tagLoving WivesThe Birthmark Ch. 04

The Birthmark Ch. 04


As the week went on Ann called Mary twice a day sometimes more than twice. She continued to ask and beg and then she got mad and yelled for her best friend to meet her at the Marriott Sunday after Bud went golfing. Almost demanding now, Ann told Mary she owe her for all the times she did things for her she really didn't want to do. She told Mary she had to be there. It was very important to her as a friend. And, if Mary were a true friend she would do this one thing for her.

Mary felt very guilty since Ann had in fact done many things over the years for Mary. And, now Ann threw it up into her face and remembered her of almost all of them. Ann verbally beat Mary up and down until finally Mary told her, "OH Jesus Annie! Shut up! OK! OK! I'll meet you there, but I'm not getting involved into anything sexual. I'll have coffee with you and Jack and then I'm leaving is that understood?"

Ann told her she wanted her to come up to the room and have coffee with them there. Mary hesitated and Ann started in on her again. Mary sighed and told Ann that she really didn't want to go up to the room. She told her she had a bad feeling about doing that. She knew Jack and once inside the room he would try and seduce her Mary was sure of it.

But, again, Annie begged, cried and pleaded and finally Mary gave in again and told her she would do it. She told her, "But, we'll sit at the table not on any bed, and we'll drink coffee but I wouldn't listen to anything sexual that either of you has to say. And I assure you Ann I had no intentions of cheating on Bud. Is that understood?"

Ann told her it was and how glad she was that Mary was coming to meet them. She told Mary to leave as soon as she could after Bud when to the country club. That would be around 8AM so Mary would be at the hotel around 8:30AM. Ann told her she would call Mary on Saturday to finalize their plans.

They said their good-byes and Mary had a very bad felling about all of this. Ann had now talked her into coming to the hotel and she was sure she was going to be asked to watch Jack fuck her best friend before she left. She wasn't going to do that, she would walk out first and their friendship would be over. While Ann assured Mary she didn't have to do anything, only have coffee. But Ann told Mary that Jack was unbelievable in bed and she was sure Mary would love watching them do it.

Ann said, "It's OK Mary you would only have to watch us. I would love you to see it! He's so good at fucking me. But you don't have too unless you want to do it too. He's good enough to do both of us."

When Mary hung up the phone she was very upset and stayed that way for the rest of that day and the next. Bud knew something was up but as he tried to probe Mary and asked what was wrong, she told him over and over again that nothing was wrong. She explained that it was close to the time when she had her period and was emotional that's all! But Bud knew it was more than that.

As Mary dressed for the trip downtown and the meeting she was going to have with her best friend Ann, she knew she was making a big mistake. It would the second big one she had in the last couple of weeks where Ann had been involved with Jack. She shook her head saying how dumb she was and what a horse's ass she was for doing this today. She said to herself, "Annie you owe me big time damn it! Why am I so stupid?"

First she had lied to her husband about the trip up the coastal highway when Ann went with Jack and the first time Ann had sex with him. Mary told her husband she was with Ann and they had brunch up there. She didn't really go she went shopping and then took in a movie. Now she was lying again since she wasn't having brunch with Ann today either. She was going to meet her friend in a hotel room where Ann's lover was too. And she did this knowing most likely Jack would try and fuck her too. But what made her feel even sadder is the fact that she had fantasized about Jack fucking her. She even used what Ann told her about Jack and his cock to get her husband worked up. She told him the man's name was Jed that was the only difference. She told Bud about the birthmark shape on Jed's big cock that looked like a fly. She used this to give her husband the fantasy he liked about her having lovers and what they did together. But she didn't like this game and actually only did it so Bud, would fuck her wildly! If he ever found out the truth about her day at the beach with Jack....! She closed her eyes like she was trying to forget it.

But instead of forgetting it, she remembered how she felt as the bike vibrated her entire body but especially between her legs. Then when Jack told her to hold on and she felt his hard body and the bike picking up speed, her pussy was dripping wet. Was it the bike or Jack or both? She wasn't sure. Then when he was alone with her at the beach and he told her about his birthmarks and she listen to him talk about his cock, well Mary know Bud would be royally pissed off and go crazy on her or Jack or both of them. She wasn't sure who would win that fight; Jack was really ripped and very strong!

