The Bitch Mother!

byL.A. Wicker©

He smiled, as he had never been with a woman like mom. "You took it all! Nobody else...can!" he moaned, as he gently eased out and quickly pushed back into mom. "You like it all, mom? Hum? Tell me, mom!" he teased in her ear and leaned in to kiss her on the mouth.

"Yes, I love it! I love my son fucking me! You're the biggest and I've ever had," she moaned, as he eased out and rammed back into her cunt. "You're dad got old and couldn't handle me, but now...I got me a young, handsome stud and you'll fuck your momma a lot, won't you?" she moaned, as his pace got faster, as he was ramming it to her. "Oh baby, yessssss...fuck that pussy! Fuck momma's nasty, horny cunt! Fuck your...oh my God...mommy!" Ronda screamed as loud as she could, and it felt as if her body had just caught on fire. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming on you! I'm cumming on my...son!" she screamed again, as her pussy locked on him and neither of them could move. "Oh fuck, oh fuck!" Ronda yelled, as her blood raced through her body and the room was spinning.

"He felt mom cunt contract and quiver, and Alex couldn't hold it in. "Oh mom! Yeah, oh mom! I'm...cumming!" he said with joy, as he kissed her deep. "I guess this means we're lovers now," he said, kissing her more and humping into her hips, shooting his seed into her womb. "I love you, I love you soooo much!" Alex grunted, and kept pushing to her.

He filled her so full, that Ronda was in heaven. "You bet your ass we are, and this is going to be very...different!" she laughed, and could feel his warm cum in her cunt. 'I wonder if I can still get pregnant or not! I'm only forty and I better get checked out by a doctor soon!' Ronda thought with a laugh, but didn't even care right now.

"We should tell Sofia and Dave about us. Maybe we can hang out and do things together. We have something very... extraordinary in common now!" he said, and eased off of mom.

Ronda smiled and knew she'd tell Sofia the good news. "I'll call her tomorrow, maybe we can find out where they are going in Mexico and join them? Sound good or no?" she asked, wanting to get away. She and Alex were going to act just like newlyweds and have a blast. "If not, we can just board a ship, plane or anything and get the fuck out of here!" she laughed, as she gave him a kiss.

"I like that idea! Let's go west and see the Pacific!" he said with a smile, as he noticed something. "Are you up for another good fuck?"

Ronda looked over, pulled him to the side of her bed and climbed on him again. She had one foot on the floor and the other up by his hip. "I'm always up for my son to!" she laughed, and started grinding on him. Her big breasts hung in his face and Alex started sucking her right nipple. "I love!" she growled, shoving down and enjoying his cock-head bumping into her cervix. "Oh fuck, yes, yes! Shove up when I push down!" Ronda cried as Alex pushed up and his cock went deeper than before.

He moved with her and kept ramming his cock up her cunt. "What the fuck are you trying Oh fuck, mom that feels soooo good, keep doing it, please! Oh mom, mom!" Alex moaned, he soooo loved this. Fuck any other girl, not a chance in hell! Mom was right, he would never leave her side!

"What a wonderful life!" he said with a grin, and started making out with his sexy mom.

Ronda and Dave flew to Hawaii on a private charter plane, and have never been seen again...

The End.

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by Anonymous

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by RontheSwanson04/09/18

Should make chapter two

Make new chapter where Alex finds his mom and Dave and gets revenge and dominates mom.

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by Johnny043207/27/17

Too Bad

Mommy dumped alex and went to dave...

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