tagLoving WivesThe Birthmark Ch. 01

The Birthmark Ch. 01


The first five years of their marriage was like an orgy between the two of them. Their friends would laugh when they left a bar or a party early because they all knew Mary and Bud were going home to fuck their brains out. Some days it was even a little embarrassing to the others people when Bud would touch and hold his wife in a very loving way. The men would always tell them to get a room! Mary had been seen more than once touching and squeezing Bud's hard on still in his pants. They would say their good-byes and leave almost running to the car to get home. The others would laugh and make good fun of them. But everyone liked them and it was just a fun topic between the other people they knew.

Yes, it had been five years and they were both truly in love and still in heat with each other! On more than one occasion Mary would blush like a bride when someone kidded them about their evolvement. And Bud would tell some friends how good they were together in bed. But they never did anything to upset anyone.

Bud and Mary had always had fun in bed and in most other places around their home. As time went by, they had tried a bunch of different things that they saw in films they had rented and watched or from stories or photos off the Internet. There wasn't position they hadn't tried more than once over the years.

Time passed and it was now just over 9 years that they had been married. Mary was now 31 and Bud was 34. They seemed to still enjoy sex, however, now with a 6-year-old and an 8-year-old they had to be selective where and when they did it. The sex was good but not as often. It seemed to go along with the family pattern most couples experience after the children come along. But they were still experimenting some.

Bud actually started it one night when he told Mary about the time he was at the beach and fucked his girlfriend with her parents in the next room. He told Mary all about how he had to put his hand over her mouth as she climaxed and moaned so loudly.

Mary laughed and egged Bud on telling him to be more and more descriptive with what he did with her. The sex between Bud and her that night was great. She exploded with two huge orgasms from his mouth and two more from being fucked long and hard! In fact it was so good, Bud had to put his hand over Mary's mouth this time to keep her from waking the kids. Then, afterward the sex they were both drained as they lay in bed and laughed about it. But the sex was as good as any they had in a few years and they both remembered it and how it had happened.

The next night Bud had to work until after midnight and when he came home he was dead tired. Bud didn't work over time very long but when he did it seemed to be 5 or 6 hours and he came home late in the night. There were two or three times when he actually called her and told her he would just sleep on the sofa in his office rather than come home.

So all she got that night was her pussy wet from laying in bed alone and thinking about what Bud did to her and what he had said about doing to his old girlfriend. She remembered back to an old boyfriend she had before Bud. He was the first guy to ever eat her pussy. She smiled as she felt the stimulation between her legs and knew she was having a sexual urge that we all get.

She smiled again as her hand ran down and over her pussy mound. Finally she gave in to her feelings and she opened her legs and began to masturbate as she remembered the tongue of her old boyfriend and what he and his tongue did to her that night! Bud's tongue and cock had been great and he was really good at getting her off each time they did it, but the old boyfriend and since it was her first time having an oral orgasm would always be remembered as great.

Her fingers did the same thing tonight only it wasn't as good as Bud's cock of course. Having someone else other than your own hand always seems to be better at making you cum. Stroke after wonderful stroke made Mary go higher and higher as she arched her back and lifted her ass and pumped her sweet tight pussy on the three fingers inside her. A moan escaped her lips and as she furiously rubbed her swollen clit with the other hand, she cried out and climaxed. She pumped and pumped and pumped her pussy on her hands as she fucked herself into another climax that started right behind the first one. It was the first multiple orgasm she had ever given herself. She held the feeling for as long as she could and finally collapsed back on the bed exhausted.

"Wow", she said as she came down from the wonderful sexual high, "That was a good one! Two actually", and she laughed.

She closed her eyes thinking about Bud and finally fell asleep. By the time Bud came home the next night and they had showered, she had already sucked his cock as Bud took her in the shower from behind. Then they went to bed and as they lay in bed clean from showering together she asked him to tell her again what he did with his old girlfriend. Only this time, she wanted him to show her too. Bud smiled at her and told her he would be very happy to demonstrate his technique for her.

