tagLoving WivesThe Birthday Adventure

The Birthday Adventure


It would be Jakes 40th birthday in just a few days. And his lovely wife Terri hoped that her plans for his birthday surprise would go smoothly. She had been making arrangements and preparing for the last 3 months. Of course she had been contemplating the whole adventure for the last two years.

Jake didn’t like gifts or surprises. Just last year for their anniversary Terri had purchased a new gold and diamond band for Jake. But Jake being the don’t fuss over me, no thrills kind of guy he is, very politely asked her to return it, saying that it just didn’t make sense to spend that much on something so impractical for him.

Terri was almost sure that as long as all her plans worked the way she intended that this year Jake’s birthday would be fabulous. And the gift would be one that he wouldn’t think of returning.

Terri finished laying her plans in order with Stephanie a girl she’d made acquaintance with through an ad she’d taken out over the internet. The ad described who and what she was looking for and for what purpose she was seeking this female. Stephanie and Terri had met for drinks to see if Stephanie was what Terri was looking for, and was she ever.

Now Terri herself was a real looker. She had the wildest green eyes and long dark chestnut brown hair. Her eyes could burn a hole right to your soul. When you looked into them you could see the sparks ignite as the different shades of green played one against the other. Terri also had an awesome body. She was blessed with great large melon tits and a tight round ass. She made an unforgettable entrance anywhere she went.

Stephanie on the other hand was like a china doll. She had milky white skin and long thin shapely legs, muscular calves. Her brilliant blue eyes sparkled like the sea. Her hair was medium length, platinum blonde in color. And her tits were tiny and very perky with long puffy nipples. They were just big enough to get your mouth on.

The evening of Jake’s birthday had finally arrived. Terri took him out for dinner. Just the two of them, no fuss no frills. No singing happy birthday by the restaurant staff, no cake and no candles, at least not yet. Just a quiet dinner and drinks for two.

On the ride home Terri wanted to get Jake thinking of going straight to the bedroom. She started stroking his crotch under the steering wheel. Jake’s slacks started to tent immediately. When she finally had his full attention she decided to take it a step further. When she released his full manhood from his trousers and briefs she couldn’t help but notice the shiny little trail of pre-cum that was dripping from the head of his cock.

She took her tongue and gently slid it around the head of his cock. She ran it down the length of his shaft in a slow gentle glide. With that Jake let out a little sigh. Terri began to suck the head of his cock, slowly, gently, with more force each time. Jake was beginning to whimper a little. When she finally took the entire length of her husband’s rock hard cock into her mouth, she thought he’d explode.

But Terri was a master at this and that was not what she wanted. She had no intention of letting him cum. She continued to suck and lick gently so she wouldn’t excite him any further, all the while keeping him right at the edge of bliss. Terri wanted him to be so excited that he’d bypass everything else when they got home and take her straight into the bedroom. She couldn’t imagine the look that was going to be on his face in just a few minutes when he opened their bedroom door. Oh what surprises she had in store for her man tonight.

Terri’s plan worked perfectly, and they headed straight for the bedroom upon arriving home. Terri made an excuse about needing to get a bottle of champagne from the fridge and told him to go ahead and start getting undressed. Terri actually went through the kitchen grabbing the glasses and champagne. Then she continued down the hall and circled back to the bathroom that adjoined their master suite. She didn’t want to miss a second of her husband’s reaction.

Jake headed into the suite leaving a trail of clothing behind him. By the time he made it around the corner to the bedroom he was totally naked. When he switched on the light he found a beautiful long-legged blonde dressed in the finest lingerie and stockings he’d ever seen. Right near her crotch she cupped a birthday cake with candles aglow. Jake was startled but excited at the sight of this half naked beauty perched atop his bed. But he wasn’t sure what to do next.

But Stephanie knew, she had it all in control. She told him that she was his birthday present. Now delighted, Jake smiled,

“So Terri put you up to this did she?”

At that Terri came out of the bathroom in her birthday suit.

Now Terri had been bisexual since before she met Jake. And it had always been a turn on for him. Up until tonight they had always only had oral sex with others, never actual intercourse. Tonight that would all change. Terri Took Jake by the hand and led him to the edge of the bed.

