tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Bitch Research

The Bitch Research

byblack saphire©

Jenna's heart was beating wildly as she looked through the microscope. The magnified cells collided madly into each other on the glass slide. Her breath quickened as she realised the significance of what she was looking at. Jenna removed the slide and inserted another from her samples. The results were similar.

"Oh God! Oh wow!" Jenna mumbled softly to herself. "I've isolated it. Now I only have to test it."

Dr Jenna Sinclair had spent the last 3 years of her life working on this project and now she was finally close to fruition. At 30 years of age, she was one of the younger scientists working here and definitely the youngest with a Doctorate. Jenna had always been fascinated with Biology and it had seemed like the logical choice to major in it at university.

She excelled at the University of London and even before graduation she was offered a place at Cambridge to do her Masters and then her Doctorate. Almost as soon as she finished her Thesis, at age 28, she had been offered a position as a research fellow in the prestigious SimBioTech Corp in America. Her work focused on physiology, in particular the different enzymes in blood and the differences or similarities between different animals and humans.

It was during the course of this study that she had stumbled onto something. Something that she had worked on in her own time and that had taken up a large chunk of her life. She had kept it a secret from the other researchers. It was mainly due to this secrecy that she was forced to work long hours, to ensure she was alone and away from prying eyes.

Jenna labelled the test tubes and placed them inside her own secure receptacle. Each scientist had their own secure storage area to prevent contamination of their work as well as to ensure a certain amount of propriety. Although each scientist would be credited for their own work, it was a condition of their contract that ultimately SimBioTech would maintain first rights to any new discovery or enhancement.

She took a deep breath as she placed a syringe into one of the test tubes and withdrew 5ml of liquid. She capped the syringe and unscrewed the needle before screwing a sealing cap back on to the syringe. She then slipped it into her coat pocket. Jenna sealed her receptacle and then picking up her briefcase, walked briskly out of the lab. Her heart beat a little faster as she hoped the security sensors wouldn't pick up the syringe in her pocket. She calmed down a little as she remembered she had removed the metal needle so there was no way the sensors would pick up on plastic.

The only risk was the chance of a full body search and no researcher had suffered the ignominy of that had in the two years she had worked at SimBioTech. Her breath and hearbeat finally returned to normal as she walked out of the sliding doors of the facility and into her car. She noticed she was sweating slightly and Jenna turned up the air-conditioning as she drove home.

Jenna's mind was working overtime as she drove, thinking about the possibilities she may have unlocked. Yet the biggest question was how the enzymes would work on a human. It may have no effect. Worse still, it could have disastrous effects. That was why she had decided that she would have to be the test subject. She would test out her discovery on herself and she would bear whatever consequences it brought. Good or bad.

Her thoughts took a breather as she turned into her house. Quickly she made her way upstairs and removed the syringe from her pocket. She stared at it and felt her heart beat quicken again. Carefully she placed the syringe on the table before throwing off her clothes and heading into the shower.

She felt her tight and tired muscles relax as the warm needles of water pounded her. She luxuriated in the warmth of the water as she soaped herself, feeling the grime and dirt of the day wash off her. Jenna squatted down and relaxed her bladder, feeling the wave of release as her urine sprayed out. She watched the dark yellow liquid flow along the floor and wrinkled her nose as the strong smell of her urine wafted up. The colour and smell was an obvious sign that she hadn't been drinking enough water. She made a mental note to consume more water as she soaped her vaginal lips, washing away her urine and collected secretions from the day.

Towelling herself dry, she stood in front of the mirror. "Dr. Sinclair. Dr. Jenna Sinclair." She said softly to herself as she looked at her reflection. "Too brainy for the hunks and too sexy for the geeks." That had been the story of her life. At 5'7" and 120 lbs, Jenna cut a very attractive figure. She had been a gymnast at school and she still worked out regularly. She smiled as she remembered how, when she was in her prime, she could put her ankles behind her ears. Pity she was still a virgin then and didn't use it to her benefit. Jenna was still pretty lithe and flexible and she was sure if she tried, she could do it again. There just hadn't been a reason of late to have her legs in such a splayed position.

