tagGroup SexThe Bitch, My Wife's Best Friend

The Bitch, My Wife's Best Friend


She was my wife's best friend, and my biggest nightmare. Don't get me wrong I don't think you and your spouse should share all the same likes and dislikes, but this girl could make the Pope cuss. She was condescending on a good day and downright venomous on a bad day.

What makes matters worse is that Heather was a real looker. She had a body that turned heads anywhere she went. Long dark brown hair and olive skin accented by hauntingly green eyes. I would guess she was a C cup with a size 4 waist. Heather always wore things a bit on the tight side and low cut. She knew she was hot and used it to get what she wanted every chance she had.

Heather had many boyfriends, not to say she was easy, it's just none stayed around too long. Seems her personality ended most of them early. However it made her a great success in her corporate world. Heather climbed to the top with a viciousness that only a corporate raider could envy. Sure she had no other real friends besides Susan, but she could buy them if needed to attend a party or a corporate event.

I try to get along with everyone and usually have no problems. However Heather was a different story. When I met my wife, Heather took a disliking to me that often threatened to tear us apart. I first wondered if Heather was gay or bi and was jealous of our relationship. I asked my wife, who at the time was just my girlfriend and all I got was: You wish and the sofa for a week. We have been together for 3 years now and I have learned to just ignore her or hide. I know not very manly, but I love my wife and refuse to give her up or loose her over Heather.

Heather was a first class bitch. She would walk in unannounced and without knocking as spread her venom as she made her way across the house. Her favorite was to belittle me in front of others. Every thing my wife told her was fair game. I don't mind the fact she confided in another when we were having difficulties, but Heather never kept the confidence and always created drama with each tidbit. This also strained the relationship between her and my wife.

Even when my wife was away I was not safe. I locked all the doors and prepared to enjoy a late Friday night of movies and a day of fishing on Saturday. Sure I had some honey do's but I could still fish and get most of them done. Besides nothing was going to fall off or break down if the list wasn't completed. Sometime during the Clint Eastwood marathon I was enjoying I fell asleep.

Well look at the bum, all passed out on the couch and still not doing a dam thing around the house to help Susan.

Shit she is even in my dreams or nightmares, I thought. However I came out of my nacho and beer induced slumber to find Heather perched beside me. Today she was wearing a tennis skirt and a tank top. Flinging open the blinds as she berated me along her journey. If I had a gun handy I would have killed her and told the police I thought it was an intruder. Hell anyone who was unfortunate enough to have known her would understand.

What the fuck are you doing in my home, don't you understand the simple principal of a fucking locked door!!!

Foul mouthed and a slob; really I don't see what Susan sees in you. She could have done so much better.

Yeah I think the same about you each time you slither out from under a rock. Why the hell are you here anyway? Susan's gone and I am sure there is some unlucky bastard you could be sucking the life out of.

For your information, Susan gave me a key and told me I could make my self at home anytime. So show some courtesy and stop acting like the total ass you are.

Now I was pissed at two people. What had ever inspired Susan to give the she-devil a key was beyond me. I made a mental note to change the locks and let Susan know how disappointed I was.

Well dumb ass, are you just going to lay there. Get your fat ass up and mow the yard, then perhaps you could fix the back gate if you're not to mentally challenged.

Get the fuck out now you insipid bitch. No wonder your not married, fuck even the devil would freeze his cock off in your icebox of a cunt.

I could have any man I want and I have never had a complaint in the bedroom. Hell your best friend Mark enjoyed it enough.

Yeah he said you were a good fuck just frigid everywhere else. Oh Yeah he is married now and has a great family. Hmmm and your still single and alone. In fact all of your ex boyfriends are married and happy. None ever call you even just to say hello. Must be some wild pussy you got there.

You fucking bastard, Heather shrieked as she lunged at me and slapped me hard across the face.

I stood there in shock for moment as the sting turned into a warm sensation. Then she slapped me again and again. Something snapped inside of me.

I grabbed her and dragged her back the dinning room. She was screaming now, but the house was built with 8" thick walls and we had ten acres, so I knew no one could hear her.

What the fuck are you doing? Let me go your prick, Susan will leave you for sure now. Wait till she finds out you attacked me.

Attacked you, you stupid bitch I am just going to give you what your daddy should have years ago.