“Well are we going to burn the house down or are you going to blow out

these candles?” she questioned.

Jake leaned in towards Stephanie and to blow out the candles he had to bend down under her tits. Terri decided there was no time like the present to get things started.

As Jake was blowing out the candles Terri started to undress Stephanie, letting one perky little tit out at a time. She took icing from the cake and coated Stephanie’s long dark nipples with it. She leaned in and began to lick the icing off one of Stephanie’s breasts which brought Jake back to full arousal again. Terri blindly reached back and found her husbands thick, hot cock and began to stroke it up and down rubbing all his gooey pre-cum up and down the length of his rod. Then she took her hand up to the nape of his neck and gently guided his head down to Stephanie’s other nipple.

As soon as his mouth barely brushed her nipple, Stephanie let out an excited little squeal. Jake began to lick the tip of her nipple ever so gently and then he ran it around her entire nipple. Terri felt Stephanie squirming under her tongue from all the pleasure they were inflicting on her. Then Jake took her small perky tit entirely into his mouth and gave it a hard nibble and a deep suck all the sudden. Stephanie gasped in surprise and utter pleasure.

Stephanie had not participated to this point, now she had to, she could not contain it any longer. Reaching forward she grabbed furiously at Jake’s cock. Jake moaned in approval. Terri slid the negligee down Stephanie’s tight tummy and across her beautifully shaven pussy. Terri took Jake and led him to the warm, wet gift that awaited him between Stephanie’s thighs. Stephanie began to moan in enjoyment. Now Jake and Stephanie were in a full 69 position. Jake was positioned on top of the new blonde. He was so excited that he was pumping his thick, hot cock in and out of her mouth, fucking her gorgeous face. He was totally excited at the feel of a new mouth wrapped around his cock.

The more she sucked the more he plunged his tongue into the depths of her dripping slit. He always loved tasting a new piece of pussy, after all they all have an aroma and taste all their own. As he began to moan and furiously pump his cock in and out of the blonde’s mouth, she responded with her own set of whimpers that let him know she was close too. Jake rammed three of his fingers deep inside her pussy along with his tongue and began to fuck her hot pussy in and out as fast and hard as he wanted.

That was always something that Jake liked about he and Terri’s little escapades, he didn’t know or care about this other woman and he was not afraid to be a little rough with her. He didn’t really care if he hurt her a little in the process of pleasing her.

As he wound his fingers in and out of her cunt he could see the juices foaming up, see her wet, blonde pussy hair glistening in the light. This took him over the edge and he clamped down hard on her clit and brought her to her first explosive orgasm. As Jake heard her moaning with his rock hard cock in his mouth he gave it one last thrust and buried his cock and part of his balls into her mouth unleashing a huge load of hot cum straight down the back of Stephanie’s throat.

Terri had been watching them from a wingback in the far corner of the room, she had finger fucked her own pussy to climax as she heard her husband scream out his first orgasm.

She gave Stephanie no time to recoup as she crossed the room and immediately positioned her lusciously wet, bald pussy over top Stephanie’s face.

“Lick it, lap it up, taste the fruits of your hard work.” Terri said.

Stephanie had never been with a woman before although she’d fantasized about it almost nonstop for the past couple of years and this was more than she could take. She immediately sunk her long, hot, pointy tongue up inside of Terri’s love tunnel. And in no time at all Stephanie brought Terri to yet another climax. Then Terri flipped over and Jake stepped into the action. He took Stephanie by the wrists and pulled her up the length of the bed. He then straddled her face and slid his hot, still dripping cock back into her mouth. He held her down by placing his knees on her wrists, having seen his wife eat pussy many times before he knew just what was in store for Stephanie. Being a virgin to a woman’s touch and tongue he knew that it would be the most amazing orgasm she’d ever had.

Terri began to burry her face in between the silky, wet folds of Stephanie’s pussy. Stephanie’s hips completely left the bed as she arched her back in response. Terri took her long tongue and fucked it in and out of Stephanie’s dripping wet cunt all the while sucking out so as not to lose a drop of the blonde’s frothy pussy juice. Then just as Stephanie started to really get excited, whimpering and saying she was going to cum Terri shoved two fingers inside her, then three, then her whole hand was up inside Stephanie just stretching her open to the max and fucking her insides to pieces. Stephanie’s mouth released her hold on Jake’s cock as she started bucking and rolling her hips into Terri’s face and fingers as if she were a wild horse. Terri swallowed down every sweet, hot, lump of cum that spurted from Stephanie’s pussy.

