The Bitch Mother!

byL.A. Wicker©

"Oh mom, mom!" he moaned and felt hot cum shooting up his shaft. "I'm cumming in you...I'm cumming in!" Dave yelled, as he squirted deep into her willing cunt, as he drove in ever deeper.

Sofia hugged him and gave him a deep kiss. "Cum in me, cum in my...mommy cunt! Fill me baby! Fill mommy's pussy!" she screamed, when she felt his hot cum hit the back of her pussy, splashing against the walls and sending her into a state of bliss. Her head was spinning, her heart pounded, and her body was on fire.

"Wow, that was good!" Dave smiled down to his mom and lightly kissed her lips. "I love you and I always will," he whispered and kissed her again.

"I love you so much, my handsome son and wonderful lover!" she replied as they kissed.


Ronda got home and found a nice surprise waiting for her. Two dozen red roses and a pretty card. "Oh my, how beautiful!" she gasped and quickly took them inside. "I wonder who they're from?" Ronda said, as she opened the card and her heart jumped with joy. "Oh, how sweet!" Ronda said, feeling tears form in her eyes, as she carefully wiped them.

'Mom, I'm very sorry about Friday and I'll be home stay! Love you always, Alex.'

"I'm so glad, and I'll be a lot nicer to you, baby." She said with a sniff, and then Sofia's words filled her mind. 'Give him a reason to come back home and suck his god damn brains out!' she thought, causing her pussy to ignite. 'I'm not sure if I could do that or not, but I'm going to be soooo nice to him, and I'll never hit him ever again!' she thought, as she went to find a big vase for the beautiful roses.


Sunday came and Ronda couldn't wait to see Alex. "I hope he gets here soon!" she said, pacing the floor, and then walking into the bathroom to check her make-up. "I love this blue eye shadow, it really makes my eyes stand out," she said, as she made sure her powder-blue, tight-fitting sweater was straight. "It sure does show a lot of my breasts and my bra is doing nothing to hide my damn nipples! I hope he doesn't think I'm a slut for wearing it" she said, as looked down to the very short, blue skirt that covered her hips. "Wow, I haven't worn this in years and I'm surprised it still fits me!" she said, looking at how far it went up her long legs and how tight it was. "Wow, I feel like a slut!" she giggled, as Sofia's words kept filling her mind over and over again.

'You should give that boy a fuckin' reason to come back home with you! Suck his god damn cock, until his brains fall out, and then, ride him until your fuckin' cunt is bleeding! Show him how much his momma loves and needs him!' Ronda thought, and then she heard his car. "Oh boy, I'm so nervous!" Ronda said, and quickly made her way to the front door.

Alex was excited and hoped that mom liked the flowers. He knew it was wrong, but she was a great looking lady, and if things went well, he wouldn't mind slipping his cock up her cunt for a few hours and giving her a good fuck. He opened the door, stepped inside and couldn't believe what he saw. "Holy crap mom, you look...great! Are you going out on a date or something?" he asked, watching her face, he was shocked. Mom was blushing and as he looked her over, he saw that her nipples were hard and trying to rip through her sweater.

Her heart jumped and his words made her warm inside. "No, I just thought I'd dress up for you and if you want...I thought that we'd go out to dinner and get to know each other better. As adults, not mother and son" Ronda said, as she watched his young eyes exploring every inch of her mature body, focusing on her excited nipples, making them tingle.

Alex heard mom and wondered what was going on. "Sure mom, that sounds cool and it would be nice to know you as a...woman and not just my mom," he smiled and walked towards her, feeling the blood racing to his cock, it was growing hard for his mom.

"I'm so sorry for the other night and it will never happen again!" Ronda said, as tears flooded her eyes and he grabbed her in his strong arms.

He hugged her tight, enjoying her warm body against his, as his cock pressed into her soft thigh. "Don't cry mom, I'm sorry for using your panties." Alex could feel her relaxing and was surprised she hadn't felt his cock.

"Well, I'm not sure what to say about that, but," she giggled and his cock was hard, pressing to her body and he kept growing. "I hope you enjoyed using them," she purred, as her knees weakened. He flexed against her and Ronda had never felt anything so wonderful in her life.

