tagGay MaleThe Birthday Truck Ride

The Birthday Truck Ride


My name is Joe. I remember turning 18 very vividly. The weekend was one I would never forget in some of the most important ways. But only one comes to mind most of all. But the things it would lead to would certainly change my life for the better.

It was a hot weekend in June. The Arizona desert hung heavy with mirages in the distance. The month before I had completed my Junior year in high school and wanted to celebrate my upcoming birthday. My single Mother had run off with her boyfriend on Friday, forgetting about the day completely (or so I thought) so I figured I'd follow along and do whatever I wanted. Despite what my situation might sound like, I was actually a fairly decent kid. I got good grades and went to all my classes, only ditching if I had a job I was doing during the day. But I tried to make sure anything that came up only occurred on the weekends. I wanted to get to graduation. It was my goal.

My mother, on the other hand, was a completely different story. I had never known my father but my mother was a travelling drunk since the age of 15. She barely had a home in Phoenix supplied by her boyfriends, who were hardly father figures. She often forgot about me but made sure to tell me she loved me... which was hard to believe. I still don't know if that part is true or not but it certainly didn't seem like it at the time. But her constant absence made me feel more distant at home, where I usually only went to sleep.

My friend Davis came over to the house one day, remembering it was my birthday, "Come on dude" he said "We're going to celebrate"

"Where are we going?" I asked, closing and locking the front door behind me,

"Up to Flagstaff. My friend's got a party going on up there"

"But how do we get there?" I wondered, knowing that Flagstaff was a two hour drive north of Phoenix,

"I got us a ride" Davis smiled, leading me down the walk. Sure enough, there was his girlfriend, Veronica, in the driver's seat of her new car. I smiled. This was going to be a pretty cool birthday after all.

To give you some history about Davis and I, we had become friends when we were in Junior High. We had ended up going to the same high school together and our bond had strengthened. We had also ended up sharing a lot of the same girlfriends though never cheating on one another's relationship. Veronica had actually been a short-term girlfriend of mine before we had broken up and she had gone to Davis about two months later. We were still friends... but not really. And since her, I hadn't had a girlfriend in almost six months. That was a record for me.

Further history was Davis and I had actually gotten drunk one night and practically messed around. While not doing anything major, I remember him and me stroking one another almost to completion. When we had awoken, sobering ourselves up, he said we were to never discuss what happened again. I said I didn't mind. He joked about it later on but assured me he was completely straight. The strange part for me was I had enjoyed it. I had never experienced anything like that before but it was a new sort of thing for me. I always wished maybe we could've done it again but the macho side of my personality would've never asked Davis again.

The drive to Flagstaff went without a hitch. Even the normally cool city was feeling a muggy and humid. The party was at Veronica's friend's house but the place was enormous. Two stories high with a pool in the back, everyone was already having a great time and the party had only just begun. Davis and I immediately got to drinking and the two of us blabbed the night away. Davis, true to his word, stayed with Veronica most of the night. A couple of girls were interested in me but I just wasn't feeling it tonight for some strange reason. 17 felt different already. There was a change coming over me I couldn't describe. The normal party monster in me had practically been thrown away and my mind was reeling for answers.

By the time 12:00 AM had rolled around, Davis and Veronica had found their own make-out room and were enjoying themselves. The house had grown even more full but I was feeling more isolated. Knowing my friends were probably going to want to spend the night, I found myself uninterested in sticking around any longer. I stepped out onto the front porch, took a look out into the night and made my way out towards the highway.

I had only walked from one city to another once when I was sixteen and even then the walk was only 60 miles before. The 120 mile gap between Flagstaff and Phoenix was going to be a long one but I didn't care. I felt like maybe the walk into morning would clear my head. I needed clarity more than anything for what I was searching for now. I was getting older and whatever was bothering me I wanted to make sure I knew what it was before too much time would pass before me. But the summer had only just begun.

Realizing the trek would be a bit more than I anticipated, I found myself sticking out my thumb to oncoming vehicles in passing. There were a few more on the road than expected but it was Friday night. More people were coming up to Flagstaff for either a good time or a nice weekend. But I hoped someone would be willing to pick me up for the drive back to Phoenix, or at least a little ways there.

