tagLoving WivesThe Birthmark Ch. 03

The Birthmark Ch. 03


It had been about two weeks now and Ann had now been with Jack three times. She was with Jack both Sundays when her husband Phil played golf and once on a Wednesday night when her husband worked late. She made arrangement to meet Jack at a hotel in town and fucked him and herself on his big cock for two hours and then left. She was always home before Phil got back from golf or work.

That weekend when Bud met up with Phil and his other two friends for the foursome they always played, Phil looked very worried. The four of them had breakfast together as they waited for their tee time. As the started to play Phil said, "Bud, while we play could I chat with you?"

Today Bud had Phil as partners and Phil was playing like it was his first time. Bud looked at his friend and said, "Sure Phil what's up?"

Phil hesitated and then said, "Have you ever wondered what Mary and Annie do when they go out to their brunch while we play golf?"

Bud stopped dead in his tracks and said, "They eat and talk and talk and talk and talk." He laughed and said, "No Phil...why should I? Is there a problem I don't know about?"

Bud started to smile again until he saw the concerned look on Phil's face then Phil said, "I think my wife is cheating on me. And I don't know about Mary."

Bud said, "WHAT... Why...Why? Why do you think that?"

Phil said, "Well do you remember the Sunday that Annie and Mary were going to drive up coastal highway to a new place they said Ann wanted to try out?"

Bud said, "Yes. So.."

Phil held up his hand and said, "Well I went to the mall to buy a new pair of golf shoes after we finished playing golf with you guys that day. When I got there I'm sure I saw Mary going into the movies."

Bud said, "Well maybe they changed their minds about the drive. I know Mary really didn't want to go that far."

But then Bud remembered his wife telling him the place was very nice. Phil shook his head and said, "Annie wasn't there, Mary was along when she went into the movies. I'm sure of it Bud. I waited to see if Ann would join her later. She didn't, not that I saw."

Bud said, "Well maybe Annie was already inside. I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation Phil. When I get home I'll ask Mary about it. Then we'll let you know."

Phil said, "Well if you do, please tell Mary not to talk to Ann about all this, I mean she is always pissed off at me anyway. I don't want her to get more pissed if I'm wrong. But there are other signs too Bud."

Bud took his turn and then waited for Phil. When they drove their shots they started to walk to the cart Bud said, 'Signs? Like what?"

Phil stopped them and he said, "For example she and I haven't had sex in months. That's mostly my fault, work and timetables and all that stuff. But now it's like she doesn't care if we do it or not. When I tried lately, the last three times, she brushes me off like she doesn't want me."

Bud said, "Ah Phil, you know how women are sometimes. Sometimes they just don't want sex or want to be bothered. Pawed, they call it I think.. Any other signs?"

He sighed and said, "Actually yes, I have seem her and him!"

Bud said, "What?! Well that's different. Who, when, where did this happen Phil?"

He said, "Well I didn't see them have sex. But, I saw Annie on the back of a motorcycle with this guy going towards the downtown district. I followed them but lost them around State Street. I started to look for the bike and found it later in the Marriott hotel parking lot. I then went back towards where I first saw them. After driving around, I found Ann's car parked next to the side of a gas station. I had to look very carefully to see it too Bud. It was like she was hiding it."

Bud just stood there and looked at his friend, he looked a mess. They played their next shots and then drove the cart towards the green. Phil said, "I'm sure Ann is meeting this man on Sundays while we are playing golf. And I plan to check it out next week. I'm not playing next week Bud sorry but I want to be there when they come out of the hotel. It's to late now since I'm sure they are well on their way to finishing up. She is always home when I get there. But next week, well things wont work out exactly as she thinks they will."

Bud said, "What are you going to do? Phil, don't do anything crazy my friend. Do you want me to go with you?"

He said, "Yes actually that's a good idea. That way I won't kill anyone and won't get killed. This guy looks pretty big Bud. He looks like a weight lifter or some athlete. He has a new and very expensive bike too. You know one of those really fast ones."

Bud said, "Do you know this guy Phil?"

He told Bud no and that he also didn't know anything about him except he had long black hair. Bud felt a chill go up his back. He said, "Jack!"

