tagGroup SexThe Birthday Girl Ch. 02

The Birthday Girl Ch. 02

byParis Waterman©

"I'll get us some beers," Sully said, and he ambled off to the kitchen while Shelly and I lay entwined, too tired and too relaxed to move.

"Ah shit!" Sully's voice reverberated throughout the apartment.

"What?" We called out in unison.

"There ain't no more fuckin' beer."

Shelly giggled and I laughed, calling out, "Go get some, you're the host at this party."

"Yeah, yeah," he called out from the other room, keep your pants on." then cackling at his own humor he shambled into the bedroom searching for his pants and wallet.

"I'll be only be gone a couple minutes hon."

"Okay, but you don't have to go. We have wine and some scotch left you know."

"A guy needs his beer. I'm an ass not to have bought more."

I remained quiet.

Shelly got up and gave Sully a hug and a long sloppy kiss. I returned to the bedroom and heard the door close. Moments later, Shelly scampered in and wrapped her fingers around my erection and saucily squealed, "Let's hit the shower Jimbo."

I got up, and she playfully used her grip to guide me into the bathroom. I went willingly, squeezing her ass all the way.

We were in the shower without the water running. Shelly was amusing herself jerking me off. When she discovered the cream coating my cock, she took a fit of giggling and increased her movements, making wonderful squishing sounds and priming me for another climax. I turned the shower on, and a hot, pulsing stream of water splashed across our bodies, enveloping us in billows of steam. I kissed her, really the first time I had done so, and she responded, her tongue gently dueling with mine. I kissed her neck and listened to her moan. I traced the little swirls of her ear with my tongue and sucked the lobe tenderly in and out of my mouth as she squeezed my rigid cock. I didn't want to come this way, so I disengaged her hand and began licking the space between her almost non-existent tits.

Shelly responded by groaning aloud.

"Oh, God... I love that! I never... "

My mouth and tongue went lower, along her rib cage and I felt her tremble.


"Like this?"

"God yes!" She hissed through clenched teeth.

As I knelt on the shower floor beneath her, Shelly leaned against the tiled wall, then lifted her right leg and draped it over my shoulder. Her pussy gaped open in front of me and I mashed my mouth against it. I helped support her by gripping the cheeks of her ass and pulling her closer to me. Alternating between gentle sucks and light flicking tongue licks I covered her cunt, mixing her juices with my salvia. She responded by emitting a long "Mmmmmm" from deep within her throat. My thumb found her engorged clit and teased it as I sucked harder on her inner folds. Shelly's legs began to tremble. My tongue went deep.

"Oh, Christ!"

"Something wrong?"

"Fuck no! It's... perfect... I'm... so close..."

I took a firmer grip on the soft flesh of her cheeks and pulled her hips tighter against my face, while parting her fleshy folds with my tongue and darting deeply inside her. She grunted, then her breath caught, and suddenly she was gasping for air, her hands wrapped in my hair, pulling my head tightly against her as she ground her cunt against my face. I groaned from both pain and delight. She was literally gushing juice that tasted like honey to me. My tongue feasted on her sopping crevice, pressing in and out, in and out, lapping at her clit with each withdrawal. Shelly's hips ground and rotated with increasing urgency, thrashing against my face as she began to come.

"Oh yes! Yes!"

Her whole body seemed to be vibrating.

"Uh huh! Yes! Like that! Ohhhhh, shit yes!"

Her thighs held my head in a vise-like grip as the water cascaded off us.

"Feels so fucking good!"

Suddenly, the tight walls of her cunt contracted around my tongue. I pulled it out, captured her clit between my lips, and began to suck. Each time I drew her clit in, I felt her body spasm, and knew she was coming. Shelly thrust her mound against my mouth one last time and screamed her release.

"Uh huh! Uh huh! Uh huh! I'm... gonna... Oh, you mother fucker!"

I moved away to watch. Deprived of my mouth, her hand flew to her cunt and a finger became a blur before my eyes as she strummed her clit.

Sweet Jesus! I'm coming! I'm coming!"

Her back arched as wave after wave of pleasure rippled through her, while I knelt before her licking and sucking, straining to do my utmost to ensure she enjoyed a spectacular cum.

My efforts were rewarded and I fell back on my behind enjoying her sounds and gasps until they subsided and the tenseness in her body eased. She slumped against the shower wall, still gasping for air. On my knees in front of her, my tongue returned to lavishing soothing care on her labia, teasing; caressing; calming. A seemingly endless flow of juices trickled from her to my lips and face.