Puzzlement came over her face as I pulled out a dining chair and sat down pulling her across my lap. She fought like hell, but lacked the leverage to get free. The first hand across her ass ended any more resistance. Even my hand stung from the strike.

Owwwwww, she wailed your going to go to prison for this. I hope you're sodomized each day. Hell I will pay for that myself, you fucking bastard.

Such a foul mouth and bad manners, I replied as a second and then a third swat landed. Hell if I was going to be arrested, go to jail, and loose the love of my life, I might as well make it good. Lifting up her skirt I could see the read outline of my hand accented by her emerald green thong. I continued to spank her as she wailed, begging for mercy.

Time seemed to stop and I found myself sitting there with her in my lap crying. I looked down and saw her cherry red ass. Disgusted with myself I pushed her off onto the floor and walked out the back door. Oddly enough to the shed, getting my mower and started mowing.

What a fine fucking way to end it. I did just what she asked, and I will probably be someone's bitch by the evening news. Oh well, I thought as I engaged the blades and began to outline our property. The sun was hot and with little breeze the day was stifling. I was nearly done and there were still no sirens or men in uniform. I finished and washed down the mower. I remembered the gate and even fixed it, before returning to the house.

Entering the house, I went to the kitchen and poured myself a big glass of ice tea. Turning I saw Heather, she looked like hell. Hey eyes were all puffy and he mascara gave her the appearance of a raccoon. Her hair was a mess. She just stood there staring at me. I thought to myself this is it, she is going to just kill you and tell the police you attacked her and she killed you in self defense.

I put my glass down and walked past her saying not a word and headed for the master bath. If I was going to die, at least I wanted to be clean, and somewhere the blood wouldn't be hard to clean up.

The shower felt good and the hot water seemed to erase the tension. Then a hand stroked my back and I nearly jumped out of my skin. Turning I saw Heather, buck naked and in the shower with me.

Are you out of your fucking, ever-loving mind? What the hell do you think you're doing? She never said a word as she stepped forward and kissed me. Not a nice kiss your aunt kind of kiss or even scar face kiss of death kiss, but a passionate kiss. I stood there dumfounded. Then she dropped to her knees and took my flaccid cock into her mouth and began working it like a pro.

What the hell has gotten into you, get away from me, I shouted pushing her back. Don't get me wrong the head was unbelievable, but not worth my marriage. She moved forward again reaching for my now hard cock. Damn, what the hell is it with a dick; they really don't care if it's wrong, just as long as they are getting pleasure. Her hand grabbed it and tried to pull me back to her awaiting mouth.

I pushed her away again and jumped out of the shower grabbing a towel and headed for my closet to put as much clothing on as I could. Maybe I was dreaming and this was some kind of sick dream. Looking in the dresser mirror told me it was no dream as a tiny scratches form Heathers fury of slaps told me it was no dream.

Please, don't leave. I'm sorry and I deserved every blow you gave me. I have treated you like dirt and you have taken it for years. I have tried everything I could think of to get rid of you and have Susan all to myself. You see we were lovers in college, well until she met you. Sure we still have fun every now and then, but she loves you and not me.

I fell onto the bed, staring in disbelief, trying to make sense of her confession. It was a lie, yeah that's it, and she is trying a new tactic to get rid of me or embarrass me once again in front of my wife. Then things really got odd as she picked up the phone and asked for my wife.

Hi, Susan, it's me, Heather; I wanted to let you know you have the best husband in the world. He has put up with my shit for years now and today he finally had enough. Today he gave me a whipping that I will never forget. No, its ok, I deserved it. I still love you, and yes I told him about us, and wanted you back. His spanking jarred that idea out of my head. He is not only a good man but also faithful. I tried to suck his cock, but he pushed me away and left me feeling like an ass and a fool. I am sorry for this and I am leaving. I can't hurt either of you anymore. Thanks for being such a friend to me; sorry I wasn't a better one to you. With that she handed me the phone and walked away.

Hello was all I could say. We talked and cried for a bit. I told her the entire story. She started to explain about her and Heather, but I stopped her. I told her it didn't matter to me. I loved her and that was all that mattered. I hung up as she said she was coming home.