Alex laughed and leaned back to look into her eyes. "Yes I did and they helped a lot!" he replied with a wink as her face turned bright red. "Let's have a drink and sit for awhile. I'm enjoying the 'new' you and I'm not sure if I want to share you yet!" Alex smiled and they walked arm in arm to the family room. "What would you like to drink, mom?" he asked, watching her sit on one of the bar stools and her skirt eased half way up her legs, showing her black stockings and toned thighs.

Ronda enjoyed him looking at her this way, even though she knew it was so wrong, it made her feel wanted again and it felt soooo good. 'Grow up Ronda and just let go!' she thought about her crazy friend and all she said yesterday. 'I know he truly loves me and that will never change.'

"How about a Gin and Tonic!" she said, enjoying this young stud checking her out, her pussy was dripping now. "How is your father and his new plaything?" she asked, not really giving a damn how he was. He broke her heart and left her a lonely mess.

"They're ok I guess." Alex replied and started making her drink. "He said to tell you hello and that he was selling his place in the Bahamas, and that he was going to give you half the money. He was in a very good mood I guess!" he laughed, and made sure to fix her drink strong.

"Wow, that place is worth a few million, maybe we could go on a trip someplace and have some fun! Where would you like to go, pick anywhere!"

Alex thought for a few seconds and remembered seeing a nice place in Costa Rica that was a romantic getaway and it may help with his plans with mom. "I saw a cool place on the Travel Channel that's in Costa Rica, that looked awesome and it's very private!" he said, handing her the drink and he sat next to her.

"Oh really? I hate going somewhere that's loaded with tourists and a bunch of screaming kids running around all over!" she laughed, took a sip of her drink and started coughing. "Holy hell, are you trying to get me loaded, young man?" she teased, gave him a lingering smile and took another sip.

"I might be, you never know!" he smiled, held up his glass and she did as well. "Here's to my new and very sexy looking mom!" Alex said, as they lightly tapped their glasses together and drank.

"Well thank you, it feels good to be new and sexy again!"

"If we go on a trip, your church will have a shit-fit and nag you to death!" Alex said, and she just shrugged her shoulders.

"So, they can live without my money for a few weeks and if they start bugging me...they can go straight to hell! I had lunch with Sofia yesterday and we had a very good talk about a lot of things."

"Oh really? How are they doing?" Alex asked and took another big chance. He pulled out his cigarettes and lit one.

She saw him and didn't want to ruin the mood. "I wish you wouldn't do that in the house, next time, can you go outside, please!" she smiled and went on. "They're good and were headed off to Mexico for the weekend."

"We need to be like them mom and start having some fun!"

Ronda had an idea and wanted to try something. "Do you think it's odd the way they go places and how close they seem to be or is it just me?" she asked, as she took another drink, wondering what Alex had to say about them and if he thought anything was odd.

"They are kinda you think they fool around with each other or what?" he laughed and loved seeing mom's face turn red.

"Alex, you shouldn't insinuate something like that!" she laughed, and it seemed he didn't mind.

"Well, they are close mom and I saw them kissing one time, after school and it didn't look normal!"

"Do you think they are?"

"I don't know, she is pretty as hell, but you have her beat hands down mom!" he smiled, and gave her a wink.

"Awe, thank you baby." She smiled and reached to hold his right hand. "But, do you think they're making out or not?"

Alex thought and wondered why she was asking him this. "I don't know, why are you asking me, she's your friend, you should just ask her!"

"Oh, I couldn't do that, I was just wondering is all. He is good looking, but you look better and your exercising has really made you look very good!"

"Thank you mom, I wasn't sure if you noticed or not," he said, reaching up and caressing the side of her pretty face. "I think when you dress this way, you make her look like shit, and I'm not joking either!"

She heard him and wanted to cry. "Wow, you are the sweet talker tonight, and thank you, I like it when you tell me that I look good!" she smiled, and took a drink. "I noticed, but I felt odd telling my son he looked 'hot' as you call it!"

"Good, because as the man of this house it's my duty to make sure you stay happy and to spoil you!"

"Oh really, and when did this come about?" she asked with a laugh, Alex was turning her on!

Alex felt his cock growing and this was getting interesting as hell. "Dad just dumped you and it had a bad effect on you. I saw it, but until today, you were a mean ass and I never knew what to do for you," he said, and mom just nodded her head in agreement with him.

"I know and I feel so bad. You are all I have left and I'm going to make it up to you, I swear!" Ronda said, feeling her nipples throbbing and her pussy was getting so wet. She leaned forward and lightly kissed her son on his lips. "Ok?" she whispered, and he returned her kiss.

