tagRomanceThe Binding Potion

The Binding Potion


Everyone in the story is over 18 years old. Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. This story contains scenes of graphic sex and adult themes and should NOT be read by minors or anyone that might be offended by such filth.

This story bends reality and does not rely on truth or anything resembling real life, it is pure fantasy and does not intend to portray any particular religion in any true fashion. Errors are purely the result of poetic license and poor research and are not intended to insult or belittle any group or system of belief. Any similarities of any characters or situations to existing or past films or television productions are unintentional or meant as a good willed homage.

The length of this story is around 14,675 words and takes up about four pages on Lit.

Tags used on this story are: Romance, dream, fantasy, eating pussy, cum, girlfriend, hypnosis, magic, naked, romantic


Nora Carson -- a 21 year old senior at State U, who just transferred to the University from a small college. She is of medium height and blond and blue eyed, considered by most men to be cute rather than beautiful. Very smart with a great sense of humor.

Dr. John Walters -- a research professor at the university, with degrees in both Physics and Pharmacology. He also had Masters degrees in Psychology and Electrical engineering. He was eccentric with far reaching interests and experience.

Dr. Astrid Fung -- an MD psychiatrist research partner of Dr. Walters at the University. She looks like she could be 30, or 50, medium high, slender with a short no-nonsense hairdo. She is always seen in lab coat and scrubs with no jewelry.

Frank Hunter -- A 25 year old senior at State University. He transferred to State in the Fall semester. An Army Veteran who enlisted after attending two years of university with the intention of using the GI bill to help pay for the rest of his education. He works several nights a week at another job.

Brent Addison -- A 21 year old sophomore student who worked in construction to save money for univ. An amateur body builder. He is Arrogant, was a star football player in high school and junior college, but a transfer student who has to wait out a year before being eligible to play here. He acts as if he is god's gift to women, whom he sees as prey rather than companions. He is generally contemptuous of other men.



Frank Hunter looked over at the girl sitting at the library table in front of and to the side of the one he was studying at. She looked vaguely familiar, but he couldn't place her. He noticed her yesterday in the physics class he had in the morning, but she wasn't in his lab session. It was still the first week of the semester and he heard her answer to the name "Nora Carson", not one that he recalled ever hearing before. Maybe he had seen her last semester, but wasn't sure.

He was still getting in to the mindset of a student. He graduated high school when he was eighteen, then attended University for two years. He got out a year and a half ago and started at the University on the GI bill, then transferred to State to be closer to home last fall. He still worried about fitting in with the other students.

His mind jumped from one idea to another and he thought about that muscle builder that lived in the apartment across the hall from him. Brent something. All muscle and all ego. He had been bragging about how much he could power lift in the student union. That girl had been there too, and was listening to him.

The guy, Brent, said he had worked for a construction company for several years to save for his education. To hear him talk there was nothing that built up a man's body like construction. Frank shook his head and tried to read the notes he made in class and relate them to the textbook in front of him. He thought about the notice on the bulletin board he had read.

Wanted: Student workers and/or volunteers for the Walters/Fung research lab. Responsible students to fill positions in the lab, no experience needed, also students to volunteer for several studies, participation is paid. Apply to Walters/Fung Lab Attn: Job/Volunteer posting, Basement old Science Bldg. Room 43. Call ext 6744 for appointment.

He was scheduled for an appointment at eight thirty this evening. He watched as Nora got up. She was an attractive girl, even thought she dressed very conservatively. Long skirt, bulky sweater, long sleeve button to the neck blouse. All in drab colors. He still watched her leave.

Brent Addison let the barbells slam onto the floor after he finished his reps. He placed them in the rack and started up on the treadmill. It was his second year and he had already had more pussy than in the four years of high school. Certainly more than the drought while he was working for his uncle's construction company. That bastard never cut him any slack. He had been too tired to do anything but eat and sleep when he got home.

As the treadmill picked up speed he thought about the job interview that he had just finished. Those egg-heads Walters and Fung were a weird pair. Walters looked like he was a thousand years old with all those wrinkles and crags in his face. Fung now, couldn't tell how old she was, but totally wrapped up in the science. He wondered what she would be like under that lab coat.

