be an instruction that’s been played, and the standard time is 5 minutes.”

“Oh, my!” Marlissa said. “And what else?”

“Then there’s the end of the game,” Jody went on, still grinning. “The first person around the board gets to direct what’s called the ‘Big Swing’. It’s totally up to the winner to position and direct all the remaining players. Any combination, any act, any or all players. No rules.”

Marlissa’s eyes grew slightly larger and her mouth dropped open another inch. “What if one of the players doesn’t want to participate?”

Jody shook her head, “Totally up to each individual to accept the situation. The same goes for anything during the game. Every player has the right to refuse having an instruction performed upon them, or they can stop one in progress at any time. The words are ‘No’, and ‘Stop’. If those words are spoken, it’s over and the turn goes to the next player. Obviously, anyone is free to leave the game at any time if they get too uncomfortable.”

Marlissa looked at me, a question in her eyes. I nodded and shrugged. She looked at a wickedly grinning Kyle, then at Jody. A smile spread across her lips.

“Okay, who’s first,” Marlissa asked holding the die out over the center of the board.

Kyle snatched the die out of Marlissa hand. “My house, I’m first.” We all boooed, but let him take the first roll. His first roll was a 5, and he landed on a blue square with the number 2 on it. He lifted a card from the blue pile and read aloud. “Left. Enjoy the scent of any area of the upper body.” Kyle set the timer to 2 minutes and then leaned towards Jody and nuzzled his nose into the nape of her neck, inhaling deeply. Jody’s perfume was something delicate and expensive. I’d been catching whiffs of it all night, and was suddenly envious of Kyle. Jody was giggling, claiming that Kyle’s breath was tickling her neck. He seemed not to notice her protestations and kept sniffing and breathing in Jody’s scent, like some atavistic mongrel. Just before the timer went off, he let his nose drift slowly down the front of Jody’s throat, towards her cleavage. He let out a dreamy moan just as the ding startled us all out of our rapt viewing of Kyle’s utter enjoyment of his wife’s scent. Marlissa was staring slightly wide-eyed and curious.

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