tagTransgender & CrossdressersThe Billy becomes Billie Story

The Billy becomes Billie Story

byGrey Eagle 286©

William Johnston read the notice again very carefully. It was posted on a Cross-Dressing Internet site he visited regularly. When he noticed the message on several more sites, he read it. Bill was not an active cross dresser or a transvestite but the idea fascinated him and had for several years. The ad read:

Attention Young Men:

We are offering a wonderful opportunity for a few good young men. You must be between 18 and 22 years of age, no more than 5' 8" tall and of a light or slim build. We need people with inquisitive minds and high IQs. Geeks and nerds may also apply. A free 4-year college education, room and board, clothing and a moderate wage will be provided with the signing of a 10 year contract. Failure to meet academic and social goals will be reasons for termination. Classes will start in September and entrance and physical exams will start in June and will end on 15 August. There are currently twenty openings remaining in the next class. Details are available.

E-mail and mail addresses were listed, followed by phone numbers.

Bill read it several times. He had graduated from High School in early June. He had little or no chance of getting a college education. While his grades were very high he was a very small person. He was only five two and 105 pounds with longer than average blonde hair. He knew he was never going to be able to do physical labor like his older brothers did. He needed an office job of some kind. They are hard to get without some higher education. He decided he was going to look into the notice.

He called the number and a woman asked him a number of questions. He answered all of them truthfully and she seemed very sympathetic and suggested he come to Washington, D.C. for testing and an interview. He said that he had no way to get to Washington. She asked where he lived and he told her he lived in Orlando, Florida.

She seemed delighted and informed him that their main office and the school were located in Sanford, Florida, only ten miles away. He laughed and told her there was a bus he could catch from near his house and the route went through Sanford. She gave him the address and they agreed on an appointment the following week. She told him the papers he need to bring with him, birth certificate, driver's license, school records, and a résumé of his life and his future plans. She told him to be completely honest because if that didn't match his psychological profile, which they would determine from his tests, he would not be accepted.

Bill was early for his appointment and had to wait for almost an hour before the door was opened, there were 9 other boys waiting too. Four very pretty and well dressed young women administered the tests. The boys were advised to answer the questions on the first test with the first answer that came to mind. There would be further instructions for each test and that if there were any further questions during the test to raise their hands.

Bill started on his test then raised his hand. The young woman that walked over to him advised him that any stupid or frivolous questions would reflect on his grade.

He looked at her, "Ma'am, I have a four page test, page two is blank, and the remaining three pages are here and are correct."

The girl giggled and said that was a legitimate question if she ever heard one. She took his papers and soon returned with a complete set, she smiled and said, "You will have an additional five minutes if you need it."

Bill was the first to finish. He finished first on the remaining tests too. When they were all finished they were told there would be an hour wait while the tests were graded. Those who passed the tests would then be given a physical evaluation that could take several hours.

The girl who had helped Bill returned and stood in front of the group. She looked at the group. "I will read the names of the candidates who have been selected for further testing. We wish those whose names are not called the best of luck in the future, you will receive a detailed report in the mail on your grade and how it was determined. Thank you.

"Those whose names are called proceed to the desk in the back of the room. William Johnston, David Harms, and Samuel Stone please report to the desk."

Bill checked out the other two guys as they walked to the desk. They were both slim, both were taller and one appeared to be close to the 5' 8" limit, they looked very young. They were each given a file folder and a bath robe and were led down a hallway to a smaller room. The girls from the other tests were there; the three boys were weighed, and measured. Their pictures were taken from several sides.

Then each was taken to another small room where they were told to remove their clothes and stand in the center of a small platform. There was a series of flashes and they were told to put on the robes and wait outside in the first room. Bill was taken to an examining room where a doctor and nurse waited for him. The doctor watched as the nurse took his blood pressure, drew blood, and measured him in many places. She measured his height, chest, waist, shoulder width, inseam, took his shoe size, hat size, measured his wrist and ring sizes. She also had a number of skin toned cards she held against his face to determine exact skin tones.