Jake snuck around to the back and decided that he would fuck his gorgeous wife from behind while she had her dessert laid out in front of her. He knew Terri was only getting started with Stephanie. He was sure she had much more in store for the naïve blonde.

The surprise was to be all Jake’s though. As he rubbed his stiff member up and down his wife’s wet cunt slit she stopped and took his cock in her hand, Jake a little stunned, didn’t quite understand. But Terri gave him the look that she had so many times before in their marriage the one that says,

‘Trust me, let me show you extreme ecstasy.”

Jake followed as his wife led him by the cock. She pulled him onto the bed with Stephanie and herself.

“She’s amazing isn’t she, such a naughty, hot, little slut.” Terri said.

Jake smiled in reply. Then Terri looked deep into her husband’s eyes and said,

“This is actually your birthday present.”

And as she finished her sentence she licked Stephanie’s pussy getting it extremely wet. She took her husbands cock in her hand and slowly guided it into the foreign pussy; Jake thought he would cum at the first feeling of his own wife ramming his big, thick cock up inside of this young, college girl.

Terri looked at him and said,

“Fuck her damn it, ravage her cunt.”

Jake was only too happy to oblige his wife’s commands. Stephanie suddenly reached up and pulled Terri’s pussy down on her face again she was already beginning to moan and scream. It was obvious that she had never been with an experienced man before. She was getting the fucking of her life.

Jake pulled his cock all the way to the front of her tight little pussy until it was almost out then suddenly he dropped the hammer, pounding his cock up inside of her so hard and deep that he actually felt part of his balls enter into her cunt.

Terri, riding Stephanie’s face screamed out in ecstasy,

“Fuck her Jake, oh, fuck her harder baby. The faster and harder you fuck her the harder and faster she fucks me!”

That sent Stephanie over the edge. Jake felt Stephanie’s hot, tight cunt clenching his cock like a vise as he fucked her to oblivion. He began to shoot yet another load of cum into this stranger’s body. When Terri heard her husband exploding a load into this toy, she too went over the edge and they all three climaxed together.

After a few grapes and glasses of champagne later they were all in the mood for another round. This time Terri wanted to see Jake fuck this young, tight things ass. She knew from their chats that Stephanie had never been ass fucked before. She knew that being this young girl’s first ass wrecking would be a birthday gift that her husband would never forget. As Terri positioned the young girl on all fours, Jake stepped up in back to bat a homer. Terri reached across the length of Stephanie’s body and stuck her finger in the girl’s pussy then she removed it inserting a different finger in Stephanie’s pussy and the wet middle finger she shoved straight up the girl’s ass.

Stephanie screamed out in combined agony and ecstasy. Then Terri grabbed her husband’s huge cock, spit on it and began shoving it into the girl’s ass.

Stephanie was screaming and whining in response,

“It’s so big, oh god it’s ripping into me! Oh god, Jake, fuck me. Fuck my ass with your huge cock. Fuck it harder and faster, please, oh god, please don’t stop.”

Terri changed position and slid her head up under the girl’s wet, hot thighs. She began to lick her husband’s balls and his shaft as his cock slid in and out of Stephanie’s tight little asshole. All the while she was finger fucking the hell out of the girl’s pussy. Terri was taking turns licking her husband’s rod and deliciously shaven balls, then licking and sucking Stephanie’s clit, fucking her fingers in and out of the blonde’s dripping cunt.

They helped each other freight train right to ecstasy screaming in orgasm and collapsing on the bed together. Stephanie almost in tears at the wonderful feeling and extreme orgasm this adventure with her new friends had brought out. Jake lay looking at his wife in complete lust and amazement. Terri laid thinking in satisfaction that this was one birthday adventure that her husband would always remember and so would she. They all knew that Stephanie’s sex life had been changed forever that day when two whole new worlds of sexual adventure opened up to her. It was truly a great birthday adventure for all.

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