tagErotic CouplingsThe Birthday Girl Ch. 01

The Birthday Girl Ch. 01

byParis Waterman©


For some time now, I have had it in mind to put together a sort of compilation of my stories. Not the entire body of work, of course, but a kind of smorgasbord, to titillate both new readers and old into delving back into the main stories at their leisure. To my knowledge this has not been done by any other writers of erotica thus far. Each Chapter or Part sustains itself. One may stop and/or start at any point one chooses to.

I wish happy reading to one and all.

Paris Waterman

Author's Note: The only thanks we get are your comments and e-mails. Please let us know how you like these stories. What's good, and what's not so good. Thank you.

Part 1

"I met this girl, her name is Shelly," Sullivan said as if testing me to see if I'd mock him somehow. This was not the overly confident Sully I knew so well.

"Do tell," I said.

This was a first; he'd never dropped a girl's name quite like this before. It was always something along the lines of describing the pickup, the seduction, (in great detail, I should add) and any humorous antidote resulting from their relationship. So it sounded serious.

"Yeah," he glanced down at his feet, pawed the ground like a bull getting ready to charge. "Thing is, we're serious. Met my folks and all that shit, ya know?"

This was serious.

I shook his hand. "Do I get to meet her too? I mean, this is great news Sully."

"Umm, yeah, thanks." He said with a furrowed brow. "Meeting you like this is good."

"Always good to see you too," I said, just marking time in the conversation.

"Gonna get married in four months," he said as softly as I'd ever heard him say anything.

"Well, hell! Sully, congratulations! When do I get to meet this lucky girl?"

"Would you . . . I mean I know its last minute and all . . . but would you be my best man?"

"Yeah, sure," I said immediately. "It would be an honor. When, where and whatever details do I need?"

Sully smiled, and relaxed obviously relived at my acceptance. We wandered into a bar and had a couple beers and all the while Sully seemed to be somewhere else.

"Hey, Sully!" I called out, as I nudged him. He looked at me, but was silent for a moment. Then he seemed to make up his mind and looked me right in the eye and said, "I want you to do me a favor."

"I just did, I'm your best man remember?"

"No, not that. This is something else. I . . . think you'll like it . . . I mean I don't think you're gonna say no, but it's an unusual favor."

"So . . .?"

"It's about Shelly. I mean, you don't know anything about her and all . . ."

"Like I said. So?"

"Let's get another beer first huh?"

Actually, we had two more beers before he broke the silence.

"We've known each other forever, right?"

"Forever, yeah."

"What I'm gonna ask . . . whether you say yes or no . . . it stays between us, right? I mean, you ain't gonna blab this around after you have a couple beers some night, okay?"

"Our secret Sully, now what the fuck is it?

He exhaled, then took a deep breath, "Okay, Shelly's birthday is coming up, next Saturday. I mean this Saturday." He was as nervous as I'd ever seen him.

"We been talking, ya know? About life and the future, shit like that."

"Sully, get to the fucking point!"

He swallowed his beer and motioned for another. After the bartender wiped the foam from the top of his glass he managed to get it out.

"We've talked about fantasies. Sexual fantasies, ya know?" I nodded. He had my complete attention.

"Shelly . . . she . . . told me hers."

"Yeah, so?"

"She, err, fantasizes having two guys sticking to her at the same time."

"You mean one up her ass and one in her snatch?"

"Umm, I'm not sure about that, but for sure sucking one cock while getting poked by the other."

I smiled at him and he wiped his brow. New beads of sweat replaced the one's he had wiped away.

I couldn't believe my luck. I knew Sully. He was serious.

"You can count on me, Sully."

I had a raging hardon already.

"Are you sure she's for this?"

He gave me that confident smile of his, and I knew it was.

Later that night, I boffed my girl, Mandy four times before she begged off, claiming she was "sore down there." I wound up whacking off once on my own just to cool down.


So Saturday evening finally arrived. I made sure I was freshly showered and shaved, and when I rang the doorbell I had a bouquet of roses on my arm. My heart was pounding, I could hear my pulse was racing in my ears; my other hand was shielding an erection when Shelly opened the door.


"In person," I was looking at a strikingly beautiful face. "I'm glad to make your acquaintance, Shelly."

"My, so formal," she said with a smile, and I knew she was teasing me.

Extending the flowers, I blurted out, "For you. Happy Birthday!"

