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The Bike Shop


I was crazy to go to work for her. She was loud, abrasive, and had a low opinion of the male sex.

I didn't know that when I applied for her bike tech job, of course. I needed a new bike in the worst way, and faked a resume about my bike mechanic skills. I had some, actually, just not all the experience I put on the resume.

Sharon was tall and mean. Twenty-two and experienced beyond her years. Married and divorced at twenty. Fought her dad and mom and got thrown out of the house at eighteen. These were things I didn't know the morning I went to apply for the job, or maybe I wouldn't have been so eager.

The shop was a hole in the wall in an alley. Crammed to the ceiling with bikes. New, old, working, non-working. She took one look at me and laid it on the line. "Kid, you faked most of this resume, but I'm desperate. Get your ass in the shop here and go to work. We'll talk tonight about whether you have a job or not."

Ten hours later, I was falling down tired, but thirty bikes were repaired, and twenty of them had gone out the door with happy owners. With the shop closed, I was trying to tidy up some of the mess and get the work organized. She came out of the office and looked at me.

"You did more today than both of the last two guys. You want a job?"

"I'm still in school until graduation in a month, but I can work four hours school days, and all day Saturday and Sunday."

"Ten dollars an hour to start. Fifteen after a week if you can keep it up like you did today. You want a beer?"

I nodded and we went in her tiny office, which was as bad as the shop. Paper everywhere. She dug two beers out of the refrigerator.

We sipped the cold liquid and stared at each other. "You'll find out I'm bad to work for. Don't know shit about this business. But my body lives for biking and this is the only way I can live and bike too.

"I don't want wages, I want a new bike. A good one. And a chance to ride with you."

"A racing bike for you is two or three months wages. If you don't have that much patience, there are a couple of my castoffs in the back you can fix up and use if you want."

I was a greasy mess when I got home, and late for dinner. Mom and Dad were going out, so she put something in the oven and said not to get near her until I was clean. My sister was in college and I was the only child at home. We got along ok, although they wanted me to study harder and bike less. Standard parent worries.

I cut PE, my only class after lunch on Mondays, and showed up at the shop by one. She had taken in a dozen bikes that morning, and sold two new ones. I spent some time rearranging the mess, so there was a display area for the new bikes, a work area for the light repairs, and a bigger space in the back for serious repair and wrecks. She wrote everything in longhand on tags, but of course no one knew what had been promised. I asked if it was ok for me to bring in the extra pc from home and put the tag info into it. She shrugged and went back to the office.

I managed to get all the bikes promised for Tuesday and Wednesday done that afternoon, and started on a couple with bent frames. She didn't have the jigs we needed and said money was real tight when I asked about getting them. I told her my friend Boris worked at a big shop across town and they might have some we could get as loaners and pay off later.

When I went to check out, she was looking sad and held up a letter. It was from the bank, giving thirty day notice on her loan because of missed payments. "I feel like crying, but I'm too beat for that." We were about the same size, and when I pulled her up for a hug, we fit together real nice. She resisted for a moment, and then relaxed into my arms. "God, Alex, no one has hugged me in an age."

"Sharon, this will work. My tennis coach says deadlines are for focusing attention. The bank has our attention and we have thirty days to turn this shop around."

She stood back and said, "Holy shit, where did that come from? You're really getting in bed with me in this mess?"

She realized what she had said and blushed. "Sorry, didn't mean it that way."

I pulled her back into my arms and kissed her ear and said, "You got a boyfriend?"

She kept her arms tight and said, "No decent guy would have me. I'm damaged goods, and nasty besides."

"I'm too young for you, but we are going to pretend we are dating. Got that? Now kiss me."

There was a wild look in her eyes, but she did it. A much nicer kiss than I got from Amy, my sometimes friend at school. I smiled at her and said, "More tomorrow!" and dashed for home.

I caught my dad at breakfast the next morning and said, "Dad, that lady I'm working for got a letter from her bank saying they were calling her loan because of late payments. What can she do? I like working for her."

"Alex, the simple answer is get her loan payments up to date. There are more complicated options, but you would have to show me some of her numbers. Would she let you do that?"

"I'm working after school. I'll see. Thanks for helping."

