tagLoving WivesThe Birthmark Ch. 02

The Birthmark Ch. 02


A few weeks passed and things seemed to fell back into a normal routine for Bud and Mary. Mary didn't see Jack again. Bud played golf every Sunday morning along with Phil, Ann's husband, and two other friends. But, now after what Bud felt was a sexual pull, that's how he put it, between Jack and his wife, Bud didn't associate with him like he use too. He would sometimes just met Jack at the club and have a drink with him. He didn't encourage Jack to come to his house again. He hoped that way Mary wouldn't see Jack and Jack wouldn't see her and the bad feeling he had would pass.

Meanwhile, Mary had brunch or lunch with her best friend Ann most of those Sundays the husbands played golf. She continued to tell Mary about the problems she was having with her husband. It seems that Phil had been working much more the past year than he ever did before. While the income was much better, Ann felt their relationship was not. In fact Ann was starting to feel that Phil didn't love her at all any more and would stay at work and never come home if he could do that and still stay married.

She drank her Bloody Mary and said, "Mary I'm telling you he comes home from work dragging his skinny ass and looks like death warmed over. He has stopped working out, stopped running and he eats and sits and watches TV for an hour and then goes to the PC and works until I tell him good night! He comes to bed sometimes as late as 1AM, and sometimes later and falls immediately asleep. He's like a man who is boarding here rather than a husband."

Mary shook her head and said, "And you have talked to him and told him how upset you are that he's not the same guy you married. And that you feel lonely and miss him and want him home more to be with you and not working?"

Ann told Mary she had and he told her he had deadlines and projects he had to get done on time or her could be fired. He would try to do better but he didn't promise her anything. Ann said, "Mary I'm at the end of my rope. If he doesn't turn this attitude around soon I don't know what I'm going to do. I want my husband back, not a robot. Do you have any idea how long it's been since we had sex?"

Mary shook her head no and said, "How could I Ann? That's something you should keep private."

Mary said, "If I can't tell my very best and closest friend who can I tell? Four months, a quarter of a year! Mary, four fucking months! He hasn't touched me in four damn months."

She said it loud and Mary looked around to see if anyone heard her friend say fuck, again. Mary wished she wouldn't talk like that but this how Ann was. Mary said, "Tell him Annie. Tell him how he has been neglecting you and how you miss him and want it to stop. Make sure he understands and does something about it. Maybe you two should go away on a vacation. You know just the two of you."

Ann said, "Don't you think I have tried and suggested that to him. He can't take the time off right now. Well that's what he said. He can't leave work he's to important, and I'm not."

"He said that? He told you that you're not important", Mary asked very surprised. She knew Phil and he was always a gentleman and very nice and very kind.

Ann said, "Not in so many works Mary but he wouldn't take any time off. He said, he would in June when things calmed down. Hell Mary that's way of. So far off I can't even think about going on with this shit for that long."

Mary took her friends hand and held it saying she understood and would be there for her. Ann knew she could tell Mary anything. Anything! So she decided to tell her about the secret she had inside that she was dying to tell her. It was about the new man she had met and had coffee with.

Ann took a long drink of her Bloody and looked at Mary for a long time. Mary smiled and said, "What? There's more?"

Ann said, "Yes. Actually I have something I want to tell you, that I'm busting to tell you but I'm afraid you will be so upset with me and get mad. I love you Mary and I truly value your friendship."

Mary said, "Annie! You are my best friend in the whole wide world except maybe Bud. You can tell me anything and you know I will never tell another person or be mad at you." She moved closer to Ann and said, "But PLEASE keep your voice down."

Ann smiled a little and shook her head yes. Then she slid her chair closer to Mary's and said, "This is going to blow your mind!"

Mary looked at her best friend and waited. Finally Ann said, "I met another man."

Mary pulled her head back and said, "What? What….man?"

Ann said, "He's a guy I met at the gas station about two weeks ago. I had lunch with him a week later when I saw him there again. We set a sort of date, and, then about a week after that, I had dinner with him. He's so sexy! God Mary my panties are wet now thinking and talking about him. He a few years younger than us, oh maybe 26 or 27, if that. And he's ripened. God he has huge arms and a chest that is bigger than my own."