His thoughts strayed to that Nora girl. She seemed to be smiling at him in the cafeteria this afternoon when he was telling that bimbo cheerleader Christy about his construction job. Chicks dug a guy with experience in the world, if he tried he could probably get Nora into bed by the weekend. But why, there were others, like Christy.

There was something about her though, he wondered why he gave her a second glance. What was it about her? Dressed like some Bulgarian peasant wife. She looked like she might have some good tits, but it was hard to tell. Maybe later in the semester he would have time for her.

Later that evening, Frank was heading for his appointment in the research lab, he went down the steps into the basement, it looked like there was only the lab down there. A sign on the door showed the number forty three. It opened when he was almost there. Nora came out.


"Uh, Hi, uh, yeah, hi." Frank stammered and mentally slammed his head into the wall in frustration. He turned his head so that his scar wasn't so obvious.

She started to pass him then stopped. She smiled.

"We're in the same physics class aren't we?"

"Uh, yes. Umm, I think you're in a different lab section though."

"I know. I didn't see you in mine. Are your lab sessions at 3:30 Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays?"

"Yeah." God, why can't I think of any banter. She's trying to talk to me.

"So's mine. I thought I saw you head down the hallway after, so I guess you're in the next room over."

"Oh, I didn't know. Is your graduate assistant any good?"

"I don't know. I had a hard time following him. How's your GA?"

"OK I guess. It's early days though."

"Yes, I guess so, maybe it'll get easier."

"I, uh have an appointment. I better get going."

"OK." She turned as started to walk away.

"Um, are you going to be working here?"

"I hope so, they said they'd call. I told them I'd join any study as well."

"I think I will to."

"OK, well ... if you have an appointment."

"OK. Um if you need to talk through some of those problems from class ..."

"Yeah, sure. That might be good. And we could help each other prep for tests and things. Maybe get a group going? Give me your phone."

He handed it to her and watched as she put herself into his contacts. He hoped she didn't think he was a loser. He just had his Mom and his adviser's secretary in his contacts, listed as 'advsr secty'. No friends. He WAS a loser.

She smiled and handed it back.

"Take a pic."

He stared at her in confusion.

"Hurry before you're late. Take a pic. To put beside my name. In your contact list. On your phone?" She giggled.

He found the camera control, held it up, centered her face. She looked straight at it, no head cocked coquettishly, a slight smile. Almost a passport type pic. He took it. She reached out her hand, he gave her his phone. She put her pic with her name and handed it back.

"In case you forget my name. Now you only have to see the pic and know it's me." She grinned before turning and going up the stairs.

He knocked at the door.



Frank was in a Hollywood bedroom out of an Arabian nights movie from the thirties. Nora was in some kind of barely there harem outfit and they were slowly kissing each other. Her tongue was sensuously exploring his mouth, he couldn't believe how long it was, he cupped her breasts, her hand slowly stroked his erection.

He lowered his lips to her breasts, they were easily bared and he licked her nipples as his hand gently squeezed her full orbs. Her hand on his cock was insistently pumping it in time with the chanting.

The chanting that filled the room, getting louder and louder as she pushed his head down down, her legs were open, naked, and her knees bent as he stared at her naked pussy. He bent forward and kissed, licked, nibbled as his hands reached up to her breasts. He couldn't make out the words, almost a singsong child's voice, repeating some mantra over and over. Nora smelled like, like, like ....

He loved her pussy, it was engorged and her large clit begged to be sucked. She seemed to ooze natural lubrication and smelled and tasted, of, of, of, of, sweet, woman, something else, something, something he had tasted, smelt, tasted once, something. Vanilla? Sort of, but not? ....

She pulled on his shoulders, her hand on his cock again as she drew it toward her vagina, she kissed his scar, trailing her lips along it's length. The chanting was in a strange language, it seemed to come from the walls, alien, yet familiar, his cock was just touching her vagina as she squeezed him with her hand. Almost inside her, now now.

