tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Bigger They Are Ch. 02

The Bigger They Are Ch. 02


AJ was on cloud nine as she skipped through the latest arena to host a WWE event. It was only a lowly house show, but AJ was so happy she felt like it was Wrestlemania and she had a title match on the card.

Last night she had done the unthinkable and ass fucked The Glamazon Beth Phoenix. She, little AJ Lee, had taken the big tough Glamazon's anal cherry and butt fucked Beth to multiple orgasms in what had to be the greatest show of dominance in the tiny diva's life. Every single moment of it had been pure heaven, and while unfortunately AJ had to let Beth limp away afterwards she had another chance to butt fuck the blonde tonight and she was definitely going to take it. In fact if she was lucky she might get to fuck Beth, or at least one of the other WWE divas right now, which was almost always the case when she entered a WWE divas locker room.

Oh how AJ loved entering a WWE divas locker room. It could be completely empty and her pussy would still tingle with countless memories of being fucked in every position all over this room or a room just like it, of eating the pusses and asses of her fellow divas, and lately butt fucking her beloved Kaitlyn which was to date AJ's only top-like behaviour in the never ending lesbian fuck-fest which was the WWE divas locker room. However this room was not empty.

"Hey there, little troll." Maryse smirked.

AJ was pretty sure Maryse said something else, but she was too busy being stunned by the sight before her to hear what it was. Not that finding Maryse waiting in a locker room wearing nothing except a huge strap on dildo and a grin on her face was an uncommon occurrence, but the French-Canadian was breath-taking fully clothed, and considering AJ had already been tingling with anticipation it was only natural that she would end up making a fool of herself. The same thing happened frequently when she saw Kaitlyn naked, the difference being her girlfriend was nice about it. Maryse was never nice.

"Did you hear me little troll!" Maryse yelled, then when AJ appeared to be blinking herself awake added, "I asked is anyone hotter was with you? Your girlfriend perhaps?"

AJ scowled, "It's just me."

"Uh, pity." Maryse sighed, "Oh well, I suppose you'll just have to be my little appetiser. It is all your good for."

AJ desperately fought the urge to laugh. That was the thing about Maryse, she was amazingly beautiful, but she was also one of the most obnoxious WWE divas of all time. But she was an amazing butt fucker and it wasn't like AJ could ever really talk back, not when she was always at the bottom of the WWE pecking order while Maryse was right at the top as one of the closest minions of the untouchable Beth Phoenix. Of course that was before...

Suddenly AJ was awoken from her thoughts via a vicious slap to her face which was almost hard enough to knock her down.

"Pay attention to me you pathetic little worm!" Maryse practically screamed, adding growl when AJ glared at her, "That's better. Now bend over like a good little bitch. Give me your ass. It's ok, I've spent the last five minutes rubbing lube into my cock so I could shove it up the first hot little piece of ass which walked in here, but you'll do. Now hurry up little troll. I'd hate to have too waste any of my energy spanking your worthless ass when I could be fucking it."

For a few more seconds AJ continued glaring, then a wicked idea popped into her head.

"Sure, no problem." AJ beamed, "I just need to make a quick call, then I'll be back for the ass fucking."

"Hey, get back here you little cunt!" Maryse yelled angrily, although she didn't dare follow AJ outside the safety of the locker room in her current state of undress.


Beth Phoenix was having a bad day. In fact she was having the worst 24 hours of her life.

Last night she'd been forced to give up her anal cherry and it had been far worse than she ever imagined, mostly because the orgasms had been even more powerful than she had feared they would be, and the one to finally take her back door virginity was not some towering super top like herself but a tiny little runt who got lucky.

Thankfully AJ had been true to her word and let Beth go after a single, if drawn-out, ass fucking session, however that was of little comfort as Beth had slowly walked back to her hotel room, every step causing her aching ass to cry out in pain which utterly humiliated The Glamazon. It was nothing compared to trying to sit down or lying on her back, Beth spending the entire night lying on her front as she mostly plotted against AJ and relived the most humiliating experience of her life.

As of right now Beth had to get to the latest arena soon and she was still walking funny, and sitting down in her rental car seemed out of the question. Checking herself in the mirror it seemed her ass hole had finally closed, which was a relief as it had been gaping open all night after its first, and last, fucking however in her current condition Beth was contemplating calling in sick.