I had just about given up home when a large semi pulling no trailer pulled to the side of the road in front of me. I was thrilled, sighing with relief. I made my way up to the passengers' side of the cab and opened the door, "Thank you" I said gratefully, closing the door behind me,

"No problem" I heard a gruff voice say. I looked over to see the driver. He was a man in his late 40's. He smiled at me as he shifted into gear and made his way back onto the road again, "Name's Ted"

"Joe" I said, extending my hand. He took mine in his large hand. Even his simple handshake showed how strong he was,

"What are you doing out here so late on the road?" he asked, running his hand through his hair,

"Oh I was at a party and decided to ditch it" I admitted,

"Eh, I know how that can be" he said, empathetically, "Where are you headed?"

"To Phoenix"

"I hope you don't mind, I'm on my way there but I was going to make a stop in Payson just to catch some sleep" I considered the thought. Mom wasn't waiting for me back home and Davis and Veronica were probably going to hang in Flagstaff one more day. I shrugged my shoulders,

"Sure, no problem" I said, leaning my head against the window. Payson was an hour's drive away from both Flagstaff and Phoenix so at least I would make it halfway if I decided to leave Ted and just keep walking.

We weren't on the road for that long until something began to happen. Suddenly my mind began to reel. On what, I didn't know. There was energy in the cab of the truck that I wasn't able to place my finger on. But slowly and surely I found my own eyes making their way towards Ted. I wanted to see him a little closer even in the little light that was coming from the moon.

Once my eyes laid on him, I realized I had never even gotten a good look at him in the first place. Ted was a very nice looking guy despite his age. He was Caucasian, had a beard that was almost completely white and brown hair that was also graying. He wore plain grey T-shirt and jeans that looked like they had seen better days. He wasn't fat by any means but he had a noticeably rounded belly. The life of a truck driver certainly had taken its bit of toll on Ted but not in a bad way. I thought it fit him.

I guess Ted sensed me looking at him and turned towards me. I tried to make it seem like I was only looking out the windshield. I thought it worked because he turned away again, but for some reason that energy still hung in the cabin. My eyes averted towards Ted again. I looked at his face, his body and his legs. There was something about him that I couldn't describe. It was as if I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I was almost entranced by the figure of this truck driver who had kindly picked me up.

Then I went to look at Ted's face again and found him staring straight at me. I immediately turned away but I could sense his eyes still on me,

"What were you looking at?" he asked. I was a bit nervous but there was nothing angry or annoyed in Ted's voice,

"Nothing" I said, trying to be coy,

"Anything interesting to you?" he asked. I turned towards him, looking at Ted for an answer. Could he tell me what I was feeling? "You know, I'm doing you a favor by taking you to Phoenix..." I stayed silent, "You wanna do me a favor?"

I began to shake nervously. I wasn't afraid at all but my body almost started to react without my own consciousness. Before I knew, Ted reached down and unbuttoned the front of his jeans, which was straining on his belly. He unzipped his jeans, still driving very steadily the whole time, and slipped down his pants and his boxers exposing his penis to me. His dick was huge, lying in front of his hairy legs. I guess he was about 8 inches. My own was only about 6 inches and his was so much thicker than mine. It was almost intimidating. I couldn't take my eyes off of it,

"You want to?" he asked, "The offer's right here"

I honestly didn't know what to do. The "offer", such as it was, was actually very enticing. I had never had the urge to suck another man's dick but my mind kept going back to the experience I had with Davis. Did I really want to do this? Was this what had been bothering me? Was this on my mind and I never realized it?

Moving myself closer on the seat towards Ted, I took a quick glance at him and then back at his half-soft penis, "Whenever you're ready" he urged. I determined I would never be ready... but I was already here. There was no backing out now. I carefully took Ted's dick between my trembling thumb and my first two fingers. Leaning down ever-so-slightly I opened my mouth only just enough and before I knew I had the head of his dick in my mouth.