He sat up in bed, sweaty, his erection tenting the covers his hand moved to it and at the first touch he came, his cum surged out, flooding his boxers and the sheets. He pulled off the comforter before his cum stained that too. Just then his alarm started buzzing.

Not a good way to start the day. Now he would be thinking of Nora all day. Again. The chanting seemed to fade away slowly, as if it had a life of its own. He sagged back into bed with the sheets bunched around his deflating penis. He hit the snooze. This wasn't the first time he had a dream with Nora, the smell, the chanting, everything was familiar, each time the setting was slightly different, but the end result, messy underwear, was the same.



"Mr. uh, Frank?" Dr Walters looked questioningly at Frank.

"It's Hunter, John." Corrected Dr. Fung from across the room.

"Yes sir, Frank Hunter." Frank looked behind Dr. Fung, into the room behind her.

It was a small office room, with a large picture window that took up all of the wall not used by the door. He knew from experience that it was completely sound proofed. In it Nora reclined on a comfortable chaise. She had a sleep mask and heavy earphones on. Her dress had slipped away and he saw most of her calf, and her knee. Something she usually didn't show.

He spent his time in there too, so did everyone in the study, but always Dr. Fung was talking, whispering to him in the headphones, asking him questions, he answered back. Usually they were normal questions, like a survey, then more and more detailed. He couldn't really remember the questions or the answers he had given the last few times. He always fell asleep, they let him nap before he started work. Nora didn't have headphones with a mike connected to them today.

"Frank, yes, I have a job for you. Two envelopes."

"Yes sir. I've finished changing out the straw in the goat's pen."

"Here is the first. I want you to take it to this address. It's my lawyer. It must arrive by Four Forty Four. Exactly, not a second late nor early. Do you understand."

Frank looked at the envelop. It was a nine by twelve inch kraft envelope sealed. It seemed empty, there must be only one or two sheets of paper in it. He checked his watch and looked at the address on the envelope, plenty of time.

"Yes sir. Not a problem."

"All right then, off you go."

"You said two envelopes sir."

"Of course, of course."

Dr Walters went the old fashioned coat and hat rack near the office door. He dug through his coat and found a large bulky Number Ten envelope. It was full and the flap could barely close. It wasn't sealed.

"I want you to take care of this. Keep it in a safe place, and bring it back to me on the Thursday of finals week."

"Sir! It's full of money. I can't take this."

"Certainly you can my boy. It's my winnings at the casino. My wife checks the bank account, she cleans my pockets. I always lose any extra money I have. I want to keep it secret, and I want to buy a present. Bring it back on the Thursday of finals week, when you come in for work. Perfectly simple. Your job is to run errands. Go run it."

"But sir. How much is here? I can't just take this."

"I don't know how much. The machine made noise. They came over. Tried to give me tickets. I made them cash it in and I left. I have no idea. Just take it. Then bring it back. You are a responsible lad. Now go. Deliver this other envelope and go to your other job."

Dr. Walters leaned in close to Frank.

"Who is fighting tonight? That big chap that calls himself the Mongol? He's a mean one. I bet Dr. Fung that he would go down within ten minutes."

"Yes sir, I believe that's the one."

Frank had quickly learned that Dr. Walters loved to bet. He bet for pennies, or Fries or real money. He said he liked to go to the casino up the highway, and he had a system. One day he was going to try blackjack. Meanwhile he bet about when the next phone would ring, or how many times the announcer on the radio would say "you know" or "like". Anything.

Frank looked at Dr. Walters. His face screwed up in question. Dr. Walters made shooing gestures.

"Is Nora all right? I mean Miss Carson. She seems a little out of it."

Dr. Walters turned to look at her.

"She'll be fine. I promised the programing would be done in time for her job at the snack bar in the Student Union. I believe she has an assignation, a date as it were, with young Mr. Addison later. She'll be ship shape, no after effects."

"Brent? Programing? Brent?"

"Oh yes young man. You certainly lost out there. Dr. Fung took my money on that. I bet you would be first with her."

Frank just looked at Dr. Walters. He saw Dr. Fung look up at him and slowly smiled as she made a money sign, rubbing her fingers and thumb together.

"Now hurry along young man. And remember, the first ten minutes."