When I got to the shop after school that day, I had the laptop. Sharon read me the info from the tags and I made a simple WIP file that could be sorted by work order number, last name, due date, and status. When I had to leave for dinner, I told her my dad was a financial executive and might be able to help us with the bank, if we could look at her numbers.

She stared at me wide eyed and said, "Every day seems to be a new day with you, Alex. Sure you can look at my numbers. I don't understand half of them besides the bank balance."

The kiss was just as nice as yesterday. "I think I like getting paid in kisses." She punched my arm as I left.

The rest of the week was a blur of bikes and numbers and ever hotter kisses. Friday night my folks were gone again, and I asked her to dinner.

"My god, Alex, a date? A real date?"

"Yeah. And you have to wear a dress, too. I am using my leftover Prom money to take you to The Grotto. My car is not much, but it will get us there. I'll be back in half an hour."

I had discovered that biker girl was living in her van, parked outside of the shop, and showering at the neighborhood gym, where she traded bike tuning for showers.

When I showed up, Sharon was a new woman. The dress was midnight blue and showed curves on her lean body. Her chest was surprisingly full considering how much exercise she got. I kissed her lightly and said, "Hi."

"Hi yourself. I'm crazy to be doing this."

I took her hand as we walked to the car. "If you are going to date again, you can't be putting yourself down."

I helped her in, which got me a smile.

I continued as we drove away. "You win bike races, you own a bike shop, you love what you do even if it's not enough to live on yet. You've got this young kid working for you who knows his way around bikes and is taking you to dinner. Life is not all bad."

"God damn it, Alex, stop making me feel good. I'm supposed to be a miserable wreck." She took my hand and kissed it. Her eyes sparkled.

We talked racing over dinner. She ordered one glass of wine to stay out of trouble with the waitress, and I got sips. The fresh salmon was really good.

She rode two hours every morning, followed by a workout at the gym and her shower. She opened the shop at nine-thirty. She was in her bag in the van by nine. She was Bay Area and state champion in her age group, and within a minute of overall champion. This was some woman I was working for. I wondered why she had men trouble.

She promised me coffee and ice cream at "her place." I parked behind the van and she led me inside. A refrigerator and a coleman, and a small collection of china and utensils. The shelf with a futon and a bag on it was the only place to sit.

She poured us a glass of something and handed me a bowl. "Your date has this classy apartment. Most guys don't get invited here." She laughed and laughed. I leaned in and traced her lips with a cold tongue. "Hey, it beats the front seat of my car with a console between us."

She curled us up and said, "We have to talk."

I kissed the back of her neck and said, "Yes."

"You are getting to me. This is bad."

I moved the hand that was around her up to a small breast and kissed her neck again.

"Stop that. I'm not used to making out. The only guy I was ever serious with cheated on me before we were even married a year."

"The course of true love..."

"Now Shakespeare! I'm going to cry. You are too goddamn nice to me."

I did have a sniffling female in my arms. She turned and gave me a tender, teary kiss.

"Are we going to get physical?"

"I hope so, but not right here. I don't screw in anything less than a king size bed."

She tried to beat on me, but I kissed her again. "You lead a very programmed existence. Not much room for a man."

"How come you sound so grown up? Maybe I need to make a hole in my life for a man like you."

"My parents are very list oriented, and I have the habit too. What if we do a list for Sharon, and on the list is a line that says, 'Make room for a man in my life.' But there are some items higher on the list."

"Tell me." Her pink tongue was out and playing with mine. My hand was still on her breast and she was not removing it.

"The first item is get the bank off your back and build a financial base under the shop. The second item is take a small business course and figure out what you have to do to earn a decent living that lets you pay for an apartment."


"The next item is watch out for Alex. He might get frustrated and kidnap you somewhere for an orgy."

"Hmm. Now we are getting to the good stuff." She closed her eyes and I realized I needed to get out of there. I did not have permission to pull an unannounced overnight. Especially with an older woman I happened to work for.

I kissed her again and said, "Your date has to play Cinderella. His folks will send out the cops."

"Darn. You've hardly got to first base yet."

"I have a feeling loving with you gets past the bases real fast."