Mary didn't laugh she said; "I doubt that! Your have the biggest natural breasts for a small women than any one I know!"

Ann said, "OK! Maybe not as large as my own but he's really built. I mean his stomach is so tight and hard. Oh damn! I am wet down there."

Ann took another pull on here drink and raised her hand to order another one. Mary told the waiters that she was good. Then Mary looked her best friend in the eyes and said, "Annie, you're not…….? You haven't…….?"

Ann said, "No I'm not fucking him Mary……not yet anyway. But I might. I mean he has kissed me and I let him felt my boobs during the dinner we had, but no we haven't gone all the way. It's like he's waiting for me to ask him to do it! My God I just might too if old Phil doesn't wake up! And wake up soon!"

Mary said, "You better be careful. I mean if Phil finds out he'll leave you and you'll have nothing since it was you that had the affair. You realize that to this guy it's most likely a game don't you? I mean you're just a new piece to him. You know a married woman and an older one at that letting a younger well built guy, having sex with her. I mean he's out for the thrill, most likely nothing else."

Ann said, "Yep, I know all of that Mary but maybe I'm out for the thrill and only that too. Did you ever think of that?"

Mary just looked at her and shook her head. She was now very worried about her friend. Annie was acting like she was in a sexual trance over this guy She couldn't shut up talking about this guy. Finally Mary said, "Ann!! Annie! Cool it! You're going on like a schoolgirl! For God sakes you're a wreck."

Then she smiled and said, "OK Annie, you can tell me more about this guy? You look like you're going to crazy if you don't."

Ann said, "Well he's got dark black hair and blue eyes that look right into your sole. He's taller than Phil is and like I said he's really built. He's nice and such a flirt. He's always holding my hand or kissing it or kissing my neck. He's very passionate. He's not married but has been. Actually Mary he seems to be just what I need for say a one nighter or maybe a weekend to get me out of my funk."

Mary said, "Well it sounds to me that he might be the last thing you need too! You better be careful Annie. You have much more to loose than him since he's not married or anything.

Ann sat there for a few minutes and finally she said, "I understand what you're saying Mary and I want to ask you if I can talk to you about this if things get more…..involved."

She made a huge smiled when she said involved. Mary told her she knew she could and that Mary would be there for her regardless of what Ann decide to do. Finally they paid their bill and the kissed each other on the cheek and left.

Mary drove home thinking about what Ann had told her. Then she began to think about the man she had taken a ride with and she said, "Oh My God! Black hair, blue eyes, and ripped! God I wonder if that was Jack, that Mary was with? Oh shit I have to call her when I get home."

She drove home and called Ann right away but Phil answered the phone and he said she hadn't arrived yet. So Mary asked him to have Mary call her as soon as she did."

Phil asked, "Is there a problem Mary can I do anything?"

Mary told him, "No Phil thanks. It's about a chicken dish we talked about, I left out an important piece of it that's all!"

Phil told her he would give her the message, but he didn't. Instead he put the note on the refrigerator and it slid under the picture their son had drawn. Mary never received the note and so she didn't know that Mary called her that late afternoon when she finally did come home.

When she left Mary, Ann wanted to drive past the gas station where she saw her new man friend before. There he was again sitting on his bike drinking a soda. She pulled in making believe with a failed attempt that she wanted gas. As she started to fill up her tank, which was ¾ full already, she saw him walking over towards her. God he looked so good in those tight tee shirts. His body was fantastic she was thinking when he said, "Well! Hello Ann what are you doing down here near the beach on a late Sunday afternoon?"

She said, "I was having lunch with a girlfriend and had to stop and get some gas. I figured this place was as good as any and, I was also hoping that maybe, just maybe I would see you again Jack."

He smiled at her and Ann felt her thighs squeeze together. She moved towards him and he came closer to her. As they stood close to each other she said, "So do you hang out here every Sunday?"

He laughed and said, "No Annie, actually I needed a cold drink and gas too. I'm heading towards the beach and riding my bike up the coastal highway for a little while. Hey, want to go with me?"

She looked at the bike and then to him and said, "I would love too but I have to get home to the kid and everything. But you know, maybe we could do that next weekend. Say, next Sunday how's that sound?"

He laughed and said, "I can think of nothing better than to have your arms around me as we drive up the pacific highway. What time?"