"Oh, you shouldn't have," she said in a warm pleasant tone, and hugged me tight, managing to protect the roses at the same time. I felt my boner pressing against her thigh. I recall blushing in embarrassment at the contact, which was brief. I caught her glancing down and checking me out.

"I've been dying to meet you. Jack has told me so much about you. It seems we've known each other forever," she said leading me into the apartment.

I took Shelly in. She was dressed in a dark blue blouse buttoned to her chin and as she turned to place the roses in a vase, I noted her flatchested profile. I was stunned. Shelly had no tits at all!

But a second later, found myself admiring her tight, mini-skirted ass. It was a classic ass, jutting out defiantly, with fabulous legs to go along with it. Her blonde hair was kind of piled up on her head and held in place with some type comb and the style suited her very well. Shelly's complexion was cover girl smooth. She was a truly beautiful girl.

She showed me around the apartment. It was tiny, with a living room that barely fit a couch, chair, and TV, a kitchen where two people couldn't work at the same time, and a dining room with four chairs and little more than a card table for eating. But it had a definite feminine flavor and I found it appealing.

She led the way into the living room; Jack  I mean Sully  had just entered the room. He smelled of lavender.

"Hey James, great to see ya," he said thumping me on the back. "Have a seat," he gestured toward the couch. "Wanna brew?"


"James brought me roses, Jack."

He appeared not to hear her as he rummaged in the refrigerator.

"Let's see," he said, "we got Bud, Foster's and Molson Ale."

"Foster's is fine," I replied, settling down into the soft cushions. Turning back to Shelly I said, "This is a lovely apartment you have here."

"Thank you," she said, obviously pleased. She sat down next to me, her mini-skirt rode up and I got a glimpse of her upper thigh. Sully handed me my beer, gave Shelly a Rum and Coke, and then went back for his beer before joining Shelly and me on the couch.

I drank deeply, and waited.


We were all nervous about why I was there, and it showed.

"So how did you guy's meet?" I asked breaking the silence.

Shelly jumped at the opportunity. "I was a waitress in this coffee shop in Philly, when this loud, boorish drunk wandered in." She tittered at this. I smiled. It was easy to picture the scene.

"Oh, come on Shelly, I wasn't boorish," Sully said defensively, but he was loosening up and took a long swig of his beer.

We laughed at his discomfort.

"Well, you were drunk, and you embarrassed me."

"True enough," he said, obviously pleased with this description.

She turned to me, "I should tell you that he came by the next afternoon just as I was starting my shift and apologized."

"I was smitten," Sully said. He was serious.

"Smitten?" I drained the beer and Sully took it from me, and went for a refill.

"The following afternoon we had our first date," she said looking fondly after him.

"It took me three dates before I got her pants down," he blurted out, as returned and handed me a beer.

"Jack!" Shelly shrieked, and reaching across my chest, slapped him on the shoulder.

A love tap, I thought. My erection was very apparent and I couldn't hide it.

"Look at him," Sully said, gleefully pointing, "He's got a boner!"

"Christ," I said mortified. I'd forgotten what I was there for. I noticed the stain then, slowly spreading along my fly. I was leaking.

Sully tried to rescue me. "Jimbo," he said, using a nickname I revile. "Did you notice what nice legs Shelly has?" His hand was calming stroking her thigh.

My dick got harder still. Shelly kept glancing down at the slowly growing stain.

"You should take it out." She said at last, and I know I turned ten shades of red.

"Go on," Sully said joining her, "As long as it's not bigger than mine."

He laughed raucously at this perceived witticism. Long ago we had measured our dick's one drunken night, so he knew all about my package.

"It's okay James," Shelly said, breathing a little heavily. "This jerk told me about my birthday present last night."

"It . . . it's all right with you?" I was flustered, no doubt about it.

"Umm, I'm looking forward to, um, shall we say, my birthday present. Now, may I open the package?"

Sully laughed hard, then chugged his beer down and burped. "What a girl," he said.

"Slob," she retaliated, frowning at him. Then she started into my eyes and said, "James? May I?"

"Be my guest," I managed to croak, not believing the situation.

Without a moment's hesitation, Shelly's fingers slid my zipper down, careful not to catch my dick in the treads of the zipper, like in that funny movie, Something About Mary. Using her fingers like a tweezers, she edged it out, and clasped it in her hand.

"Look, Jack. He's got a nice thick cock," she said matter-of-factly.

I concluded they were both crazy. For that matter, so was I for being there with them!