She only hoped that after today it would be over. She told herself she would have nothing to do with Ann when she was with Jack. After this morning, well she may not even want to see Ann again.

Then on Saturday night Bud asked Mary if she was going to meet Ann for lunch tomorrow and Mary told him yes. He asked where they were meeting this time and Mary told him she didn't know yet that Ann had talked about picking her. She said, "But, I'll call her tonight and finalize it. Why?"

He told her he was just wondering that was all no special reason. Then she inquired if he was playing golf with the boys and what time was his tee time? He told her 8AM. She said, "Well don't wake me when you leave hon. OK?"

He told her he wouldn't and they began to get ready for bed. Armed with this information Mary called Ann. After talking with Phil for a few minutes she realized he sounded so very sad, and upset. Then she heard Ann ask, "Is that Mary, let me have the phone."

Seconds later Ann was on the line and Mary said, "Hi Annie. Where do you want to meet for brunch in the morning? Bud told me their tee time was 8AM."

This was of course all planned ahead of time and when Mary hung up she told Bud, "Change of plans, I'm meeting Annie not riding with her. We're going to met at 9AM at the Marriott for their Sunday Champaign brunch it was the best in the city. I should be away about three hours tops, maybe less Bud."

Bud told her he hoped she would have a really good time. They made plans to cook out for diner on Sunday. The next morning Bud told Mary to take her time today and enjoy herself at the brunch. Mary felt very guilty when Bud told her that and that she should have fun with her friend Annie. She said to herself, "If you only knew what Annie was going to do today Bud, you would never say that to me. God what am I getting myself into?"

Just before he left, Bud kissed Mary goodbye and saw that she was already awake. Actually she didn't sleep much at all. He told her he loved her very much and it was then that she made a quick decision not to meet Mary! It was the last minute and she knew she had to tell Ann she wasn't going. She didn't need to see what a big cock Jack had or how good he was at fucking her best friend who was still married. She knew Annie would be upset but then better she was upset than Bud.

But when she tried to call Annie there was no answer and she assumed Annie had left already to meet Jack.

She was right. At that very moment Jack and Ann were in the room and he was slowly pushing his cock into her pussy. As they fucked they were also talking and planning how they both were going to seduce Mary when she arrived. Ann felt Mary needed Jack's big cock too! And Jack didn't disagree with her. He wanted to fuck Mary from the first time he saw her. Now he wanted to fuck her because of her husband Bud. Jack didn't like Bud after that scene in the locker room. And now Jack wanted to rub it in Bud's face when he was done with his wife's body.

As Mary drove she called Ann's cell phone and Jack said, "Don't answer it. I bet it's Mary and she is most likely chickening out. Make her come to the hotel! Once we get her in the room let me take care of the rest, we can still talk her into this, I'm sure. You tell her since she is already here, why not stay and watch them. What could it hurt? And I'll be nude and have a hard on as you kneel in front of me sucking it! I bet she'll watch us. But I want her to see my cock hard and shinning with your spit! So when she gets here you open the door and let her in. Then come back and get on your knees again Annie and work on me as I talk to Mary! Man, this will be so much fun Annie. I bet I can even get her to lick my cum out of your pussy baby! Would you like that? Seeing your best friend sucking your pussy full of my cum, isn't that a hot idea? Today Mary will become our slut! And I'm sure once she has spent the morning with us she'll want to come back and be with us again every Sunday."

Ann smiled and knelt in front of Jack. She said, "I just want my friend to experience being fucked by this big hunk of meat. I know she will love it Jack, just like I do. And having my best friend join in will make it even better. Yes, it's hot thinking of you fucking her and then me licking her pussy. Then she can lick me when you fuck me."

She began to suck his cock the rest of the time as they waited for Mary to show up. For the 30 minutes it took Mary to reach the hotel, Annie sucked and played with Jack's big cock. He was huge now as he was thinking about having both of these beautiful women with him every Sunday. Yes, he would fuck them every Sunday while their dumb ass husbands hit that little white ball around with clubs. He played golf but he didn't like it. It was away to met women, married women. He said to himself, "Man!! What did these guys see in that fucking game? It did nothing to make your body hard and stronger. It was a pussy game for wimpy men."