Soon she was whimpering and wiggling around in bed as Bud went down on her and licked and sucked her pussy until she screamed and climaxed all over his face. Bud stayed where he was, knowing that Mary was really hot and bothered tonight and he was sure her sexual need was high enough that she would have to get off more than once. He wanted to give her what she needed and what she required to be fully satisfied. He stayed, buried between his loving wife's legs licking and pleasing her until she climaxed again and then was pulling his head and telling him, "Oh come on! Oh come on I'm so ready! Come on Bud, come up here. Ahhh! Come on!! Fuck me Bud!"

He came up and kissed her shoving his cum covered tongue in Mary's mouth. She could taste herself on it and moaned deeply as she rolled them both over. As Bud fell on his back he watched as Mary moved fast and straddled his hips. Taking his cock in her small hand, she began guiding it to her open and wet vagina. As the big cock head slipped into her opening, Mary simply moaned out. "Ohhh Yes Bud! YES!"

Then she looked down at him and hissed, 'Fuck me hard Bud! Fuck me hard!"

She began to bounce up and down on his cock as he held her hips and finished his story about fucking his old girlfriend. As they moved together, Bud told her between his quickening breaths that now she was fucking him faster and faster. Mary moved her body faster and faster on her husband's cock buried in her pussy. She moaned as Bud said, "And then, I began to get thicker Mary, and harder too."

Mary could feel Bud's cock and it felt like it was burning deep inside her. Then she felt it begin to thicken too and she cried out with her pleasure as he rammed it up into her again and again.

Bud was so hard and so thick now and he knew that soon he was going to cum. So he told Mary that he pulled the girlfriend down so he could suck on her tits. Mary bent forward as she rode Bud's cock up and down now as fast as she could move. "Soon very soon now", Bud said to her.

She bent over him and kissed him with enough passion in her to drive any man crazy. Mary licked his neck and ear whispering to him, telling him to cum in her! He held Mary tightly on top of him as his hard cock was ramming up into her quick hard thrusts. They both heard their bodies slapping together as he fucked her. Having Mary sitting on him like she was and bending forward as he sucked her nipples his cock was hitting her pussy just right. With each movement in and out of her tight wet pussy his cock shaft rubbed her clit and the head tickled her "G" spot! It was driving Mary wild and she knew she was close to cumming too! She wanted to cum along with her husband. She wanted to try and match his orgasm with her own.

When Bud moaned like some animal and elevated his hips lifting her up higher off the bed she knew he was now climaxing and then she felt the warm thick fluid pass from him to her. He was buried as deep as he could go! Mary cried out for him to fill her with his cum like he filed his girlfriend.

As she did, Bud moaned again and with the first shot of cum Mary began to orgasm. Bud held her on top of him with his cock buried deep and pumped more and more cum into her pussy. It was now beginning to leaking out around his cock shaft and dripping down coating his balls.

Mary rocked and rotated her body using her pussy on his full shaft milking him and milking him taking every drop he had inside his balls. Bud filled her with his cum and Mary heard him tell her he was filling his old lover's pussy. She moaned and kissed him as both of their orgasms began to reside.

She noticed his cock didn't start to go down as fast as it usually did. She smiled and held him as she continued to rock back and forth on him. She liked this fantasy they had started. Bud had fucked her wildly like the old days before the kids were here. She kissed more gently now, as his cock was hard but no where near as hard as he was when he was filling her pussy with his seed.

Finally Mary knew he was done at least for a little while. She held his face in her hands and told him how good he had been tonight and that she loved him very much! She smiled as she said it but she was just the slightest upset with him too. It must have been the idea of his old girlfriend that drove Bud wild as he fucked her tonight.

He told her no, it was her and her body and the love they shared. But Mary wasn't so sure. She still felt it was the idea of fucking his old girlfriend that got her husband all worked up so much.

She smiled feeling so good about how Bud had made love to her but also a little jealous about the idea of him getting off so well thinking about the old girlfriend.