She said, "Let's meet say around 11AM."

He said, "Great! I'll check out some places for lunch today and maybe we can have lunch or dinner together too next Sunday."

She smiled and told him that would be so nice and that she was looking forward to it. She heard the gas pump click off and before she could turn, he pulled her into his strong arms and said, "And you know baby, we could always throw in a breakfast too next Monday morning. That would be even better! Any chance of us doing that too Annie?"

She laughed and pressed her body against his. She looked up into his eyes and said, "Well you just never know. Let's just see how things go. See you next Sunday Jack!"

He didn't let her go but instead he squeezed her even tighter and then he bent down and kissed her. It wasn't a nice friendly kiss; it was a hard sexual kiss that left no doubt in her brain what he wanted next Sunday. She felt his tongue lick her lips and she opened them taking his long tick tongue and sucking on it! Then his hands cupped her ass and she moaned as he pushed his lower body into hers. When they finally did separate she held her heart and said, "You no, you should never kiss a girl like that knowing she has to leave."

He smiled at her again and said, "Yes I know but that has to hold you until net Sunday. That is unless you have time now. We could always use the back room in the station. I know the owner."

She said, "Oh no!! You're not getting me to go back in that room with you! I might nerve come out again! Besides, I told you I had to get home Jack. But I'll be here next week. Promise."

He looked at her and said, "And what will you tell your husband? Won't he miss you? I don't want a man and a gun after me."

He smiled and she said, "Most likely he won't even care or miss me because of all the work he has to do! But I'll handle Phil."

He kissed her again and she whispered next to his ear, "You don't have to worry about Phil baby. From what I see and feel you could break him in half."

She rubbed her hands up his big arms and he said, "How will you get away? What will you tell him?"

She laughed and said, "I'll have my best friend lie for me. She'll tell him that she and I are going up pacific highway for a lunch at a new restaurant. We usually go out together on Sunday afternoon anyway since our husbands play golf."

Jack looked at her and said, "OK! Then it's a date for sure, I'll see you Sunday."

He pulled her to him again and kissed her hard again. Then he whispered, "I can't wait to take you on the ride of your life next Sunday."

She pulled back and looked at him. Jack saw the fire in her eyes. He smiled and said, "Until Sunday then. Later Annie."

He got back on the bike and started it, and then he pulled away. Ann stood there watching him leave. Her legs were shaking as she went and paid her bill with cash.

When Ann got home she saw Phil working on the PC. She yelled hello but he didn't even answer him. She went upstairs to change her clothes. Then not knowing Mary had called her; she went outside and lay in the sun in her bikini. She wanted tan lines to show when she took off her clothes for Jack like she was sure she would next Sunday. She rubbed her pussy feeling the wetness around it that he had caused.

The evening passed and Mary tried to call Ann a few times but for a bunch of reasons she never got up with her. The on Monday Mary's phone rang and it was Annie. She said, "Mary don't talk just listen! I need a huge favor."

Mary said, "Wait! Where have you been I have been calling you since yesterday?"

Ann said, "I never got the message. Why did you call?"

Mary said, "Is your new friend's name Jack?"

Ann said, "Yes…How did you know that? Hey I saw him first!"

Mary said, "That's not important Annie! Look I met him last weekend. He was here to see Bud, but he took me for a ride on that damn bike. Yes, Bud knows all about it. And no, nothing happened. But Annie, he's a sexual predator you have to know that. If I had let him, he would have had sex with me last week on the damn beach! Look I want you to be very careful with this guy. He's got evil in his eyes."

Ann said, "Sure Mary I'm always careful. And I'm sure he has evil in more than his eyes. Besides we haven't done anything but play around a little. Look speaking of Jack that's why I called. I need a really big favor."

Mary said, "Sure what is it? Are you OK, not in trouble are you? Phil didn't see you with him did he?"

Ann said, "No! No! Listen, I have to talk with you while Phil isn't here. I want you to cover for me next Sunday."

Mary said, "Oh Annie I don't know! I mean I hate to do that! Why do you need me to cover for you? Where are you going and what are you planning?"