"You okay?" I smiled up at her.

"Mmmmmm," she purred, "I'm a hell of a lot better than okay!"

My tongue gave her a lascivious lick and she shivered. "James . . . that was incredible!"

"It was my pleasure ma'am."

Shelly chuckled, and hugged me tight. We stood cocooned in each other's arms, rocking under the hot spray for five or ten minutes before hearing the door slam and Sully calling out to us until he finally wandered into the bathroom and found us still hugging one another.

We took turns toweling one another off and drinking the beers Sully handed to us.

"Must have been quite a shower you guys took, eh?"

"Jack... it was the greatest," Shelly cooed. "Your buddy here has got to have the world's greatest tongue.


"Oh yeah!" she exclaimed excitedly. "Lookit!" she said, pointing to her crotch, from which her juices continued to seep. "I'm still coming!"

"Christ," he said, "I thought you took the shower to get cleaned up."

Her eyebrows shot up as she carefully appraised his remark, then after considering her reply she calmly said, "Shit happens."

We all laughed at that and made our way back to the bedroom to fuck some more.

Shelly, holding a towel between her legs to absorb her excess flow, pushed me onto my back and said, "Close your eyes, lie still... and enjoy. It's my turn, now," and she lowered her body onto mine. She kissed me, her tongue fluttering over my lower lip, followed by a series of soft, gentle kisses across my face to my throat. I shivered as her teeth nipped me in places I'd never thought as sexually stimulating. She kissed me over my chest and ribs, ignoring my nipples for some reason, and just when I was about to request some treatment there I felt the flick of her tongue on my left tit. The sensation was so exquisite; I arched my back and moaned. She played with both nipples drawing each into and out of her mouth with a pulsing rhythm. I writhed beneath her, clenching the sheets with each of my hands.

I was aware of Sully behind her, his hand busy with her body, but I couldn't tell if he was up her snatch or her ass, or both, but she was grunting with satisfaction as she made her way down to my knees, calves and finally, my ankles. When her mouth left my legs, I felt a momentary twinge of disappointment, which was quickly replaced by a sheer pleasure as her tongue suddenly swirled around the head of my cock!

I looked down to see Shelly licking the tip, smearing my pre-come all over; tracing, caressing and stroking. Her fingers encircled the base of my prick, while her tongue massaged the underside, hand and mouth working up and down as one. She rotated her fingers slightly, so they slithered around me with every rise and fall.

My moistened cock gleamed momentarily in the dim light before vanishing down her throat. My hips were rising and falling on the mattress as if tuned to a metronome. Shelly took the opportunity to cup my ass cheeks in her hands as her mouth quickened its tempo on my prick. She closed her eyes as she licked the head of my dick, seeming to savor the taste, before gulping down several inches of it. I ran my fingers through her hair and breathed unevenly as her warm, insistent lips sucked me persistently.

"Oh God, that's it, suck it," I cried, "I've never had anybody suck my cock like you do!"

I knew Sully was bringing her to a climax on the other end because she was making those, "Uh huh, Uh huh," sounds with increasing frequency.

The bedroom echoed with the sound of our grunts and moans. I could hear Sully's fingers sloshing through the sodden folds of her cunt and the sexy slurping sound of her lips and tongue as she sucked me off. Shelly changed her pattern, now speeding up the pace over my cock ending each stroke by allowing the head slip from her mouth with a wanton, liquid pop.

I was about to erupt when she suddenly stopped and slapped my cock hard, the way a nurse is trained to do in the hospital.

"What the fuck?" My cock had lost its rigidity and was leaning like the Tower of Pisa.

"I want that sweet cock of yours inside me, and I want it now!"

"I was just about..."

"Did you hear me?" and as she spoke, her fingers raked suggestively through her shimmering pubic hair.

Sully was laughing, holding himself out for us to admire. I could have cared less, and I don't think Shelly paid him any attention either. She repositioned herself, kneeling near the head of the bed, placing her hands flat against the wall, arms extended, her body bent forward at the waist. She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled mischievously.

"My ass is all yours kind Sir. Please don't hurt me . . . to much. And, giggling like a schoolgirl, she lewdly spread her cheeks apart.

So that's what Sully had been up to! He hadn't been fingering her pussy . . . well, maybe a little, but he had concentrated his effort on opening her asshole -- for me!

