The Bitch Mother!

byL.A. Wicker©

"Anything for you mom, and as much as I'm desiring you at this very moment, I sure as hell don't want to piss you off after all we've done today!" Alex laughed and took of big drink of his beer.

She laughed at him and looked at her watch. "It's after one baby, so after this drink; we should call it a night and head home. What do you think?" she asked, knowing full well that he definitely wanted to stay, but Ronda was through for the night, and had to gather her thoughts from everything that had transpired so far.

"Sure mom, it's definitely been quite a day to remember, and I hate to see it end, but anything you want mom, I shall give to you, so we'll leave after we finish these drinks." Alex replied, figuring he'd give her one last try at home and hope for the best.

"Thank you baby," she purred, and sipped her drink.


"Well, I'm bushed, so I'm heading to my room baby. Would you like to escort me young man?" Ronda asked, as she saw the big look of disappointment quickly covering his face.

As Alex listened to his mom, he felt like he wanted to cry. He had planned on one more try and this was ruining everything. "Have a night cap with me mom, please!" he begged, but mom shook her head no and pulled him towards the steps. "Please!" Alex begged again, but she pulled him up the stairs and mom stopped at his door.

"Baby I can't tonight, I'm so sorry, but I promise that we're going to do this again real soon" she smiled, as she pulled him against her body. Ronda needed him to hold her one last time. She leaned into his mouth, and softly kissed him, as Alex wrapped his arms around her. "I'm free tomorrow night, so if you're not busy...maybe we could go out again and find something to do?" Ronda purred again, as she felt his hardness pressing into her thigh.

He made sure his hard cock was blatantly pressing onto her thigh, close to her mommy cunt. "Oh really now? Well it just so happens...I'm free myself. What would you like to do, and will it be a day-time date or a night-time date?" he asked, as he hoped to take his mom dancing again.

She thought, and figured what the hell, so Ronda said, "How about both! There's a Carnival in town and I think we'd have a blast!"

"But we won't be able to do anything, and YOU know why!." Alex said, as he watched his mom smile.

She knew why as well, and shook her head. "I know baby, people from my church and from around town will be all over the carnival, but I don't care, it's not like we're going to be making out in public or anything!" Ronda said with a laugh. The urge was simply too great, and she just HAD to kiss her baby boy again. "You are a wonderful young man and I'm sorry for ending our date so soon, but I do have a little surprise for you, and..." she whispered. In that split second delay, Ronda reached under her short skirt and slipped off her soaking wet panties. "Good night, baby, I hope you enjoy them," she said, as she smiled while handing him her dripping panties.

He took her delicate, soaked, warm panties, and smiled at her, as he gave mom a soft kiss in return. "Well, thank you mom, I'm definitely going to enjoy these very much. Hell, I'm so excited, maybe I'll even forget to close my door!" he replied, reaching down to caress his mom's ass, pulling her tighter against his body.

Her heart was pounding like a drum, as Ronda thought of seeing him masturbating again. But this time, just for her! "Oh really now? And why would you do something like that?" she teased, feeling him flex his huge cock against her thigh. It was so very close to her pussy now, that he could actually feel the heat emanating from it!

"Well there might be this sexy lady that I know, who might be coming by, and she may enjoy seeing him again. She saw him only just yesterday, and their lives have been turned upside down in just one day because of it."

She listened to him and smiled. "Well, aren't you the bold one! And what if she doesn't want to see him doing that again?" Ronda teased; just thinking of seeing his big penis again, had her nipples growing as hard as little pebbles. "Let me go for now and um..." she paused to kiss him and smiled. "When I'm done with my shower...I'll come and give you a goodnight kiss," Ronda said, looking deep into his eyes. Her mind was reeling now at the thoughts of seeing his gorgeous cock again. Her thoughts ran so rampantly through her mind that she couldn't wait to get back to his room. She loved seeing his huge cock, and this time, he could freely enjoy himself without fear of getting slapped in the face!

"Oh really now? Well I wonder if I should hurry and finish, or...take my time and go slow." Alex said in an asking manner, as he looked deeply into his mom's sparkling eyes.

"There's no need to rush things," she said. "It's always better if you take your time,, make sure you really enjoy yourself" she purred, as she kissed him again and then backed away.

"Well, we'll waiting for you, mom." Alex whispered, then kissed her, and took off towards his room. 'My God he thought, I'm going to jack off for my mom! How cool is that shit!' he laughed to himself, as he hurried into the shower.