Phil said, "Who? Do you know anything about this guy Bud? Do you know him?"

Bud told his friend, "No", that he was only guessing. He was a guy he met at the gym a few times and they had become sort of casual friends. Then he told Phil about the time that he met this guy named Jack at his house. Jack had black hair and rode a new bike too. Maybe it was he, maybe not. Bud continued and told Phil about talking his own wife Mary into taking a ride with Jack on his bike.

Bud said, "She had never been on a bike before and so I just felt it would be fun for her. Jesus! What an ass I am Phil! I actually pushed my own wife to take a ride to the beach with that ass hole and then she have lunch with him before he drove her back home. It was over three hours! I considered him a friend at the time Phil! But, when she came back I saw something I didn't like in her eyes and on his face. It was lust Phil! I think if I hadn't broken off the friendship right then, he would have made a move on Mary. If he hasn't that day she was with him. Now you have me worried Phil! There was definitely something sexual, you know some sparks between them! God! Now I wonder what Mary is doing when she tells me she is having brunch!"

Phil said, "That's why I told you Bud. Just watch her and see. There's no sense in both of us being played here. I'm sure Ann has already been with him and they had sex together. The question is what to do now."

Soon Bud and Phil reached the 18 green and during the game they had worked out exactly what they were going to do next Sunday rather than play golf. They told their two friends they each had a commitment and wouldn't be there the following Sunday. They would have to get two other guys to play out the foursome. Then Bud and Phil left the club and headed home. Bud was wondering if he should confront Mary directly but decided to wait and see what was going on the following Sunday before he want nuts on his wife. But if she was cheating on him with Jack or anyone else he would tell her to move out and their marriage was over.

As the men played golf that day, Mary and Annie were meeting to actually have brunch together for a change. It was actually the first time since Ann began to have her affair with Jack that Mary had seen her friend. As she pulled into the parking lot, she wondered if Ann had actually gone through with it? Did she actually have sex with someone other than her husband Phil? She wasn't sure when she parked the car and got out walking to the front door of the place but she had a bad feeling. It was one that started in the pit of your stomach and made you shiver with the possible consequences.

Ann was already having a Bloody Mary when Mary came into the room and saw her sitting there beaming at her. As Mary walked towards her friend she looked at her and for some reason she knew immediately. She sighed and sat down saying, "You did it didn't you? You actually cheated on Phil! I can see it on your face Annie. Oh Annie, tell me I'm wrong, tell me you didn't cheat on your husband."

Ann smiled and said, "Well wait! Just wait Mary. Wait until I tell you what happen! Don't judge me too badly yet. You're not going to believe this. God I still don't believe it! It has been the most erotic and sexy days and some night of my life." She giggled as she said nights.

Then Ann said, "First I have to tell you that I'm so satisfied Mary! Never before have I been this sexually happy. It's like I have never been before. God it's so good with him Mary!"

Mary said, "How many times?"

Ann said, "Well I have met Jack three times so far. But when we're together we fucked each other so much I have no idea how many times he fucked me if that's what you're asking."

Mary said, "I wasn't Annie, I was asking you how many times you met up with him that's all."

Ann said, "This morning was the third time Mary and it was so good! So I'm freshly fucked today Mary cant you see it in my face? You know the glow we get when we have been screwed royally and had more than a few orgasms. Well believe me I have had more than a few over these last weeks when I have been with Jack. But this morning we actually did it in my bed at home. The kid was over the grandmother's house all weekend. Phil felt it would be good for him to see his grand parents this weekend and who was I to fight that thinking!"

Mary looked sad for her friend and said, "Who are you? Oh Annie does Phil know what you did? Does he have any idea what's been going one with you?"

Ann said, "No silly, he's been out of town and today he is playing golf with your husband. In fact, he just got back this morning, his plane landed at 8AM. But he didn't come home so I was safe because Jack left at 9AM just to be careful incase Phil changed him mind about coming home first. You see, he actually called me from the conference he was attending and asked me if I was having brunch with you this morning? When I told him I was, he told me then he was going to go play golf with his friends. Golf with his friends, rather than come home first to me, his wife, you see Mary he doesn't give a shit about me any more. So why should I care about him?"

Mary said, "When did he leave?"

