tagLoving WivesThe Birthday Treat

The Birthday Treat


This story concerns the submissive relationship between a man and his hot wife. It also a contains cuckolding theme so if this does not interest you then please do not read it. This is a reworking of an earlier story I wrote but this time it has been written in the third person.


To him, Anna was the sexiest woman alive. As Bill looked upon her - his wife, standing there in her Basque and stockings, he strained against his underwear. As he gazed at her form, he recounted to himself the wonder of it. He adored her face, eyes alive with sensuality and her soft full lips. He adored her hands as they caressed his body, sending shivers of ecstasy through him. He looked at Anna's sexy legs. Her toes were painted and her feet were encased in heels, decorating her sexy calves and oh so smooth thighs, leading up towards sexual bliss. Bill had always thought that Anna's full breasts were made to be played with; sucked licked and fondled, tongue flicking around the sensitive tips, strong hands kneading porcelain flesh. Her pussy was a dream - shaved, neat, impossibly tight and deliciously sweet.

His eyes dropped to her ass. Oh yes, her ass. Her ass, Bill could discuss for weeks at a time, touch for months and could have worshiped with his mouth for millennia. It was so soft and round like a ripe peach. He love feeling it in his hands, or feeling its smooth contours as he caressed its curves with his cock. He loved the roundness of Anna's ass-cheeks. He stroked himself through his jeans as he contemplated cupping her ass, one side at a time, celebrating her flesh. Bill moved towards his wife and encircled her waist as he brought his lips to hers for a sensual kiss, tongues entwining. He squeezed her ass, appreciating its voluptuous beauty and hissed into her ear that she was the sexiest woman alive. He dropped to his knees so that he was level with Anna's glorious pussy and slowly turned her body around. Now his prize was before him, he was overcome with lust. He slowly kissed and licked his way around her ass, alternating from cheek to cheek as he titillated her little pussy with his fingers, toying with her clitoris, working his fingers in teasing, light circles towards and away from her sex. Bill dragged his tongue over her ass from top to bottom and back, delighting in the shape of her. He could feel her excitement blossom on his finger as he emboldened his exploration of her delicious pussy, opening her lips and gently tracing his finger along their insides. He covered her pussy with his hand and savoured the heat emanating from inside. Anna felt hot to the touch, a metaphor for the passion contained within her. His index finger, glistening with nectar from her sex was poised between her lips. Bill gently glided it in between her labia and into her pussy. As she drew in a sharp breath, he could simply stand it no longer and softly kissed her asshole. A light touching of his lips to her perfect asshole became a slow, luxurious kiss, coating her in his saliva as he licked around and inside her and her perfect ass. His cock throbbed as the privilege he was enjoying occurred to him. Bill was eating her ass - her perfect ass.

She sniggered at his perversion; his stimulation of her pussy was just enough persuasion for Anna to put up with his pathetic behaviour - making muffled sounds of pleasure as the cheeks of her backside enveloped his face. His finger was now sliding in and out of her pussy in a slow, regular rhythm, never quite going into her at the same angle twice, and varying in depth as if making some map of her inner form. Anna's breathing was becoming heavier; her body responding to Bill's attention with heightening pleasure.

"What a freak her are her are" Anna taunted; stepping away from Bill's face and out of his grasp. Indulging him a little, she walked slowly over to the bed, away from him. From his knees, he stared, transfixed by her ass, swaying hypnotically, dancing seductively with her hips as she moved with authority, her natural femininity accentuating the movement. As she reached the foot of the bed, she looked over her shoulder and quietly told him to get naked and get on the bed.

Bill hurried to obey; thinking of the treat in his mind's eye. As he lay on his back, his cock wiggled back and forward, sticking up into the air. Obeying Anna's command, he closed his eyes, heightening his awareness of his other senses. Unable to see, Bill strained to hear what his wife was doing. He heard the sound of a drawer being opened and items being retrieved. The next thing he knew, each of his wrists were connected by a handcuff to opposite corners of the top of the bed. He grinned at the kinky predicament he found himself in.