It was about thirty minutes before mom returned, and Alex's huge cock was throbbing in anticipation of moms return. She slowly walked into his room and her mouth fell open in awe! He was on his bed, sitting on the side of it, his big cock was hard as a rock, and her panties were wrapped tightly around his shaft, being used to his hearts delight. "Alex Jennings, what have I told you about, um...doing this and not closing your door?" Ronda said with a soft voice, as she walked closer to him, as a big smile covered her very red and flushed face.

He had her panties around his cock-shaft as he looked right into her sexy eyes. "I'm! I was having soooo much fun with these..." Alex moaned, as he gave her a seductive smile. He so loved the tiny robe she now was wearing after her shower. It was red silk and nearly completely transparent. "that I forgot to close it! Oh mom, you look so hot!" he said, his lust for her brimming to overflowing, as he gazed at her huge, hard nipples peeking through the transparent material of the thin robe. He looked down between her legs, and his huge cock lurched as he took in the sexy picture of his mom's completely shaved, bald pussy.

She looked at his big cock, and thought to herself, that if she was going to watch this, she wanted to enjoy herself, and decided to sit and watch him from the chair by his desk. "I hate to interrupt you, so I hope you don't mind if I sit down and wait for you to finish? When you're done, then I can give you a goodnight kiss and be off to bed," she purred, sitting about six feet away from him. Ronda noticed that his cock-head was pointing right at her, and her black panties were wrapped tightly around his thick shaft, as the big swollen head was free and in direct view of mom.

He kept stroking while looking at his beautiful mom. Her breasts were sloshing under the tiny robe and mom's ass wiggled just as nice. "Try to guess who...oh yeah, you are so fucking hot mom...I'm thinking about!" he grunted. His cock throbbed as he gazed at his moms long sexy legs.

As she listened to Alex, she so desperately wanted to finger herself. Just knowing that he was thinking of her, set Ronda's mind reeling again, and her desire for her own son, turned to a white hot fire between her legs. "I don't have a clue" she purred, and crossed her legs, hoping that it would help ease the burning desire in her pussy, keep her wants at bay, and away from him and that huge, gorgeous cock between his legs.

Alex laughed as he stroked his cock, as he spread his legs wide apart for his mom to get a better view of the action. "See what you do to," he whispered, as he heard the poor woman gasp, while he continued stroking harder and faster. "Guess who I'm thinking!" Alex moaned, as he pumped his cock with wild abandon, all the while keeping the head pointed right at his mom. He knew if he came, mom would get hit by two, maybe three squirts of his thick, boiling hot cum.

Ronda was ready to scream, as her entire body was sizzling for his cock to fuck her, or for herself to finger her now soaking wet cunt. "Me," she whispered, and Alex smiled and nodded.

"Yes mom, and I do ALL the time!"

"Why me? I am your mother or did you forget?" she teased, watching his hand roughly going up and down on his engorged cock.

"I know who you are mom and that's another reason why I do! You're so fuckin hot and sexy! Plus, I love flirting with a hot MILF like you anyhow, plus doing my best to get them, including you!"

As Ronda listened to her sons words, she had noticed that her juices were literally pouring from her pussy. The seat of his desk chair was completely covered and soaked through with her pussy nectar, and there was more coming. She loved seeing this whole erotic act play out, and if they did do it again, Ronda would join him and just let go with raw abandon. "I don't understand how you could want your mom in bed with you, and commit the act of incest so easily and without hesitation." Ronda said, as he moved faster and faster upon his cock. She knew that Alex was getting very close to cumming, and she couldn't wait for it to happen!

"I love you mom and I want to return all the love you've given me other the years." Alex moaned, as an idea popped into his head. "Mom, show me your long, sexy legs...please!" he begged with a low manly voice. He was surprised as he watched, as mom's robe slid up her long and sexy legs. "Very nice mom, I love looking at them...maybe someday soon, you'll let me touch them as we kiss." Alex said, looking into her pretty eyes. He was soooo ready to blow!

"Mmmm, that would be nice, but we'll just have to wait and see baby." Ronda smiled, as she slowly stood up and lifted the robe all the way to the bottoms of her blue panties. "Will this help sweet-heart or would you enjoy THIS more?" she asked with a giggle, and just dropped the robe to the floor.