Ann told her, "He left Wednesday afternoon to attend one of those banking conferences he's always going too now that he has been promoted. Oh did I tell you Phil got promoted? I guess all that extra work paid off for him. Even if it did cause us to go our separate ways! Oh well, so be it. He has no idea what I do and I don't think he really cares."

Mary just sat there looking at her friend and feeling very sad. Then Ann said, "So Wednesday night I met Jack. With the kid gone Jack came over last night and we fucked all night in my house. But let me tell you about it. OK? I'm going crazy not telling you."

Mary said, "Should I know? I mean that if I know and you get divorced I might have to testify or something. And I don't want to do that to my best friend. Maybe you shouldn't tell anyone Annie including me."

She smiled at her best friend as she and moved around on her chair a little and said, "I'm still a little sore down there this morning Mary. I was fucked royally most of the night including again this morning before he left. I'm not use to that type of sex at all Mary. You know, with Phil it's 20seconds and then he's done for a week.. He's finished but I'm sure not, but it's too late he shrinks and then roll off of me and over on his side and goes to sleep leaving me wanting more and more.

But with Jack, well it's so much different. I mean, with this guy well he never stops. He's a fucking machine."

Mary looked around to make sure no one over heard Ann a she talked like a drunken sailor. Annie used the word fuck everywhere and anywhere she wanted she wasn't shy about it at all. But Mary was and now she felt uncomfortable about Ann's language especially when Mary got excited like she was now.

Mary said, "Keep it down Annie. You're almost yelling."

Ann said, "Oops!! Sorry Mary, I know you don't like that word but I get so carried away thinking about how Jack doing me. And it's fucking Mary, he fucks me, and I love it! I mean Mary, he's fantastic."

Ann almost moaned the words at her friend. As Ann sat next to her best friend at the table she began to tell Mary about her meetings and the sex that she had on those times she had been with her new lover. Ann told Mary everything! She told her she had never had sex like she had with Jack. It was long, hard and she lost count of the orgasms she had after she reached seven of them every time she had been with Jack. She told Mary that Phil could never match Jack in anything!

Mary smiled and said, "Oh come on Mary! No BS now you have more than seven orgasms? What was this guy a robot vibrator? No one has that many orgasms!"

Ann laughed and said, "He sure was a robot Mary, he screwed me for 30 minutes straight before he even comes close to shoot off into me. And Mary he's a hunk! He's younger than Phil and me by at least five years. He's really built too, I mean his arms picked me up like I was a child and he carried me around the room sometimes just lifting me and dropping my on his cock. OH! God! His cock! Jesus Mary it was so big! And thick! And, hard as steel! And he can go on and on and on! God Mary I was fucked like I have never been fucked before. He's fantastic."

Mary said, "OK! OK! Calm down Annie and start from the beginning. I guess you have decide that you and Phil can't work out your problems and now you're going to ask for a separation?"

Ann said, "Well I haven't decide so for now I'm going to have sex with this men whenever Phil's out of town."

Mary said, "You know that's dangerous. Not only from the point that if Phil catches you, you'll get zip from any settlement and the marriage will be over. The judge will give him your child and you'll be left out in the cold. I hope you have given that at least some consideration. But there's also a question here about disease. How do you know this guy is clean? I assume you didn't use any protection like a rubber."

Mary laughed and said, 'Hell no Mary we didn't us a rubber. He had me so worked up so fast I was begging him to fuck me. I wasn't going to wait for him to put one of them on even if he had one, which he didn't and neither did I. I asked him after we finished and he told me he never wears one. Actually Mary he's so healthy he looks like a bloody football player or body builder. He has muscles on his muscles. Compared to him Phil looks like a boy and compare to his cock Phil looks like a little baby boy."

Ann started to laugh and Mary waited until she got herself back under control. Mary said, "Just because this guy has big muscles doesn't mean he doesn't have VD or AIDs or any other of the million things he could have given you. And when Phil comes back you and you two have sex you could give to him."

She smiled and said, "Well giving it to Phil isn't a problem Mary, we don't fuck any more. It's been months Mary since Phil has put his little dick in me. And, for all I know Phil could have given it to me from one of his whores he has been with at the conference."