Bill's apparent amusement and pleasure annoyed Anna. She scolded him "I wouldn't be so happy if I were you, Bill you have no idea what I have in store for you!" She then placed a blindfold fashioned from items from her underwear drawer over his eyes and gave his nipple a hard twist. Bill winced with pain and bucked his hips upwards. Anna responded by taking his balls in her hand and closing her fist firmly around them, warning her hubby that his continued wimpy thrashing around would result in his balls being given a proper squeeze. Bill decided he had better keep still for his own good and nodded quickly, the earlier grin on his face now a distant memory. Unbeknown to Bill, at the sight of this, Anna's face broke out in a sexy, satisfied smile. After a few seconds watching Bill squirm, she released his balls from her fist. Despite his unease at how vulnerable he felt, Bill's dick remained rock hard, betraying his excitement.

There was silence for a moment, and then Anna said "I am going to get a glass of wine. Try not to play with her cock too much while I am gone, oh wait -- you can't. Back soon.

Anna seemed gone for a very long time; Bill could hear her heels clicking on the kitchen floor as her fetch her wine. She seemed to be taking her time, going into the day room, then back to the kitchen, strolling around perhaps. Then he heard her opening the door to the lounge and entering. His cock twitched, knowing full well the busy road outside their lounge window with its currently open blinds. Bill imagined some guy walking past and glancing in to see Anna in all her splendour. Her voluptuous body poured into her Basque and legs stocking covered.

He imagined Anna turning to face the man, their eyes meeting, but instead of covering herself and fleeing the room, there is a moment of realisation - a moment when Anna realises she wants him to touch her. Bill could see her now, opening the front door and taking him into the lounge without so much as a word being said between them, sitting him down and dropping to her knees to please him with her mouth. Sliding her full lips up and down his shaft and looking him in the eye as she coated his cock in her saliva. Bill imagined Anna making appreciative sighs and coos of satisfaction as she savoured his tool as she would a dessert at an expensive restaurant. In the fantasy, the mystery man then took Anna again and again over the couch, stretching her pussy with his rough fucking of her, her nails clawing at the material of the sofa as he pounded relentlessly in and out of her. She then invited him to screw her in the ass and he obliged, curling his fist around her hair and using it to hold her body in place as he slid his cock in and out of her beautiful ass, fucking her hard, making her moan like a whore for his cum.

She did not even bother to close the blinds. Here she was getting shagged senseless, assfucked by a man she had just met and had never even spoken to, in full view of the busy street outside. Whether it was the thought of being watched or the thought of Bill listening in on the action, or simply due to the skill of her mystery lover, she came - her climax loud and of great intensity. And all the while Bill lay restrained and blindfolded upstairs, his ears the only source of information on the particulars of his wife's consensual ravishment.

Bill was snapped out of his trance by the sound of footsteps on the stairs once more. Anna entered the room slowly and set something down. Bill felt the bed shift as she mounted it. She kissed him on the lips, the rich taste of wine emanating from her. Her tongue tasted of warm red wine. Bill sucked it, savouring the taste. Anna asked him if he want a drink and he nodded eagerly in reply. A second later her mouth was on his again, wetter this time. As their mouths connected, Anna forced her tongue inside his mouth, releasing a trickle of delicious wine. Bill swallowed and gave breathless thanks.

"I must remember to close the blinds in the lounge next time," Anna giggled "I wouldn't want to cause a car crash now by distracting some driver, would I?"

Anna got off the bed and began arranging things in the room. Bill listened carefully, seeking clues as to what Anna was doing. He heard her moving about, her heels making a surprising amount of noise, even on the carpeted floor.

"Seeing as your birthday is coming up soon I am going to give you a bit of a treat," Anna said slowly and evenly. "I hope you enjoy my gift for you baby, I'm sure you'll agree it has been wrapped beautifully." Bill nodded eagerly in memory of her unbelievably sexy underwear, which to his torment remained lost to his sight.

Bill heard the sound of water, and felt Anna mount the bed, kneeling with her legs astride his. He could feel her naked ass touching his legs and it was divine. His cock was suddenly very warm -- Anna had begun to wash it with a very warm cloth. Anna traced the soft material of the cloth over his balls and up his shaft to the head and it felt heavenly. She squeezed the cloth as she reached the tip, causing hot water to cascade down the length of his penis. Bill responded, letting out a low groan of pleasure as she continued to coat him in warmth. Finally, she hung the cloth over his dick and said something about a tent that Bill didn't quite catch.

