tagFirst TimeThe Birthday Seduction

The Birthday Seduction


My first bi sexual experience was shortly after my 18th birthday. A neighbor couple seduced me after they threw me a birthday party. They were in their late forties and since I was living with my widowed uncle without a mom or female influence around a neighbor's wife kind of took me under her wing.

Jean kind of acted like my adoptive mom over the years before I turned 18. She and her husband gave me birthday parties and had me over for Christmas and other holidays.

Any way I knew them for a couple of years before they seduced me. Come to find out though I did not fully know them. On my 18th birthday after every one else was gone Jean her husband Boyd and me were sitting around the kitchen table when Boyd stood up and moved in front of Jean. Jean took his cock out of his pants and started sucking him. I said "oh hell I have apparently over stayed my welcome I will leave you two alone."

They both laughed and said Boyd said "no we want you to stay." Then Boyd asked me if I would like to fuck his wife while he watched.

I just stared at them until Jean said "stand up birthday boy I got another present for you." I stood up and she undid my pants and let them fall to the floor. Then she began sucking me while she stroked Boyd. After a bit Jean stopped and said "lets go into the bed room where we can be more comfortable." That first night I just fucked Jean while Boyd watched. The bi stuff happened the next time they had me over.

The next night to my surprise they invited me over for dinner. I went of course and that night after dinner Jean excused her self and went to the bathroom. She came out nude and sat in my lap there in the kitchen. We kissed I fondled her breasts for a while then she had me stand up and she undressed me. While this was going on Boyd stripped too. Jean had me sit back down bent over and started sucking my cock, while she started sucking my cock. Boyd got behind Jean and started fucking her.

After a while we moved into the bed room again and Jean said come fuck me John. As I was fucking her, Boyd moved next to us in bed and began jerking his cock. Jean then shocked the hell out of me when she whispered in my ear, "would you let Boyd suck your cock, he likes it and it turns me on watching him?"

Like I said it shocked the hell out of me and I just froze for a moment thinking about what Jean had just asked. Then I thought hell he lets me fuck his wife the least I can do is let him suck me if that is what he wants. So I said "sure if you will sit on my face while he sucks me."

Jean said "fair enough and had me lay in the middle of the bed then she straddled my head and lowered her pussy on my face. Soon I felt Boyd sucking my cock and Jean said "wow that is hot babe suck his cock for me baby." I loved that Jean was getting hot and that she was riding my face. Boyd was very noisy while he sucked me and ever time he moaned and made slurping sounds Jean would rub my face with her pussy harder and tell me and Boyd about how hot it was.

I did not take long with every thing going on before I popped my nut and Boyd took my cum in his mouth then he kissed Jean with my cum still in his mouth. Jean moaned a gurgled moan from the cum Boyd had shared with her and I felt her cum on my face.

After she regained her composure, Jean went to the bathroom. While she was gone Boyd kept playing with my cock and began rubbing my anus with his finger. I was getting hot and bothered again already and I for some reason felt the urge to play with Boyd's cock so I reached over and started stroking him. Boyd started sucking me again and I was getting into it. Finally I just said fuck it and decided I was going to try Boyd's cock too. I never had stroked another cock before let alone sucked one so I was nervous and kind of smelled it then licked it at first. It did not smell or taste bad so I took him in my mouth and the sensation was fucking wild to me. It wasn't long until I was sucking Boyd like a maniac. Jean came back in and saw us and said "fuck you bastards did not wait for me." Then she laughed and lay on the bed next to us and started playing with her self. She asked me what I thought about sucking Boyd

I told her it was amazing and I liked it. She kept talking to me encouraging me and telling me how hot I was making her. Then she asked "are you going to let him cum in your mouth."

I stopped a second and said "I guess, I don't know what it will be like but I am willing to try it."

Jean moaned and said thank you for this I really like watching my husband with another guy. She took my hand and placed it on her breast and I played with her breast while I sucked Boyd. I must have been doing some thing right because soon, Boyd stopped sucking me and warned me he was going to cum. I started sucking him harder and stroking him while I sucked his cock. Suddenly I felt Boyd's Cock swell up tight and I braced my self. When he came it tasted weird and kind of freaked me out but I took it all and motioned to Jean to kiss me like Boyd had with her after I cam in his mouth. She kissed me and moaned real loud as she came from fingering her pussy.

Being a teen I could fuck and suck all night. I would fuck Jean then suck Boyd while my cock recovered then Boyd would suck me while Jean would graciously sit on my face and ride her self off on my face and tongue because she knew I loved face sitting and I still do today. We did so many things in so many configurations and positions, and it was wonderful.

After about a year I moved away for a job but came back for a visit from time to time.

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