Then the doctor listened to his chest, looked at his penis and examined his testicles, and checked his prostate with his finger. Then he very carefully examined Bill's chest, feeling the pectoral muscles and the breast and nipples.

When Bill was finished he was told to put the robe on and to follow the girl again. She led him to another room and knocked on the door, a female voice answered, and "Come in please."

They entered and Bill was introduced to a lovely petite older woman behind a large desk. She was wearing a pretty beige suit with a yellow lace blouse. Her name was Mrs. Ann Brock. She smiled and greeted him warmly. She signaled the girl to leave and directed him to set in a chair. She looked at his folder for five minutes then smiled at him. "William, Welcome to WSW, Wintergreen School for Women. I am pleased to be able to offer you the chance of a lifetime. I know you are wondering what it is we do, we are purposely vague about that until we determine if you are a good candidate. We provide the people to science, business, and industry who become the leaders of those organizations. Our graduates are now the top executives in 35 major companies that each gross over a billion dollars a year. We have 157 more who lead smaller companies. Our people are in great demand because of our tremendous record. Every one of our graduates is successful and some guide programs that are not commercial in nature and lead many successful projects. Now let me tell you why. Many years ago our founder and mentor assembled a group of scientists and behaviorists to arrive at a set of characteristics for the ideal executive. After years of study they came up with an answer. The ideal administrator is a she-male having the best characteristics of both sexes. The ideal person is a male with female external characteristics. This only works if the primary external characteristics are female. These characteristics can be learned and enhanced by careful hormone treatments and some surgery. We don't want a complete woman, she must retain functioning male sex organs.

Our students attend college as females, and carry two or more major studies. They are trained to be perfect females during the afternoons and evenings. You will be taught all the social graces demonstrated by the most elegant and refined women in the world. You will also become externally a beautiful sexy woman. Now I have a question for you before I answer questions for you. My question is, 'How many males have you seen on these premises today?'"

Bill thought for a second, "One, he answered."

Mrs. Brock smiled. "You are wrong. Every person in this building was born a male."

Bill looked at her, his eyes wide, "Everyone? You too?"

"Yes, I was born a male and I am very happily married to a male. We have two adopted children. She smiled gently at Billy, "Does that bother you very much."

"No Ma'am, I can never compete as a man. I am so small I have never even been able to get a date. Maybe I could find someone who likes small girls."

"That is one of the reasons we have our best luck with small boys, they don't have much to lose and everything to gain. We have never had a student who was disappointed in his change except a few who wanted to go further and become complete women."

"What about my name and IDs."

"We take care of that. In your case I would recommend you take Billie as a first name and retain your last name."

Bill grinned, "That would be easy. Can you explain about the financial end of things and the contract?"

"Yes, Billie, We pay you $40.00 a week for incidentals for the first year. The second year it goes up to $80.00 and stays there. The last two years you are offered jobs, usually part time. Your grades determine what you can do. The grades come first. The girls that gave you the tests are seniors. They are all sweet girls."

"Those were students? I can't believe that. And you, Ma'am I still think you are a very sweet and kind lady."

"Well they are and I do try to be sweet!"

"What about the contract?"

"Well that is so we can recoup our expenses for your tuition, board and medications and surgery. We take ten percent of what you earn until your expenses are paid or the last six years are over."

"We also get a recruiting fee when we get you a job. We have always gotten our girls top dollar, usually much higher than a real girl with an equal education. If you want I can run you off a list of a hundred of our graduates, with addresses and phone numbers."

"That won't be necessary." Billie grinned as he signed the contract.

As Billie walked out and got his clothes to change he saw the girl who had given him the page for his test. He smiled, "I just can't believe you are a guy too."

She laughed, "Give me your hand." She dragged him to another small room. She pulled him to her and kissed him on the lips, placing his hand between her legs."