"I'm afraid that as lovely as you found that, it was only the preparation for what comes next," she purred.

The cloth was removed allowing the cooler air in the room to rush over his cock. However, before he could react, Anna gripped his cock at the base with one warm hand and with the other, pressed an ice cube right onto the tip of his penis.

Bill bucked and wriggled, trying to move but the combination of the handcuffs and the weight of Anna's body pressing down on his legs held him still. She worked one hand up and down his shaft in rapid strokes, roughly masturbating his cock while the other pitilessly pushed the ice cube down, compressing his cockhead. The mix of pleasure and discomfort was exquisite, her warm hand exciting his shaft while the cold ice tormented his agonisingly sensitive and previously warm cock tip, forcing a confused mix of exhalations and pleas from Bill's mouth.

As the seconds passed, the ice all became too much and Bill began to lose hardness, shrinking in Anna's hand until she stopped wanking him. Anna made an irritated sound and angrily accused Bill of being both ungrateful and pathetic, saying that all he had to do was lie there and remain hard while she gave me his present. Had Bill not been tied up, horny as hell and humiliated by Anna's callous, icy touch, he would have seen the futility of the situation he was in. He would have realised the impossibility of remaining hard given the onslaught of ice administered to his cock and would have realised that Anna was acting quite deliberately -- taking control of him, toying with her husband. But in his predicament, Bill instead offered his insistent and repeated apologies to her, asking for another chance.

After much pleading, Anna seem to calm down and said

"OK, it is your birthday; I suppose I can forgive you a minor indiscretion. You can properly make it up to me later. I'm sure I can think of something"

Bill breathed a doubly significant sigh of relief since not only was he out of the doghouse but it seemed like their sexy game would continue.

"Hmm, what next," Anna playfully asked herself...."

"Oh! I know. How about I play with my pussy for you? I bet you'd like that, for me to touch myself?"

Bill hurried to say that he would indeed love that as the thought of it turned him on immeasurably but Anna cut him off mid-sentence.

"I can use my big vibrator if you like? You, know, the one you pretend to know nothing about!"

Bill blurted out "What vibrator?" in a shocked voice that betrayed his guilt. He had found it by chance one day while looking for a missing sock. He regularly examined the toy when he knew Anna was out, inspecting it for the dried-on nectar of Anna's pussy and other signs of use. He often thought about what it would look like to see Anna using the large synthetic appendage to pleasure herself.

"I know how you fantasise about me using it on myself honey" cooed Anna "And it is your birthday...The only thing is that you are not exactly inspiring me at the moment. The sight of a flaccid man tied to a bed doesn't fill me with lust and a longing to fuck myself to oblivion."

Bill began to panic at the thought of his evaporating fantasy when he heard the unmistakeable sounds of fucking. Some woman was moaning, crying "Deeper, deeper, harder, your big black cock is so much bigger than his husband's" Alongside these sounds, a male voice was also grunting in a deep American drawl.

Bill quickly realised that Anna was watching some porn on her computer. This was confirmed when he heard the first of many of Anna's whimpers of pleasure as she began begin to explore her body.

"That's better now," said Anna "Much more stimulating material for a horny girl. Let me fill you in on what is happening in the movie baby."

Bill asked for the first of many times if Anna would consider removing his blindfold but she flatly refused, saying that she had no intention of having her fun ruined by her gawping husband. Bill's cock was already hard again as Anna started to relay the on-screen action to him.

"He has her bent over a couch and has his cock buried in her pussy. I can't believe that she can take him all in, he is massive. She is a cute little slut, tits like missiles and a tiny little ass but she can fuck. You would like her Bill. She has the sexiest high heels on and that is all that she is wearing. To be honest though, when a girl has that much black dick in her, clothes are not really necessary."

Anna continued to describe the action, all the while getting more aroused herself. The onscreen actor dominated his partner, forcing his cock into her tight pussy and keeping her in ecstasy as he drilled her continuously, not giving her the time to rest between orgasms, which, plainly, there were several of.