On further examination, I found Shelly's nether hole wide open and well lubricated.

I snuggled up close and found my dick had hardened considerably since the slap.

"Why shouldn't I hurt you?" I asked remembering her request moments earlier.

"Didn't I just give you great head?"

"You played with me, bitch," I said and smacked her right cheek.

"Ouchie! She yelped.

"Did it hurt honey?" Sully asked.

"Yes, he hits harder than you."


"But then you're never mad at me. I think I hurt his . . ."

She got no further. I was jamming my cock into her. Later, Sully told me how her eyes had widened in surprise at my sudden attack.

As I plunged deep into her ass, I wrapped my arms around her waist too keep her in place.

"Ahhhhhh!" It was the sound of a woman on the receiving end of both pain and pleasure.

Her ass was so tight... so tight... so hot... so tight... the walls of her rectum closed tightly around my cock as I tried to force it in further.

"Oh! Stop it! Oh! Oh! James, I think you're gonna rip me . . ."

"Shut up and fuck!" I growled, and heard Sully laugh evilly behind me.

"Wriggle that ass. Help me hit bottom."

I still believe it was that last thing, about hitting bottom that did it. Shelly went ape shit, and reached down to help guide me into her deepest darkness as she shook that ass as I'd asked.

She closed her eyes and leaned back into my chest, guttural sounds emanating from her throat.

"Mmmmmm. You're in, you're in! That feels so good. Don't stop." She murmured hoarsely.

I reached around to her breasts and started to yank on her engorged nipples.

Sully positioned himself directly in front of her and was tormenting her by slapping her face with his cock. Shelly was up for the game, and attempted to capture it with her mouth. Eventually, Sully let her grip him and she started sucking him with wild abandon.

Shelly's breath quickened, small moans escaped her lips as she maintained her balance with her knees and one hand. The other hand was busy frigging her cunt.

By this time my eight inches was fully up her hole. I looked down at her hips and slowly pulled out until only the head of my cock was still inside her. With Sully firmly embedded in her mouth, she reached behind her to pull my ass cheeks into her hands, tugging them to her while her own hips gyrated back against me.

I slammed my meat into her.

"Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!" She grunted when Sully slipped from her mouth.

"Want it harder?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Sully planted his prick back into her mouth, effectively shutting her up for the moment. I counted to five, and then slammed it into her as deeply as I could, wringing another cry from her. I began to move with faster strokes. Her legs trembled and I think the only thing preventing her collapse was the anticipation of a huge climax.

Sully came; pulling away from her mouth he spewed a long thick, grayish rope directly into her face and hair. I reached under her, fingers roving through her pubic ringlets, and found her tiny, throbbing clit. My cock ached and throbbed, I expect her clit must have felt the same.

Oops! Too much fucking around! I took too long a stroke, and I'm all the way out of her ass. Looking down I see I'm as hard as a rock and her asshole is all dilated from my fucking. I put it back in and push my full length into her. Shelly groaned and Sully laughed that nasty laugh of his.

Shelly let out a squeal each time I penetrated her. Naturally I increased the tempo, pulling all the way out and driving all the way in to her hot clenching guts. The feeling was incredibly intense.

Then Sully was alongside me, "Pull out," he said.

"Why?" I groaned with disappointment.

"I just wanna see her asshole, and how far you stretched it."

While he took his time checking Shelly out, I noticed her fingers still working her sopping pussy.

Impatient to get back to slamming it into her, I told myself that while there is nothing as decadent as fucking a woman's asshole, I'd be a fool not to fuck her perfectly willing, unused pussy right below it. But it was not to be . . . at least not right then.

"Put it back in Jim," he said.

"About fucking time," Shelly groaned. "Fuck me Superman, come on lay some pipe to me!"

I wriggled it back in, but lost my rhythm and discover that I'm just making jerky stabbing strokes; although I am deep in her guts.

Shelly's talking dirty now. In a sort of half pleading, half-demanding tone of voice, she's saying, "C'mon, cum in my ass!"

Sully chimes in too. "Fuck that tight hole, Jimbo, come on, sock it to her!"

"Fuck my ass!" Shelly yelled.

And when Sully obliged her, she followed with a moan that grew more strident with each word. "C'mon, c'mon! FUCK ME UP THAT OLD ASSHOLE!"

For my part, I can't hold out any longer. I've got to cum. I let loose a tremendous load, and fill her darkened orifice even as she spreads her cheeks further apart, humping back at me as I empty into her.