The sound of her phone ringing annoyingly brought Beth out of her thoughts, and as she was distracted by those thoughts and exhausted from only having a few hours of sleep the Glamazon made the mistake of not checking her caller ID.

"What?" Beth snapped into her phone.

"Good morning to you too Beth?" AJ beamed, unable to stop herself from adding, "Did you sleep well?"

Beth went very pale as she heard that voice which had haunted her for the better part of 24 hours. To her shame her body also quivered, the memory of being butt fucked by this little pipsqueak becoming so vivid Beth swore she felt AJ's strap on once again slamming into the deepest depths of her bowels, her ass hole stretched widely around the other diva's dick as she, the mighty Glamazon, became little AJ Lee's bitch.

Suddenly Beth was awoken from her thoughts by AJ whispering down the phone, "You know, I've been thinking about last night and my promised that, you know, it would be just a one-time thing and I'm not going back on that or anything, but... until there's another diva's match, you still have to do everything I say, right?"

"Yeah." Beth blushed, finally replied in a less forceful tone then she would have liked, "What, what do you want?"

"Oh, I want many things." AJ grinned, once again checking over her shoulder that she was alone before continuing to whisper, "But specifically... your little crony, I mean friend, Maryse is here. Again. Clearly looking to fuck some ass. Now, normally I love a good ass fucking and Maryse is one of the best ever... it's just that... after what happened last night... I'm not really in the bottoming mood."

Again Beth found herself blushing, "So you want me to call her off?"

"No, I want you to tell her to bend over." AJ said.

There was a long pause and then, finally sounding more like her old self, Beth growled, "Maryse's ass is my exclusive property, and I'm not going to let some uppity little wannabe top touch what's mine!"

"Technically you don't have a choice. Not if you don't want to break our agreement, leading me to tell everyone what happened with us last night." AJ pointed out firmly before softening her tone, "But let's pretend for a minute you do. I know Maryse spent her entire WWE career figuratively and literally kissing your ass, but ever since she let her contract expire she's totally gone rogue. She's constantly 'visiting' her little boyfriend, every other week sneaking into the locker room and fucking a whole bunch of us lower-level divas and then running off before you show up. I mean, when was the last time you even ass fucked her? A year ago before she left? And she's in here every other week making us eat her pussy and ass without returning the favour and pounding every ass she can get her hands on. How is that fair?"

"I suppose you have a point." Beth mumbled after a few moments of contemplation.

"I'm glad you see it that way, because I totally think Maryse needs a taste of her own medicine." AJ beamed happily, "First, she'll have to bend over for me, which will totally be more humiliating for her than for you. I mean, you're The Glamazon, the Alpha female of the WWE divas, and I'm just little old me. Then when I've loosened up her ass hole the other divas can have a turn-"

"NO!" Beth cut her off, "Letting you have a piece of her ass is one thing, but I'm definitely not letting anyone else use one of my personal fuck holes."

"Oh come on Beth, it'll be fun. And a total moral booster for the other divas. We all pretty much hate Maryse's guts and would love to send her home to Miz with a gaping ass hole. I know particularly your current besties Eve and Natalya have been wanting to pound Maryse's ass for years, and while they'd be pissed I got there first they'd totally see it as you making sure Maryse was totally humiliated for abusing her rights as a former WWE diva. Plus they totally wouldn't care as long as they got a piece of that hot blonde ass." AJ said excitedly, before adding, "Best of all we can think of it as a little preview. You know, for when you officially become my bitch, and you find out what it's like to be on the receiving end of a gang bang."

For a second Beth thought she was literally going to explode with rage, then with pure venom in her voice she growled, "That's never going to happen you little bitch."

"It could happen right now." AJ pointed out, her voice taking on a dangerous quality which she didn't recognise, "I could order you to get your ass over here and bend over for me in front of everyone, and you'd be bound by diva law to do it. I could turn you into my little ass whore right in front of all the divas you call your bitches and then let each and every one of them have a turn with your ass hole once I'm done with it. So I guess the question is Beth, would you rather it be Maryse's ass that gets gang banged, or yours?"

There was another moment of silence, then Beth offered, "You, Eve and Natalya can do what you want with her. No one else."