As Anna toyed with herself, she described the minutiae of detail she could see to Bill, from the prettiness of the girls feet and toenails, pushed up behind the back of her head by the athletic fucking she was receiving to a vivid description of the man screwing her senseless, from his muscled torso through the size and apparent fullness of his balls to the length and girth of his rock-hard tool. It was obvious that Anna found him very attractive and the size of his genitals seems to have a mesmerising effect on her.

Bill then heard the unmistakeable hum of a vibrator, closely followed by a short gasp as Anna touched the silicone cock to her clit, savouring the intense stimulation. She explored her inner and outer labia, varying the path around her pussy to mimic the action on screen. The porn-whore on-screen was now being eaten out by her black lover, his long tongue flicking rapidly at her clit one minute and the next sucking the folds of her pussy into his mouth. He extended his tongue into a long point and slowly slipped up inside her. She went absolutely crazy, throwing her head back and shuddering as his serpentine tongue explored the inner contours of her pussy.

Anna did her best to copy the action, sliding the vibrator into herself and working it in circles inside so the vibrating tip stimulated all around the inside of her sex. In between her moans of pleasure, she continued to tease Bill mercilessly.

"I really need fucked baby. With you all tied up, I need to think of an alternative. Maybe I could give the man on the computer a call. I bet if I tried I could find him. Do her think he would be able to take care of me? "

Bill shouted that he was dying to fuck her and would screw her senseless untied or if Anna came over to him and rode his dick. Whether or not she heard him or not, Anna continued with her teasing.

"I wish I was in the place of that porn whore, getting fucked every day by cock after cock. What a lucky girl she is. He has stopped licking her now baby and is going to fuck her again. He is much bigger than you are and probably a much better lover too. By the size of his balls he will fill her up to the brim when he shoots his cum in her."

As the fucking resumed on the screen Anna pounded the vibrator in and out of herself in time with the on screen action, all the while continuing to describe what she saw on the screen - the way the girl's pussy stretched around her lover's cock as he thrusted in and out of her in long strokes from almost fully out to fully inside her, invading her with such speed that his balls slapped off her ass.

Anna came with an intensity that left Bill struggling with powerful conflicting emotions. The feelings of humiliation at his wife fantasising about being another man's plaything - his fuck slut and the extreme arousal of hearing her explain all this in graphic detail while he was tied up and blindfolded, unable to see her fuck herself to orgasm.

Her climax finally subsided and presently, Bill sensed her face close to his, she was panting heavily after her energetic session with her vibrator. She kissed him on the lips and Bill felt her hand drop to his cock. Lightly encircling the sensitive head, she began to rub his pre-cum into the tip. As she continued at a leisurely pace, she whispered in Bill's ear - her composure already regained.

"My vibrator is dripping wet and I'm afraid it can't go back in its bed like that. Open your mouth and lick it clean. You should be grateful to it; it does a better job than you do!"

Bill reluctantly obliged, licking the toy clean until he could no longer taste Anna on it having cleansed all her delicious cum from its surface.

Anna held his cock in her hand and spat on the head causing Bill to moan as he felt her saliva dribble down the side of his dick.

"I am going to make you come" Anna stated in a matter of fact-like tone. "But I am going to dictate exactly how and when it happens, you see, I have the all the power here. I could give you pleasure in quantities that would make you worship me forever like a puppy would its master (Anna started to masturbate the head of Bill's cock). I could make you cum so hard you would pass out, but I also have the ability to stop this pleasure on a whim and make you beg for mercy with my cruelty" (Anna slapped the head of his penis abruptly causing him to cry out in pain)

"You see what I want form you right now is to have a discussion about our relationship and what I mean by that is that I am going to tell you what is going to happen and you are going to answer me with 'Yes my angel - anything for you'. I imagine that with things set-up as they are here today in this room, you will listen to me with the attentiveness and responsiveness I deserve and that you can otherwise lack. Do you understand?"

At this Anna bent Bill's cock back on itself so it was almost touching the bed sheets. He tensed against his restraints but unable to move. In pain, he soon panted his agreement to her condition. Her reward to him was to take his cock into her mouth for a series of slow, luxurious sucks, cooing in appreciation of how good he tasted. On each down-stroke she scraped his cockhead off the inside of her cheek on its way to the back of her throat and as she finished each upstroke she rapidly flicked the tip of his penis with her tongue causing him to shudder.

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