Her body was well proportioned, not like the gymnasts of today that had muscular upper bodies. Her breasts were firm and round and she was proud of her 34C bust. Her hips had just the right amount of flare to them and her butt was nice and tight. Jenna turned this way and that as she admired herself. She noticed how pale her skin had become with all the indoor work and made another mental note to spend more time out in the sun.

She cast her eyes down to the table where the syringe was and she took a few deep breaths. Her breasts rose in time with her breaths and she sat down slowly. Jenna pulled her shoulder length, black hair away from her face and tied it into a pony tail. She sighed as she thought of the gravity of what she was going to do. The fine hairs on her hands were bristling with nervousness as she picked up a cotton swab and cleaned the reverse side of her elbow with alcohol. She deftly picked up the syringe and popped the cover, screwing on a new needle on to it.

Jenna looked at herself again in the mirror. "This is it Jen." She said softly as she pushed the needle carefully into her arm and plunged the syringe, filling her vein with the enzymes. Her arm felt warm as the enzymes flowed through it but that was only to be expected. She withdrew the syringe and discarded it carefully, flexing her left arm as she did so.

"No turning back now." She said to herself again. "Its been done...."

**** ** *****

Jenna slept soundly that night. So soundly that she woke up half an hour late. "Damn!" she grumbled as she looked at the clock. After a quick wash up, she pulled on a fresh pair of cotton panties and a lacy white bra. Her firm, ample tits allowed her to wear those thin lacy bras she was so fond off. They enveloped her breasts snugly and provided just enough support and modesty yet allowed them to jiggle as she walked.

She threw on a beige blouse over her black skirt and wrapped a brown sweater around her shoulders. Fortunately she wasn't one for too much makeup and in fact didn't really need it at all. She only really put on makeup when she was going out with the result that she looked like a Goddess. A simple touch of lipstick, like she swirled on this morning, was enough to bring out her gorgeous features. She pulled her hair back together and tied it up into a pony tail with a scrunchie and she was ready to go.

Jenna jumped into her car and sped off, hoping she wouldn't make it too late to work. Fortunately traffic was light and she pulled into her parking lot only about 5 minutes late. She smiled and waved at Stuart, who had himself just gotten out of his car, as she turned the ignition off. Stuart made his way around to the Jenna's side of the car, standing a little away from the door.

"Morning Jenn." He smiled warmly as his eyes darted to Jenna's legs, swinging out of the car. "Hey." Smiled Jenna as she swung her knees out of the car, keeping them pressed firmly together. She was well aware where Stuart's eyes were focused and she wasn't going to give him the pleasure of looking at her knickers. "Looks like we're both running a little late today."

"Yeah, well fortunately the lab isn't too fussy about time." Stuart replied, finally looking up at her face. "Busy day today?"

"Depends what the bosses have for us." Jenna responded. She wasn't taking any chances of her secret research getting out so she would have to play dumb, as if she wasn't working on anything special or different. "Anyway, I have to run. I'm already late for a meeting."

In actual fact, there was no meeting. She just wanted to get into the safe confines of her lab and run some more tests. She turned to look at Stuart again as she walked away from him. She caught him staring at her shapely, swinging ass as she walked. Poor guy, she thought to herself as she made a mental note to be nicer to him. She liked Stuart and would have spent more time with him if not for all the time she spent on her research.

Stuart was one of the nicer scientists in SimBioTech. He hadn't been accorded the title of researcher yet but in all essence, did practically the same amount of work as all the other researchers. He always had a smile on his face and Jenna had to admit that his face was pretty nice too. In fact, Stuart had a nice physique too. Just under 6 feet tall, he was blessed with jet black hair, broad shoulders and twinkling brown eyes. He also had a butt that he joked 'most women would die for.' Jenn had never worked out if he meant that his butt was so nice that women wished they had one like his or if he was making reference to his sexual prowess.

She smiled at this thought as she reached her private lab. She entered and locked the door behind her. She set up her microscope and drew some blood from her arm. Her heart started to quicken as she analysed her own blood. There was no mistaking it. The enzymes had combined with her own blood. She tested her temperature. It was normal. Her blood pressure was also normal. So far all her vital signs were normal. Jenna jotted down the measurements in her notebook along with sketches of the patterns reflecting from the microscope.