The house was empty and I still wanted to get clean. Not just the grime from yard work, but the odd feeling that Heather had left. Its not that I hadn't thought of her sexually, but her personality had long ended those thoughts. Now I had not only thoughts but memories. Damn she could suck a cock.

The water was hot and I scrubbed till my skin was reddened. I grabbed a fresh towel and dried myself before getting dressed. The whole thing was surreal. My wife was bi and still making love to her best friend and her best friend has tried to suck my cock. Well at least things couldn't get any weirder.

Susan came in the door with a worried look on her face. Heather came in shortly there after. Ok, I thought so things are getting weirder.

Honey, I am sorry for cheating on you, but I love both of you and for so long Heather and you hated each other. I know that I promised to be faithful, but when I am with Heather she touches me in a way you can't, but you do the same. I love you both and don't know what to do.

Hell I don't care at this point. Have her and me, but don't expect an apology for the whipping I gave her and the blowjob thing had nothing to do with me either. I would just like to forget the whole thing. You can see her as much as you want and I will be here when you return. I love you and she isn't worth loosing you.

She looked at Heather and asked her what she thought about this.

I think he has been through hell by my doing and the fact that he is taking this all in stride is beyond belief. I have been a super bitch to him from the beginning. When he whipped me I was pissed, but then realized I deserved it. I was being a brat and with each swat I realized how wrong I was. I saw clearly for the first time why you loved him so much. He is fair, loving, kind, gentle, and would give everything up for you. I felt my hatred for him turn to love and I wanted to show him how sorry I was for all the things I did to him. When he pushed me away I knew how much he loved you and how much I had hurt him. Susan I am sorry for all that I have done to both of you.

Susan was in tears and so was Heather. The hugged and then waved for me to join them. We all stood there holding each other. Susan looked up at me and mouthed I love you and I replied me too. The she stepped back leaving Heather and I together.

I want you two to finish what was started. Heather I want you to suck my mans cock. I know you are good at it because you have always made me scream when you eat my pussy. My jaw dropped as Heather sunk to he knees and began undoing my pants.

Susan smiled as she moved to sit in my recliner enjoying the show. My cock was hard as granite as Heather swirled her tongue around the head. She pushed me on the table and pulled my clothing free as she took my cock deep. Now Susan gives great head but has never deep throated me and Heather took it all and then some. I felt her swallowing me and then licking and nibbling up and down my shaft. She licked my balls as her hand stroked my cock. I looked over to find Susan with her hands down her shorts.

Suck that cock good Heather; I want him to cum inside your mouth. You must repay every naughty thing you have done. Grab her head and fuck her mouth baby, take out all your frustration on her sweet mouth. Shoot your hot load down her throat and make sure she doesn't waste a drop.

Now getting a blowjob is always good but having your wife watch you get one from her best friend and giving you encouragement is even better. I could feel my balls swelling and knew it would not be long. Susan could tell to and told Heather to get ready. I arched my back pulling her face to me as I exploded. I heard Susan let go soon after and could see her bucking on her hand as she attacked her clit. Heather never lost a drop and milked ever last drop out of my cock releasing it with a tender kiss to the very tip.

Mmmm, he tastes good straight from the tap, I love his spunk in your pussy, but this is soooo good. She smiled up at me licking her lips and rising to her feet. A tender kiss met my lips and soon her tongue was exploring my mouth. I love the taste of me on a woman's lips and I guess Susan had told Heather this too.

Now baby I want you to eat her pussy, but you can't let her cum. Do you understand, no matter what you can't let Heather cum. I want her to beg for it like the naught slut she it. Sucking her best friends husband's cock, what a slut she it.

I love to eat pussy and the memory of Heathers shaven mound beckoned me back. I pushed her onto the table and took a chair so I could place her legs over my shoulders and have full access to her silky smooth pussy. He clit was swollen and very large. I kissed her sensitive inner thighs as Susan sat on the edge to better enjoy the festivities.

Teasing Heather was so much fun. I would run my tongue almost to her clit and then turn away moving deep into her slit. She was writing and pulling on her nipples. Susan leaned forward and nipped them with her teeth. Pain and pleasure met as Heather yelped and then cooed. I slowly circled her clit and then ever so lightly flicked at it with my tongue. Her hip rose to try to get more from my tongue, but I moved back so that I could control the touch.