I have what was probably the strongest cum of my life, and collapse on top of her. I'm drained physically and emotionally. She doesn't seem too much the worse for the wear, but we're both sweaty and my dick has shit smears on it.

Sully opened another beer and laughed at us as we trudged into the shower again. This time we washed each other and got the hell out without fooling around.

Now I lay back on the bed and watched as an aroused Sully screwed her from behind. Both of them were obviously deriving great pleasure from his jackhammer-like strokes. His hands left red welts on her pale skin as he used her hips to pull her back onto his stiff prick. He was riding her like a wild bronco, Shelly's small tits jounced in time with his strokes.

The sound of his balls slapping against her pussy appeared to inspire him, driving him to exert even greater amounts of energy.

Watching them recharged my batteries as well. After they both came, I got them beers, and we sat around making light conversation.

Shelly sat with her legs apart, revealing her battered cunt to both of us. "Whew! My twat is getting sore from all this special handling fellas," she said with a smirk on her face.

Sully grinned, "Happy Birthday, baby."

"Yeah," I said, "Happy Birthday, and many more of the same." All the while secretly hoping there'd be at least one more time like this.

Taking a closer look at Shelly's snatch, I noticed traces of semen visible on her thighs. "Look Sully," I said, pointing. We all laughed, and Shelly got up to clean herself off.

When she returned and sat between us once again, I was totally horny. But it was obvious she need a little rest. Sully sensed this too, and began reminiscing about having sex with her after they'd first met.

"Oh yeah, one of the first times we made it, she used ice cubes on my balls to revive me. The contrast of her warm mouth sucking and nibbling with the ice cube pressed right up under my balls . . . oh, man, it was out of this world. You know, Shelly tells me I'm the only man in the world she'll do this with."

"Then," Sully continued, "as soon as I started to show signs of life, she started reaming my asshole with a finger while her other hand is wrapped around my dick. She just squeezed it every once and a while. I'm usually a wild man after about five minutes, and have never lasted more than ten - even if I never get hard. If I do get hard, Shelly will either fuck, or suck the orgasm right out of me."

I looked at Shelly as I got up to get us another round of beers, and she nodded her head affirmatively, giving support to his story. I put a sad expression on my face and stared at her.

"You heard him," she said. "He's the lucky guy, and the only guy." Then she giggled. Her face brightened with a huge smile and she cooed, "Maybe I'll do something unique with you."

"Is that a promise?"

"We'll see."

As we finished off our beers, I found myself studying Shelly. Sully was watching her too, taking in her beauty. Both of us wanted her again. She noticed our newly risen boners, and languidly reached her arms out, inviting us to come closer to her.

We did, and as we drew near she closed her eyes.

I reached out and ran my fingers along her jaw line, down her throat to her chest, and began to run small circles around her nipples. She let out a low moan, but didn't open her eyes. I glanced at Sully as he sat quietly watching me, a shit-eating grin on his face.

Shelly opened her eyes, and took hold of both our dicks. "God knows what I'm gonna do with all this meat," she giggled.

"Mind if I play with your little titties?" I said my voice dry, and husky.

"Be my guest," she said shyly.

Placing my arm around her shoulder, I bent low to lick the tops of her almost non-existent breasts.

"They're small tits," Sully said in a low tone, reading my mind. "I know they're small tits. But as soon as I can save enough money, we agreed to get her a boob job."

"But you love 'em like they are, don't you honey?" Shelly asked him pensively, her finger trilling its way around my ear.

"I certainly do, and I think Jimbo here loves them too. What about it man?"

I continued toying with her nipples, brushed my tongue between her breasts. Shelly trembled at this.

"They are marvelous right now, Jack." And then I bit the bullet and plunged in with what I really thought. "Do you really think enlarging them will be an improvement?"

"Sure," said Sully.

"Well . . . "Shelly said with some uncertainly.

"How big are you gonna make 'em Shelly?" I asked.

"I don't know. It's kinda up to Jack..."

"I think a set of 38's would be great," Sully said excitedly.

"I wonder," I said, figuring Sully really didn't want her strutting around supporting a huge C or D cup. I really though I had better intercede before Shelly became grotesque in the breast department.

"What?" alarmed, Shelly asked, "Why?"

I played with her nipples a while longer before responding.

"What size are you now?"

"Umm, I wear a 32 A Bra."

"Then you shouldn't go to more than a 34 B or C."

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