Shelly was staring at my dick, and then she looked me in the eye and asked, "Do you mind?" It was more a purr than verbalization. I nodded, and her head dipped. I knew where her lips were headed.

Sully rose up and pulled his shirt off, then rid himself of his slacks, shoes and socks.

I just gave in to her as she moved her head further down, until it was lying on my stomach. She stayed there for several moments, staring at my blood-gorged dick; I watched her hand idly stroking it. Then she drifted down and gave me a tentative lick. I went rigid.

"Easy," she whispered, licking me again. Then she kissed it, lovingly.

"He is bigger than you Jack. Both ways."

"The fuck you say!" he exclaimed and leaned in for a closer look, holding himself in his right hand.

"Umm," she said, slurping along the tip of my cock. "I got some of his precum already. "Ummm, tastes a little different than yours. Maybe saltier, but I'm not sure." Shelly enveloped three full inches into her mouth and groaned in satisfaction. I groaned too.

Remembering my manners, I said, "Listen, if you don't want to do this, we don't have to."

There was a popping sound as she released me from where I'd been poking her cheek.

Her brow furrowed pensively. "What ever gave you that idea?" she asked, "Don't you like me?"

"No, no!" I said, "I mean, you're nice looking, and I like you, but . . ."

Sully moved closer, he was choking his chicken. It looked about done.

"It's my tits, ain't it?"

"No, no. Tits are tits. I don't care, big, small . . . whatever."

She looked at my dick and saw it was still hard and firm, and gave it a tentative suck, her eyes fixed on mine.

"Show 'em Hon," Sully said, goading her. Show him your pussy too."

"Yeah," she said, somewhat perplexed. "Maybe my being dressed bothers him," and she got up and quickly undressed. Then she stood over me; her chest was almost as flat as mine. Her hands pulled on her nipples until they were hard and taut. Her eyes were closed. Sully knelt at her feet and pried her legs apart and kissed her pussy. I got rid of the rest of my clothing, and sat down and watched them.

"Umm, I like that," she sighed.

"Get down on the couch, Hon," Sully said gently. "Suck his cock. He wants you too."

Shelly looked at me through half lidded eyes as Sully's tongue busily lapped at her. Her knees folded slowly, like a ladder being put away, Sully rolled in behind her and continued eating her as she renewed her blowjob.

Shelly demonstrated great enthusiasm for sex. I found her to be a great kisser, one of the best I've ever known. Her tongue traced along my lower lip first, then my upper before sliding into my starving mouth. Our tongues fluttered against each other as her hand slid down my chest, and across my stomach. Her fingers scratched lightly at my pubic hair, then slid around my dick to cup my balls. She squeezed them gently, then slid her hand up to my knobby head and wrapped her fingers firmly around me. Tantalizingly, it glided up and down my glistening length, pumping me slowly as we continued our kiss.

It seemed like forever, but Shelly finally broke our kiss; her finger playfully toyed with the head of my cock as she captured a drop of precum and brought it to my lips. I tasted me, and smiling at her, pinched her nipple. She kissed my chest, and then bit each of my nipples in turn.

"You do like me, don't you?" she inquired with a pensive expression.

I strove to convince her I wanted her, but I guess my choice of words lacked conviction. I said something like: "You bet I like you. You give great head, Shelly."

Fortunately for me, Sully was munching away below me.

Distracted, Shelly moaned, "Yes, Lover. Find the spot, Lover, yeah . . . that's it, find the . . ."

A violent shudder shook her entire body. For a second I thought she was having a seizure, but her pleasure was obvious, even to me. I realized she was coming hard from Sully's skillful mouth and tongue.

"Are you okay Shelly?" I asked as the tremors slowed.

"Ohhhh, yeah," she purred. "I'm feeling fine . . ." Her hand was wound in Sully's hair. "Baby, that was terrific," she hummed.

"How's our friend?" he asked.

"Honey, I just got there. We have plenty of time, don't we?"

"Jimbo?" Sully asked, not sure how I felt about matters.

"I'm not going anywhere."

"Umm, I think this present is going to be my best ever," she giggled, the followed with, "James, would you like me to finish that blowjob, or would you rather fuck me while I blow Jack?"

Stunned by this conversation, I managed to say, "I think a lady should finish what she starts."

"Oh!" She squealed delightedly, I think love you!" She kissed me, and then kissed Sully. "And I love you too, you big lug, thank you for my present. I love it!

"Now let's see, if I get on the couch like this, and James lies back there, yes, like that . . . I think doggy-style would work. Jack, what do you think?"