"It's either we all have her ass, or we all have yours." AJ said firmly, before adding confidently, "But since we both know what you're going to choose I'll throw you a bone and let you be the one to give the good news to everyone. Oh, and do it after I've had my turn with her. Oh, oh, oh, and don't tell her she's getting gang banged. Just tell her she has to take it up the ass for me as punishment for abusing her former diva privileges, then when she's all relieved that her time as a bottom is over you can tell her I was just loosening up her ass for everyone else. Oh that'll be so much better! Mmmmm, I can't wait to see the look on her face!"

Again there was a long moment of silence, then Beth grumbled "Fine, you win. Just let me talk to her."

Beaming happily AJ couldn't resist pumping a fist in the air in celebration like the huge dork she was before slipping out of the broom closet she'd been heading in, down the hall and back into the diva's locker room, a huge grin on her face the entire way. It momentarily faded when she opened the door to find Maryse waiting for her, the French-Canadian more angry than AJ had ever seen her.

Cautiously AJ stepped forward, barely getting inside before Maryse raced forwards, slammed the door closed, grabbed hold of AJ's neck and pushed her backwards against the now closed door.

"Who the hell do you think you are you little bitch! Huh?" Maryse spat, slapping AJ twice in the face to emphasise her next questions, "Did I give you permission to leave? Did I? Did I give you permission to leave, or did I tell you to bend over? Which was it you little troll?"

Ignoring questions, and the urge to fight back, AJ simply held up the phone and said, "It's for you?"

Maryse stared at the phone for a second, grabbed it and then yelled into it, "What!"

Then Maryse went a little pale, then a lot pale. Then she looked like she was about to blow a gasket, but something Beth said clearly made her think twice.

Finally the usually so confident blonde stammered, "Please, we had a deal!"

There was more silence in which Maryse went from looking scared to terrified, the blonde slowly taking her hand off AJ's neck and stepping back, although it was hard to tell whether she was aware of it or not given the faraway look in her eyes.

When Maryse did finally focus on AJ she handed her back her phone, her hand noticeably trembling before murmuring, "I... I have money."

"I don't want money." AJ beamed.

"I, I have my own clothing line. And jewellery. Lots of pretty things a girl like you can't afford." Maryse quickly offered.

"I don't want clothes. I don't want jewels. What I want, is this." AJ said, slowly closing the distance between them and grabbing Maryse's butt, "I want your ass. I want to fuck this yummy ass of yours. Pound it hard and deep until your tiny little butt hole is a gaping crater."

Maryse gulped softly, then a small smile crossed her face, "Are you sure you wouldn't prefer something else? Like my perfect face pressed up against your little dyke pussy? The sexiest of the sexy giving you the honour of feeling her normal girl tongue deep inside your nasty little queer cunt? I haven't eaten pussy in years you know, and while I definitely prefer receiving because I'm not a filthy dyke like you I have to admit, I have missed dyking out. Acting like one of you shameless little rug munchers. And of course there's-"

"The taste of pussy?" AJ offered, pushing her hand briefly into her short shorts and rubbing her downstairs lips with two fingers before then presenting them to Maryse, "Have you missed the taste of pussy Maryse?"

For a few seconds Maryse just stared at those fingers. Then she looked at AJ. Then back at the fingers. Then Maryse lent forwards, taking those fingers into her mouth and sucking on them enthusiastically. This had AJ grinning widely, but before she could say anything Maryse was pressing her lips against her and shoving her tongue into her mouth.

While AJ was distracted Maryse flipped them around, pushed the smaller diva up against the lockers and grinded against her, the blonde enjoying her dominance over the other girl while it lasted. Then AJ started fighting, taking control of the kiss with surprising ease which annoyed Maryse. What was even more annoying was no matter how hard she tried Maryse couldn't seem to regain control. Even when she reached down, grabbed hold of AJ's little tank top and pulled it upwards the brunette wasn't fazed in the slightest, the smaller diva eagerly lifting her arms up and breaking the kiss so Maryse could remove the offending item and then grabbing a handful of blonde hair so she could pull the taller girl down for another frustrating kiss.

Letting out a groan of annoyance and pleasure Maryse reached behind AJ and began attacking the other girl's bra strap. This was one of the few things in the world Maryse wasn't good at, if only because she didn't have much practice at it. Beth mostly removed her own clothing, and Maryse had always preferred ordering the other WWE divas to strip than having to make any effort to do it herself. Not that Maryse couldn't do it, it just proved to be difficult.