Alex loved mom's lips on his and returned the favor. He kissed her and his cock jumped. "I love you and I'm glad we're talking like this. I missed not talking and hanging out with you" he said, while caressing the side of her face and kissed her again.

"Mmmm, are you trying to spoil me or um...something, but..." Ronda said, feeling her pussy tingling and starting to burn now. "I like it, I like it a lot!" she whispered, leaned back on the barstool and took another drink, hoping this wouldn't get out of control and ruin their lives.

Alex loved this and his cock was throbbing now. "You deserve it mom and what do you mean by...something?" he teased, puffed his cigarette and saw mom's nipples were hard as rocks.

She smiled and looked into his dark, bedroom eyes and her pussy was dripping. "You seem very flirty today and it's nice. I haven't been 'flirted with' in a very long time, and a lady needs to know that she's...needed and wanted sometimes." Ronda said with a little smile, as something caught her eye. Alex was very hard and it was for her.

"Mom, I can flirt with the best of them and if you're up for it...I'll go all out and charm the crap out of you!"

"Oh really now and what would that include?" Ronda asked, feeling her pussy tingling and her nipples throbbing.

Alex thought about it and had an idea. "What if I take you out to a romantic dinner and some dancing, but not as my mother, we'll make it a 'real' date. Think you could handle that or not?" he asked, and loved the look on her pretty, mature face.

"Wow, a real date huh? I think I could do that, having a handsome guy like you as my escort!" Ronda smiled and her panties were drenched now with her pussy juice.

"Good, I'll get dressed and we'll be off!"

"Baby, I don't know if I can wear this outfit in public, I um... wore it just for you and...I'm not sure about it." Ronda said, hoping he didn't want her to wear it, and he would tell her to change it.

"Hell no, mom! You look hot as hell and other than fixing your makeup, don't you dare change anything!"

She laughed, he sounded so much like Tom, he was really turning her on and this was getting crazy, but Ronda loved it and needed more. "Yes sir, will there be anything else?" she asked, wondering what else this handsome, young man had planned, as she couldn't wait to find out.

"Well let me think, you could wear one of the outfits, you used to wear when you and dad went out." Alex replied, remembering how hot and sexy mom always looked in one of her sassy, little outfits.

She heard Alex and her heart jumped. "Oh really and was there any particular one you liked?" Ronda asked, feeling her face flush as her nipples grew harder.

He thought and remembered one. "How about that white, silk blouse, the stretchy, black mini skirt and some sexy, black stockings! It looked a lot like this one, but it was tighter and it was a lot shorter too!" Alex smiled, reached over and ran his right hand over mom's stocking-covered leg and felt her jump.

She laughed and her entire body started tingling when he touched her leg. "He always called that my get lucky outfit and...I normally did!" Ronda said, knowing her face was red as fire, but didn't care.

"Hell, you never know mom, you just may get lucky tonight!" Alex said with a wink, caressing up her long, left leg, moving towards her thigh.

"Easy tiger, this is only our first date and try to remember I'm your mom!" she giggled at him and loved the feel of his hand on her leg, as he started caressing towards the top of her black stocking, it was sending shivers up her spine.

He laughed, leaned into mom and pressed his lips to hers. "I'll try, but it's going to be very, very hard, but I'll do my best." Alex said, as he stayed against her lips and they looked into each other's eyes.

Ronda kept her lips to his and kissed him. "I think I'm in trouble and this could turn out to be an interesting night!" she whispered and lightly kissed her son, hoping she could control herself and not end up in a situation like Sofia was in with her son.

Alex stood up, pulled mom into his arms and hugged her tight, knowing she'd feel his very stiff cock and hoped she liked it. "You never know, maybe we'll end like Sofia and Dave!" he smiled, kissed her again, then gave her a slap on her meaty ass and ran away.

"Ouch, you brat!" she laughed, and loved him slapping her ass. Tom always did that to turn her on and now Alex was doing the same thing to her lonely body.

'Oh my god, I wonder if he knows about them and wants us to be the same way.' She thought, enjoying the wonderful sensation of his hand giving her ass a good slap, as it went straight to her pussy. 'I hope I can control this!' she thought again, and quickly went to her room to change for their date.


It was dark; they were hugging and slowly moving to the soft beat of the music. "Thank you for doing this Alex, I'm glad I agreed to do it." Ronda smiled, looking in her son's gorgeous eyes as his stiff penis made her heart pound in her chest. He was so hard, pressed against her left thigh and so close to her aching pussy.

