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The Birthday Surprise


I haven't written anything in a while, but yesterday, I was "inspired" to write something new. This is the first story I've written that was about me and my partner. I've changed the names, but part of the story was written as it happened. I'm sure you'll figure out when that occurs.

Closing the door, I say hi to Sarah. She's sitting on the couch with the remote aimed at the TV. "Anything good on sweety?" Setting down my purse, I remove my jacket and blazer. I'm ready to get out of my work clothes and get comfortable.

"No," she says dejectedly, "it's all crap right now."

Kicking off my heels, I join Sarah on the couch. Scooting up close to her, I reach for the laptop on the coffee table and open it up. I hit the power switch, and then grab the remote from Sarah. "Let's see what's coming on next then." I hit the guide button and flip through the channels as she quickly kisses me on the cheek. Passing through several possibilities, I find that a rerun of NCIS is about to start. We've seen it already, but neither of us cares. Not much else is on at the moment.

With the laptop fired up, I get online to do all my usual checks. E-mail is first, but once I get through that I pull up Facebook. I upload a photo from the Fourth of July party Sarah's office put on. A coworker had taken a good photo of us together that had just been sent today. As I read some messages some friends posted, Sarah gets up to grab a drink. "Can you get me a bottle of water please?"

"Not a problem." Sarah smiles before turning back to the kitchen. Watching her as she walks through the doorway helps melt away any stress that the day had caused me. Noises escaping through the kitchen jar me back to what I was doing.

Finished with Facebook, I quickly check on the Christmas gift I was buying Sarah through eBay. There was a little over 24 hours left on the auction and there had been several bids. But before I could update my bid, Sarah came back through the doorway. I quickly shuffle over to another site as she sets down her drink.

"Here's your water," she exclaims as she plops down on the couch next to me, "nice and cold." The credits from the previous show finish up and turn to commercials as she hands me the bottle. I quickly open it up and take a sip.

"Thanks." Taking another sip, I close it up and set it down nearby.

"So, did the price go up on Blackberry?"

Sharply turning my head, I look at her quizzingly.

"Oh, don't play ignorant with me. It is my laptop. Did you think I wouldn't notice you visiting eBay while I was using it?" With a grin, Sarah adds, "Well, did it go up?"

"Thanks for ruining my gift idea, and yes, it went up." Turning back to eBay, I show her the price. "But I think it's still a good deal." I scroll down and place a bid. Closing the laptop, I set it down next to me and turn towards the TV.

"Awwwwww! Don't do that. I'm sorry." Sarah tries to give me a hug but I playfully push her aside. "Great, so I have upset you." Sarah tries to turn towards the TV and snuggle up close. I don't respond. She tries to hold my hand and I just pull it away. I grab the remote and turn up the volume. "Come on, talk to me," she pleas. "I'm really sorry."

Not getting a response, she sits there beside me and quiets down. She laughs as Ziva screws up American slang again. Still noticing my lack of interest in her, she scoots down onto the floor in front of the couch and grabs my left leg. As I pull it away, she grabs it again and begins massaging my foot. I can't resist after all the time I spent on my feet today. As she rubs the arch of my foot, I try hard not to give a response. I can feel her fingers as they play with the webbing the stockings create between my toes. She turns her body so that she is facing my legs, her side resting against the front of the couch. She then begins to work my feet and ankles, doing her best to give me a foot massage.

When she isn't looking at me, I give a smile as I watch her hands rub my feet. If I had known that this would be the result, I would have gotten angry faster. Sarah was always good at giving massages and it is hard to be angry with her at this moment. Her hands travel up to my calves as I watch Abby explain something to Gibbs.

Suddenly, I feel something wet on my feet. Looking down, I see Sarah staring up at me as she runs her tongue over my toes. My big toe goes into her mouth as her she continues to stare at me, one of her hands running down my sole and back up my leg sensually. I can feel the nylon moistening as sucks on my toe. As she does this, her hands move up my leg, going under my skirt. They pass my knee and grip the top of the stocking that is hugging my thigh. She begins to pull it down slowly. My toe comes out of her mouth, but I help hold my leg up for her. As the stocking slips past my knee, her tongue runs from my heel up to my toe. She is trying her best to quell my annoyance by trying to turn me on. It is working.

I grab the laptop, trying to act like I don't care what she is doing. She can't see the screen. Opening up Microsoft Word, I begin to type what she is doing to me. The stocking comes down past my ankle and hugs my foot for just a bit longer before coming off. Sarah looks at it a bit as she lengths it out again before rubbing it across her face. Closing her eyes, she feels the material as it rubs against her skin, letting out a slight moan before her eyes open and she stares at me again. I can see her out of the corner of my eye as I type. Without changing her gaze, she slips her right arm into the stocking, pulling it up the full length of her arm. As the elastic band sits against her shoulder, she picks up my right foot this time, and pulls the stocking off of that leg. This time, the stocking goes on her left arm.