"Good," he said preparing to mount her from behind.

"Ain't anybody gonna ask me what I think?" I said feigning being left out.

"So do you want her to suck your dick or what?" Sully said, and only semi-hard, he prepared to enter Shelly from behind.

"Suck my cock, Baby! I shouted, lifting one leg along the top of the couch.

Shelly's hand grasped the base of my dick and brought it to her greedy mouth, paused and said, "I didn't like giving head before I met Jack. Now I love it," and plunged down on my shaft.

I reveled in the sensation of her hummingbirdlike tongue fluttering over the head of my dick and moaned with gratitude.

Sully, already pounding furiously against Shelly's rear end, crowed, "Yeah, he's with the program."

I could hear his balls slapping her ass, felt her arm wriggling downward between our stomachs, and realized Shelly was going to finger herself.

I groaned, "He taught you good baby!" as her mouth closed down on the tip of my cock and sucked enthusiastically, never taking more than four inches into her small mouth. I felt overwhelmed by the heat of her tongue gliding round and round my dick. I arched my back and started to buck.

To my surprise, she took me from her mouth and shouted happily, "He's gonna cum Jack!"

Then she kissed the tip once more before sliding her lips over the head and devouring me. I used one hand to push her head down upon me; the other caressed her shoulder. We were all rocking from Sully's relentless fucking. The sweat flew from his hair, landing on Shelly's back and my chest and face.

Shelly was making these small circles around my dick-head, bobbing slowly up and down my shaft. My balls tightened and I knew I was about to blow tubes.

"Shelly, I . . ."

She stopped moving, looked up at me, her eyes shining with lust.

"I know, baby," she cooed, and then she flicked the head with her tongue two times and I erupted. She pounced on my dick again, her cheeks deep hollows as she sucked voraciously.

Moments later she was bobbing rapidly, tongue flapping madly. I didn't stand a chance. I came in thick, copious spurts. My fingers twined in her hair, holding her there in place while I groaned and thrashed at my release. The sound of her gulping, and then swallowing my load was deafening to my ears. Throughout it all we never broke eye contact.

I collapsed and rolled out from under her, off the couch and onto the floor, content for the moment to concentrate on Shelly's face; her lovely lust ridden face. She rested her head on her arms, hunched her ass a little higher to enable Sully to garner deeper penetration of her gleaming gash, now visible to me for brief instants.

Shelly peeked back under herself to see what was happening. I imagined what she must be feeling as I saw Sully's huge balls swing back and forth as he pummeled her. It must have been good, for she was grunting each time he hammered it in, and she made this tiny "Eeek," sound as if she was losing something beautiful each time he pulled back.

Sully was definitely enjoying himself, and kept calling to her, asking if she was coming yet; asking if he was her big man. To each of his licentious questions, she gave the same response.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes."

Then she began to babble as her orgasm neared, "Two cocks! Oh, God yes! Two long, hot cocks . . ."

"Come here Jimbo," Sully commanded. I got up and approached him.

He slowed his fucking dramatically and Shelly began to whine.

"Fuck you Shelly," he growled, then spread her ass cheeks. "Wet a finger or two in her snatch and stick them up her ass."

Shelly cried out despairingly. "No! Sully you promised!"

I did as he asked and ignored her complaint. I pressed a finger into her tight asshole and realized Shelly was playing with herself even as Sully resumed his fucking. I marveled at the jiggling of her ass cheeks, another Kodak moment  and tried unsuccessfully to insert a second finger. My index finger was in a vise-like grip, nothing else was going in there for now. Shelly started crying and gasping for breath. I heard a squishy noise and realized it was the sound of his still thrusting penis, pounding in and out of her.

Suddenly, Shelly was screaming, "Come on, lover... fuck the shit out of me!"

And even as she yelled, Sully began laughing, yelling back at her, "No one's fucking your ass, I'm up your hole, bitch!"

"Fuck. Fuck . . . Fuck!" she continued, then glanced at me and lewdly giggled, "It's your fuck-buddy that's up my ass, you son of a bitch! Come on now, get me off!"

She must have seemed like quicksand to Sully, surrounding him as he used his last energies to help them both come together.

Then Shelly was bucking against him, struggling to breathe through her mouth. Her nostrils flared as she labored to get enough air. Sully increased his tempo, grunting and groaning as he jabbed in and out of her.

Evidently Shelly hadn't been fucked like this in a long, long time. She threw her head back and wailed her neck muscles taunt and corded.

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