Before Maryse could succeed AJ reached behind herself and unhooked the garment with ease. AJ then smirked into the kiss, Maryse almost flying off the handle as it seemed like this little pipsqueak was mocking her. Since the other girl currently had power over her Maryse restrained herself, but took her aggression out on first AJ's bra which she literally tore away from the brunette's body and tossed aside, then secondarily on AJ's mouth and tongue. Unfortunately even this added aggression didn't help her regain control of the kiss, and neither did playing with AJ's tits, so Maryse switched to AJ's neck. She kissed it, licked it, sucked it and mostly bit down on that soft flesh almost hard enough to break the skin. That, combined with some rather rough nipple tweaking, finally made Maryse feel like she was in control again. It didn't last long.

"Lower!" AJ moaned, grabbing a hot firm hold of blonde hair and pushing down on it to make sure Maryse got the message.

Despite the head grabbing Maryse resisted a little, just long enough to leave a mark, before finally moving lower. No doubt thanks to her years in a WWE women's locker room Maryse pressed soft kisses to AJ's skin as she pushed her downwards, which included kissing up one of AJ's full breasts until she reached her nipple. Then Maryse obediently took that nipple into her mouth, AJ letting out a joyful cry as the other diva began sucking on that sensitive ball the flesh.

For a while AJ closed her eyes, lent back against the lockers, pushed her chest out and just moaned in appreciation of what Maryse was doing to her. Well, she was unable to keep her eyes closed for long, but the other stuff she did pretty consistently. Then after a while she began using her hands to guide Maryse from one breast to the other or to press the taller girl more firmly into her chest.

Finally AJ gave Maryse another type of verbal encouragement, "Mmmmmm, harder! Suck my tits harder you mouthy bitch! Ahhhhhh fuck, you're always running your mouth Maryse, mmmmmmmm, yammering on about how great you are at everything, oooooooh, well here is your chance to prove it. Prove that your mouth can be used more than just for talking, mmmmmm and sucking on the Miz's cock. Oh Gawwwwwd yes, bite me! Bite down on my nipple just like that mmmmmmmm yessssssss, I love it rough! More! Harder! Yeeeeeessssssss! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yeeeeeeeesssssssss!"

The verbal encouragement had the desired effect, Maryse licking and sucking on AJ's nipples much harder than before, using particularly her hands to make sure the rest of the brunette's full boobs didn't go untouched. Plus the biting was a huge turn on for AJ. She loved Kaitlyn with all her heart, but her girlfriend was always hesitant to do something like this because she was worried about actually hurting the brunette. Maryse had no problem with that. In fact AJ suspected she was trying to hurt her as much as possible without doing any actual damage, Maryse's teeth digging into her sensitive flesh almost but not quite enough to break the skin.

This was the kind of rough treatment that AJ could happily enjoy for hours, but time wasn't exactly on her side. Besides there were other things AJ wanted to do with Maryse now she had the former champion at her mercy.

So a few minutes after she began the verbal encouragement AJ ordered, "Ooooohhhhh now lower. I want that mouth lower. Get down on your knees and lick my pussy. Surely you can be a little dyke slut just like the rest of us. Come on Maryse, embrace you're inner lesbian ooooooohhhhhhh my Gaaaaawwwwwwddddd!"

From the second AJ ordered her to go 'lower' Maryse had dropped to her knees. Normally she didn't enjoy being in such a submissive position, but after having to bend down to kiss AJ and then even further to suck her tits this was something of a relief for her back. Sure she still had to lean forward but nowhere near as much, and better still seconds after the change of position Maryse reduced AJ to a incoherent mess. All she had to do was pulled down AJ's short shorts and panties and then bury her face in the other girl's cunt, then all AJ could seem to do was moan, groan and whimper. That would teach the little bitch for suggesting she should act like all the other dyke sluts in the WWE.

Maryse knew that most divas considered themselves to be either bisexual or gay but she wasn't like those sluts. She was better. She was straight. Sure, she'd had sex with more women than men, but that's only because nothing got Maryse off like dominating another woman. It was a power trip like no other, but it didn't mean she was a dyke or anything. Besides, Maryse had never met a man who was remotely good at eating pussy, just like she'd never been with a woman who wasn't a world class rug muncher. That was because women knew exactly what it took to please a pussy, a natural skill which was only enhanced by spending time in a WWE women's locker room. As such Maryse wasn't bothered by the fact that licking pussy came naturally to her, or that she didn't exactly hate doing it.

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