With both arms now wearing my stocking, she proceeds to massage my legs again. This time, she focuses on my legs instead of my feet. While she rubs my left calf, she repositions herself between my legs. My left leg is lifted up and rested on her shoulder. Gently she kisses my leg, slowly moving up with both her hands and her mouth. I can barely see her look up at me out of the corner of my eye when she reaches my knee. I continue to focus on the computer screen. It obviously bothers her that I seem to be ignoring her as she works even harder while moving up my thigh.

When she closes in on the spot I know she wants to play with, it all stops. My left leg is set back down on the floor. I'm trying to think what she might be doing when my right leg is picked up. It becomes apparent that she still is trying to get me to notice her as she proceeds to give my right leg the same treatment. As I type, I can feel my right toes becoming moist with saliva. Nylon rubs against my skin, slowly moving up my leg. The massaging is doing wonders with my legs.

Her hands have passed my knee again, massaging my thigh with her nylon covered fingers. It's taking every ounce of strength to fight off the effects she is having on me. I want to put the computer to the side and have my way with her. The typing helps. Her hands finally move to where I want them to be. The nylon rubs against my skin as she pulls the crotch of my panties to the side, her head just barely visible in the small gap between the base of the laptop and the skirt she has pushed up. She can't see the smile on my face as she rubs her fingers across my labia. The folds of skin flap back and forth under her roving fingers. I'm sure she can feel my wetness, which probably encourages her even more.

A finger inserts itself, the silky feeling of the nylon rubbing against the inner wall of my pussy. The feeling is hard to ignore, making it hard to concentrate on writing this. As the finger goes in and out, movement can be felt underneath the laptop. Soon, a tongue is felt against my skin, licking against the upper folds of my lips. A glancing lick against my clit sends shivers down my spine. Her head bangs against the laptop and I chuckle. That only makes her work even harder, her fingers becoming more forceful and her tongue moving faster. I can feel myself loosing control. I try to focus on the TV. With what Sarah is doing, I would have normally let loose by now. And she knows it.

Suddenly, it all stops. The fingers are gone, the tongue is gone. Some movement occurs and suddenly she is sitting in front of me, looking at me with frustration. I just stare at the TV and ignore her. She gasps and stands up, walking out of the room. No telling what she is doing, but I can hear her in the next room. A drawer slams shut. Something gets tossed across the room. Another drawer slams shut.

A few minutes later, she walks back into the main room and stands in front of the TV. She has stripped out of all of the clothes she was wearing. Knowing my fetish for nylon, she found the bodystocking I like and put that on. She is also wearing a strap on. I can tell by the look upon her face that she is determined to break me, whatever it takes.

She strides forward and stands between my feet. Grabbing the laptop, she sets it down beside me. I try to grab it again, but she just repeats the act. I lean over to type instead. That's when she gets down on her knees. She gently positions herself to insert the strap on into me. Making sure my panties are pulled far enough to the side, she slowly inserts herself. I can tell she lubed it before she came out of the bedroom.

Slowly she slides it in, her fingers rubbing against the skin above my clit. Her legs rub against mine as she gently fucks me. As I continue to ignore her, she speeds up a bit, both with her fingers and the strap-on. Her fingers stop what they are doing and move up, grabbing the bottom of my sweater. She begins to lift it up but meets resistance from my arms.

She then pulled my arms away from the keyboard and lifted them up. Once in the air, with me trying to look around her at the TV, she pulls my sweater up and off of my body. She then begins to unbutton my blouse, eventually pulling it off too. I tried to go back to the laptop but she forces my arms away and begins to remove my bra as well. Finally, once she is done stripping me down, I was able to get back to typing without interference.

It is after I finish typing that I realize why she removed everything. She leans forward as she begins to fuck me again and leans against my body. The nylon rubs against my nipples and makes them harder. The nylon against my body in general makes me feel wetter. I try holding out as long as possible, but her actions finally get to me and I decide to push the laptop away.

At this point, I grabbed hold of her hips. Rubbing my hands along them, I helped guide her a little bit more gently as she fucked me. Sometimes, when she gets going, she can be a bit forceful. I gave her a kiss as her body leaned against mine. Her energy is renewed by my sudden interest. It took some effort to prevent her from getting forceful again. A few whispers about being gentle calmed her down. Having finally stopped fighting it, it didn't take long for my body to relax enough to finally release all the built up energy. I grabbed onto her tightly as my body finally released. We hold each other as I let out one of the larger orgasms I've had in weeks.

When it's done, she pulled out and stood up in front of me. I slid carefully off the couch and grab hold of the strap-on. Then, I leaned forward and stuck my tongue out. Carefully, I licked the tip of it clean. After I cleaned the tip, I opened my mouth and slid it inside. My tongue ran along every inch of it until I had tasted every last drop of my own self.

When I was done, I stood up, grabbed her hand, and led her into the bedroom.

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