He smiled down at Ann as he told her to lick the head of his cock and lick down under his shaft. She did it and then he told her to suck each of his big balls. She looked up into Jack's eyes with a picture of want and lust filling her face. Annie had it bad for his big cock. He said, "Soon baby! Soon I'll give you what you want! Soon I'll put my cock in your pussy and fuck you like I know you need it, like I know you want it and love it! You do love my cock don't you?"

She smiled up at him and shook her head yes. As she continued to suck his big cock doing everything Jack told her to do! Mary was pulling up in front of the hotel now. She let the people at the door park the car since she wasn't going to be long. She started walking into the lobby. She already knew what room Annie and Jack were in; Ann had given it to her last night.

Meanwhile Phil and Bud had met and were now on their way to the Marriott too. They were about 15 minutes behind Mary. They decide they would park the car on the lot and that put them even more minutes behind Mary. They didn't speak much. They both knew today could be the end of both marriages. And if Phil were right, Bud would have to confront Jack for sure if Mary was in that room. He didn't know what he would do. He was basically a non-violent man. Oh he had a temper and knew how to handle himself but he kept his temper under control 99% of the time. But once provoked God help him or the guy he was facing. They parked the car and walked into the lobby.

Mary took the elevator and was now standing in front of room 227. She stood there a few seconds and then rapped. In the room Jack said, "Annie answer it. He stood there just inside so Mary would see him but most likely not know he was standing there naked and holding his cock in his hand. She wouldn't see that until Annie let her in. Then Annie would stand behind her and sort of guard the door at first rather than go back and suck his cock. He was sure that once Mary saw his big cock she would be likely to stay and listen to them talk with her. As he held it, Jack's cock was bobbing up and down. It never looked bigger or harder than it did now after Ann had sucked it for a very long time.

Ann opened the door completely nude and Mary said, "Jesus Annie you always answer the door nude. What would you have done if it was someone from the hotel and not me?"

She took hold of Mary's hand pulling her into the room laughed as she did. Ann held her hugging Mary and kissed her on the cheek. Then they separated and Ann said, "I might just invite him in Mary. Does that's shock you?" Then Jack came into full view as Mary walked further into the room. Now Annie moved away from the door. She walked over to him and took hold of his hard cock. She knelt on the floor again and kissed the head. She looked up at Mary and said, "But then I have been doing a lot of things that might shock you now my good friend. And do you know what? I love every one of them. Mary I have freed myself, opened myself sexually like never before. God Mary you can't imagine what it feels like to be so free and try everything! Everything. And by doing that Mary, I am having multiple orgasms every single time with Jack. Yes, every time he makes love to me. I mean every time Mary not once in a blue moon. And the things we do together....well Phil would have never agree to even try them. That is if he even knew they were there to try. Now plain vanilla sex will never be the same for me again, I have grown so much Mary. This time I have spent with Jack has awakened me fully to the needs of my body. Phil is so out of it compared to Jack. I am going to ask Phil for a separation tonight when I get home. Then Jack and I are going to move in together and fuck our lives away."

Mary stood there and listen to her once best friend tell her things that Mary never would have imagined Ann would ever say. She shook her head as she watched Annie take Jack's big cock and begin to make love to it. Jack said, "Thank you so very much for coming Mary. Annie won't forget it and neither will I? We both wanted you to meet us today and ask you if you would perhaps like to join us on Sundays while Bud plays golf. I'll make it worth your wild Mary. Just look Mary look at my cock all wet and shinning with your best friends spit! I think you would like me to use it to fill you up. Look Mary I have seen Bud's cock and it's....well it's no big deal. I promise you that I will make you cum like you have never cum before."

Ann broke her suction on his cock long enough to say, "Oh Mary you have never had it as good as Jack. I mean God he fills me like Phil never did. He's so good too and he lasts forever. You'll go wild fucking him."

Jack said, You won't regret it baby! Come! Come over and sit on the bed. Watch! Just watch us. Watch as Ann and I fuck. That's all just watch. Then if you want you can join us. You'll love it. Just think you and your best friend laying together on the bed letting me make love to both of you while you both make love to me and each other if you like. It would be so much fun!"