She giggled and jumped back, "Do you believe it now?"

"Yes! Hell yes, thank you."

She patted his cheek, "When you get settled in this fall, look me up, I'll be happy to prove it again." She laughed as she smiled and walked away.

Billie showed the admission form to his step-father who was not interested and was glad to be rid of him. No one else would miss him except his older sister who had married and moved away. He called and told her his plans, she was happy for him and wanted him to stay in touch.

He reported to the school in Sanford as directed, with nothing but the clothes he wore on his back. There were about fifty young men there. They were each handed a small booklet to read about the program they were entering. Classes at the nearby college started in twenty days. They were enrolled as girls and had twenty days in which to learn to pass as female. It was going to be hard work but they could do it. The schedule for breast augmentation was posted. The operations were scheduled by order of the scores on the tests. Billie was surprised to see he was first on the list and he and his roommate Sally were having the operation the next morning. He was also scheduled for minor cosmetic surgery. He was to report later that day to the main office for PREOP information. They were told that four 'Girls" were done each day.

Bill and his roommate, Sal (Salvador) talked together and found they had both received instructions in the mail to stop taking certain medications, aspirin and vitamins for a week prior to arriving.

They were assigned rooms in the dormitory. They were assigned to a specific bed, closet, and dresser. Their new clothing was already in place and toiletries were on the beds. They were to place the clothes they wore in the trashcans in the hallways; nothing but the new, issued clothes was to be worn.

All the new items were marked with a number in the waistband, neck, bottom or other inconspicuous place. Each time a change of clothes was required a series of numbers would announced over the speakers in each room, the numbers on an item for one person would not necessarily match the numbers on an item for any other person.

In other words the number three for one person might be a pink bra, while the number three for another person might be a white bra. If the number is given for a bra each person would determine if breast forms were needed.

The first afternoon they changed clothes twice and then once for dinner and once for bed. One constant item of clothing that was worn day and night was a corset. It was adjustable in the back and closed with Velcro in the front. The linen liners were changed twice a day.

Each student watched a video on basic make-up techniques. They were provided make-up materials matched to their skin tones. They worked on their make-up for an hour. They were only being taught basic daytime make-up. The results that first night for dinner were crude, only one or two were passable. Billie was passable because he used as little as possible. His new cloths felt strange at first then faded from his consciousness. The strangest thing was the 'gaff' that held his cock and balls in place out of sight under tiny thong panties. They were all dressed in skirts and tops and low-heeled shoes. At dinner there were two older students at each table correcting the new students in feminine demeanor and manners.

They soon learned that this supervision would be constant for the first year. Both Billie and his roommate Sally were having surgery in the morning so they both went to bed early in their new cute little night gowns. Two days later the two, Billie and Sally, were back from the hospital and were served their meals in their room. They were both miserable and sore. There were few ways they could move without making somewhere on their bodies hurt. Both had their chests bandaged and their faces and throats as well. School nurses visited them every few hours.

It was a week before they were able to see the results of the surgery. They both continually looked at their breasts and faces; they were still a little bruised and swollen. Each of them now had a slightly higher pitched voice. Friday they were back in their regular classes.

A beautician gave each of them individual instructions on doing daytime make up and then how to modify it for casual evenings. They repeated doing it time after time, after each attempt they properly cleansed the face, moisturized and prepared it for bed. They did this each time they removed their make-up. It established a routine they would use for the rest of their lives.

Billie's hair was much longer than Sally's. Their hair dresser showed Billie how to put hers in a girlish fashion that was cute on her. She could easily pass as a young teenage girl now. Sally had her blonde hair fitted with hair extensions which were long enough to wear in a pony tail. The roommates were fast friends by now. They explored each other's new breasts and loved the feeling of touching them or by being touched. Even their nipples were larger and more sensitive.