Mary said, "And you know that from...?"

Ann said, "Oh for God sakes Mary you know how those bankers are when they are out of town, they party, party, party! They fuck anything that moves. All those young trainees looking to get promoted, well I'm sure old Phil is fucking them while he's out of town! You know it and so do I. Old Phil had his pipes clean every night this week that he was away. I'm just having my body done the same way too. I bet you! Only he didn't have them cleaned like I did. I mean Jesus Mary I got fucked like hell and I knelt doing it every night Phil is out of town."

Again Mary looked around and Ann said, "Ops sorry!"

Mary said, "For God sakes Annie, use your head! Stop thinking with your pussy. You know that you should have used protection. Hell you should have never started with him!"

Ann said, 'Yea I know and I will the next time. Maybe!"

Mary said, "The next time? So you're going to do this again with him? Are you nuts? You could loose everything girl."

Ann said, "Well after next Sunday we're going to cool it for a little while. I mean I'm not taking any chances here Mary. So after next Sunday, which is Jack's birthday, we're going to stop until Phil is out of town and I feel safe. And he won't be out of town again for another 5 or 6 weeks. God 6 weeks! I guess I'll have to wait, I'm not going to see Jack or meet up with him again after Sunday until my sorry ass husband is out of town again. We agreed to that last night. That way I feel safer and so does he. But I will be so ready for him by then I might rape him."

Ann laughed and Mary shook her head saying, "Damn Annie, you have it bad don't you? Why not talk with Phil and tell him you want to have sex more often that once every two months. He might like the idea too."

Mary said, "We have talked and talked and talked Mary and Phil sure does talk a good game but he hasn't done anything but talk. I'm so sexually frustrated Mary I turn him down now when he asks me. He'll never satisfy me now that I have had Jack's big cock! . Phil and I haven't had sex in over four months now and I don't care now if we ever do it again. I have Jack now and he does me much better than Phil ever did. You know I was so very tired of masturbating 4 or 5 times a week before I met Jack."

Mary raised her hand and ordered two coffees and a large desert pastry to share with Ann. Then she said, "OK babe tell me the whole story! I mean how you met him? When did you decide you were going to let him have sex with you? Why didn't you tell me before you did it? How long have you known him? You know give me all the juicy detail.?"

Ann smiled and said, "Woo slow down, I'll tell you the entire story! Well you know his name is Jack."

Mary knew Jack all right. He had tried to make a move on her weeks ago. But she had shut it and him down quickly and made an effort not to see her again even when he called her while Bud was working. No one knew that, not Ann and certainly not Bud. She told Jack not to call her again or she would tell Bud and the police. Jack said OK but didn't seem to be that upset with her saying she would tell Bud. She guessed he felt Bud wasn't a threat. Little did Jack know how much Bud was if he wanted to be. She saw him take out two big bikers one afternoon when they had stopped to fill up at a station downtown near the beach. While Bud was in the men's room these two came over and were bugging Mary when Bud came out again. He asked them if there was a problem and they pushed him telling him they like his old lady and were asking her to take a ride with them. That's the last time they were standing when Bud drove out and got back on the highway. He was quick fast and dangerous. It was over in seconds and he didn't say a word about it all the way home.

Mary asked, "So are you telling me you're not having sex with your husband any more? What's so damn great about this guy? It seems to me that he's only out to have sex with you as much as he can until he tires of you! You know he will Annie. What will you do when he leaves you like you and your husband isn't there either?"

Ann said, "Oh that's not important right now Mary!! Besides once you have seen him naked and see his beautiful cock, you would never forget him. Mary I'm sure you would feel the same way I do right now. You would want him too! I'm sure of it."

She smiled and said, "Especially if you saw his hard cock God it's 10-inches long and twice as thick as old Phil's.

Ann started to laugh and said, "Got you interested now don't I? Maybe I should invite you to come with me next time. He's got enough for both of us and he sure did out last me I can tell you that for sure. He's the first guy I ever had that was still hard when I had to stop! God he can fuck!"

Mary said, "Quiet! Damn it Annie be quiet. Now you said something about the birthmarks."

Ann said, "What the hell is so important about the birthmarks Mary?"

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