He kissed her and they held on to each other until they had recovered. Finally as she rolled off of him. Mary reached for and held his semi-hard cum covered slippery wet cock in her hand. She slowly stroked Bud's cock as they lay there. She started to talk with him about the old girlfriend and the things they had done together. Bud had nothing to hide and in fact he had dated Louise before he ever met Mary.

As he finished the story she could feel his cock was almost as hard as he was when he was fucking her. In her brain, she realized now for sure that he was hard as he was thinking about that old blonde whore of a girlfriend he had dated before he dated Mary.

As they talked Mary played with and made love to Bud's cock. She had even taken it in her mouth something she never did that often after fucking him. She didn't like the tease of both of their cum. It was bitter and nasty. She was sucking and stroking his cock as Bud continued to tell her more and more of the story. He knew his wife well and realized she wanted to fuck again.

Only now he began to make up stuff as he want along with his descriptions of the sex he had with his old blonde lover. She had Bud rock hard and it seemed that they were both getting off on this story. As Mary asked Bud to fuck her again, he moved over her beautiful body and she inserted his cock into her open and hot vagina. As she laid on her back this time, he moved with her thrusting and pumping against each other.

It lasted much longer this time and the sex was fantastic. She lifted up thrusting her hips and matching his movements with her own. The sex was really great again and when Bud arched his back and pushed his cock into Mary one last time she cried out as she felt his cum fill her again. With her arms and legs wrapped around her husband's body she held him tightly to her feeling his cock thump inside her as he emptied his balls. "Oh Bud Oh God it's so good", she told him.

He lifted up a little and smiled at her. He said, "I know baby, I know! I love you so much!"

The sex was great and finally when Bud rolled off of Mary they were both looking up at the ceiling when Bud said, "It wasn't her Mary that made this so good tonight, it was you and the way you love me. It was you that got me so hard and made me go nuts. I swear to God. You're all I ever need Mary."

She moved and kissed him and said, "I have to go to the bathroom."

She got up and walked into it. Siting down on the toilet she was wondering if he was telling her the truth. She smiled and finally said to herself, "Well no matter that was a very long time ago and Bud is with me now and he fucked me not her. Boy did he fuck me!"

As she wiped herself she was still dripping Bud's cum out other vagina. As she brushed her teeth again she had to stop twice to wipe the cum from her thighs as it dripped down on them.

She came back and moved close to her husband putting her leg over his. They both felt the wetness when she wiggled against him. She kissed him and said, "I'm still leaking. My God! You sure filled me up tonight!"

Bud kissed her and said, "It was wonderful Mary. Thank you. You know I love you so much! You make me so happy."

He kissed her and told her again how much he loved her and then he got up and went to use the bathroom too.

She laid there thinking, "Sure Bud I know you love me. But, you also loved thinking about fucking that blond again. Didn't you? Oh well the sex was unbelievable and if he has to think about fucking someone else now and then so be it. I can do that too!"

So the following night, Mary told Bud about one of her old boyfriend. Again the sex was spectacular with Bud cumming twice and Mary had multiple orgasms, two of which were of unheard of strength.

In fact, she passed out from the last one for a few seconds it was that strong! When it was over Bud told her he had gotten scared when he saw her eyes roll back in her head and then she fell on top of him limp. She laughed and told him what had happened and that he had fucked her so good she passed out for three or four seconds. She smiled and kissed her husband and told him this story telling was fun and they should continue the fantasy

Telling each other stories about their lovers before they met soon ran out so they decided to tell stories about imaginary affairs they were having behind their spouse's back. Bud told her he didn't like that too much. But the sex was great and so he went along with her. After all she had done many things he wanted when she wasn't sure of them herself. She had done them just to please Bud over the years so Bud felt if Mary liked to tell stories he would go along with it.

Of course all these stories of affairs were really fantasies and were only made up to put some additional spice in their sex. But it had worked and they would have hours of fun sucking and fucking into the early morning hours. This type of sex occurred at least once but most of the time twice a week. They were now back to having sex something four or five a week. It was the times that they were having this fantastic that the sex became an aerobic exercise.

They each had some friends they shared together but they also had some other friends that they shared by themselves. Bud had his golf friends and Mary had her girlfriends too.