Billy was in love with his new clothes, He loved the way the bras cupped and supported his breasts. He had been showed on the first day how to tuck his balls up into the holes in his pelvis and out of the way. He was so used to it by now they stayed tucked all the time. He still needed the gaff to control unwanted erections. He was getting very good at controlling his erections and hoped to soon do away with the uncomfortable gaff. His wardrobe included a lighter control panty he would use later. The rooms all had two large full length mirrors.

They had at least one hour of physical education each day. Billie loved putting on a pair of tiny shorts and a sports bra with yellow or pink cross trainers. Most of the PE class was specific exercises to enhance their feminine characteristics. Next year they would learn tennis and golf and were to take lessons for the next three years.

When the twenty days were over they started classes at the local college with about five hundred other girls. The total enrollment of the school was over 4 thousand. They blended right in and were accepted like any other girl. They had been instructed about how to handle advances from the male college students. There were very strict rules about the freshmen 'girls' becoming involved with any male. No dates were allowed for the first year. Sex between the special 'girls' was not encouraged, but was overlooked. Almost every 'girl' had a dildo, butt plug, or vibrator hidden in her room. Small bottles of Astro Glide personal lubricant were included with the toiletries.

Sally and Billie were lovers from the time they healed from the surgery. They often spent the night in the other's bed cuddled together. Billie had looked at Sally in her little baby doll nightie, "Damn girl, you are the hottest girl I have ever seen." Sally smiled and walked to Billie; she stopped with her chest inches from Billie and lifted her sheer top. Billie's eyes widened and her hands slowly reached out and pulled Sally closer until his lips closed around a firm pink nipple. He was quivering as his lips surrounded the nipple. She gently sucked and Sally moaned and pulled Billie closer. Billie's hands roamed eagerly over Sally's lush young body.

He had never explored another person's body. This one was very erotic to him. He wanted to kiss and suck on every bit of it. His fingers found the waist band of Sally's little sheer panties and pulled them down. Sally's cock was pink and hard, Billie couldn't resist the overwhelming desire to feel and examine it more closely. He just had to kiss it and take it into his mouth. It smelled of perfume, a very feminine fragrance. The cock in his mouth was slick and slippery from his own saliva. He took every bit of it in his mouth. He loved how it felt in his mouth. He paused and just relished the taste and warmth. He could feel Sally's pulse in her cock.

Sally moaned and her hands found Billie's breasts and squeezed and caressed the soft, warm, firm, globes, she had dreamed of being with a sexy girl and she knew that the silky wet mouth slurping on her cock was going to bring her off in seconds. This was much better than any dream she had ever had.

Little Billie was the prettiest and sexiest girl he had ever seen. Now she was sucking on his cock and he was cuming in her sweet mouth. Billie kept on sucking and swallowing Sally's cum until it was all gone, Billie looked up at Sally, "Thank you Honey that was wonderful, you taste so good. I want to do that again real soon."

"Billie, I loved that and I want to do that to you too. Lie back on the bed and let me look at your cock. Here let me help you get your panties down. Oh! You are so sexy looking. I love your titties, they are beautiful." Sally sucked gently on Billie's nipples then licked down her flat belly to her cock. Sally had to have it. She wanted it so badly. It was erect and hard. Precum ran from the little slit in the top. Sally touched the clear fluid with her tongue. She tasted it, it was a little salty but she loved it and took Billie's whole cock in her mouth.

She loved the way it felt in her mouth as Billie started thrusting in and out. She kept Billie's cock wet and slippery with her saliva. Her lips were closed tightly around the warm, hard, yet soft flesh in her mouth. Her tongue and lips ensured that that wonderful cock was coated with her saliva as it plunged deeper and deeper into her mouth until it was almost entering her throat. Sally felt the urge to gag but she didn't. Suddenly Billie stroked harder and faster, and then the cock filled her mouth with Billie's love juice. It was wonderful. She was happy she was able to bring him the pleasure she had shared. She licked all of the cum from Billie's deflating cock and smiled at her.

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