"I shouldn't tell you this, but tonight is the first time I've ever been on a date with a guy who could talk about biking with me, take me to a nice place, and not attack afterwards."

"Maybe I can fill in small holes around the edges."

"Oh yes. You already are. Now go, before I start taking your clothes off."

Saturday turned into a twelve hour day. Sharon was energized by my energy, and bagfuls of paper and other junk were carried out of the office all day long. In the shop, I ended up calling a dozen customers, who had almost given up hope, to tell them their bikes were finished. When the doors closed at five, she had her arm over my shoulder, offering a beer and saying, "The women want to know who is the hot guy working on their bikes."

In the office, she got me against the wall and said, "I shouldn't have let you get away last night. I was ready to call your mom, but anything I would have said would be so awful!"

"Yes. Awful. So you are interested in some loving with this younger man who just showed up?"

"Just showed up and turned my life and my shop upside down."

I whispered in her ear, "I want you, but I don't want some random fuck in the back of a car."

"Alex! You think I am that kind of girl?" She tried to beat on me, so I tickled her, pulling up the tee to get at her ribs. The flesh was firm and warm and made me hard.

I had a sudden thought. "Come on, I'll buy you a cheap dinner and we can talk about secret rendezvous, like the French lovers have."

We sat in the back of a famous and noisy hamburger joint on El Camino. She had the one beer, and I was getting sips again. She pulled my hair and said, "If I was back in college, they would run me out for dating a high school guy."

"Did you finish?"

"No, I washed out. Bike racing isn't a college sport, and my grades went down down down the drain."

"Finishing goes on the list."

"Shit, I thought I was busy before."

"You might have to pretend you are a nun and only have time for God."

"Buster, I'm going to get you to a place where there is room to beat on you properly."

"That would be good. I like the feel of your body. I like the muscles under your skin and the way you move, and the nice soft shape of your boob."

"Shit, you are hitting on me."

"I was thinking today at work how nice those kisses last week were. But those were play kisses and now there is something else behind them."

She looked at me fiercely. "Are your folks home?"

"No, they are at a conference for the weekend."

"You have pushed me over the line. We are going to your bed and you are taking care of my needs. Do you understand that?"

I kissed her knuckles and we left.

Naked, crawling into my bed, she wasn't as bold as in the burger joint. "You are ok, this is going to work?"

I said, folding her hand around my stiffness, "Someone thinks so. What about protection?"

"I haven't had a period in years. I don't even know if I ovulate. But you better use some, I don't need to be PG on top of everything else."

"What if we get the anxious part of this out of the way? Then take our time."

"Yes, get your anxious thing in my anxious place. Hurry."

It felt good to be coupled to Sharon. I'd only done this a few times before and never with someone like her. She was tight and slippery and wiggling on the end of me.

"Ohh, yes, keep doing that." She gushed and humped and squeezed and made louder and louder noises and just as I was losing it, screamed a very loud "Yes," and came herself.

I rolled us over so she was on top. "Why didn't I meet you the first time? That was the best loving I've ever had." She lay quietly, catching her breath and making little noises.

My hands played up and down her back and kneaded her tough rump.

"Still like the muscles under the skin? What about my new moves with you in me?"

"I think we both just made room for something new in our lives. You think we can pull this off?"

"Beats me, but it is sure nice so far."

"I forgot to tell you my sister brings her boyfriend home once in a while for the same reason we are here. When she finds us, she won't be able to complain."

"Her bedroom is down the hall?"

"Yes, and the walls are thin. We hear our folks all the time. My mother likes noisy sex."

We got in the shower and then made some tea and toast in the kitchen. We were sitting there holding hands when Beth and Tom walked in. I said hi and introduced Sharon as my new girlfriend. Beth looked at our robes and knew exactly what was going on and laughed hard.

"I'll be damned, little brother is shacked up." She looked at Sharon and added, "Sorry to be crude. He has had to put up with me for years."

Sharon looked at them and said, "Your brother is a great lover. He made me scream, more than once."

Tom had his arms around Beth and was moving her in the direction of the stairs. She blushed and said, "I guess my horny boyfriend is tired of talk. See you later. Don't worry if you hear me scream. It will be for the same reason."