She continued to note down the measurements for the next five days. There were still no other signs of whether the experiment was working or not.

Six days after injecting herself with the enzymes, Jenna awoke feeling thirsty. Her mouth and throat felt dry the same way it did after a night of heavy drinking. She gulped down two glasses of water before she felt herself quenched. "Hmm...no alcohol and yet I feel dehydrated" she thought to herself as she searched for a pen and paper to record this effect. Her body felt warm and flushed as well and Jenna slipped a thermometer into her mouth. Her temperature was normal but she still felt flush. Two side effects seemed to be happening. "Maybe I just need a shower." She thought to herself.

Jenna slid into the bathroom and pulled of her clothes. As she peeled her panties off, she noticed that the gusset of her panties were clotted with her secretions. She inspected herself, pulling aside the hairs of her pussy to find her vulva red and swollen. Side effect number three! Or was it three AND four? She decided to note it down together as "a large amount of vaginal secretions coupled with redness and swelling of the vulva."

It was at the exact moment that she wrote this finding down that she felt her pussy muscles spasm slightly, sending a quiver of excitement shooting through her. Her nipples grew stiff and hard, more stimulated than she had ever known them to be. Jenna noted down this reaction as effect four.

"Dehydration, feeling warm and flush, a wet and swollen pussy and now erect and nipples" she said quietly, reading back her notes. She softly brushed her erect nipples and noted they were extremely sensitive. Jenna turned on the shower and luxuriated in the hot spray. She soaped herself vigorously, paying special attention to the thick bush of hair covering her pussy. The hairs were matted with her secretions and she soaped her mound thoroughly.

She let out a soft moan as her fingers brushed against her clitoris. Like her nipples, it was hard and engorged. She teased her clit lightly before allowing her fingers to dip into her slit. It was hot and wet. Jenna bit her lower lip as she moved her fingers inside of her, thrusting her hips back and forth as she fucked her fingers.

"God! I'm so horny!" she moaned as her fingers danced wildly within her. She turned to face the jet of water, thrusting her hips our so that the jet of water pounded on her clit.

"Aahh....oh yess....ohhh...." she cried out. She had three fingers inside of her now, digging deeper into her seething hole. The warm jet of water on her clit was sending shudders through her body. She was moaning loudly now as her other hand moved up to clutch her breasts. Her body suddenly tensed and she let out a scream of pleasure as a hot wave of release engulfed her body.

"Yeeeaaggh....ohhhhh......oh yessss....yesss...oh awwww!!" Jenna closed her eyes as her body quivered and shook with orgasm. She pulled out her fingers and noticed they were caked in thick white goo. The smell of her sexual arousal was thick in the air, even with the shower still running. With a weak smile on her face, Jenna finished washing up and towelled herself dry.

As she opened her drawer to get her undergarments, she realised she was still horny. Not only was she horny but she was also feeling extremely sexy about herself. She chose to dress to fit her mood, taking out a seldom used frilly lace white panty. She picked out a lacy sheer white bra and put that on, noticing that her nipples were still erect and poked out hard at the bra cups. Jenna then picked a short, flared black skirt and a thin white blouse. The lace of her bra showed through the white blouse and her erect nipples made dents in the blouse. This was definitely out of character with Jenna but she was feeling so sexy, she didn't care what the others at the lab may think of her.

She decided to brush her hair out today rather than tying it up in a pony tail like she normally did. She put on a little lipstick as usual and admired herself in the mirror. Just letting her hair out changed her look considerably. "Won't they be surprised at the lab." She sniggered to herself.

As she drove to work, her whole body seemed to be on fire. Her extra sensitive nipples seemed to brush against her bra with every movement and her pussy felt like it was releasing liquid lava. The lacy material of her sexy panties didn't help with its lack of absorbency and she could feel her juices coating her thighs.

