tagLoving WivesThe Birthday Fairy

The Birthday Fairy


Simon smiled as he settled down at the end of the day with his laptop. This had been quite the day, his 31st birthday. Not a big one but his wife had still surprised him with a naughty card and a new tie. He'd had to go in to work but still managed to find the time to go out to lunch with some coworkers. After work he'd arrived home to find his children dressed nicely for a fancy dinner out. All in all a wonderful day.

Now it was getting late. Verging on midnight late. The kids had gone to bed after stories without a fuss and now the couple was just relaxing. Simon was hacking and slashing away at monsters on his computer while Wendi was curled up with the dog watching television.

From his computer, Simon could see Wendi's long dirty blond hair as draped over the back of the sofa. Periodically she would shift her weight and adjust her large braless breasts. After their first was born her boobs had filled out to a full 36 DD. He knew she was trying to get the last of the baby weight off but Simon thought the new boobs looked amazing.

As her show ended Wendi started turning off the lights and went to collect her husband. They were both tired and more or less stumbled to bed after checking that everything was as it should be. Simon leaned over to kiss his beautiful wife, missing once because it was dark but soon finding her lips. They then crashed to their respective sides of the bed, ready for sleep.

But it was clear Wendi wasn't ready for sleep just yet and only moments later she had pounced her way back to her half asleep husband's side of the bed. She'd done this before and Simon knew from experience that he better wake the fuck up or never again complain about his advances going unanswered. Especially not on his birthday.

All of those thoughts would certainly have been going through Simon's head if he were awake enough to have them. As it was he did his best to focus on the one thing in this world that deserved his focus right at that moment. Rolling over to face her he was soon passionately kissing Wendi's sweet lips and running his hand down to his favorite spot along her hips.

Wendi wanted more than just some kissing however. Spinning around she pushed her panty-covered ass back against his bare groin while exposing her breasts to his touch. Simon knew that's what she wanted. He wanted it too but he didn't want to dive in too fast and scare her off. He tended to get rough with her breasts, especially her nipples and he wanted this to last. So instead of diving in for the kill he stroked his hands up along her sides from her hip up under the loose t-shirt she wore to slide around her breasts without quite touching them.

In his head he pretended he waited much longer than the 45 seconds it actually took to wrap his fingers around those rubbery nipples. As usual he was a little too rough and a little too eager. Wendi thought she could take it. She liked the feel of those strong hands on her but like double chocolate chip fudge brownies there was only so much of a good thing she could take.

Pushed away from the inside of her t-shirt, his right hand quickly found its way to the inside of her panties. She was definitely excited and a couple quick strokes of his middle finger was all it took to bring Wendi's natural lubrication to the surface. It made the penetration of his fingers so much easier as well as the slippery little dance they did circling around.

Every little moan Wendi made was getting Simon all the more worked up and soon he was grinding his very hard shaft against the curve of Wendi's ass, relishing how the hard length bent slightly from the pressure making him feel it all the more. Wendi knew exactly what he needed and quickly pulled her panties down, doing a little kick to toss them off the bed in the general direction of the laundry pile.

The couple proceeded to do some awkward fumbling as they tried to intermingle their bodies while maintaining their current spooned position. It just wasn't working and finally in frustration Simon climbed up onto his knees and slid himself up between Wendi's wonderfully parted legs.

No condom this evening. For years both before and after their marriage the couple had never once missed sliding that plastic coat onto Simon's eager cock. Then they had a baby and got addicted to the feel of flesh on flesh. Simon always allowed Wendi to make the call on when was the right time and as she remained quiet on the issue of condoms he moved right on forward.

Forward motion was slowed a bit. Wendi was wet but she wasn't quite that wet. Not without a some thrusting. A little bit at first and then a little more as the feeling of that thick piece of flesh excited her all the more. Soon he was all the way inside her, pelvis pushed firmly to pelvis.

Simon was feeling particularly on top of the world. He was very hard and very aroused but he wasn't out of control. He thrust over and over again, varying the tempo and just overall loving being inside the woman he loved. It was however past midnight and he was taking his sweet time getting off. Wendi wanted his cum and kept urging him on but he just wasn't getting the hint. As in control as Simon was he knew that he could get himself off at just about any time and with Wendi's urging he quickly picked up the pace until first kissing Wendi's smooth-shaven shin and then her down to her lips as pleasure rolled over him and his seed boiled up out of his balls to flood Wendi's pussy.

After holding still for a moment Simon dropped back to his knees between his wife's legs. She still hadn't gotten her rocks off yet. Simon thought briefly to an article he'd recently read about how a guy should get a girl off twice for every time he gets off. Right now Simon was failing that test.

With his semen well lubricating Wendi's still very eager pussy he slid first his middle finger and then his index finger up inside her. He turned his hand palm up so the tips of his fingers could slide along the inner wall. Though she'd never really said anything about it Simon liked to think he's wife's g-spot could be found somewhere in this area. At the very least she'd never complained about the way his fingers felt.

It was dark though the lights from the street filtered in past the curtains. Simon could see Wendi's face set off by shadows. She was definitely loving his fingers and her own. He stroked her body slowly, happy to be a part of her world as it all centered right there with her body bucking on the bed.

Several moments later Simon fell to the side on the mattress next to his wife, cuddling up next to her. As normal they turned to jokes in the aftermath of the moment.

"Took you long enough."

"I was feeling the self-control tonight. I figured it was a birthday present."

"The birthday fairy gave you a longer lasting dick?"

"Sure, why not?"

"I suppose we can name her Viagra."

"Save her contact information for next year. We'll have a three-some."

They both laughed and quickly passed out.

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