Susan left and came back with our toy box. She smiled as she took one stuck it in herself and then into Heathers eager mouth. I sucked her clit in hard and briskly swirled my tongue around and over it. I sucked her as Susan fucked her mouth. He body came alive with each touch. Soon she was racing to the edge and just as she hit the edge I stopped and moved back up her thigh.

No, no she pleaded. Please let me cum. Susan please let him make me cum. I am sorry for being so bad. Please my pussy is aching let me cum.

Susan shove the toy in her mouth and hissed, shut up slut, you are being punished. She handed me a toy a large toy and ordered me to fuck her hard with it, but to stop before she could cum. I started to insert it slowly to allow her to adjust, but Susan yelled, I said fuck her hard. She is a dirty slut who needs to be punished.

I slammed it home as Heather yelped again. I rammed it in and out faster and faster. Her pussy gripped it hard as she writhed under the assault. Once again as she neared the edge I pulled it out and just let her suffer. She calmed a bit and I resumed my oral assault on her clit. This went on with tongue and toy for over an hour. Susan would bite or twist her nipples to keep her from cumming and I would stop as well. Now Heather was in agony and needed release. She begged for it, tears streaming down her cheeks. Susan just laughed at her. Now she needs more baby as she handed me one of the lager anal toys. I reached for the lube and Susan stopped me.

Her pussy is wet enough. Use that to make it slick then work her ass with it. I saw an evil look form in her eyes and she looked down at Heather. Heathers eyes held fear as she began to sit up. Susan pounced on her hand held her down by straddling her chest and holding her hands.

No please, you can't, please don't, I have never done that. I hesitated, unsure to proceed but a look from Susan told me to go on or face her wrath. I worked her pussy with the toy and then place the toy against her puckered flower. Applying pressure allowed the toy to penetrate some but she was too tight.

Honey, it won't go without tearing her. Are you sure about this?

Well ok then here use the lube. Do what you have to get that in her. Her ass is no longer off limits. Hell I bet the dirty slut will love her ass fucked.

Heather was sobbing now as I lubed up the toy. I used my finger to slowly relax her button and move more lube inside. She relaxed and started to enjoy it as the my finger was joined by another. Now she was riding them and moaning slightly.

See she loves it. You love it don't you slut. Fuck her with the toy now. I want her ass filled. I removed my fingers and slid the toy slowly in allowing her to adjust while she pleaded that it was too big. Soon it was all in and I began to work it back and forth. I leaned down and sucked her clit at the same time. She began to relax and enjoy it as Susan moved off of her and once again watched the show.

Faster baby fuck her virgin ass faster. Suck that clit good, God I know she loves your tongue as much as I do. I dove into Heathers pussy and sucked her clit hard, stroking it with my tongue as I held it tight with my lip covered teeth. Heather was screaming with pleasure and nearing climax when Susan ordered me to stop once again. I went to remove the toy and Susan said to leave it.

Get up slut, Susan snarled as she took her place. Now eat my pussy baby, make me cum hard to see what Heather is missing. If you touch yourself Heather, I will have him spank you again with the belt. I move down and began eating Susan's dripping pussy.

I pulled out all the stops using every trick I ever read about or seen in lesbian porno. Susan was normally vocal but she was screaming her approval today. I felt her cum hard as I sucked her clit and swirled my tongue around it changing direction often. I could see the need in Heathers eyes as she watched Susan climax. Her hand started to drift south, but I shook my head and she stopped. I continue to eat Susan as she came over and over again.

Stop I can't wait for you cock any longer baby. She rolled over and stood up. Get on your knees bitch and suck my clit while my baby fucks me good. Don't try to get off or you will be punished. Susan stood and leaned over the table as Heather moved to eat her. I slid my cock across her slit and dove inside. She was so wet and tight as hell. I loved how eating her pussy made it so damn tight.

I began with long strokes feeling Heathers tongue slide across my shaft on each one. I worked up to speed holding my wife's hips as I fucked her harder and harder. Her pussy was so sensitive from the licking I had given her and now there was a tongue and a cock pleasuring her. Susan's moans grew into screams as she came hard. I slowed to allow her to recover then resumed my assault. I could feel my balls swelling again and I exploded in her depths she came too. The table now bore most of our weight as we shuddered in ecstasy. Heather was below us still licking lightly.

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