Ann took a deep breath and said, "I'm going to meet my friend and we're going to have lunch up on pacific highway someplace. It will be long. Longer than the few hours we usually spend together. So I need you to be away longer too. Just go some place, shopping or to your sisters or a movie someplace so you won't be home either. I'm telling Phil you and I are going there for lunch. That way he won't wonder why I'm gone for so long! Please! Please Please! Please Mary, do this for me."

Mary didn't like it at all and told Ann exactly that! She also told her more about Jack and the couple of hours that she had spent with him at the beach. Ann didn't seem to be bothered at all about it. Mary said, "I'll do this for you Ann once, and only once. And you have to promise you won't tell him you know me. OK? Is it a deal?'

Ann would have made a pack with the devil at this point and she agreed to do exactly what Mary told her. They agreed that Mary would be back home no later than 6 PM because that's when Mary was coming home. After that Ann would be on her own. They agreed that Ann would call her at 5 PM before she left from where ever she was at the time. And they also agreed that Ann wouldn't say anything about knowing Mary to Jack ever!

They agreed and Ann thanked her over and over again. Finally Mary said, "You know this is really pushing it and pulling on our friendship bad Annie. I hate to lie to my husband and tell him I'm going some place or doing something I'm not really doing! I don't like being put in the middle of this one bit Annie. I mean that if someone sees me and Bud asks me about it, I won't lie or try and cover it up later on. I'll tell him why I lied in the first place. And believe me Annie I won't do it again for you. You owe me big time for this one Annie, very big time!"

Mary also told her she was loosing respect for her friend. But Ann replied that her she just had to do this one time. And with that they hung up and Mary didn't hear from Ann again until Saturday night. The conversation was short and Ann almost whispered to Mary saying, " We're all set for tomorrow right Mary? You're still going to do this for me aren't you?"

Mary told her she was and asked Ann, "You're actually going to do this aren't you? You're going to sleep with Jack aren't you? God how can you do that to your husband Annie?"

Ann said, "Look Mary you have a great husband. He's very attentive and loves you very much. I don't really have a husband any longer. I have a male who happens to live here in the same house I do. Phil hasn't been a husband for months. Months Mary we haven't been together for fucking months. He doesn't even kiss me hello or goodbye any more. He doesn't love me and I'm starting to not love him."

Ann was crying now and then she said, "Yes! Yes Mary I'm going to do it! I'm very sorry I have you involved and won't ask again. But Mary, if it's as good as I think it's going to be with Jack, I might just ask Phil for a separation! Sorry if that shocks you but that's exactly how I feel at this point!"

Mary said, "Well I hope you get what you want Annie. I'm truly sorry you and Phil are having problems. I'll follow through with what we talked about. I'm going to the movies and then shopping and then I'll get something to eat. But at 5:30 PM I'm heading home so at 6 PM you'll be on your own. Please don't forget that. If Phil calls me after I get home I'm not covering for you. I'm telling him I left you at 5:45 PM at the mall. Understand?"

Ann told her yes and they both hung up. Mary looked worried when Bud came into the kitchen and asked who that was on the phone? Mary told him it was Ann checking on their lunch date tomorrow. Then she told Bud she was going up pacific highway to a new place for lunch and they would be later than usual. She said she should get home around 6 PM.

Bud told her, "No problem babe in fact I might play 36 holes instead of my normal 18."

Then he looked at his wife and said, "So why the sad and worried look babe?"

She said, "Oh it's Mary! She 's such a hardheaded brat! She really pisses me off sometimes. I mean I really don't want to drive up pacific coast highway tomorrow. But she is insisting and, well, you know how she is! But I love her dearly Bud and I had already agreed to do it!"

Bud said, "Oh go, it will be good for you and her to hang out together you always seem to be in a good mood went you come home from brunch with her. Except for last week that is. What happened?"

Mary sighed and said; "Phil and Ann are having big problems. He's working too much and not spending any time with her. She is very hurt about it! She is talking about a possible separation if things don't improved. But she only wanted to talk about it with me."

Bud said, "Do you want me to say anything to Phil tomorrow?"

Mary said, "No, Ann has talked to him until she is blue in the face and he isn't or can't change. He said something to her about tight timetables and to many projects to finish on time or he's going to be fired. I think we should stay out of it. That is unless Phil; talks to you about it. Then you might say something to him."

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