Sharon put her arm around my neck and said, "She is nice. We are still ok?"

"Can I call you biker girl? That's a compliment. I've always admired your racing, and now I get to make love to you."

"I hope so. I need more of your special treatment. Maybe the exercise will improve my times."

"If we go back upstairs, it is probably going to be noisy. Tom doesn't stop at one time."

The robe was open and she was climbing into my lap and her tits were rubbing on me, and I was very hard. She grabbed me and said, "I need more. What if we barged in on them and did it right there?"

I lifted her up and eased her down slowly on my hard cock. "Hmm. Maybe we don't need to go upstairs."

My other partners were not athletes. This hard body really turned me on. I kissed her, and she pressed back against my lips. "This is not good, you are making me soft and mushy."

"What if I carry you to their door like this and ask if we can come in? Then all we need to do is fall on the bed, or the floor."

"What if she gets wild and decides to trade?"

"You do have interesting thoughts. Two different cocks in the same night? Me getting it on with my own sister? I didn't know you were kinky."

"I didn't either. It just came to me. Let's see what happens."

As we got to the top of the stairs, Beth let out a loud scream. Sharon squeezed me hard and giggled. By the time we got to their door, it was quiet inside. Sharon knocked and asked, "Can we come in?"

Beth answered, "Sure, help yourselves."

They were half under a sheet, which obviously was just thrown over them. Beth took one look at Sharon and started laughing. "Tom, look at that. She is riding him, making Alex carry her around."

I walked us over to the bed and leaned us down, me on top. Sharon said, "I have to tell you again that your brother is terrific with that tool of his. You know, until an hour ago, I was his boss and had sworn off men. Now look at me."

The women giggled at each other, Tom and I exchanged looks, and pumped hard into two happy cunts.

Beth reached out and punched my arm. "My brother, the seducer. Who would have thought."

I leaned way over and got her nipple in my teeth and gave it a good tweak. She squealed and came. Tom looked at me and said, "Thanks for that. Your sister is getting to me. This is not an ordinary fuck anymore. I think she is getting ready to pop the C word at me, and I might not be able to resist."

He repaid my favor by working on Sharon's boob, which got the same reaction. I drove hard a dozen times into my new lover as she spasmed on my cock and collapsed.

Beth went in the bathroom and came back with towels for the two of them. "Stay there, the bed is big enough for all of us. Can I turn out the light?"

Someone had her leg over me and her hand on my ass. It was still dark. The other two were asleep. Sharon reached between my legs and grabbed me. Between my hair and my cock, she had control of the situation, and dragged me out and downstairs.

"Go get us a robe or something, I'll make coffee."

I came back and put the terrycloth over her shoulders. "Are you going to ride? Want an egg?"

She nodded to both. I fixed the eggs and she did the toast and juice. I said I would drive to the shop and start on repairs while she rode."This isn't fair, you working and me riding, but I have a race next weekend, can't let up on the training yet."

She was silent on the way over. As I parked behind the van, she said, "We have to talk."

I laughed. "Yes, we definitely have to talk. Do you suppose Beth and Tom will be around for dinner?"

"Don't be funning me. I have serious things to say to you."

"Get on that bike and get out of here before I beat your butt."

She gave me a hard look as she rode away. I gave her a hard look back and wondered if she was as scrambled up inside as I was.

At dinner one night, I announced that my boss was now also my girlfriend. "Would you like to meet her?"

Graduation was only a week away, and they could hear the empty nester clock ticking. And wonder how their son was going to manage a love affair and going away to college.

My mom softly said it would be very nice to meet Sharon and why didn't she come to dinner soon?

After work the next day, the kiss was hotter than ever, and the beer was cold. We sat side by side on her beat up office sofa and traded kisses. "I told my folks you were my girlfriend, and they asked me to invite you to dinner."

She climbed into my lap and mashed her tits on my chest. "Damn. Isn't that dangerous?"

I worked her back and said, "My parents are really nice, and so are you, after some of that desert varnish is rubbed off. Do it as a favor."

The kiss was long and surprisingly tender. "I owe you a lot of favors. And I'm falling for you. But I don't see how anything works for us with you leaving for school."

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