Alex watched his mom, and he could not believe this was all happening, plus, his plan of seduction was succeeding way beyond any of his expectations. Her tiny robe dropped and mom was standing directly in front him, now wearing nothing but a tiny pair of blue panties and a sexy smile. Mom's breasts sagged a little, but her big, rubbery nipples still stood proud and were pointing right at him. Her tummy sagged, but not much, and it looked so fucking inviting. Alex couldn't wait to kiss it, as well as eat his mom's hot leaking cunt.

Mom's hips weren't overly wide, but just enough to give her that hot motherly look, and she knew very well, how to put the right amount of sway into them too. Mom stood with her legs spread about three feet wide as he looked down between them. Her cunt was swollen and bright pink, and it looked like a fucking waterfall was running between her legs. He smiled, watching her juices running down her thighs and pooling on his floor in an ever growing puddle.

"It looks as if you're enjoying this, mom. Are you?" he whispered, then stood up and took a step towards her. "Mom, I'm so close now!" he moaned with desire, and gave her a helpless look of need.

"Yes, I love watching you baby!" she moaned, and bit her lower lip. "Go on, baby! Shoot that nasty hot cum out for mommy, and I will give you a big sloppy kiss!"

As Alex listened to his mom, he took another step towards her. "Mom, kiss me now...please!" he moaned, while giving her that helpless look again, hoping to trigger her mommy instincts and have her help him. "Please mom!"

"Oh baby, I can't! I just can't!" she replied, feeling her body tingling from head to toe, knowing that her pussy was completely inflamed with desire for her baby boy!

"I need! I need you to kiss me!" Alex moaned, took another step, and his cock-head was now under his mom's hot dripping cunt. He grabbed her, hugged her, and started kissing his mom. Her juices bathed his entire cock, and his mom's tiny panties were flooded too the saturation point. He rubbed back and forth; teasing mom and she hugged him in return.

His giant cock slipped between her legs and Ronda just grabbed Alex and let go. "Yes, kiss me, kiss mommy! Kiss your mom, Alex!" she moaned into his mouth and they kissed. His cock kept moving, teasing her to the point of no stopping, as something strange, but very wonderful happened, that Ronda couldn't help but to scream. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming with my...son!" she screamed, as she hugged him tighter. Just then, Alex did something Ronda absolutely loved; he slapped her ass and she just kept cumming. Juices shot from between her legs as they completely covered his rubbing cock. Ronda's muscles locked and wished her son was deep inside her.

As Alex rubbed, mom's words drove him over the edge. "Oh mom, oh my god, yes, yes!" he cried out, as she started humping against him and squeezed his neck. His cum shot behind mom and all over the floor. Alex shot hard while they kissed, as he humped against moms wet, orgasming cunt. Both, now completely spent, they sat on his bed together. "Damn mom, I guess I'll have to let you catch me doing that again!" Alex said, as he softly kissed her, and then mom stood up.

She kissed him deeply, but had to get away. "It was very nice, but we'll have to wait and see." Ronda said, knowing she would be doing something with him next time, and she was going to enjoy it very much. "See you in the morning!" she whispered and rushed to her room and fell onto her bed. 'That was amazing!" she moaned, closed her eyes and thought of Alex being inside her body. 'I'm going to end up being just like Sofia!' she thought again with a smile, as she drifted off to sleep.

"My God, that was crazy; I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!" Alex moaned, and fell back onto his bed.


Ronda woke up the next morning and felt simply wonderful. She hadn't felt this good since one of her and Tom's wild sex nights. 'Oh my God, I'm soooo happy and it feels good to have a young, handsome man, such as Alex, wanting me. But just one tiny thing remains in the way,' she thought with a moan, and got up to go make coffee.

Alex strolled into the kitchen about a half hour later, saw mom at the stove and his rock-hard cock led the way to her. He slowly moved behind her, pushed his cock under her 'already' wet motherly cunt. "I saw you standing here, your beautiful ass wiggling in those pretty, red panties and just couldn't resist hugging you from behind. I hope you don't mind," he whispered in her ear, while humping his cock deep into her panties, teasing her swollen cunt lips and slowly moving his hands all over her stomach.

Ronda saw him coming into the kitchen and knew he was going give her a hug, but she never expected a stiff cock to attack her this early in the morning, going right for her pussy. "Oh God, isn't it a little...oh shit!" she cried out, as his hard cock-head bumped against her clit and it felt as if she'd been electrocuted. "Alex, come on now, let me...oh shit, Alex!" Ronda yelled, as he drove her very close to the edge of an orgasm. She felt powerless within his grasp! "Let me finish our breakfast and maybe afterwards...we can find something interesting to do. Please!" she said, as she turned back to look at him, she was greeted with a set of warm moist lips.