It wasn't like I thought it was going to be. It was much like sticking a finger in your mouth only thicker. And of course the genitalia taste which I was familiar with only from the girls I had done this kind of thing with before. Wrapping my lips around the head of his dick, I tried to think of anything I could do that you were supposed to. I began to use my tongue to lick the different sides of his penis. I heard Ted give a sigh. I was wondering if I was doing this right,

"Don't be shy" he said, taking his right hand and gently urging me to go down further. So I did. I went down slowly but the further I went down the more Ted breathed harder. I went up slowly and then went down again. Ted let out a low sigh, "That's good" he said. It was a strange feeling; knowing that he was feeling pleasure from this. I had fucked a good number of girls in my life but had never experienced giving them pleasure in the way Ted was experiencing now.

I bobbed my head up and down, wrapping my lips around Ted's dick. My left ear and the side of my hair were rubbing up against his stomach as I did He moaned lightly and breathed in and out heavily from time to time. . I was trying to remember how my girlfriends had done it to me in the past. I tried slowly down my rhythms a bit. Ted moaned as I would make my way slowly down the shaft of his dick. For a while he became silent. I was afraid maybe he was getting bored but the second I had as much of his dick in my mouth as I comfortably could (I was daring enough to try deep-throat) I began to use my tongue to explore it. Ted moaned a bit louder this time. At least I knew he wasn't bored completely.

As I sucked, suddenly a strange taste came from the routine. I removed my mouth, realizing I had just had my first taste of Ted's pre-cum, "You okay?" he asked, a bit of concern in his voice,

"Yeah, I'm fine" I lied, trying to overcome my repulsion. I was slowly beginning to realize what I was doing... and what was happening,

"You ever done this before?" he asked. Putting myself back into a sitting position, I calmly shook my head. Ted looked at me and then nodded his head, almost coming to an understanding in his own head. He slipped up his pants and sighed, "Don't worry, we're almost to Payson. We'll get some rest once we're there."

Payson came sooner than I had expected. Before I knew, Ted pulled his enormous big-rig into the Flying R truck stop and the two of us were making our way to the motel across the street. The cabin in his truck wasn't suited for two people so he decided it was only fair to get a room. But it was in walking that I saw how much taller he was than me. I'm only about 5' 8" and Ted had to be about 6'. He had me wait outside the check in office at the motel so they wouldn't charge him double for the room and soon we made our way upstairs.

Ted opened the door and allowed me to go in first. Exhausted, I sat down at the edge of the bed as I watched him slip off his leather jacket and set his keys down on the dresser near the television. He looked around the room turning to me for approval, "It's okay here, right?" he said. I nodded. Ted sat down next to me and put his kindly arm around my shoulder; "You know there's nothing wrong with what we're doing" I looked at him. He had a kindness in his voice that I had never really heard before. The idea of sheer kindness was something new to me.

Then suddenly he leaned in and pecked me on the lips. It came as a complete surprise to me. His beard tickled in the split second I felt his mouth lock with mine. But almost immediately I wanted more... but was too afraid to make the first move. I think I conveyed the message of wanting more perfectly because before I knew it, Ted leaned in just slow enough this time to lock his lips on my own. I closed my eyes. The feeling was electric. He opened his mouth leading mine to open too and we began to make out.

Our tongues wrapped around one another, slowly caressing each other. Ted was dominant over me but gentle, allowing himself only the slightest bit of power over my own. It was strange having someone else take control in such a way... but also enticing. I had never experienced anything like this before. Along with his mouth, my face was encased by his beard. I reached up to touch it, gently feeling his rough skin underneath. He gently laid me down on the board and got on top of me, holding himself up with his arms while continuing to make out with me. He detached from my lips bringing himself above me to look into my eyes, "How do you feel?"

"Great" I admitted, "I've never felt like this before"

"Good" Ted said, smiling as he leaned down to make out with me again. Was this Ted's way of pleasing me? He seemed so intent on allowing me to feel the same way he was. But we hardly knew each other. Was this right?

After a little while, Ted took his lips from my mouth and began to move down my body, kissing me through my T-shirt. I began to breathe deeper. I couldn't believe this was really happening. He got down to my jeans and then began to unbutton them, unzipping my fly and then pulling them down to my ankles. Before I could say anything, Ted took my half-hard dick in his hand and put it in his mouth.