"I should thank you mom, and we WILL be doing this a lot more!" he replied, brushing a strand of mom's hair from her left eye as he leaned in towards her mouth. "Would it be ok if I kiss my very sexy date?" he asked, but didn't wait. Alex started kissing her and heard mom whimper. "Are you ok?" he asked, slipping his hands down her back and over each of mom's ass cheeks.

Ronda couldn't move or answer him, so she just kissed him in return. "Oh my, you are a wonderful kisser, but I'm sure you already know that, and why are your hands on my fat behind?" she asked, but was at the point that she didn't care any longer, because Ronda was falling for her son. She was so lonely and needed comforting from a man. But this man was her son!

"I've had a few women tell me that I kissed well, but until now, I never took it to heart and I'm glad you like it," he smiled, as his big hands lightly rubbed mom's ass and could feel her pushing into his cock. "As for touching your butt, I happen to like it and I didn't think you'd mind." Alex said, leaning into her as he kissed mom again. They nibbled on each other's lips as he kept fondling her meaty ass.

"Mmmm, you are a smooth one, and I bet you get lucky a lot." Ronda whispered between their light kissing and nibbling. Her pussy was dripping like crazy and her son's massive penis was only a few inches away from touching it. "Can I ask you something?"


"When you were um...using my panties," she stopped and kissed him a little more. "Who were you thinking about?" Ronda asked, as he squeezed her bottom harder, pulling her into his penis as it moved ever closer to her very needy pussy.

"Why would you want to know that?" he replied, and lightly kissed her.

"I just want to know."

"What would you say, if I said it was...YOU mom?" he whispered in her ear, and then kissed it and she moaned. His cock was so close to his mom's excited pussy now that he could feel the heat coming from it, as Alex shifted to his right. His stiff cock was right on her pussy and it was on fire. "Oh god, you are so freaking hot mom!" he moaned, squeezing his mom's ass, as she moaned too.

His big penis moved right onto her swollen cunt, and Ronda wanted to scream. He was so hard and she knew that it was all for her. His mother, the woman that gave him life. "Oh baby, I think this might be going a little...too far, and I really need to sit for a few!" she moaned again, enjoying his big, strong hands on her ass, with his monster penis rubbing right on her pussy, but Ronda needed to catch her breath and slow this down.

He kissed her again and tried to get his tongue in mom's mouth, but she refused to open up and let him kiss her as his lover. "Don't worry mom and just relax. I won't do anything else, unless you ask me to, and I mean it." Alex whispered, as he caressed and rubbed her beautiful ass one last time. He started working them up mom's back, as he eased away from her lower body.

Ronda felt his hands moving back up her body and Alex slowly pulled away from her. She quickly missed her son's warm embrace, but it was the right thing to do, because they needed to ease up a bit. They walked back to their table, Alex ordered more drinks and they sat down. "I'm sorry, but I think we might be going a little too far with this and that's about all I'm going to allow," she said, fumbling with a napkin. Ronda didn't know which way she should turn and it was killing her. Alex was her son and carried him in her body for nine long months. She breast fed him, and made sure that she raised a proper, young man, that he had manners.

Alex held her hands and smiled. "It's fine mom, things were getting a bit heated anyway and for that I'm sorry" he said, lifting her hands to his mouth, kissing them. His cock was pounding now for his mom's body, but this desire needed cooling down a little, because the last thing he wanted to do, was to piss her off and cause everything to come to an abrupt end. He hoped mom would want to dance again, but if she didn't, he had other ways of seducing a hot MILF like his mom, and he wouldn't hesitate to use any one of them on her.

The drinks showed up Alex and held up his glass to make a toast. "Here's to a wonderful dinner, some 'nice' dancing and to a VERY beautiful woman!" he smiled at her, as mom's eyes began to tear over.

As she listened to her son, she made the decision right then and there, that he was going to get his wish of making love to her, but not tonight. And Ronda hoped he wouldn't start up anything else, because she wasn't sure if she could still keep resisting him or not. "Awe, thank you sweet-heart, and I must say that you are a wonderful young man, and I thank you for being a true gentleman!" She clinked her glass against his, as she felt her juices pouring out of her body. 'I hope I can hold out at least one night!' she thought, as she put her drink down.

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