Alex held mom tight and he sensed she was close. Her body was trembling, her flesh was on fire and her juices were pouring from her cunt. It felt like poor mom was in heat and Alex couldn't wait to get his gorgeous mom on her back and fuck her to death. "I love you, pretty lady!" he quickly kissed her and squeezed both of her big breasts. "You look great today and I love your outfit. You should wear stuff like this all the time now. I can picture every bit of your beautiful body underneath your outfit, and it makes me soooo hard for you!" he moaned in mom's ear, as he gave one last push between her legs, and then Alex backed away.

She laughed and flipped over the bacon strips. "I can just see that, as well as how our morning could end up! So, you're still taking me to the carnival, right?" Ronda looked over, and Alex was sitting on one of the bar stools, with his penis aimed directly at her, and looked as if it was ready to blow. "You should take care of that wild thing, before we leave, and please try to keep him under control," she teased, hoping he got her hint.

Alex just smiled and hoped mom would join him. 'Wow, she wants to see me do it again, and if I can get as close as I can to her; If she really enjoys seeing me masturbate, then I want things in return, and if she won't, then I'm not doing it. "How'd you sleep last night? I slept like the dead!" he smiled. As he stared at her jiggling ass, his cock jumped, so he pulled it from his shorts. "Is this want you really want to see!" he smiled, flexed it, and then Alex saw mom suck in a deep breath of air.

"Mmmm, behave yourself Alex and put that handsome object back in your shorts right now! I told you, we'll find something to do after we have breakfast. I'm starving!" Ronda replied, cracking open two eggs and easing them into a waiting frying pan.

"I'm sorry mom, I'll try to behave!" he laughed, as his cock was pointing at her again, but his shorts kept it covered and kinda out of sight. "Yeah, if you want to go, why not, It might be fun! Hey, wait a minute! Do you still have those jeans you wore to go you? Please say yes!" he said, with hope, as he thought of the skin-tight jeans he once saw her wear. They were also cut very low on her hips and they showed a lot of her ass.

She laughed and couldn't believe him. "You are a master at remembering what your father made me wear, and I'm starting to be very impressed with you." she smiled, and flipped the eggs. "Yes, I still have them, and I'd be happy to wear them for you. What a silly boy you are!" Ronda smiled at him, as she slid the eggs onto his plate. "Let's eat, I'm starving to death!" she laughed, and they ate. But Ronda had other things on her mind at the moment, and it could be thought of, as being very, very nasty. It involved her son, her hands and his very hard cock. 'I'm going to call Sofia and tell her that I'm on my way to a life just like hers...and I'm loving it!' she thought, and just couldn't wait to tell her perverted friend the good news.


Alex was in the shower and Ronda wanted to tell Sofia about her evening with Alex. "Hello!" she heard Sofia gasp for air, it sounded as if she ran to answer the phone from outside.

"Hi, it's me, Ronda, why do you sound out of breath?" she asked with a laugh, and heard Dave in the background.

"We were fucking and when...I saw it was you, I made him stop." Sofia laughed, and took a breath in. "He has me face down on the sofa, my knees are on the floor and he was fucking my cunt like a dog!" she laughed, and motioned for him to go on. "Oh God, yes, fuck me, fuck me!" she cried out, as Dave's cock took her from behind, and then she remembered Ronda. "Oh I'm sorry, I'm listening Ronda, and I can get my son's cock at the same time," she moaned into the phone, and could hear that Ronda's breathing had increased too.

Ronda couldn't help but listen to Sofia, and it was really turning her on. "You are soooo nasty and evil!" she laughed, and went on. "He took me out to dinner, we danced and we danced really close, but nothing happened, until we got home, and it was soooo amazing too!" Ronda moaned, she could actually hear Sofia's pussy juices, as her son used her.

"Oh fuck mommy, Dave, yes, yes fuck mommy!" Sofia cried out, and heard Ronda moan. "What...happened at...home? Oh God, Dave, slow down, I want to hear Ronda!"

"He was soooo big and hard. He wanted to go farther than I did, but then I had a wonderful idea! I slid my panties off my hips and gave them to him! And after I took my shower...I watched him masturbate with them!" she moaned into the phone and heard Sofia laugh.

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