tagInterracial LoveThe Bikini Ch. 03

The Bikini Ch. 03


I awoke the next morning in a local motel. I had a slight hangover from all the drinking I had done last night. The sun was peeking though the sides of the curtains as I listened to the bird calls outside. All I could think about was seeing Marcus and Sara together last night.

My beautiful loving wife had given herself completely to him. It was so erotic seeing all Marcus's cum dripping out of Sara. Then it hit me, she wasn't wearing her diaphragm! I remember she left it in our room. Marcus's sperm were on there way towards my wife's eggs with nothing to stop them. I thought about my wife getting knocked up and I instantly sported a raging hardon.

I knew I should be feeling worried but instead I was totally turned on. I began to day dream about my wife walking around barefoot with a big swollen belly, looking absolutely radiant. No one would know that she was carrying a little black baby in her oven.

I could see myself in the delivery room holding her hand as she gave birth. How erotic would it be when I would see the doctors react to the black baby coming out? The baby would signal to others that I had in fact been cuckolded and that I was proud of it. Some people would be appalled, but I knew some of them would be envious.

I showered and shaved and walked up to Marcus's house to check on my wife. I stopped at a local shop to pick up a Polaroid camera and all the film they had. When I got to the house I knocked on the door and Marcus came out, dressed only in a red satin robe. The huge bulge could easily be seen dangling between his legs.

"Good morning Marcus. I take it you had a great time last night."

Marcus looked at me with a slight grin. How many times has he seen the cuckold come back to take a peek at his wife?

"Last night was unbelievable. I know you caught the end of it but Sara was amazing all night long. She really bloomed as a woman. I know you probably want to talk to her so I will get dressed and go down to the store for a while."

After Marcus left I walked over to the bedroom. My lovely Sara was sleeping peacefully on her stomach. The bed sheet that had concealed her body last night was now only covering her ass. She was in a spead eagle position. I walked up to her and lifted the bed sheet.

My mouth dropped open and a big smile came across my face. I don't remember ever being so happy. A fresh load of cum was running out of her pussy and ASS! I couldn't believe she gave her anal virginity to Marcus. It was so beautiful!

I took out the camera and snapped a few pictures of her body and some close up shots of her cum covered pussy. I gently nudged Sara until she woke up. She had a look of pure contentment on her face.

"I am really proud of you Sara. You look great!"

Sara smiled and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. She saw she was completely naked and I had a camera in my hand.

"Marcus was unbelievable. Never in my life have I have never been fucked so well. He made me feel like a woman. I hope you don't mind but he took my anal virginity this morning. I really thought he should be the man to do it because he has opened my eyes to what sex could be."

I ran my hand up and down her back and across her ass.

I said in a soothing voice, "Honey, you don't have your diaphragm. Are you worried about getting pregnant?"

"No. I'm not fertile right now but next week I will be. I could have had him use a condom but I was cocky about a little game we were playing last night. I'll tell you about that latter."

I went back to the end of the bed and marveled at Marcus's cum. Sara fell asleep and began to snore a little. I pushed my finger into her ass and more cum ran out. I collected the jism with my fingers and pushed it into her pussy. My wife woke back up.

"What are you doing John?"

"Nothing!" I replied.

"Why are you pushing cum in my pussy? You bad boy! You want me to get pregnant, don't you?"

I turned beat red. I couldn't say anything and I tried to think of something.

A devilish grin came across Sara's face, and she whispered, "Does honey want me to have a black baby? But what will your family and friends say? You will be revealed as a fool and a cuckold. How embarrassing!"

My dick was aching. Sara read me like a book.

"John, I know you are thinking with your penis right now. A baby is a big responsibility and I am not gonna go down that path unless I think it is good for the both of us. I will think about it though."

Marcus came through the door with some groceries that he had bought.

"Are either of you hungry? I was going to make some breakfast. Sara must be starving."

I asked Marcus, "Do you have any extra panties for my wife?"

My wife butted in, "I think he wants the panties to hold the cum in. He wants me to have your baby."

I turned beat red again. Marcus laughed and pulled some panties from a drawer and gave them to me. I slipped them onto my wife.

"You aren't the first cuckold that wanted me to knock up their wife. There is nothing wrong with that. I have fathered fifteen children that I know of. In nature, the strongest and most virile male passes on his genes. I will dump cum in your wife for as long as you like."