The feeling was like an electrical pulse going through my body. A surge of emotion of feelings in my mind and body at the same time as Ted began a regular motion of sucking on my dick. I looked at him. This man who could've easily been my father was orally pleasing me. And to think at the time I could barely understand it but I was well aware of what was happening to me. I almost wanted to tell him to stop. I had never been exposed to this sort of behavior voluntarily and the thought of it was almost wrong. But I couldn't. I simply closed my eyes and allowed Ted to do his business.

Before I could allow myself to go anywhere near to cumming, Ted pushed my jeans down a little further and began to lick his long middle finger, "What are you going to do?" I wondering,

"You'll see" he said, reaching his hand underneath my ass. He spread my cheeks slightly, looking for just the right spot until he found it. Before I knew it he had stuck his middle finger at the base of my hole and entered in. My head jerked back, a mixture of pain and ecstasy running through me. I couldn't tell him to stop as I felt his mouth quickly encase my penis again.

He fingered deep inside my anus, jiggling his finger around inside quickly. He was not rough by any means. In fact he was quite gentle. As he sucked on me, he thrust his finger in and out of me in rapid successions. I felt my ass tightening around his finger as he stimulated my prostate, "Oh, I think I'm going to cum" I said through heavy breaths. Ted immediately pulled his finger out of my ass and let my dick slip out of his mouth. I looked at him, wondering why he had stopped,

"Not yet" he said, "That was just to prep you"

He reached into the pocket of his leather jacket and produced a small jar of Vaseline. Leaving his shirt on, Ted unbuttoned his jeans once again and dropped them to the floor allowing his dick to roll out. As it wasn't quite hard enough he began to stroke it carefully in front of me,

"Your dick is huge compared to me" I said. Ted laughed,

"It ain't huge but it does the trick" he said. I wondered just what that "trick" was he was talking about. Taking the jar of Vaseline, I thought he was going to lube himself up. Instead he lubed me up even more around my anus and inside, fingering me just enough to have the Vaseline soften up the rim of my ass.

Finishing up, he looked to me just in case there were any reservations in my eyes. Apparently there weren't even though I had every reservation about what was going to happen. Ted hoisted my right leg up over his left shoulder and located my hole with one of his fingers. He smiled, "You're doing pretty good down there" he said. Taking his dick in his right hand, he put the tip of it against my hole and gave a gentle but firm push and before I knew it he had entered me.

My God, I thought, He's inside me. He's REALLY inside me! The sensation I imagined was nothing like the real thing. Despite the Vaseline, my hole was not ready for the entrance of Ted's huge dick. It felt like an enormous log was being steadily pushed through my body and was going to come out the other side of my body. I moaned and cried. Ted didn't stop though. Slowly and surely he continued to enter. No matter how gentle he was being it hurt like hell, "Please stop, please stop!" I begged, wanting him to pull out of me. But still I felt his entrance continue. I finally squeezed my anus and grabbed a hold of Ted's arm and looked at him with pleading eyes, "I can't. Please, I can't take it anymore. The pain is so bad"

"It'll pass" he said, calmly. That was it. It was just supposed to be "pass"? Ted sat there for a moment staring at me. I was heaving hard, his dick halfway inside me. Then, as a little time passed, I noticed I became more relaxed. The pain from my newly stretched asshole was beginning to subside. The pressure was still there but hardly anymore pain.

Sensing the passing, Ted began to push in a little bit more. I cringed but knowing what he said was right, I allowed the pain to go through my body until I knew he was all the way in, "There you go" he soothed, running his hand through my sweaty dark hair, "You're doing good". It certainly didn't feel like good but I had a feeling it would get easier. I just hoped it would be soon.

Deep in me now, Ted then began to move. Backing up, he slowly moved his way forward waiting for my reaction. I had my eyes closed and cringed with each pump he gave. I thought maybe after the second or third pump he would stop to give me a break (or even himself) but he didn't. Instead he began to build up. Slow at first, Ted's moves soon built up to a regular rhythm. Each thrust he made I moaned and yelped. The pain wasn't necessarily subsiding as much as it was becoming part of the sensation.

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