Mary stood there watching Jack's nude body with his big 10-inch cock pointing at her friend's face. He smiled and told Mary to come over and that Annie was just working him up with her mouth! Mary was about to turn and walk out when Ann called to her. She started telling her he knows Mary! I told him. Jack knows you wanted to see his cock and to see him fuck me. I told him Mary I told him everything. All the things we talked about. He's here Mary and so are you so why not join us."

She was still on her knees and holding Jack's cock in her hand. She said, "Just look at it Mary. Isn't it the biggest cock you have ever seen in your life?"

Mary was already looking at it! And, she was looking at her best friend acting like some weekend whore too. She shook her head when Ann told her to touch it, to fell it, to love it. Mary told her, "NO! For God sakes Annie get up off your knees you look like some $20 whore! Get up Annie!."

Ann stood up and walked to the bed. She smiled as she lay down on it and opened her legs. Mary saw her soaking wet pussy waiting with her anticipation! Ann said, "Come and sit next to me hold my hand and watch Mary. Watch Jack fuck me and I know you'll want some of it too. Come here Mary and sit down please."

Mary watched Jack's huge cock bobbing up and down as he walked to the bed. He knelt down and looked at Mary. She was looking at both of them as Jack centered his fat purple cock head at Ann's opening. Ann lifted her legs bending them at the knees. She looked at Mary and said, "Watch Mary. Watch him fuck me. Come closer to the bed and see his cock go deeper in me than any man has ever gone. Watch it Mary, I know you want to! Watch and join us."

Jack pushed and Mary watched as Ann's pussy opened so wide that it was obscene, like it wasn't real! The she saw the head disappear into Ann. Ann moaned and lifted up allowing Jack to enter her more. He pushed and pushed and Mary watched the big cock disappear. Mary didn't know where a cock that size was going I a woman as small as Annie. Ann was stretched a lot more now after being with Jack so often.

Mary wondered how a normal cock would feel inside Ann now. She wondered if Ann would even feel it. Ann moaned again and now Jack was fully inside her body. Ann lifted her legs higher and Jack held them as he began to fuck her. Moving slowly at first Jack moved his cock in and out of Ann's vagina tunnel. Mary saw 7 or 8 inches move in and then out of her friend's pussy. Each time it went in she heard Ann moan, Oh yes! Oh God fuck me Jack!"

He looked at Mary and said, "Come on Mary join us. Come sit on the bed and see it up closer Join us baby! I know you want to. I bet you're so wet right now. Come over here and I'll take care of you too."

As Mary stood at the door to the hotel room she watched Ann being fucked by someone who should have been a porno star. Jack had the biggest cock she had ever seen. And he was right Mary was wet, very wet, but what woman wouldn't be? She said to herself, "There was a difference in being emotionally worked up and liking what you see, and doing something about it. There's a difference from being a married woman and being a slut like she realized Ann was as she lay there letting Jack fuck her relentlessly now. Pumping her full of his big cock Jack said, "Well if you're afraid Mary don't be I can be as gentle as you like or as hard. It's your choice baby whatever you like old Jack can deliver!! Mary said, "Well then I think I'll just get the fuck out of here.

She stood there listening to both of them asking her to join them again on the bed. They almost begged her to join them. She listen to Jack tell her how good he would fuck her and she listened to Ann tell her how good it felt being fucked. And with that, Mary turned and put her hand on the door.

As she began to open the door, she heard Jack yell, "Wait! Wait a second Mary."

She kept the door open and turned her head to see Jack walking towards her. God his cock looked even larger as it was all wet from Ann's pussy and her cum. He got to within five feet of her and the door opened further.

Bud and Phil stood there. Jack looked from one to the other and then stopped. Mary saw Jack stop and look over her shoulder. She turned and saw her husband and Ann's husband standing there. She said, "Bud!! Phil!! What...what are you......."

She stopped talking when she saw the look on her husband's face. She became shocked and took a step back. She finished her question but in a much lower and much meeker voice, "What are you doing here?"

Bud pushed past Mary and into the room. Phil followed and Ann screamed when she saw him! Bud stood there looking at a naked Jack. His cock was still hard and wet and bobbing up and down. Then Bud said, "The better question is what are you doing here Mary and why is this asshole standing there with his cock in his hand?"

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