We spent the next week in Marcus's house. We had both taken two weeks off work so we were in no rush to get home. I had called the cruise company to let them know we had decided to stay on the island. It was be far the happiest time of my life. I would watch Sara and Marcus fuck at least twice a day and take pictures of them. Her moans of pleasure were so erotic.

At the beginning of the second week Sara starting having Marcus wear rubbers. I was disappointed but I knew that the decision was up to my wife. I looked at the pile of used condoms in the trash basket. What a waste.

On the third day of the second week I sat down with my wife at lunch. I had to get some things off my chest.

"Sara, these last couple of days have been the most exciting of my life. Watching you make love to Marcus has been exhilarating. I don't think my fantasy will ever be complete until you let him cum in you while you are fertile. I want his sperm to have a fair chance at knocking you up. If a baby is the result then great, if not, that's ok too."

Sara looked at me with a worried look on her face. I could tell she was struggling with her emotions.

"Let me talk about it with Marcus privately and I will let you know today."

Later that night as the three of us went into the bedroom; Sara said she had an announcement.

Sara held my hand and said, "John, I just can't have a baby at this time. I am having Marcus wear a rubber."

My heart broke. I sat down in my chair and watched the two of them fuck. My wife looked back at me and saw how depressed I was. I didn't even have a boner. Sara was getting fucked doggy style when she asked Marcus to stop.

"Ok, I'll let him cum in me once. What are the odds I'll actually get pregnant?"

I couldn't believe what she said. I was so happy! I looked at Marcus and saw a big smile on his face.

I asked Sara, "Can I take off the condom?"

She nodded. I got on the bed and looked down at the massive 9 inch black cock. It was covered in my wife's juices. I grabbed the end of the condom and slowly pulled it off the cock. My dick was rock hard as I threw the condom on the floor. I looked back at it and saw it had fallen on top of her wedding ring. It had not moved since she threw it last week. It was so erotic I pointed it out to Sara and Marcus. We all marveled at the sight of the large used condom draped over the symbol of our marriage. It made me think about the power of sex over the economic security and comfort that marriage provides.

I pulled out the camera and took a shot of the condom lying on top of the ring. I found a pen and wrote on the picture "My Wife's Gift to Me".

I got back on the bed and grabbed Marcus's cock. There was precum coming out of the tip. He was locked and loaded, full of potent sperm for my wife. There was nothing stopping them now.

Sara turned and smiled at Marcus. There was a connection between them at that moment. They looked like two parents watching their kid unwrap a toy he had been begging for. They knew how much I wanted this and they were going to do their best to make it happen.

Sara reached out her hand to Marcus and said, "Let's make a baby."

Marcus looked at me and said, "Don't you worry about a thing. The only thing you need to think about is picking the baby's name."

In that moment I didn't have any doubts about Marcus's claim of virility. Sara moved her ass a little closer to him. I leaned over and kissed my wife's fertile pussy.

I put one hand on her ass, grabbed Marcus's cock and pushed it into Sara's pussy. I got off the bed and sat down in my chair. It had to have been the most intimate and passionate love making they have had. Marcus took his time to kiss Sara and rub her body. He was very gentle and fucked her with long slow thrusts. It was so beautiful to watch.

They really started to fuck and I knew the moment I had been waiting for was finally at hand. I prayed that it was a huge cum load. Sara really began to scream as waves of pleasure flowed through her body. She had two orgasms when Marcus announced he was ready to cum.

My wife screamed out loud, "Cum in me. Give me a black baby. Make me your woman!"

Marcus thrusted deep into Sara and exploded. I could see his cock pulse as it delivered jet after jet of hot cum into my wife. He kept his cock inside her and they passionately kissed. Marcus rotated Sara onto her back while his cock was still in her. He then lifted her legs up and had me get some latex panties from the drawer.

Marcus said, "If we are going to do this then let's do it right."

He had clearly done this before. I slipped the panties down her legs and as soon as Marcus pulled out I pulled the panties on tight so the cum wouldn't run out.

My wife was trying to catch her breath as she looked at me. She could see how happy I was in that moment. Marcus left us and we lay down in bed together. I told Sara how much I loved her.

A month later we found out Sara was pregnant. I was so happy and proud. Eight months later she gave birth to a beautiful black baby that we named Marcus. At first, our friends and family were shocked but after a while they accepted the situation. Three years later I was in the clothing store where I saw another yellow micro bikini on the rack. I bought it and took it home to Sara. Two months later we were back in Jamaica working on baby number two.

The End

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