Frank staggered out of the lab. Brent, and Nora. And that bulging envelope of money. Just before he got to the door Dr. Walters called out to him.

"I'll have plenty more goat's milk for you tomorrow, it's very good for you."

Brent nodded and left. Goat's milk, you could get it at the supermarket, why did he have to keep his own goat, and in the lab. Damn Brent.

Things were getting weirder and weirder, he wondered if the stairs leading down to the basement were really a well disguised rabbit hole and that his name was really Alice.

Alice, that was a name he hadn't thought of for a long time. That kid across the street when he was in grade school, or junior high maybe, he used to hang out with her older brother, Kent. Before they moved out. She was always trying to tag along with the older kids, her and her friend ... whats-her-name. She moved away. Why was he thinking of her? Oh yeah, Alice. Crazy kid. Kent said she had a crush on him.



"Well, I think we've gone as far as we can, and it's getting really late." Nora said as she leaned back and slouched on the couch.

"Yeah, I guess so. This has really helped me, I hope it has for you too."

"I know, we make great study partners, and you're fun to talk to. You always listen."

Frank felt his face warm up. Hell! He was a veteran, He ran Long Range Patrols in Afghanistan all through his last deployment. He'd been with girls before, with women. Why couldn't he make a move on this one. And she still dressed like some nineteenth century missionary. What was that perfume?

Not really a perfume, a scent, her scent? What was it. He only noticed it when they were alone together. It was a wonder that he remembered anything, he had a semi, or even a full woody for half the time. And he felt, something, mushy, silly, something when he was with her.

"... earth to Frank, earth calling Frank." She giggled.

"Sorry, just thinking."

"You looked so serious."

"You said you were from Mount Pleasant didn't you?"

She looked at him with a strange expression on her face.

"Yup, graduated High School there, worked for a year at the Wally world distribution center before starting school at the college there."

"I don't know, the first time I saw you I thought you looked sort of familiar, but not. Different, but the same, does that make sense."

"We lived in Ottumwa for a few years when I was younger, and Council Bluffs before that. My Dad's job moved him around. You're from Woodston aren't you. North, just South of the Minnesota Line?"

"Yea, little Woodston. Ever been there?"

"I hear it's a nice place, peaceful. And pretty."

"Yeah, pretty good place to grow up in I guess. There was some rough stuff happening while I was in the Army, some football players, probably guys like Brent. It was pretty bad."

"Oh you, stop bad-mouthing poor Brent, he's had a tough time of it. What happened?"

"I guess they kidnapped a teacher, no, the librarian."

"From the High School?"

"Yeah, I guess it was pretty rough, but one of them got her out of there."

"That's sick. How could someone do that. Not the saving her, the other, I assume they ... you know." She hugged her arms around herself and shivered.

He picked up the cup of tea that she had brought out, it was some kind of herbal tea, he'd never tasted anything like it before, but it had some thing that was familiar, he couldn't remember where from, probably from his childhood, his Mom made tea sometimes. He put it down and leaned back next to Nora.

Frank reached over and patted her shoulder. She leaned over, her shoulder resting on his as they sat side by side on the couch in her apartment. Their books and notes on the coffee table in front of them. He put his arm around her and she rested her head on his shoulder, nestling closer to him.

He had never been in her apartment before and never cuddled her to him like this before. Suddenly the girl that populated some of the strangest dreams he had ever had was was right there under his arm and she seemed to be enjoying the closeness.

"You wouldn't do anything like that." Her voice was barely audible as she whispered.

"Never, never. Never." His voice trailed off. He bent his head over hers and kissed the back of her neck. He inhaled her scent, that special smell or flavor, something happened, he got suddenly and painfully erect, at the same time he felt so protective of her, wanting to keep her from any hurt, for ever. He thought she was whispering something else, he couldn't make it out.

He started trembling, shivering, he couldn't control it, he thought he heard the chanting in his head, just faintly barely under his consciousness, his face flamed with heat, he never wanted to leave her. He started crying, tears suddenly dripping from his face, it was all he could do to stop from sobbing. His heart felt like it was trying to squirm into his throat and choke him.

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