As she pulled into the parking lot, she noticed that Stuart had just arrived as well. "I wonder if he times his arrival to match mine." She thought to herself, then dismissed it as she realised there were many times that she had reached work when Stuart was no where to be seen. She saw Stuart walking up to the car door and she smiled wickedly to herself as she flung the car door open. She placed one leg outside, allowing her skirt to ride up while she pretended to be looking for something. Her legs were splayed wide open and she knew Stuart would be getting a good look at her sexy panties. She held her legs open just long enough to appear that she was doing it unconsciously before she slid the other leg out daintily.

Jenna looked up at Stuart and smiled sweetly. "Morning Stu."

"Uh..yea. Hi. Morning!" Stu replied, trying to avert his gaze. Jenna glanced quickly at the crotch of his pants and noticed it was tented up slightly. "Mmm...so I gave him a hard-on" she laughed quietly to herself.

"You look different" Stuart said, rather lamely.

"It's my hair." She replied, teasing her long locks. "I let it down. You like it?"

"Uh Yeah. You look good" Stuart replied, fumbling his words as he stared in awe at the new Jenna. 'But it's not just your hair, there's something different about you."

"Really now." Jenna giggled. "Maybe we can discuss it further sometime. I'll give you a call." She didn't even wait for a response but just sashayed off to her office, leaving Stuart staring at her wiggling hips.

She walked confidently to her office, noticing the appreciative looks she got from her male co-workers and some bitchy looks from some of the women. Once in her office, she checked her temperature and blood pressure readings. They were both normal. She took out her notebook and jotted in another entry – "Rise in confidence." That made 5 effects.

She was still feeling all the other effects, especially the hot flushes. Jenna locked her door and pulled her skirt up. She felt her panties – they were soaking! She pulled down her panties slightly to inspect her pussy. It was even more red and swollen than this morning. She made more notes and compared her notes to her research. The effects were in tandem with what was expected, especially the vaginal secretions and swelling. And she was getting more and more horny by the second. The mornings release had hardly satiated her and on the contrary had only managed to stoke the fires.

Jenna decided to focus on her work. She was a little behind on her actual work assignments having gotten carried away with her own private research. She unlocked her office door and sat down to finish off two reports. The work helped to keep her mind away from her body's lustful cries but the heat emanating from her loins kept sexual thoughts perpetually playing in the back of her mind.

Just as she was getting finished off one report and was about to check on her bodily readings, Jake Watson walked in. Jake was the Chief Executive Officer of SimBioTech. A chemist by training, he had devoted many years of his life to research in Universities and had finally moved into the more lucrative area of private funded research. At 56, he was extremely distinguished looking and still had a trim figure.

"Hows it coming along Jen?" he asked "Pretty good Jake." Jenna replied, "almost finished off the Digestive Probiotics research." "You look kind off flushed." Jake said with concern. "Are you alright?" "Y-Yes." Jenna responded, a little too quickly she realised. "Everything's fine."

Jenna realised that each time she looked at Jake, her breasts started to tingle. Suddenly her back seemed to arch and her hips jerked outwards. Jenna made a conscious effort to control her spasms. Then it happened again, as if she was thrusting her hips in a dance.

Jake was explaining something to Jenna but her mind was too focused on controlling her spasming legs. She realised that each time she looked at Jake, one of her legs spasmed. To make it worse, the tingles had spread from her breasts to her pussy. She also noticed that her sense of smell seemed to have become extremely acute. Jake's cologne teased her nostrils and she could even smell his musky sweat. The hot flushes seemed to envelope every inch of her body and all her senses seemed to be heightened.

"You smell good." She heard herself say. Her back and hips were spasming even more now and she was surprised Jake didn't seem to notice. She could smell herself too. The whole room seemed to smell of her sexual juices.

"Uh..Thanks, I suppose." Jake said, confused at this sudden compliment from Jenna. "Is something wrong Jenna?"

"N-no... I mean.... No" Jenna muttered. Her mind had become cloudy, filled with a desire that she could no longer control. Her body was craving fulfilment although her mind was telling her that she couldn't do anything. Not here. Not with Jake.

"Jenna?" Jake had come forward and had placed his hands on Jenna's shoulders. "What's wrong? Your hips seem to be twitching. Is everything okay?"

"Uh.. yes... I mean no. Oh God you wouldn't understand." Jenna cried, trying desperately to control her feelings. Her body was slowly taking control over her mind.

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