One day Bud's friend Jack came by to show Bud the new toy he had. As Mary opened the door she knew Jack but not very well. He was standing there in his leather coat and jeans looking like some modern day James Dean! She smiled and said, "Hi Jack what are you doing here?"

He told her he actually wanted to see Bud. She invited him and stood there looking at him. They had met a few times before at a party or at the country club when she picked up Bud from golf or at the dinners they had there from time to time. He was a very nice looking man, jet black hair, dark clear blue eyes and Jack stood she guessed maybe 6 feet. He was also built nice.

Mary remembered back to the day that she saw him at the pool in his bathing suit. She and her girlfriend Ann had smiled and waved at him. When he came over and said hi, he told them how nice they both looked in their bikinis. Mary had blushed a little when she saw him look her way checking out her body. Then he did the same thing to Ann.

Mary also remembered when Jack left, the girls talked about the bulge in his bathing suit and had had a good laugh. Ann said, "You know, I wonder how he hits a gold ball with his club without hitting his other club in his pants."

Mary hit her on the arm and laughed as they talked about Jack's cock for a few minutes. Then Mary said, "I wonder if his balls are big too? If they were he sure could fill you up."

Ann said, "And from the way he looks in that suit it sure wouldn't take much for me to go with him to find out! God he sure is built! I bet he's a stud in bed too Mary. Not that our husbands aren't!"

They both laughed knowing all four of them had put on a few pounds over the years and weren't fat but weren't in the best of shape.

Jack was just standing there looking at Mary when he cleared his throat bring Mary back to the present. She touched his arm feeling his muscles and said, "Oh shit! Sorry Jack I was working on something when the bell rang, I guess I was till thinking about it just then."

She turned and yelled, "Bud! Jack is here to see you! Oh Jack would you like something to drink?"

He smiled at her and said, "Sure Mary thanks, got any ice tea?"

She told him she did and went to get it. She felt her hips and ass swing a little more than usual. She told herself to stop acting like some damn schoolgirl. When she got back her husband was with Jack and they were talking about Jack's new motorcycle sitting out front!

The three of them stood there listening to Jack tell them about the features on the bike. He seemed so happy and proud of his new man toy! That's what he called it. Bud was looking and telling him how great it looked and as they stood there Bud held his arm around his wife and Mary had her arm around Bud.

Jack asked if Bud wanted to take it out for a ride but Bud refused saying he didn't have a license for a bike any more and he wasn't about to ride on the back behind Jack, people would talk. They both laughed at that one. Mary didn't get it right away. Bud thanked him and said he had one when he was 17 and had a great time on it until he hit a car one night. Jack agreed that bikers had to be careful since people in cars don't seem to see them all the time. And when a bike hits a car the car wins.

Mary said, "Oh my I didn't know that! Did you get hurt Bud?

Bud told her it was way before they had met and yes he got hurt. He had broken his arm and the bike was totaled.

Bud told Jack he knew how to steer a bike and that this one sure looked like fun. Then Jack turned to Mary and asked if she wanted to try it out and go for a quick ride. She told him she had no idea how to drive a bike and didn't have a license. He smiled and told her she could go with him riding on the back of it. He promised to be careful and easy since she was new to riding one. Then he looked at Bud and said, "I mean if that's Ok with you Bud?"

Bud smiled and said, "Go on Mary. Let Jack take you for a ride! You'll love how it feels, all women do."

The two men laughed and Mary looked at them with a question on her face. Bud said, "The vibrations Mary. It will get you going babe. Take her for a ride and then bring her back and I'll satisfy the itch."

The men laughed and Mary asked what itch?"

This made the guys laugh even more and Mary turned red but wasn't sure why. She had embarrassed herself and finally Jack said, "Sorry Mary. You want to tell her Bud or let her find out about it?"

Bud said, 'Oh hell Jack let her find out about it!"

Then Jack straddled the bike and turned the key to on but he didn't start it yet. He gave Mary instructions as to where and what she should place her feet and what not to put her legs against since she might get burned.

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